Minecraft Monday Building a world episode 6

Another episode of minecraft monday. We are back
here at the lighthouse and we have to finish doing
the actual light of the lighthouse. Now I went on
ahead and I did a little bit of placement off camera. As you can see a little bit of placement not
much. But I think I’m going to replace this with
glass. Cause I think that would look much cooler. Than the fences you can see through it better. And I say we do some
orange glass. So we did some orange glass on the ends
and in the middle I think will do some yellow glass. Whoops! There we go. Just think this looks a little bit better. I’m leaving this fence here since the glass
is resting on it. But otherwise I’m removing it. Now then I think that looks
pretty good. So you can look out and see the dock and the jungle and the monument And the bridge and the canal. And so here is
the lighthouse actual light of the lighthouse. It shines out across
the city. Nice and beautiful. It’s actually getting dark so we can
actually see the light of the lighthouse. Umm! Just trying to find
places to hide lights to light it up more. It’s a zombie butler,
zombie butler. He’s waiting for somebody to come for him to help. Cause he’s a zombie butler. Umm! Controller keeps on going dead
low on the batteries. Umm! Welp it’s dead. And with that, that
will end this episode of minecraft monday unfortunately
have to go get some more batteries. Anyway’s if you liked
the episode please feel free to leave a like if you want to
watch more there will be more. There’s also the co op series
as well and remember you can alway’s feel free to drop a comment
and let us know your thoughts or if you want us to build anything
you know we may actually do it. You never know. So with that said
ugh thanks for watching everybody and I hope you watch the next episode.

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