Minecraft PS4 – Episode 10 – Cow Camaraderie

– [Zebra] What’s up
guys and welcome back to a new episode of Minecraft
with the Playstation 4 and today, why don’t we go and
eat some food for one thing? We’re starting to get the grumplies here. Look at our low food meter (laughs). Alright then let’s yam
yam yam yam (laughs). I love how he just sort of
shakes it in front of his face. I love that. Okay then, so today I really
wanted to start getting working on a farm, an animal farm to be exact. First we have what a few things to fix. So let’s go in here and do we have, I don’t think we have even anything to chop down wood right now. So let’s get something for
that, not with the sword. You know, just simple stuff
that we always need, right? Okay then, so and we have
anything in here maybe? Mhm, no, I think we’re good. Okay then, so let’s quickly
make an iron pick axe ’cause we’re going to need that, not pick axe, excuse me,
just a normal iron axe. Oh, we need sticks. I’m a little rusty, a little
rusty, but we got this and ’cause a lot of people
have been requesting this, a ton of people have been
requesting that we make a farm for animals, to collect them
and have them at our disposal and give them nice, happy homes of course, but let’s first fix something
with the watermelons. So many people have told me about this, apparently if I want to, like, a lot of people have been telling me that I’ve done this sort of wrong and that I should give
these watermelons an extra bit of space or they won’t grow properly and I see what they’re saying now. Some of them grew properly ’cause they had the extra block of space, but some of them did not because they just didn’t have that space. So let’s put this out a little bit more. Oh no, give me that back,
give me that back, game. Oh, see look at this. They’re immediately growing now. That is awesome, oh,
it’s getting dark though. It’s getting dark indeed. Come on, oh, I’m gonna run out now ’cause I forgot to make more. Oh well, come on, let’s go
back in and get some sleep. No, not yet, okay then
with the last few seconds let’s go over and find us some more. I might have to make
myself some more actually. Where are the fences again? Why do I forget? I’m such a forgetful zebra. Oh, there they are. Alright then, oh,
they’re made with sticks. I’m so forgetful today,
what is wrong with me? There we go, excellent. Alright, now it’s all dark and spooky out. Let’s go and take a sleep. Only at night, it’s
nighttime, are you kidding me? Come on, how much darker can it get? There we go, excellent (laughs). Okay then, so we’re going to, ah, this happens every time. I’m gonna have to change that up soon. Anyway, so let’s fix this up, and then we’ll start getting
work on getting to work. Excuse me, on figuring
out how much wood we need. Definitely, I wanna make it like a shed. So I wanna make it so that
we have the fence like this, but there’s also sort of
like some ceiling above it so that it’s like a shed
like in an actual farm. I feel like that would be
the coolest route to take. All right, this should be safe. I don’t think anyone’s
going to be jumping, maybe from here so
let’s take care of this, and then it should be good. Nobody should be able to make this jump. No animals, at least. Ready? Huh! Yeah, okay. I think I’m safe there. I don’t think we have any
acrobatic sheep around. But, anyways, let’s hm. Where should we start? I think this way. There’s plenty of trees
going off in this direction. So let’s go here and start
just knocking down some trees, and being the manly forest men we are. As we are, I’m gonna give some updates on how the channel’s been
going, how my life’s been going. It’s currently October. It’s been a busy month. It’s been a hectic month. It’s been a hard month,
but we’re surviving and we’re making it through. When it comes to uploads,
things have been really cool. I’ve been uploading a
week of scary Little Big Planet levels as a Halloween special. Overall, it’s been going really really fun and really really cool so I’m
happy that I gave it a shot. I’m happy that I tried it. And I feel like it was
a learning experience. And so far I’ve been
having a fantastic time. So let’s knock down these trees. Yeah, we’re doing good. Hello, other wolf. How are you? Then after this we need to
work on making our house a few rooms bigger at the least. We could definitely work
on making it way bigger. Which I really like progress. I’m a person who naturally likes progress. I sort of gravitate towards it. If I notice something
isn’t making progress and I’m working on it, I get
frustrated very very easily, which is why I get frustrated when a video doesn’t do well or something like that. But, anyways, I’ve been constantly trying to work on stuff, making stuff better. I’m actually working a
lot on editing recently and trying to improve my editing skills. Knock all this down. So far so good. Now with the Halloween special
going pretty well though, I was sort of considering
the idea if I should do any of a Christmas special
or something like that. I feel like that would be
fun, that would be cool. I wonder if it’s worth trying. Feel free to let me
know if there’s anything you guys have in mind
you’d like to see me do. Okay so let’s get these apples. These apples are all over
the place now which is cool. I don’t think I’ve had an
apple in this game yet. So how does this work? Let’s get an apple. I know there’s golden apples. I’m not sure if you find those or if you can make them yourself. We have plenty of wood at this point so we’re probably gonna have
to go back now and start- Oh, there’s one more. And start turning these into sticks and all that kinda stuff,
whatever we may need. Our watermelons are growing quick now. Okay, we’re gonna have
to go to the firemen, figure some stuff out. So yeah, let’s go in here. Let’s grab our hoe. Where is that? Not in here. Is it in here? Yes it is, okay. Get this. And then we’re going to um, hm. Why do I keep blanking? Oh I know what I need to do. We need to go in here and
make a bunch of these. Okay then we have a ton of them. So let’s start out with, first
off, making a few sticks. Just a good amount. And then we’re going to
make a few fences with them. There we go. Excellent! We’re making some good progress right now. And then, where is our gate for this? So like you see here. Can you set these on top of each other? Yes you can. Okay, that’ll work out really well then. Let me knock this back down. And we’ll use our hoe to go in here and, do we still have it? Yeah there it is. Okay so we’ll go in here
and get some of the wheat, because we do need wheat
to make an animal farm to guide the animals. Uh, oh. I didn’t want to do that! No! Just get you, okay. So let’s get that. We’ll get all the seeds for it as well. Okay, we’re doing good so far. All right, now let’s get rid
of the watermelon as well. I think I just broke
some of the seeds there. That’s not good. Okay then, awesome! We’re doing good. Let’s re-till all this. And then let’s plant some of them. We’ve got some seeds here. We have also have some watermelon now. That’s kinda the cool stuff. We have a lot of awesome stuff now. We have plenty of food. I’m going to be pretty
comfortable for the next few days. Cool. All right, so I probably
shouldn’t be planting these here. Maybe a bad idea. But yeah, I hope you guys have been having a good Halloween so far. I’ve been having a really
fun and interesting one. Definitely this year has been
fun and interesting for me. New grounds has been traveled
every single day sort of. It’s just like, I don’t
know, it’s like new things happening every day. Let’s close this. And where should we, we should
probably go out this way. And make a little farm this way. I might have to get a shovel
and start cleaning out some land, but for now I feel
like this space could work. So let’s get this. Let’s make it like eight by eight. I feel like that’d be enough
for a few pigs or something. Now I know there was an
update announced recently that had, that said, or not an update, yeah it was just an update announced. It wasn’t confirmed. It was confirmed. (laughs) Okay now all my words get- It didn’t confirm a release date. One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight, nine, okay. We’re doing nine I said. But it didn’t confirm a release date, but it did talk about- Oh, I guess I’m at the edge. There being horses in the
game soon when the update comes out which is really cool. All right then, this is looking good. Awesome. Okay. Hooray! And we actually need to go
in here and make a gate. And this should be big
enough for a few pigs. Definitely! Okay then, let’s go back and make a gate so that we have a way around it. I also kinda need to make
a few more sticks as well. Uh oh, I didn’t wanna do that. Oh, darn it. Oh, now I have some
useless stuff. (laughs) Anyways, let’s go here
and then here again. Make a few of these. Like one of these, and then here we go. Use the rest of our sticks for this. That should be good. That should get us everything we need. For sure. Crops are growing, I love that. I don’t know, it’s so exciting
to see our crops grow. All right then I’m gonna need to use this as a bit of a platform here. Hop on. Ahh, I did it wrong! Okay then, here. And I’ll make the gate right here. This seems fine. What’s going on? There we go. No! Give me this back. I’m so bad at operating the UI. I need to get better at it. I guess it’s playing more. Nope, ah man, I do that
every time, don’t I? Come on. There we go. So now, I’m gonna get another dirt block. Now what I just wanna do is do a bit of this. And do the same thing here. So let me hop up a bit more. There we go, we’re making
some good progress here. Uh oh, no! All right so just a few
spaces high like this. Maybe one lower. Just so that it’s like a nice little shed. And then I’m going to fill the rest to make a ceiling of wood like this. No. Come on. (laughs) And there we go. And that should be pretty simple. So I’m gonna go do that now and probably do a little jump cut. There! We had to work into the
depths of the night. But we made it past. There we go. Gosh, I hate, oh my gosh! I am such a silly person. Why do I keep on messing everything up and pressing the wrong buttons? Let’s head in really really
quick so that we can get a nap, and then wake back up and be able to just work on our animal farm. That’s all I wanna do all day. No school work, no job,
no taking out the trash. Just working on my animal farm. All right, (laughs) I don’t understand. Look at this mess. Okay there we go. Let’s take these guys out, come on. Okay, finally making
some proper work done. I love the music on this game. It feels like I’m on such an adventure. There we go, I’m liking
the way it’s looking. I definitely need some
torches on it somewhere. Maybe like in the corners or something. All right, let’s take
care of all of you guys. I’ll keep the grass
and I won’t replace it, because, you know, the
animals need somewhere to just sort of walk
around and enjoy the grass. And hopefully, that
should be good for them. Do I have any…yeah I do. Okay. So let’s try to get some pigs in. Pigs are very helpful. Or maybe we should do cows, because cows have stuff too. I don’t know. (laughs) The cow is the first thing I see. So I’m gonna go get him. Mr. Cow. Come here. Hey buddy! Look what I got, yeah. You like that don’t you? Come, follow me! (laughs) I’m gonna get him here. Come on, you’re almost there. Come on, you can do it! I promise, I promise I’m not- Hey! Come here. Okay, is he not trusting me anymore? What? Come on, follow me. Are you gonna follow me? I thought this worked. Come on. He just gave up. He’s not interested anymore. Come on, come on. You’re doing my biddings
whether you like it or not. Come on. No! What the heck! Come on, this is so bogus. This guy gets what I mean. That cow over there, he’s
a jerk, but this guy, he gets what I mean. He’s my friend. Okay then, cool. I have a cow. Gosh darn it! There. What happened to the other cow, did he just run off? He just wants to be gone? Come on, talk to me Billy. No, he’s just not- Fine then. You’re meat now, buddy. Fine, if you wanna play that game, then you played that game and you lost. Maybe I can get a pig in as well. Come on, Mr. Pig. Can the pigs and cows mate? Can they make baby things? No, come on. I don’t understand, is
it not convincing enough? Come on. No, he just doesn’t care. That’s insane. Uh oh, I hear a zombie. I don’t want to be in here anymore. Maybe he just doesn’t
want it, that’s weird. So I have a cow in here and
he’s very lonely and very sad so I need to find another cow buddy. I’m not seeing any. Maybe different animals
want different things. But what else would want the hay? I don’t know. Maybe I’ll try luring a sheep over. Or this one. Hello. Yup, see, he loves it! He’s like, “Yeah, give me that!” There’s no cows anymore. They’re all gone because
that one guy was a jerk. I made him into meat. Yeah I don’t see any more cows, oh well. Anyways, we made our first
shed for our animal farm and we’re slowly continuing
and making our world and home a lot bigger and better. But yeah, so slow progress
but we’re getting there. So now I wanna work on making my house much bigger and grander. Oh, you. Come on, come on. Come here buddy. Yes! Cow number two, is it in the bag? Come on, just keep following me. Come on, follow the beautiful wheat. You want it, I know you do. Come on. Come on in. Come on, you can do it, you can do it. A little over here, a little over here. Yes! Hooray! We got him in. Hopefully, in the next episode
we’ll wake up to a cow baby. I’m not sure how it works
but thank you guys so much for watching and I’ll
see you guys next time. Bye bye!

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  1. iAmPj

    Maybe for this series, you can do like a special where you invite fans to play with you!
    You should also change your sensitivity, it's really slow and it seems like you have a hard time playing with a slow sensitivity. I'm still enjoying this series!
    your biggest fan

  2. Reece

    Such a great YouTuber…. subscribed for your co-op terraria series and then I saw this and I love the commentary with the game play. One of the few people I will actually watch

  3. Faith Boynton

    put 2 soul sand on the bottom and 2 on the side and a command block in the midel and 3 wither skulls on top to make lots of dimands come to you

  4. Tanya Miles

    YOUR VIDEOS ARE AWESOME! By the way usually when I watch lets plays on Minecaft I watch like 2 episodes and then stop watching it but when I watched you I went through the whole series.

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