Minecraft: portcullis using sticky pistons (English in closed captions)

Hi. I’m Nahon. This is a video about a portcullis
of an in-development castle. It’s built using 8 pistons
and 4 pieces of fence. This is the closed state. This is how it opens. And that’s how it closes. When closing, the side pistons
push the fences to the center first. Then the bottom and top ones
push them together. Let’s see the wirings. It can be seen that it can be
operated from both sides. I achieved this by
installing an XOR gate. This is how it looks. The output is on when the two
levers are in the opposite state. That’s when the portcullis is closed. These two repeaters are the
heart of this device. The reason is that, as can be seen, that this one is at
position 1, and this one is at
position 4. They receive the current
from the same source… and they convey power
to the same destination. It’s those two that solves that
when the gate closes, the side pistons power up first, when the gate opens,
they lose power the last. After building these we just have to
connect this wire to the side pistons. It’s done like this. These repeaters… (this repeater is to the
upper side-piston) …are here because the current
can’t reach the other side of the gate. So I had to install a
repeater here as well. These side repeaters don’t have
pairs on the other side. Here you can see that. The reason for the pre-piston repeaters is to
get the fences arrive to the center at the same time. So they serve aesthetic
purposes only. The wires split here. This wire powers the top
and bottom pair of pistons. This repeater is necessary
because the length of the wiring. This wire powers the top two… and this powers the bottom ones. Before them there’s this NOT gate. The reason behind that… is there are another
NOT gates at the bottom. They operate the
bottom two pistons. You can see the current arrives into
the blocks behind the redstone torches. They forward inverse charge to the pistons. The current arrives from both sides. Yeah. The top is just the same. You can see the block and the tip
of the torch of the NOT gate. That’s the whole device really. This will be the courtyard, the
place for the rest of the buildings. I hope you liked this
little tour thingy. Thanks for watching.

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