Minecraft In Real Life Pranks – Part 1

[Music] hello real-life creature we come in pairs looking for diamonds and shit I’m Steve hello I’m also Steve and our mission is to find out if we can survive in the real world real world is a dangerous place hello lady real world is a depressing place but I still need some minerals before going back to Minecraft excuse me can I break down your house and your cars there’s a creeper Wow Steve I’m gonna save you [Music] we cut his head off oh thank you let’s take that as a trophy and that’s how Steve gets head [Music] [Applause]

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  1. juan manuel soto

    Steve: Real world is a dangerous place

    But what about minecraft? Monsters coming from anywhere… you can actually go to the Nether which is basically Hell and a lot of Things.

  2. Roblox PanCake

    i hate real life because when ur getting exploded ur dying but it dont hurt u when someone kick u in your crystals youll die in pain 1:15


    1:11 minecraft player:hello young lady

    young lady roblox player:i hate minecraft

    perfectly kicks


    young lady roblox player:that is what u got ugly stupid minecraft player roblox are awsome but minecraft doesen't!

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