Hi everybody I’m minecrafter 007 bringing you another video in my totally awesome World and now today. We’re going to be continuing building the waterpark now In between the last video in this video I have made Changes I made the pool bigger as you have can see now so the reason I did this was because I Thought the pool was a little too small right The pool if this is supposed to be like ocean theme It’s supposed to be way bigger than this right so this is what I thought of it So yeah made this bigger Made this better so Spence’s Like the fence around the tools made out of sand and right, I think I should tell you what we’re gonna be doing today Every beach needs a deck chair deck not just Dexter. Not only one denture a lot of deck chairs and So we’re gonna have as We all know one of the themes in this water park are theme colors is Blue, so we’re gonna have blue um Briella Like the yeah brothers you see in the beaches and blues sun bathing mats. You can also bring your own If you don’t like that color the color blue Right I got dark. I think we should make them out of dark oak so dark and Right There that’s it and The now we’re going to take this friends and We’re gonna start building up The brother so it needs to be wait one two three four blocks high Well for fences and we’re gonna add blue concrete a Block of little concrete there we’re gonna spread out like that So and then that’s done That So So yeah I See the brothers There I I predict they’re gonna. Go you be good. I really predict them to be good Right we need to do that So we have to build it like that and Simple enough wait let me check out something Way too small we’re gonna just branch out more block more from each side There that See that’s done there Right That’s not done brother It’s about the whole done brother, okay? There’s more to this umbrella Good does this look good nah. I don’t like that look in the middle So we’ll keep the umbrellas like that no Does it look okay? Oh no wait I? forgot something I forgot to Do something I’m thinking because it’s not Accurately even oh yeah, I know why we should not have branched out like that Right we have to destroy this whole extra layer There So Hopefully this will be done this should be done in in in one episode well video Right so, that’s the middle we already have half a start There there there Right that’s done So you’re gonna just have one there See let’s have one Here And So the slabs right Fences And So guys I was thinking to be honest to start a new series where I’ll be just Building challenges that people give me like Specific stuff so they write Star Wars challenge. I am building it will not count. They have to be specific So I’m not sure so don’t start commenting on. What do you think I should do because I haven’t made My decision yet of whether I should do it or not So Right and it’s gonna the series is going to be called build challenges build challenges and Right do not start comment a comment in the next video I’ll let you know I’ll let you guys know like If I’m going to be doing it or not so so far only four people can sit on deck chairs Right let’s You have to always have ding Ding oops that’s not supposed to be there Right so I’ve made the basic outlines wait. Let me just do one more set Now right so yeah looking good So you’ve made This so let’s check it out Looks all right except that they’re not accurately even oh I like the look of the pool as well. It looks kind of cool right look Whoa wait I know what we can do oh Dear is what I think is happening happening. No. It’s not turning night Mm-hmm No that they’re not supposed to go there, that’s supposed to go there When you’ll have that there There that’s the whole fence around the pool to make sure people don’t wander off oh There’s not really a wild in Minecraft, but get what I mean Let’s see right we need to do the umbrellas the umbrellas Three bucks top oh wait was it supposed to me No four blocks tall wait that one over there’s short I Guess that one can do that one is fine, so Let’s see if I can aim right in the middle am I on the middle Okay, right I Now I want the middle it’s getting nighttime luckily, I brought some night vision Right So they’re All right blue Rollie it’s been nine minutes The last video was ten minutes, and then nine minutes. We’ve just done this I don’t like that that does not sound good to me. Oh No, no it’s not supposed to go there There’s no one below there One two three four One two three That’s not there One two three four right now Let us go place a block On top off each of the fence posts and from here. We’re going to branch out We can place the middle block down wait I know what we can do There That’s better. You’ve done that on all of them except that does that one Was a little too low that One was three blocks. It was supposed to be four blocks If I I believe right there’s one more is one more one more the umbrellas Right I Believe that all the deck chair is done and The nice umbrellas now, let’s make the sunbathing mats. We’re gonna use blue carpet Right these need to be three there should be a gap of two between each one So So you need like on each person so that’s two four six eight ten twelve So how much have I got four so you need to multiply what have you bought by three let’s see one two three Right so that’s six around the seventh I just want them seven eight Oops we’re going to do that For seven so seven there eight So for Eight and nine So we need to have three more and those three one can go on oh no. No, there’s no space there Can we add three over there? Yeah the three over there will be fine That’s two more to go In the big deal Anything Alright, that’s done So three that’s four seven seven plus five Twelve Twelve so that’s it so that’s done oh Dear this is not the good weather to be in a water park Please meet your device if you do not like the sound of minecraft assistant Changing to clear weather now your device So we didn’t get much done, but at least it’s better than nothing let’s Actually have a final view of this thing before we move Dean like we’re looking at it from the wrong side. I just realized I Really liked the pool that I just adjusted today before the video right spider This is not a water park for you and your friends They’ll just get you off my property, right? Guys this is the end of my video, this is the end of this episode Look at that creeper trying to come I’m his brother and so andr I can deal with you late So guys um that’s this is it for today And I’ll see you In the next video made by me minecrafter 0/0 And uh What what was that? And see you in the next video

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