Minecraft: POKEMON!! #1 – THE FIRST TRAINER!!!

Derp SSundee: Who needs Toilet Paper when you Got this guy?! *Lick* *Very Cool Intro* SSundee: Hey, what going on guys, SSundee here, and welcome to! Pokemon in Minecraft a lot of you guys have been asking me to restart up the pixelmon series But here’s the deal before you guys get all angry and start raging at me the reason why I’m not playing pixelmon And I’m playing on this Pokemon server if you guys don’t know pixelmon was shut down 🙁 I have no clue why they were just shut down so as you guys know I co-own this server Cool Called PokeFind it is Pokemon in Minecraft but with a twist you guys know pixelmon whenever you get on there you have to download a mod and install it if You guys want to play this server Here’s the twist there are no mods required. You can load up vanilla minecraft YAY! Login to this server no mods required, so I’ll leave the IP in the description Come out check it out what we’re gonna be doing we’re playing on the pokemon world right here, so let’s do this We’re gonna login. We’re gonna apply the resource pack. We are playing pokemon in vanilla minecraft This is gonna be sick, so dudes like I said This is a possible episode 1 if you guys are looking forward to this you guys want me to continue this Let me know hit the like button down below if you want me to continue this also if you new around here Hit the subscribe button turn on notifications if you have also if you did subscribe. Let me know down in the comments I’ll be replying to you guys, and yes ok Pokemon in vanilla minecraft Let’s do this Professor Hemlock right click to join. Let’s do this alright Madelyn. You’re ready Hi Maddie!! Are you here hello hello Madelyn hello? Maddie: I’m here, and I don’t know what I’m ready for SSundee: ok Do you do you see Professor Hemlock, Professor Hemlock? Maddie: Yes SSundee: ok, ok click him right and then click Kyoto the left paper Funny Server Name Included The other paper is only for level 30 or higher. We suck. We can’t do that yet, Maddie: Oh SSundee: so click Kyoto and then Let’s go to server five. It doesn’t really matter what server we joined They all load up at the same time they all carry over okay. Here. We go. Are you in? Maddie: Yes, SSundee: okay, Maddie :its pitch black. SSundee: Yeah, so it says Professor Hemlock Pokemon professor, okay? So this is welcome to the Kyoto region the world is widely inhabited by creatures known as Pokemon Funny Voice Ia- SSundee Here I have three great Pokemon for you to choose as your first. These are starter Pokemon, please take your time Click on the Pokemon you wish to choose. I have to click on a Pokemon Okay*hey*, hello professor hemlock. I like your hair. Maddie: Oh, they’re over here. SSundee: Okay,Where?.Maddie: Thought they were gonna pop up on the screen SSundee: Where x100 Maddie: go to your right SSundee: Oh right there all of Bulbasaur Charmander and squirtle The normal the right are the Gen one starter Pokemon Madeline. What are you gonna choose? Maddie: You’re gonna go for a Charmander aren’t you.SSundee: I dont know, I think I’m gonna ask Twitter hold on hold on But let me take a picture Maddie Ok. SSundee: I’m gonna take a picture upload it. I’m gonna ask Twitter I need Twitter’s help Madeline you should do the same thing on Instagram do the same thing on Instagram, Maddie: okay? I’ll do my best, but what if they all say the same thing, SSundee: okay, okay? Ah? Okay, I took a screenshot Okay, okay. I’m gonna upload this to Twitter (Stahp talking when one of you are talking pls) Let’s see what Twitter says screenshot all right, so I’m tweeting this okay, so let’s see what you guys say on Twitter Which Pokemon do I choose we have Bulbasaur Charmander squirt? What are your people sayin Madeleine on Instagram? Spoiler He Picks a Pokemon… Maddie : Uhmmmmm SSundee: Don’t tell me don’t tell me don’t tell me X1000 Maddie: Ok Ok x10000 Okay, so I got that Sub to TheMaxipigShow and TheGamingOwlFTW lol Maddie: What if we both get the same one?SSundee : Yeah, we could use the same one so in about two three minutes I’m gonna choo- I’m gonna click the results and see what you guys say it’s between char. Char lightbulb and water, dude Thanks Russel yeah, I want YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Maddie: Who did you get??? Okay, so I’m gonna close this and We are picking our first Pokemon of this series again again If you guys want this to be a series hit the like button down below Like for series please do I want a series, please We got a lot of plans for this. This is a really well-made server. Okay here. We go, okay I’m my picking mi- Maddie: So I’m picking mine that they picked. SSundee: Yeah go ahead, I’m gonna pick mine Okay There Professor Hemlock “ah good choice” (Lets see). It will make a great partner for you in your upcoming adventures in the wondrous world of Pokemon *Laughter* Funny voice again Ia- SSundee Okay, hello, Madelyn! I am inside your head Maddie: Oh hi! I didn’t know that was gonna happen SSundee :How are you you’re looking good today, I like your blonde hair It’s blonde So from what I understand of this server. There’s obviously battling like this You can see like I said everything is vanilla no mods required battling Gym, yeah, this is like pokemon go from what I said there’s gyms Where yeah, this is a huge server Maddie:oh? So you can fight other people other people SSundee: yes, there’s just you know just from Pokemon go right? Maddie: Oh, yes. Yes, yeah, it’s like that Okay, okay, so let’s go out here Maddie:Okay
SSundee: so Madelyn Maddie: Can they fight us whenever they want SSundee: no no we have to we you have to like initiate it like this guy here There’s a trainer Trainer James right here right Maddie: yes he is a a level zero, SSundee:
well right? But he’s got a level 5 Bulbasaur right so hold on Maddie: ohh SSundee: Okay on three. Let’s throw out our Pokemon. I want to see what the people said Maddie: so how do I throw it out your Pokemon.SSundee: I think you Right-click with it in your hand Maddie: okay, right SSundee ready three two I’m calling SSundee , Ian now cause I want to! one *Laughter* Maddie : I KNEW IT! SSundee: Wait you challenged me to a battle Maddie : I did!?!? SSundee:We’re gonna Madelyn: NOO! SSundee: We’re gonna decline that I decline that we’ll do that on a later date. I medal I’m gonna take on trainer James He’s got a Bulbasaur, which we counter him okay here. We go so fight Maddie:Can I get to watch it? SSundee: Yeah, you get to see all of it, so if I right click GO Charmander!!! James: fancy seeing you here, let’s see what you’ve got SSundee: go Charman- here we go Maddie: Ok I can see it Ian: Charmander versus Bulbasaur, so this is the front from what I understand how this works. What will Charmander do we can do scratch? hard pointed sharp claws rake the target to infect to an foot damage power forty accuracy 100 or growl the user growls in an endearing way making a opposing Pokemon less wary this lowers their attack stats Stahp to much PokeMon Stats Okay, so if I scratch check this out. This is why I like this server more than the poke other pixelmon mod Whenever I choose an attack it actually does an animation watch this. I’m gonna scratch while watch the Bulbasaur Look at that. I scratch the crap out of his health go stop get rekt Did you see a rush minute tackle me he didn’t work image – I’m gonna growl – lower his attack Maybe hold on. I want to see if it does a growl noise How don’t let me turn up the sound, but it sort of this sound I would ensue if I hear a growl *Growl and Laughter* Oh he growled – don’t you growl at me you’re freaking Bulbasaur freak. What’s wrong with you? Okay? Okay? I’m gonna. I’m gonna tats mean I’m gonna growl again His attack fell And he used growl too<: more and laughter okay i gonna to scratch down. are you oh that did no damage please don tackle me he used : maddie mah gosh ssundee: madelyn a critical hit uhm uhm... come on growl ok.ok growl.he maddie: uh what do ssundee :madelyn hold want something ya know huh go down here there pokemon stop right here. it bringing back. can move too far away from rip for cant cheat the system pokey get potion throw my best this correctly ian:did yes ian: at feet maddie:this is called cheating probably use charmander system:this cannot be in trainer battles we tried bag heal item im die best. sorry. okay. sound dangit will some training if last thing take out bulbasaur by end of episode tats mean mark words. russell fancy eye tiger editing montage good was great but didn level us up all ready. nothing then yeah so look sky see like huge beam those red one. where center your right-click nurse katie mm-hmm nurse_katy: welcome or hello restore tired full health she grab throws little tub yellow there. now fully healed guess could let run around these different beams. bunch stops stuff ok told bulbasour gonna. dead dead. super three five just got revives.maddie: ohhh changes colors. game turns purple keep going. going another poke ah running shoe ohh inventory. shoes their doubles speed nice go. ball ultra also says plus exp side. one with eleven happens when only have ehh how than hacker idea such maybe lose fights need over stop. madelyn: player ex- xp believe getting pokeballs potions.ssundee: balls normal potions saw back jigglypuff hey enter uhhh catch yesss does caught madeline: jealous give madelyn. an its dont pick kyoto region map interactive found minecraft.pokefind.co. it. were healing on. bring up. website sick way finding telling stadiums follow starter start. trying fight. right. first second should air balloon oooh looking fence behind sick. lik- hyper battle. fun. really cool build strongest army destroy thank lickitung six triple face nooo said wild appeared has sing defensive curl put him sleep lick not affect taxman again slick attack missed dang tongue freak meant accuracy ian:okay his because why weird :yes ask questions. think worked fell asleep next name. slp means sleeping charmander. crap kid low. still though again. woke me. miss lets weakest poke- licked mmm licking him. scratching them madelyn:you supersonic confused alright alright. least already completed yeah. missing. yes. red. kill yes.ian: send skills they wake doesn work landed click weaken try ball. battling yessssssssssssssssss hear youtuber rank u jerk kidding am almost ready wonder say clefairy madelyn:yes wondering long would notice. cliff fairy cute isnt name... actually good. many- any potions. trained entire minutes moment stupid after stops. having much fun pokemons around. cute. meowth pokemon. stuffing. motor persian pokeball as well sore ruined life shame ian :russell epic feat coming versus jigglypuff. ooooh hhhh better land rekt sit eyeballs out. bit. bit pretty close growl. lower stat fell. growled growls does. tell growling likes copying since attacks lowered. lowered em wait user generates odd ways confuses target made dirty tongue. oooohh keeps using people fellow lickitungs pride tackled either. hitting liking this. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhh video madeline proud job death shining ssudnee channel anyways dudes series button below wants subscribe new turn notifications comments replying uhh server.madelyn: playing playing. time awesome sweet outro>

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