Minecraft PS4 – Episode 22 – Animal Army!

– [Zebra] What’s up, guys? Welcome back to another
episode of Minecraft for the Playstation Four,
and today we’re gonna be continuing our farm touching up but it is getting a bit
dark, so maybe we should head to bed first, but we’re
gonna be sort of building up our farm up here. We definitely want to build
up a good amount of space for the chickens and
the pigs and the sheep. That would be nice and
awesome, and I’m thinking that we’ll have a chamber for each one. I think that’s the best way to do it. So, maybe first what we
should do is go get some wood and then go get the materials we need to attract those animals. Which we basically have the most of. I did some studying, you guys let me know that what animals are
attracted to what food. So, sheep are attracted to,
oh no, now I’m forgetting. Wheat, they’re attracted to wheat! While chicken is attracted to seeds and pigs are attracted to
vegetables like carrots and potatoes. When I was checking, that’s what I saw. So, hopefully, all of that is correct and sooner or later,
we’ll back to the mine so that we can finally
head into the nether. That thing has been staring us
in the face for way too long. It’s getting creepy and ominous
and all that kind of stuff. For right now, let’s just make our way. Actually, yup, we do, I was
gonna ask, “Do we have even “enough?” But yeah, we do. We already have a bunch of
saplings waiting for us. One of these days, we’ll
have to run through with all of our saplings and replant some of the forest here. For now, we’re just gonna chill back a bit and chop down a few trees. Not too many, just a few, just
so that we can get started on making ourselves a
good amount of fences and just a whole chamber
that I have going on there. I’m gonna follow the same system I’ve done for all the other ones. Where I have the fence too high,
so that they don’t jump out like they were before, because
that was getting annoying. Last episode was a bit of a train wreck. Hopefully, we can bounce back
in the next episode or two. Luckily, we still haven’t
died yet in this series. So, that’s really
awesome, really liberating I guess you could say. It’s been a really fun
experience this Let’s Play. I’ve been having so much
fun, and you guys seem to have a lot of fun watching. Okay then, so yeah, let’s
knock all this down right here. As I always like to do, I guess
I’ll just sort of sit back and talk about things while
we chop down some trees. It has been an interesting
start to the new year. It is now February. January went by so fast. Time’s are flying, games are
coming out left and right and now that I’m back from
Magfest, I just sort of have to get ready for another convention. I have to get ready for PAX East and I’m so excited for
it, I’m really hoping that I meet a whole bunch of cool people and all that kind of stuff. All right, let’s chop down this tree and then I see another wolf over there. Maybe we’ll soon get him, and
like I said a few episodes ago if you guys wanted to name
the next dog that we get. Let’s quickly do this really quick. Oh no, I didn’t mean to do that, oh no. Every time I pass this,
I think about doing it and I’m like, “No, I’ll do it later.” So, let’s just do it now, break the cycle. Break the cycle, indeed. There we go, let me put that there. Replace this block, and
then, will it work this time? Hey, it worked this time! I guess I just wasn’t
doing it right before. I have to be facing the bottom block. I don’t know why, I thought I was before but it looks like all of
our wheat is growing, too. We’re making some good
progress with our house. I’m so proud of the
little abode we’ve made. This should be good
enough now, so let’s make a whole big ole bunch of
this by just holding down the X button, and we’re
gonna make a good majority of this into sticks, so let’s do that. Oh boy. Two stacks of sticks now,
three stacks, come on. There we go. That’ll be good for now, I
really think that will be fine. So, let’s make a whole big
bunch of this out of the sticks. That makes, oh, okay, about
a stack and a half worth and let’s make one fence, there we go. Now we should be good. We only need two more of
these, maybe we’ll just make one more for this episode
because we really don’t need what is it, pigs? Because pigs drop food,
but so do cows, so. I’m not going to focus on
pigs, I’m going to focus on the chicken and then the sheep. Because the sheep will be nice to have. Then maybe one day we can
have a big range of horses that would be really cool. Now, as many of you told me,
I can actually ride a horse right now without a saddle,
and that will actually make it like me, that will tame it but the problem with that is
that I don’t have a saddle so I want to be able to
ride it around anywhere so until then, I’ll leave the horses free. I’ll let them roam free and
be happy horses that they are. Here we go, once I get
rid of all this though. So, I’ve been having a really
cool set of ideas for stuff. I think that soon I want
to make a fan art showcase. Basically, once every month,
I’ll make a little video showing off the best fan
art that people have sent me because I’ve had a few cases
where people send fan art or even make levels in Little Big Planet and even some people have
made little memorials or, I guess, I don’t
know if it’s a memorial but a little tribute to me in Minecraft. I think that’s so stinking
cool, and I want to show that kind of stuff off to you guys. So soon, hopefully
sometime within February I want to make a series showing off that. It will sort of be like a
Zebra Herd Appreciation. Look at these guys moo-ing
at me, don’t moo at me. Moo at yourselves! All right, so how many space is this? This is one, two, three,
four, five, six, seven, eight nine, okay, hopefully I
didn’t miscount there. One, two, that’s three, four,
five, six, seven, eight, nine and hopefully we won’t have a
bunch of lop-sided places here or that would be awkward,
but we have a whole bunch of fences, so this shouldn’t
be too big of a deal. Now, this is pretty easy, all
we have to do is make it match up from here. And there we go. And there we go, hooray! Now, we just got to do it
one more time on all sides. There we go, I think we got
a good mojo going on though. Like I said, I’m really proud
of how things have evolved these last, I think
this is episode 22 now? It’s just like, “Wow, 22
episodes of Minecraft fun.” And we’ve done something significant or at least something relative
to significant in my opinion in each and every episode. So, it’s been quite the adventure. It’s been really stinking cool. I keep misplacing blocks, there we go. Let’s do this, there we go. And now let’s run down
here and do the same thing. No, messing up again. There we go, at least the
iron pickax, not pickax but ax is super duper helpful. Soon, we can hopefully find more diamonds so that we can make diamonds
weapons and stuff like that. Also, soon we have to find a dungeon. We haven’t done a dungeon
in this playthrough and I would like to change that soon. I feel like the best
way to change that is to what’s it called? When I was talking to Stealth
in our co-op Minecraft series he was talking about some
sort of red stone contraption that makes it so you can see underground and that sounds really cool. I think that we might want to try that. I’m not sure if that
counts as a glitch though. If you guys have any really cool ideas on how, look at parkour, if you guys have any really cool ideas on how
we can find some dungeons super fast, I would love to know and I would really appreciate it. Because I have no idea how
we’re going to look for one. I figure maybe we should
just run around in caves and maybe that will be
our way, but who knows? I guess it’s up to you
guys to figure it out. I’ll join in in the fight,
I’ll do some research as well. Another big goal of this series is to get the platinum trophy,
because I’ve only had one platinum trophy before on Playstation. So, it’d be cool to have more of them. Especially on a really
cool game like Minecraft. So, hopefully we are able to do that. I know there are a lot of
very difficult trophies that maybe I’ll make a little stream out of one of these days when
we’re getting really close to the platinum. Then maybe after that
I’ll start a season two of this Let’s Play, who knows? The possibilities of the future
are really big right now. It’s really cool. Okay then, let’s plug this
up, and then we’ll be good to go for this. And then maybe we’ll start
attracting some animals in here. Just so we can get some
progress on with that. I’m sure you guys don’t
want to watch me building the same wood hut over and
over again all stinking day. There are some things I
do have to do off camera and that is like reorganizing the chests and just sort of simple stuff like that. Let me know if you actually want to see that kind of stuff, like do you want me to chop out boring bits
like organizing a chest or do you guys like seeing every moment of the game on camera? Because I’d love to
know your guys’ thoughts on that, of course, I personally prefer to cut out the boring bits. They’re only boring to
me, they may not be boring to you guys. This looks good, looks basically identical to all the other ones. It looks literally identical
to all the other ones except for it’s missing the animals. So, let’s go and do that. First of all, maybe we should go in here and get all the goods. Ready for this? Oh, bread, give it to
me, give it all to me. Fantastic, and we got
a bunch of melons, too. Soon, we’re gonna have to
start expanding this farm. Start putting down some,
what are they called? Oh no, I’m forgetting
them, carrot and potatoes! Why is that so hard to remember? I don’t know. Is there anything that breaks this faster than just punching it? I don’t believe so, but yeah. That would be really cool though. Is being able to get
some more farms in here. It feels like we are a
little cluttered though. Maybe we should expand
this a little bit more so that we have the room, but of course that’s just all future talk. Now, we just need the seeds. Place these guys down and do what we do. I mean our land compared
to a lot of my friends who play Minecraft, at least, our land is rather small, but I like it like that. It’s quaint, it’s simple. It’s our little side of the forest and I like that a lot, it
makes me feel at home, I guess. Because that’s how I lived, I guess. I lived next to neighbors and
things when I was growing up but still it was in
that part of New Jersey it felt really secluded. Hello, Scruffy, how are you? Are you feeling good with your blue collar and everything? Because I’m feeling great, and I’m glad that hopefully you’re feeling good. We do have another chest in here. Let me just eat this, some
of this doesn’t really fill up our hunger at all, so maybe we want to put some of this in here,
but this is our wood only chest, this is where we’re
gonna have our reservoir of wood. In here, we do have some more melons. Might as well place those guys in there. Got a bunch of wheat and everything. We’re gonna need a few
pieces of wheat, not a ton. Let’s just do that, okay,
actually a little more. A little more, don’t
want to go cheap on it. There we go. We do have some meat in here already so it wouldn’t be that much of a harm to eat some right now, so
let’s go ahead and do that. Oh no, it’s dark out,
sleep, sleep it away. Wake up and the animals, not
the animals, the monsters will be gone, hopefully, oh man, spooky. But there we go, now it’s daytime and yeah, I’m ready to start
herding some animals up. Let’s first off make sure
our cows are breeding. Let’s hopefully get in here
without them causing a ruckus you’re causing a ruckus, sir! Stop causing a ruckus,
I don’t appreciate it. Maybe what we can do to get in there without it being a
hassle our little tactic will be to place a block down like this and then just walk over, will it let me? Maybe it won’t. Hey, hey, sir, you guys
don’t do that, okay? And make you guys all happy and things. They’re like, “Yeah,
the wheat, I love it!” They’re having a party now. All the baby cows start
coming out left and right. I love it, awesome! There we go, we got three baby cows. Aww, adorable, adorable. Okay then, and quickly,
quickly, there we go, hooray and our army is building. We are making an army and
we’ll take over the world! Not quite, but hopefully we
make some amazing advancements and we have plenty of resources that would be nice and dandy. So, now I’m hunting for a sheep. Sheeps, where are you? It would be nice to have
sheeps because wool’s always awesome to make flooring
and all that kind of stuff and I know there is an achievement for getting every color
of wool in your inventory or something similar like that. So, it’d be really awesome to see that and also to double check are
pigs attracted to potatoes? Hey, Mister Pig, I’ve got a potato. You don’t like this, okay. I guess I was wrong with
that, but there’s a wolf over there, I do not have the resources to tame him right now. But that’s okay, I’m just
trying to look for a sheep. Man, there isn’t any around, is there? Did we get a sheep extinction? That’s a hard word to say sometimes but here we go, here’s a few sheep. Come with me, my friend, don’t
go that ravine over there it is dangerous, instead you will want to follow me because I
have some nice amenities. At the Zebra Gamer hotel! Okay then, let’s attract him over and then we’ll see then. Come with me, you
wonderful sheep, we’re more than halfway there. We’re just like a final stretch. All the cows are begging for this wheat but you had your share just a minute ago you selfish, you greedy! Okay, come on, come on,
come on, come on, hey! He did it, good job, buddy! And you stay in here and
look pretty for awhile because I got to find you a friend. We might want to go and get
some more wheat really quickly just in case I need to
use this one, I guess. I don’t know, I feel like
just having one around is risky business so, because
we will need to use both of those to pair the sheep up. Technically, after you have two sheep you can just exponentially work from there because you just need to
wait, let them have a baby and then wait for that baby to grow up and then I guess you can make those breed? I’m not really sure exactly how it works but either way, let’s go
and find another sheep. There are a few places
I did want to explore towards this jungle. A few caves and stuff that I
definitely want to get to soon because they might have a good
amount of goodies in them. Like this stuff, we
haven’t checked in there so maybe soon we’ll have an
episode all about plundering some mines, hopefully
finding some type of. Hey, it’s a doggie, hello, dog! Finding some type of, what
are they called again? The dungeons, that would be really cool. So, the second sheep was
right next to this other sheep so hopefully we can hunt that dude down and then we’ll have another sheep. Oh man, that’s deep. That rhymed, cool! Anyway, let’s find this guy. ♪ Sheep, where’d you go ♪ ♪ Sheep I need to know ♪ ♪ So I can capture you ♪ ♪ And I can make you do things for me ♪ ♪ Like give me wool ♪ ♪ But instead you make
me look like a fool ♪ Hey, here’s one, okay. Hello, come with me, up
the mountain, not you! You, I don’t need. Okay then, maybe we
shouldn’t make him go up? Maybe we should just distract
him out of the water. He doesn’t seem to be interested. Maybe he saw my bad side there and he’s like, “You know
what, I don’t want anything “to do with this guy.” Come on, sheep, come on sheep, yeah. Yeah, I’m over here, I’m
over here, and it’s nice and delicious, come on, come on up. Come on up, you can do it, oh gosh. Oh gosh, I wasn’t ready for that, no! I didn’t know there was
more water on this side. Oh man, we’ve got to be
quick, we’ve got to be quicker than this, come on, come on, yes, no, yes. There we go, now we’ve got
to find our way back home. I know where we are though. It’s quite familiar territory
at this point though and I love that about, I don’t know it always gets me so
happy when I can recognize where I’m going in
Minecraft, because it means that we’ve found a place
that we can consider home. Okay then, come on now, hello, wolf. Please don’t kill my sheep, please don’t. Come on, you can do
it, go a little faster. Go a little faster, use
those legs, burn that fat. Come on, this is a Zebra
Gamer exercise facility. Let’s go, let’s go, let’s
go, we’re gonna make you the leanest, meanest sheep around. You’re gonna be so buff,
you’re never gonna skip leg day and uh-oh, more wolves,
come on now, I do not want to have to kill a wolf
because I don’t want them to attack my sheep, this
is the closest sheep in a like a mile radius! I worked hard for this, it’s mine. So, just got to keep
on attracting him over. It really is taking its
time though, come on. Maybe over here? This way, I think this
is actually the same path that I brought the other sheep through. Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, jerk ward. Why you doing this, why you
doing this, stop it, no! Get back here, I don’t
understand why sometimes they’re just like, “You know what? “I’m gonna go, goodbye.” You, over here, and you, over here. Now that I’ve gotten
both of your attention. Come in here, have a good time,
come on, come on, you, too. There we go, now, they’ll get
their kissy-kissy goo-goo on. I’m not gonna look, it’s
gross, and then I’m going to. What should we do now? I did see a cow around,
there’s another horse. Some pigs as well, I definitely
want to get some chickens going on here, but. I haven’t seen any chickens in awhile. Let’s get rid of these pigs though. The pigs only seem to drop meat so they’re not really that helpful because cows drop meat,
too, and then they also drop some wool, not wool, but
leather, and that’s also helpful. It’s just gonna be overall more helpful but we need to find a chicken! Let’s bring you over
here, come on, chicken pal and he was relatively close to home. So, hopefully, this will be nice and easy. Come on, you can do it, come on, yes. Thank-you, chicken, all
right, you stay in there. You just stay beautiful. And now we just must find one more and then our animal
journey is done for today because they made a baby sheep, I think. Which is absolutely cute if they did. I don’t know if, yup, I
see a tiny one in there. Excellent. Cool. Also, another thing that
we haven’t really done is make an iron golem
that would be really cool. Because those things
are super duper awesome. I think we have all the
right materials for it, too. Anyway, let’s just use our railroad that we haven’t touched in a
long time for a moment here so that we can see what’s
going on in the world. Let me eat some potatoes
because I need the hunger this only revives half a
hunger which is actually sort of lame. You’d think they’d be able
to do a little bit better than this, but apparently not. I did research that one block
does actually mean one meter so we will actually need
500 meters of railroad so that’s gonna be a very long project that maybe one day we’ll
dedicate an episode to but for now, I feel like it’s gonna be on a bit of a hiatus. Either way, it’s getting dark out. So, let’s do one more run
around for that chicken. See if we can’t find anyone. ♪ Mister Chicken, where did you go ♪ ♪ I must find out because I need to know ♪ Okay, I don’t see him,
I don’t see him at all. So, let us head to bed
then, ready, set, sleep. I can only sleep at night,
hurry up you dang moon! Hurry up! Okay then, it’s morning
again, we still don’t see any chickens outside. I was hoping that
sleeping maybe would spawn in more animals, and it
seems like it might have. There’s a pig over here
on top of this mountain that I don’t think was there previously. Those horses weren’t there
before that were over here but they were here last night. I mean before that they
spawned in rather recently so I was hoping for another chicken but I don’t seem to find any right now. So, I guess the search will
continue for a few more minutes at the least, so away I go! Oh my gosh, it’s a foal! Look at the baby horse, hello, baby horse and that chicken’s over
there taking a swim. Okay then, aww, he’s so cute. Hello, don’t stand near the
cave, there might be bad guys in there, you’re so
small, I love it, hello. Awesome, okay, now we’ve
got to get this chicken. Do not swim into the
ocean, you don’t even have any floaties, what if you get tired? Come back over here, I
will not let you cramp up and then suddenly drown in the water. Not today, you’re coming with me. Come on, come on now, you
can do it, I believe in you. Swim, another part of
Zebra’s workout facility. Swimming courses, it really
does well for your upper body and your lower body. Come on, you can do it, flap those wings. Do the doggie paddle, there we go. Now, hopefully, he’ll follow
me back up to the house. Come on now, yes, that
was actually quite easy! So, you two have some
fun, make a baby chicken and how can there be? It’s so small, I love
it, hello, little guy! So, cool, so there we go. We have some sheep in
here, we have some chicken we even have our many, many cows. Very awesome episode where we did a lot and we just had a good time
with how we got our sheep and cow and chicken army up. Either way, thank-you
guys so much for watching. I’ll see you guys next time, bye-bye.

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    @Zebra Gamer  plz stop rhyming cuz you sound like @GhostRobo and i dont like that even though he's one a my fav gamers

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    in the game or user interface you can increase the controller sensitivity which is very helpful in making turning much more speedy. also the curser sensitivity can be more speedy

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