Minecraft PS4 BEST New Feature – NETHER ICE?

Do you want to get in a boat? I kinda want in the get boat but if you get in the boat then *Laughter* Hello, I’m IBX Toycat. Welcome back to another minecraft update aquatic video. That’s right It’s finally here for the console edition of the game I’m super excited about this update for a whole bunch of reasons and one of the biggest reasons that I’m excited for not only this and this update but perhaps one of the biggest reasons I’ve been excited ever is the addition of blue ice into the game blue ice if you don’t know is one of the most wonderful additions they’ve made in a very long time and it’s one of the Things that if you don’t properly understand, it doesn’t even seem so fun In fact to most people this looks like a different color of ice. You might know that it doesn’t melt under any circumstances Like wow, you can place torches next but let me explain why it’s so much more fun and So much better than you’re giving it any credit for and I’m gonna be giving you three Amazingly both useful and fun you says for be blue ice in today’s video I hope you all do enjoy this by the way, you can like this video if you do like it because it helps out the channel alot and lets me know like you do like my attempt to shine a light on why it’s so great! You get it, because it doesn’t melt? Anyway with that said let’s get straight into talking about blue ice and we’re gonna start with the fundamentals the kind of important stuff You need to know before anything else because if you want to get blue ice in survival You’re gonna need one thing first and that is a silk touch pickaxe either You can find them directly in iceberg biomes There’s a few bits of blue ice per iceberg. You can usually mine and get some blue ice by itself. Really wonderful But if you want a lot of blue ice you need to do either that by itself But you’re also gonna want to find some packed ice because if you take 9 packed ice together You can merge 9 packed ice by going to a crafting table again It’s a weird part the crafting table all the way over here You can take 9 packed ice together and you can make yourself the mythical blue ice. That’s right. It’s 9 to 1 It’s a pretty bad ratio but trust me when I say it’s going to be worth it because even though our at First glance it seems like it is just another form of packed ice seriously I’m gonna show you in third person the boats both on blue ice and packed ice You can barely even tell the difference right they both look pretty darn similar But let me tell you why blue ice is just a real game-changer and the first one the one we can demonstrate in our little Kind of circular boat right here is the fact that you can spin crazy fast on blue ice So as you can see, this is me spinning on blue ice right here This is an insane amount of speed try and workout anything that’s going on the background You can’t it is Absolutely crazy the speed you can rotate and the fun you could probably work out from this is pretty great Also, if you get out the boat the boat stays in one place But the momentum stays locked in so you can kind of trick people this way. Okay. Do you want to get in a boat? I kinda want to get in the boat but if you get in the boat then *Laughter* As you can see you spin them around you make them dizzy, and maybe you make them, you know confused about where they are It’s kind of fun and this is a whole new mechanic in Minecraft You can have existing boats with a momentum intact and you can just kind of leave them and leave that momentum there. It’s crazy it’s not something we’ve done before but also even though it looks like it’s so if we get back in the boat the one that’s Gonna kind of hurt us even though it looks like it’s just a really fast spinner You can also go quite fast on blue ice. It doesn’t look like it again in this in this video, right Here it *stutters* right here. It doesn’t look so great Looks like we’re going like okay ten blocks or something a second. That’s that’s not so great But let me show you what you can do. If you take this you take it onto a little bit more ice So here’s my spruce boat on a bit more ice. You can see how the acceleration Really starts to pick up after about 20 blocks and also the Minecraft consoles a bit smaller than other worlds But let me show you that exact same acceleration on my little blue ice racetrack we’ve got going on here so this must help them to be made by a haunting zombie and we’ve got a really nice little track that we built over the Rest of my world. It’s a hundred and fifty blocks wide and let me show you what you can do here So oh, this is a fun little thing by the way As you can see I have fences on the edge here if you ever want to do something like this by yourself Rather than just making blue ice by itself put some fences on the side because even though you can climb over the fences the boat Can’t the boat climb any distances which means as you can see right here, I’m kind of running on to the side But yeah, let me go all the way back to the start Okay, it’s gonna be kind of tricky and let me show you what you can actually do with this 150 block So bear in mind again full 150 just to show you on a map as you can see full 150 blocks just by running against the side you can get some Insane speed going down here and it oh, we’ve got a nice little landing spot right here But yeah, this is a really really fast thing I did that entire thing in about five seconds, right and the fact that in about five seconds You can go in 150 blocks means you can go about 30 blocks a second It’s actually a little bit faster than that but it’s one of the Fastest methods of travel in the game and because of the elegance of making something like this through your Minecraft world again I made this Pru my fake biomes, but I’m sure you can do something like this in your Minecraft world Soo look at the speed that I traveled there by the way, look at that. This is the speed It takes me to walk the distance. I did in five seconds by going that fast It is amazing blue ice is one of the blocks you want in this update Even though conduits are the most powerful blue ice is one of the most handy for doing stuff like that So we’re gonna go away back here grab our acacia boat it right down right here and let me show you this again We’re gonna try and go straight this time because it’s even faster if you can nail this look at the speed that you can actually pick up at the end here and then we’re gonna fly and end up right into the Wall, so you can also use this for launching for other fun things like that. I’m gonna see if this does something, Yeah fireworks! That’s what it does So yeah, as you can see boats pretty darn amazing But this isn’t even it so we can spin boats we can make momentum traps of boats We can make boats go one of the fastest, you know renewable reliable speeds again, as long as you have a boat Which is one of the cheapest things to make this blue ice pathway allows you to get around your Minecraft world crazy fast Think about it if you can go 150 blocks in five seconds or less in a whole Minecraft, you know 360 ps3 sized world is only 860 blocks You can do your entire world distance in what is that like less than 30 seconds by boat? It’s more like you know 20 because you pick up insane speed but here’s the best bit We know we’ve got some good stuff, you know down here But if we go to the nether with the blue ice we can do even more amazing stuff So remember how earlier I said it doesn’t melt, right? there is there is no melting from us. It’s another thing that occurs Well, let’s say we use that to our advantage. You know, let’s say we do that we place some torches next to as well Just to prove our point to the next we are in the hottest place in the Minecraft world With torches on the side of it Guess what? My ice isn’t melting which means we can make that exact same thing that exact same 150 block journey across the entire nether in five second! You can cross your entire Minecraft world Let’s say you do it diagonally to Indy for five seconds end to end or corner to corner You can do it in ten seconds your entire Minecraft world. Look at the sizes Well, I didn’t throw down my map apearently, but the size of this map would be entirely done like that And that is the insanity and although obviously in the nether you’ve got to be a lot more protective of your stuff because y’know ghasts and whatnot the fact that you can go this fast in the nether unless you hit the edges right here is absolutely Absurd you can place blue ice in the nether you can use boats in the nether and this is this is something that just seems Weird, but the aquatic update you might think it’s not coming to the nether but the nether does in fact have blue ice and That having blue ice never allows you to do some insane things and that’s why I think if your survival player and you’re either bummed Out because you know, you’re playing on a Ps3 or Xbox 360 bear in mind This is one of the coolest survival projects You can complete if you’re playing survival what you’re curious about what to do Let me tell you this is a great example Also a let’s break our boat you can see right there that you can do a lot of spinning even with like three blocks there together You can still use the corner between them to do the same kind of spinning thing if you nail it, right? So, yeah, we can even do our little spinning trick in the nether. It’s crazy Cool, Crazy fun You want to get some blue ice and hopefully I’ve done a good enough sales pitch through today’s video to convince you that you did So thank you very much for watching this video. You can like if did like it- Oh, look at that! That is cool You even got a nice little portal maid out of it too, You ever want to have an igloo in the nether? you can do that. You see how that just magically appeared big thing to Han and Hubbell in this video big Thank you to everyone who has watched the video like if you did like it Make sure you share this with any friends if you really did like it because yeah This is the last all-round console edition update. We will be cooling Alright, you know if you want to know our videos will be focusing on but you’ve a ps4 We talked about consolidation or on bedrock as a whole again If you’re on any of the platforms that being discontinued, don’t worry about it We’ve got a long time until the next update comes out for everything else and I’ll still be covering the news regarding that the bedrock Stuff so that you can all keep up to date with the latest stuff going on in Minecraft in general Thank you very much for watching today’s video You can like it if you did like it because it helps out the channel alot lets me know You do like these sorts of videos share it really liked it and subscribe if your new around here and I make videos like this one every single day on my channel and if you subscribed you’ll See them daily on your homepage. And yeah, on PlayStation 4. I have to be a tiger too. It’s it’s a whole problem Yeah, thank you very much watching and I’ll see you all next time. Good. Bye *Epic music*

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