morning buttons all you look so adorable and good morning Daisy I hope you’re okay have you had a swim today yet let me see you all you look so you okay I better wait oh we better feed you guys okay let me see and then we’ve got some workshop for a button-pusher probably two buttons and so we free daisy doo daisy okay there you go buttons there’s your food and Daisy oh you’re a hungry look at you oh you’re so hungry okay Rico have some weed you full already okay you’re full already awesome okay well let’s go check on little caddy and see how she is today and I wonder what we’re gonna get up to let me see little Carly little caddy are you here let me see let me ring this door about it okay no little guard is not here and listen mister oh gosh oh wait hey Brian Oh Brian needs some food she must be hungry okay let me go get some more food from my room and bring it across okay let me see and then maybe we can go down and get yourself some breakfast wonderful mom and dad around haven’t seen them a while okay so that should be enough for our little girl Brian oh she’s so cute oh I wonder where those puppies are actually we never really looking for them I know since but maybe little caddy is out looking for them there that’s probably what she’s doing okay go Brian there’s some food you good girl okay I guess let’s go downstairs and see if woman’s out around see what’s up today oh gosh it’s such a lovely day I wonder what we’re gonna do maybe we could go surfing or something like that oh hey Dad what’s up what’s going on today little Kelly haven’t you heard your cousin Milly is in hospital having the baby and she’ll be bringing the baby back here so we can help with it Nidhi is having her baby today oh my gosh it’s so exciting and she’s bringing baby here okay we’re gonna have to try get a nursery together I mean where can we put it I suppose we could put it in the library or I don’t know maybe one of the empty bedrooms upstairs but then it might be really hard for her to carry the baby up and a doll but gosh and she having a boy or a girl did we know oh my gosh I’m so excited I think it’s a girl and I think she’ll be naming the baby Ellie little Ellie little Annie that’s the name of my goddaughter oh my gosh I’ve never been so excited ever I’m gonna have my own little goddaughter I’ve got a spoilery give her presents she’s gonna be super cute and her name is little Annie so little County a little ad oh my god Annie in it okay okay okay dad I’m gonna go to the mall and I’m gonna buy all the stuff that we need for a nursery so you guys stay here and I’ll come back and I’ll settle up all myself and I’m thinking maybe we do in the library we could corner off I mean they have an area I guess or no you know what we can extend the library we can make it bigger and then that way it will fit okay so that you could get working on getting the extension built I have to run tomorrow on our pickup everything that we need okay see you in a while okay back in the Mulligan and I don’t have much time Milly is gonna be coming home baby Alley soon and I need to get the palace ready okay so let me see that means we’re gonna need okay what does usually people get on the finger babies to get presents and stuff okay and maybe maybe we’ll want some ice cream okay let’s get her some strawberry milkshake that will do I like Minnie love strawberry milkshake okay and you can put this on the magical kingdom tab thank you very much okay so I’ll put that in the kitchen when I get home so many must be oh gosh you can fit it that way and many must be exhausted from having baby addy so she’ll be super super tired so just want some ice cream and sugar okay crazy supplies we’re definitely gonna need some balloons okay let’s get six balloons that should be enough a magical kingdom table thank you okay and let’s go and see if we need I think in here the stationery shop I mean we could decorate let’s see okay let’s take one of these and then we can put it in the nursery because then maybe the baby will turn it to be an artist I’m just gonna take one of your easels and can you put it on the magical kingdom tap thank you very much there’s a new baby coming to the kingdom okay so we have that done let’s see get scooper floor okay what are we gonna see okay blocks yeah we’re definitely gonna need some blocks we’re gonna need so it’s a baby girl so we’re gonna need pink blob it’s gonna take so many magenta blocks there should be enough and I think more of this maybe some purple as well we’re gonna need some white yet perfect you got some white that’s gonna be really pretty we can make the room all pink and stuff and we’re gonna need anything else maybe yes and fences and gates okay we’re gonna need probably wrong gate just for the play area and a 64 fences okay so I think that will be enough of that let me think can you put this on the magical kingdom tab thanks I have to build a nursery okay so we have that done go oh the baby store perfect okay so we’re gonna need to get a crib so we got this stuff for the baby sheriff what you think we sent a buck so let’s get somethin baby slippers pink baby grow very adorable we’re gonna need some Teddy’s okay there’s a chick the squirrel when you wrap it the bear amazing okay so that’s good and then we have baby girl hello miss um I’ve taken some of your supplies a baby girl baby slippers cradle chick a squirrel and stuff bunny and a stuffed teddy so I’ll be using olive away you’re totally adorable a sixties okay add some more baby slippers too so if you could put that on the magical kingdom tab I would very much appreciate it thank you okay so we’ve got some blocks our decorate the room we’ve got some balloons we’ve got some ice cream a cake we should get a cake from them coming home and some cookies gonna see cookies let’s get robbery cake Emmys now we only need one hey let’s put them back and there we go anything else that we need no I think that’s okay maybe it will just get more cake hello miss oh you don’t very Christmassy and I’ll just be taking the couple of your cakes I’m gonna take tube and 16 cookies so if you put on my top thank you very much okay so it’s not everything then let’s just go with another floor and double check okay Mike yeah oh we might need to get some stuff for my fee Emma to check it out first see I’m gonna need a bad yeah she’s only baby she only need a cradle but we’re okay for stuff from Ikea to be honest okay let’s go across the way and just double-check everything see okay I got a pet for the baby yet the babies too small we don’t need to go and get em her still cameras looks like it’s how to sail there’s not much in it what else is it got over here well they’re just more animals okay let’s put down a floor so we’re having me gone oh we didn’t go over here there’s a music store so maybe you get like a piano that way the baby could be musical as well as artistic sweep up the easel let’s just take this one right here there we go okay so I’m working here I’ll just bring a manager and tell them that we took that okay the grocery store whoa looks like there’s a sale on let’s get some cotton candy for many no I know she looks awesome I just took some cotton candy can you put it on my bill thank you okay for in such a big rush now have we got everything pavers stairs down I just want to make sure we really have everything scuse me sorry okay Oh flowers okay we should definitely get mini some flowers so there are some red flowers from mini okay also no one working here we’re gonna have to call it up okay so the flower is that’s fine we don’t eat maybe we can get a little would be cute let me see okay let’s get a little brailles and a little part let’s see frenzy bored let’s just take all them my is there carried around you see any counts around here carrot with chest crap with fairness normal carries okay so we got carrots here we got the first so we can do that as well okay and put down another floor I think that is everything okay great so we’ve got all the supplies now all we have to do is go home a daiquiri okay thanks dad okay so dad was just saying that he’d built this really cool extension check this out it’s got a lot of guts Oh snowing and has a pink glass at the back and that we can do whatever we want to the rest of it so it’s only a little small nursery but I think we can do it oh well he said he put some extra stuff in my chest as well we put some tables and stuff like that okay so first off I think I want to get rid of the floor I want to have it all pattern D with whites and pinks I think to make it really dirty for baby and so let’s get all of this stuff off and we can store it away in the chest so are you gonna pick all of this up I love doing some DIY at home it’s so much fun okay they’re collected all this oh gosh it’s a lot of oak likes a lot of wooden floor here but we’re gonna make it super Garrety with the rest of it so that’s there’s there we’re nearly finished and then we get to do the fun part okay so it’s pretty cool how the extension has been built out to kind of overlook the pond at the back of the house so I’m guessing those rooms are booked this outlook so I’m not too sure about the mine I’m not sure okay so I’m thinking this wall and this so we’re gonna go right there right there [Music] in the middle gosh they’re there so we’re gonna have this floor so cool and so patterned it’s gonna be awesome [Music] oh no oh ma I gotta made a mistake okay it’s okay though we got this we got this okay so there I’m there straight ahead oh this is gonna be so pretty when it’s done I cannot wait sit there and there but Ellie is gonna be so happy with this and Millie – okay so that’s the white part tones let’s just fill in pain there we go this is gonna be so also okay so easy to do this as well oh my gosh okay there [Music] voila we’ve got the floor so instantly it already looks really pretty great so I was thinking that we could do kinda like an entrance into it maybe lights available to you white white magenta laughs I please Genta magenta there so there we have it a little entrance into the nursery so adorable okay what else have we got okay we’ve got some balloons that’s only furred I suppose we could keep the balloons wanted to so let’s see there just in the way okay let’s just do it on into the library as well so there’s some balloons there and some balloons there and then we need to put down and we see the cradle that’s a very important part okay so the cradle where should I put it would look good there maybe like something like that that looks cute okay and what else have you got here so we have the grand piano so where should we put that okay maybe [Music] there’s some music for the baby or is it oh de Sol so that we have an artistic baby let’s put all the educational stuff over here and then it’s Teddy’s around the cradle I guess so let’s put a little chickity there oh gosh Minnie is gonna be so happy that she has somewhere to stay after she’s had the baby it’ll be awesome okay Bobby ah okay we never know ray’ll little white hair okay so maybe you can make a little play area [Music] around in then print baby Ali okay cool check that out that’s gonna be awesome so when we put the minecart down and get into it baby get up put on their their own little train track it’s gonna be so cool okay let me see we are gonna get flour let’s see if we can get a table yeah dad put some tables in here so that’s on that so let’s see there’s spot for in there we go cute okay what else we got we got some cave cake down so it’s for mini yo mate that looks awesome okay but milkshakes I need to go put in the kitchen we’ve got some candy floss and we could put some shelves in let me see gosh hey drop them got them okay so shelf their shelf there let’s pull dresses stuff on here so that’s cookies bake em up shake me on cotton candy see let’s see you put the soy milk shakes there we put the cotton candy there so cookies there it’s ready there that looks good and there maybe we could put extra balloons there there the cake there so slots it’s up there so let me see we’ll just have to fence this area off because we don’t lose you don’t want the baby again [Music] so baby can get out only when it’s the mic perfect in and out this way or you can do the mind cataract that’s so you I think that’s a really cute nursery I think committee will be able to expand it I’m making me a little card you can do a little bit more decorating but I think it looks pretty awesome for now so now all I have to do is wait until the baby comes but I’m pretty tired from building this so maybe I’ll go take a nap and then they’ll be back from the hospital so I’m gonna go take a snooze hey little Kelly wake up Oh me you’re here oh my gosh you had the baby are you okay oh you’re awake there’s someone downstairs I want you to meet oh my gosh it’s baby it’s the baby I’m so excited sorry Daisy found my way oh my gosh you’re gonna meet my goddaughter her name is Ali it’s kinda like Kelly I love her I have any mac yet okay I see a baby Ali little Ali where are you I’m guessing you’re gonna be in your nursery okay where is she where is she oh my gosh oh my gosh she’s amazing little Callie meet your goddaughter little Ali I think you guys will be great friends well guys I hope you enjoyed this episode where I got to meet my new baby goddaughter baby Ali everyone go leaves a comment in the comment section saying hello baby alley and go comment on the whole little Club go comments on the Donnie donal skim Steve turkey the my adventures talking to aunt Elyssa telling them I’ve got a new goddaughter and her name is baby Ali or a little Ali whatever you guys prefer I think little Ali’s cuter but guys if you enjoyed this episode make sure to leave a like and a comment don’t forget to subscribe and don’t forget to check out my Instagram and Twitter link so I’ll be down below along with all the channels for the little clubs oh if you want to go and leave comments on there’s the things will be there too well until next time you guys see you again soon

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