Minecraft Monday Building a world episode 5

Spanky; Another episode of minecraft monday. I have lowered the
sound quite considerably since the first batch of recordings. Using the co op sections as test videos in
a way to determine if the sound was to loud or if I had finally
gotten it reduced down. And now it’s at a point that I think is alright
for videoing. I can actually show you how far down I have
put the sound on three percent on music and two percent on sound. That is how far down I have reduced it. We have a unit that records both my audio
and the game audio. So I can’t
change one audio in post processing of the video it has to be set up
properly before you record. So sorry for all those videos that the loud
sounds and music drowning out my wonderful voice that I know you only
watch this to listen to. So with that said I am going to finish this
lighthouse over here. As you can see there’s a bird I don’t know
where that bird came from and a squid. Spring; Look’s like a cockatoo. Sammy; He might like your lighthouse. Spanky; But, we have a resident
checking it out the lighthouse. Spring; (Laughs) Sammy; Like the house
so far it’s still under construction though. Spanky; He’s all decked out
in his lighthouse attire. Of course though he lives in the dark side
of the lighthouse. Sammy; Yeah but soon there’s gonna be a light there probably. Spanky; So let’s see. What have we got here? Smooth, smooth. So, I’d say this is a good height to start
building out the ugh, The actual hub where our light will sit. So, I’m gonna do some stairs. Sammy; Upside down. Spanky; To act as the ridge. (Omp) You have to do
them angled the right way so they become the right shape. Otherwise
they won’t become the right shape that we want and they’ll look funny. An interesting thing about stairs is that
they have to actually be really precise than you may think. Oh, I’ve used rocks for stairs
roots for stairs in the past and those weren’t very symmetrical and
similar in size and height difference. But it turns out it doesn’t
take very much of a height difference at all. Or a length difference
to trip people up. It’s only around a few centimeters. And the
difference is enough to make people trip up on stairs. So stairs
have to be pretty precise for constant usage. Otherwise somebody
won’t be paying attention and place their foot and they’ll fall. Sammy; Like how you done that though. Spanky; So I’m continuing
out my red. Spring; I love this lighthouse. Sammy; You actually
made a few a long time ago though. Spring; I helped him. Sammy; Yeah, when you helped him with it. Spring; Yeah, but I’ve
never like done it by myself. Cause I actually messed up on the
stair thing you were talking about remember? Not terribly. Sammy; I want to learn how to build that good. It seems so hard
to build. But it’s actually really easy. Spanky; And now we got
the second expansion. You see that nice looking bridge in the
background and our canal over there that we made in the co op video’s. Sammy; Wonder if Dave is still over there? Spanky;
You mean Dave? Sammy; Yeah Dave. Spanky; Captain Dave. Sammy; Yep. Spanky; Super Captain Dave! Sammy; Wonder if he’s
still guarding the place? Spring; I don’t know. Probably over there
setting, eating his doughnuts. Spring; Won’t the sun burn him up? Spanky; He’s wearing a hat. Sammy; He’s wearing like a hat and stuff. He’s the one that can wear stuff. He has a sword and stuff. Spring; There’s the rain. Spanky; Boy it’s wanting to rain a lot. Sammy; I don’t know why. Spanky; There we go. Sammy; Looks good. Spring; Yeah, it does. Spanky; So there’s the third expansion. Sammy; How many expansions do you gotta do? Spanky; That’s the
last one I’m doing. Sammy; Now we just gotta do the edges and the lights. Spring; Can’t forget the stair steps. Sammy; Inside
for people to go up top. And then the light could be on top of the
lighthouse and some of the lights can be shining on the memorial. Spanky; Something new they should add to the game is sandstone walls. They have fences and they’ve got these walls
out of cobblestone and mossy cobblestone. They should add in some
sandstone walls. Spring; Yep. Sammy; That would look really
good in a lighthouse but we have to use something else This game could get really creative though. If it wouldn’t rain
all day it would be a lot prettier. But the rain wants to rain all day I guess. Spring; I thought you could cut if off. Spanky; I can. Sammy; He can
but he did it once. Soon it’s probably gonna start raining again. Sammy; I don’t know what is that suppose to do like what kind of wood? Spanky; That’s not wood it’s sandstone and
that’s nether fence. Sammy; Well that looks cool. Making it square kind of. Right there
you can’t though There you go you
almost got all of them. And that was the last one. Spring; That
looks good. Sammy; Now you gotta do that so nobody can
try and jump off the edge. Spring; Yeah. Sammy; I was thinking that like
when we like finally like do this whole thing like sometimes if you
build way to much stuff in it it’s just gonna lag out a way to much. It’s really hard to build stuff and after
we add villagers to live in that like place. We just need to build like. Is that the first or
second? Oh. Build like houses and everything. So that part is good. Sammy; Looks really creative. Sammy; The zombies like agh. Spring; Just go in. Sammy; He’s like
getting out of here. Spring; He might go out the door here in a
minute. Sammy; Probably not cause he know’s that,
oh wait he has his cap on don’t he? He has a cap on. He’s just gonna be ok. Cause the sun can’t get him. Yeah he has a hat on so it’s not gonna
affect him. Looks a little cooler. You just gonna break all that
right there. Spanky; Gotta put the stairs in. Sammy; Ohhh. Spring; Boy that’s wild looking aint it? Sammy; Looks really good. Spring; Like
a star or something. Sammy; He’s gonna fall in there
probably. He’s like I’m gonna stay on the edge where
he can’t get me. It looks cool right there. Spanky; Varoom! Sammy; He’s just gonna
walk forward. Spring; Sounds like that things saying brains. Spanky; It’s a zombie what else would it be
saying? Spring; Guess that is what it’s saying. He just walked up the steps. Spanky; Man the rain just keeps on coming
down. Spring; Yeah. Sammy; Just wanting to rain that day I guess. Spanky; There’s a chicken. Spring; Oh, the chickens in there now. Spanky; Hello chicken outside. He’s wedged himself in a corner. Get him Zombie escort him out zombie
he’s not allowed in here. Get him bouncer! Get him! I’m going I’m going. Hay look at that he did he did it peacefully. Spring; I guess that zombies
gonna claim that lighthouse as his own. Spanky; This is a pretty interesting
stairwell got loads of, of trapped inside a little tiny
circular area and we’ve got two different sets of stairs. We’ve got
this stairwell that goes up to this floor and this stairwell that
goes up to this floor. So now we need to actually make the light
for the lighthouse Putting the roof on. So there’s the start of the roof of coarse. Now it’s time to go up a level. Now we gotta raise this little
roof up a level. And right now were just I’ve decided to try
a stair slab combo instead of just going with steps. And so the next, the next series
will be steps. Now then there we go. So as you can see it doesn’t rise
at this point right here but it gives this a staggered look. So cut the
rain off again since it wants to keep cutting back on. So as you can
see theres a normal stair step pattern well now we have a bit of a
break from that we have this I guess you’d call it elongation so
it doesn’t look uniform it looks a little bit more staggered. Finishing the rest of this lighthouse. Got my next set of slabs
down and now it’s time to do some stairs. Well actually I haven’t
done that yet now have I? Alright there we go. There we go. So there we go
there’s the top of the lighthouse. I’ve just got to actually put
the lights into the lighthouse and that will be the last thing
for the lighthouse. So with that said I hope you like this episode
of minecraft monday if you did feel free to leave a like if you want
to watch more don’t worry there will be more you can always check out
our co op series as well and in the next episode I’m gonna finish
this lighthouse so with that said I hope you join in for the next one.

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