Minecraft: Piston Castle Gate / Portcullis Redstone Tutorial [1.2.4]

Hey Guys, Welcome to my Minecraft tutorial on how to make a raising gate or portcullis for your castle or whatever you want really. so, there is an open button the gate opens, and a close button which closes the gate Okay, so this is actually quite simple to
build. I will talk you through it. Let’s start over here. You want to put some sticky pistons down, for
the width that you want your door. Mine will be a five wide door. And then some normal pistons stacked on top. A final sticky piston there with a block on it. And then you can add your redstone repeaters along here. They all have to be on their first
setting (default) so place them down normally. So now you can put your redstone around here. Dig a hole down here. Next, you will have to build up a layer. Here we can put our next row of redstone repeaters down. So grab those… 1,2,3,4,5 and Redstone along here to connect it all up. And, one more repeater here. We can now take a signal off that. And place a button. As you can see, it lifts up the required
two blocks, and comes back down again. This is what we want. Now you can go ahead and place your dirt (gravel) Now I am going to build where the ground height is. Obviously, anything below this you would build under the ground. I am building this on super flat, so you can see it better. Right, next you need to build the sides of your gate. *Talking Crap* Now you can put in your fences, or iron bars. Just place those up there. *Trolled by a fence post* Now we have our gate, and basic surroundings. Including our the bit that goes up (Opening mechanism). We need to raise it up by pressing the button. This is where you want your pistons. Build one block up. Do this across the length of the gate. You place your pistons onto (underneath) this. Destroy this. Then do the same again, making one more row. We can place these pistons. Use regular piston along the top. Make a platform of two by five here for your wiring. One block below make an identical layer. This bottom set of repeaters need to be set to their first tick. Connect the two layers with redstone. You can use a button to test it… The gate is now closed, which means it is working. Next you can wire this up to some buttons. When you build your own, you want the buttons
wired up where they can be used… and look good. Remember redstone only goes 16 blocks… You can take the Open signal from anywhere on this side. We now have a working gate, with an open button, and a close button. So this is how you make a Minecraft piston, vertical / portcullis gate. When you have done you can cover the
redstone and style it o your liking. Please remember to Like / favourite / comment /
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