Minecraft PS4 – Episode 25 – Carrots and Potatoes!

– [Zebra] What’s up, guys? And welcome back to more Minecraft Playstation 4 edition. In the last episode, we made
ourselves an enchantment table, after we got ourselves
out of that spooky cave with some of the diamonds
we found, we made it. And it’s pretty darn cool, oh
gosh, not what I wanted to do. (laughs) We can now enchant things. I might want to hold on before
I start enchanting things. I’m not really sure. Alrighty, then. So what I can
do after reading up on it, is that I can put this in here. Oh, I didn’t mean to do that. Okay, now it has Efficiency One. I wanted to put something else on it, but I mis-clicked. (laughs) But you can put on different ones, depending on it’s level. So, it’s like I can do the same thing with this iron pickaxe. Since I have plenty of levels, I don’t think it’s a big deal. Yeah, I have 35 levels. So, I could’ve used
something better there, for the pickaxe, but at the same time, it’s all guesswork anyways. This can be really good,
it can be really bad. But, I can just do this
over and over again until I see something I like. Since I’m up to level 35, I can have some pretty high
dictatorship on what I want. So I can do like (mumbles),
what’s it gonna be, plus the same exact thing. I think, right? Oh, maybe I read that wrong. I saw the +5 Attack Damage and thought that’s what my bonus was. Okay, I misread that, we have Efficiency I for our pickaxe and Unbreaking
II for our Iron Pickaxe. I think efficiency will, of
course, make it more efficient, and I think the unbreaking
will make it so that, it just has more durability. I don’t know, feel free to let
me know if I’m wrong or not. Also, on the last episode,
we got these wonderful books. We got the Respiration I,
Silk Touch I and Knockback II. And, I didn’t know how to use them. But, how you get those to
work is you get an anvil, or an anvil, I don’t know how to pronounce
an anvil, apparently. But, here it is. Okay, so, how do you make one? It looks like we need three iron blocks and then four normal iron things. I don’t know if we have enough for that, but I figure we’ll make this, since all of you told me all about it. Maybe, I think I need this and I’m hoping this isn’t all
the iron I have, it might be. I might be fresh out of
iron after this guys. So, we need to be careful. No iron in there. And no iron in here. That’s okay, it’s not
the end of the world. Okay, here we are, here’s
more iron, perfect. And then we got some
gold in here too, cool. And then we got even some more
levels now to add to that to. Looks like it’s getting
night time out there? Maybe a little bit, yeah, okay, cool. But we’ll be talking about our goals and what we want to do in this
episode, just in a moment. I feel like, right now, we
gotta focus on making this. I feel like this’ll be cool. So where can we find the
iron blocks so make one, two, three of those. And then we’re gonna go
all the way back over here, and then where is it? Enable, there we go. So, I can place this down somewhere. Maybe I’ll place this upstairs? Or I guess I’ll keep focusing
on making this house here, or this room here, sort of
like our little workshop. Anvil can be use to
repair weapons, oh really? So this is all super duper interesting. With our three books, we can actually use these
to enchant other items. So I could pop this guy
in there and then I could, I’m not going to do this,
I could put this in there, but I don’t think it would be
worth putting an iron sword. Maybe I should do my iron leggings? Yeah, that’ll work. That would be helpful to enchant them ’cause I wear these things all the time. I wear my glorious pants. And I don’t know if I did that right. What is this? Respiration I, maybe
that just doesn’t work. I think I want this on the
left slot and this up here. And then we can change
the name of it. (laughs) Okay, then. (laughs) Here, let me do that. Can you really change the
name of your item like this? Okay, here we go, let’s do that. There you go, excellent. And then we can enchant it
and give it Respiration I, but I don’t know if I want to do that. What else can we do? We can do Respiration I,
Knockback II and Silk Touch. Well, I guess, I don’t
know what these mean. But, Respiration I sounds
like it would be nice to have, so we’re gonna give it a Respiration I. Okay, (laughs) cool. Now we can equip that, really quick, there you go, excellent. And there we go, now we don’t have our iron leggings anymore, ♪ We got pants. ♪ ♪ We got pants. ♪ (laughs) Okay then, cool, this is interesting, this is a whole new level
of Minecraft for me. I’ve never really done this kind of stuff. So, like I said, what our
goal for this episode today will be to go on, after the night time, all the way back to our
sand village buddies. And getting some of their
carrots and potatoes. Hopefully they still have some more left, and if they do, we’re going
to be borrowing some of them, and expanding our farm
since it has been a while since we’ve last touched it. With that being said, maybe we should go and
get some of these crops. (yells) Hey, get off our
roof, you dang kids! (laughs) You dang not-alive kids! Oh, that’s sad. So we got all these books and things. We could keep on working on the books, but not for right now. For right now, we’re just going
to focus on our main goal. Which is to get those ever so wonderful, those potatoes and carrots so that we can eat our vegetables
and become big and strong. Sounds good to me. I wanted to get a sword, if I can find one. This one’s getting a little low, they’re both getting a little low. So I’ll combine their efforts. Can I do that in the anvil? That would be cool, if I
could combine two swords, and combined their durability. I’m guessing I can’t, but let’s try it. Oh, okay, I can. Logic. It only cost one, so I might as well. There we go. Can I do this and I guess
I have the opportunity to change its name. So I can call it, butt,
(laughs) and that works. But it cost nine points to call it butt? I’m sorry but butts are nice,
but not nine points nice. I’m living on a budget here. (laughs) Let’s put the iron back,
no that’s the iron sword, give me that back. This should be all we need for right now. Just to go out and get
ourselves a wonderful, old the food off this way. So let’s go. I figured I’d bring some food with me, some nice watermelons. I figured on our way we can
start killing some cows. I mean we do have plenty of
cows back at the range, (laughs) back at the farm. So I don’t think we’ll have to
herd any of these guys back, we might want to start
helping them breed again. Oh, look at all you guys. Fresh, fresh meat. Yes, haha. Delicious, excellent. Cool, okay then. I know it has been about a month, since we’ve last seen an episode of Minecraft
for the Playstation 4 and I do apologize for the delay. Right now, I just sort of have this issue that there’s so many awesome
series going on at one time, that it’s hard to cover them all. But, I’ve been sort of
inspired the last few days to get back to work and start uploading multiple videos a day, life has been so busy and hectic for me that it’s been hard to
sort of stay motivated to do this kind of stuff? YouTube videos, every single day. So, I don’t know, I’m sorry if there has been a lack of uploads and you haven’t been enjoying it. But from here on out, I promise
I’ll be working my darndest to keep you guys happy. Because your happiness makes me happy. I think we actually got to go over here. It’s been so long that I’m
sort of forgetting the way. But at the same time, this
is my home away from home, my virtual reality blocky home. I have to know the way. Oh, let’s not fall down there, that wouldn’t be fun at all, that would be the opposite of fun. Unfun-ness, it wouldn’t be boring, it would just be horrifying. Alright, I think we need to
go a little bit this way, I have my trusty map, if need be. It looks like it’s just right over here. Not that far of a run away. Is this a new map? I feel like this is a new map. Or that and we just haven’t
traveled South at all. Which is pretty weird. (laughs) Either way, it is North this way, we’re just going to be tree hopping. ♪ Zebra, zebra, zebra of the jungle ♪ ♪ Watch him climb the trees (laughs) ♪ I’m not very good at it. I forgot how far of a walk this was. We’re almost there, at
this point, I promise. I think it’s over the
next bit of hill here, I can’t remember, but I do remember that there’s
some precious food there. That I hopefully didn’t get all of it, last time we were here. I found it, I see some plants
out there in the distance, that’ll be nice to grab. And I’ve never ever farmed
potatoes or carrots before, so it’ll be a nice experience. And I think it’ll be fun, it’ll be a nice way to
expand our little farm into something much bigger. Hello, you wonderful villagers. And do you guys have anything for trade that I can actually benefit from? I wonder. Let me pick up all of these
carrots and potatoes first. Remember the time I (laughs)
had a sleepover at this house? I remember it, just suddenly. They were fun times. We’ve been doing, I think
this is the 25th episode of Minecraft for PS4 and it just, wow, I’m sorry buddy, are you okay? Okay, what do you have? Farmer’s offer, okay I
wouldn’t really trade an emerald for three bread. That’s not really the
best trade in the world. Sorry, I can make bread
from home at this point. What about you, what do you have? Arrows are pretty good. And you have Eye of Ender. But, what about you? You also have an emerald. Oh no, I can trade you
meat for an emerald. You might be the one
worth talking to then, because I need to get emeralds and I’ve never ever found
an emerald underground, from what I remember. It would be helpful. Oh yeah, that’s right, I
have all this stuff in here. Might as well get all of this, then. Completely forgot that this was here. Oh, my home away from
home, I forgot about you. He has a compass, which actually might
be super duper helpful. So maybe, I should go on a
cow-killing spree at some point, I’m sorry cows, but it must be done, so that I can get all of those emeralds, and then, get them to buy a compass. I’d have to have a lot of that meat, but it would definitely
be helpful to have. At this point, I’m just trying
to get all of these seeds, as much as I possibly
can, leave them starving. I think that they’ll be fine, I have never seen a villager eat before, so I think that they’ll be okay. We’re gonna just grab all this, and this’ll be super duper
for our farm. (laughs) I just feel so mean taking
this all away, but it’s okay. And I need to just
check-in all the villagers, make sure that I know
what they have for trade. It looks like there’s nobody up in here. A lot of these houses
just aren’t existent, they’re not occupied, which also means I can move
in at any moment, hurray. I think I’ve talked to just
about all of you fellas. I could check in here, but there’s never anything
interesting in this tower, for whatever reason. I feel like there needs to
be more treasure in villages. Already talked to you. I don’t think I talked to
that guy off on the roof, doing the hardcore Parkour. So let’s, alley-oop, hey, buddy. And you have cooked fish for an emerald, that’s a little more difficult
than the meat, to be honest. But there we go, that’s just
about all I can get from here. A pretty good loot, if you’d ask me, got 48 carrots, 64 potatoes, okay. Pretty good setup. I think that’s good enough to
make our way back home then. It’s starting to get a little spooky dark, but we’re really, really
close to home at this point, so I’m not too worried about it. Let’s get this really quick, I won’t get it all, but
just a few pieces of it. Just because I can mine
it, ever so quickly, with this new diamond pickaxe. And, wow, there is a lot here. So much free stuff. Mine, for the taking. And I’ll take the rest of that
at some point in the future, but it’s getting too
dark, too spooky for me. So I gotta head out of here. Go, go, go, I saw even more coal too. If we ever feel like
we’re running low in coal, all we have to do is
take a few paces back, and I see skeleton gangs,
they’re both after me now, no, leave me alone, you big jerks. Leave me alone, in the morning
we’ll have to do our farming. We, obviously, can’t do it now. Do that and then sleep, sleep, sleep. Oh, there’s monsters, are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? Meow. There I got rid of the
monsters, now we can sleep, yes. Finally some peace and quiet around here. So noisy all the time,
with the sheeps baaing and the moos mooing or the
cows, whatever they are. By the way, we should be good
to start getting our farm on. I want these seeds, I don’t think I’m gonna need them though, but just in case. Also, let’s get, everything we got really, we got this and then this and that. Okay, good, good, good. Now, I need to find where I put the hoe, so that I can figure
that out and try to get all of the ground tilled. That would be super duper helpful. So I just need to look around for it. I think it’s over here. There’s just so much stuff that I just need to organize so badly, but there’s just so
much to do all the time, Minecraft is so just active all the time. I’m also bringing along a few fences, so that I can expand this area properly. Then, we’ll be good. We’ll have a bigger farm going on. I probably should’ve
brought a spoon out with me so that I can also, right behind us, expand the dirt a bit, because
this is gonna be in the way. So let me go grab that too. Okay, then. So this is looking a lot better. Now we need to sort of just, I don’t know how I want to plan this out, I think first of all, maybe
we should get all this, get all of it, every ounce of it. I can get all the weeds, and
the cows are freaking out, I just want one bite, please, just one, one little nibble on that wheat. Oh, a brown sheep, you
don’t see many of those. I really want to see some
fancy-colored sheep in this game, I know they exist, I just
haven’t seen any myself. Maybe one of these days
it will happen. (laughs) Okay then. Let’s just get all this watermelon, and then there we go. Now I can start tilling in this dirt. And I figure, I’ll do the same thing, where it’s just every-other block. I know people explained to me before, that apparently I don’t need
as much water as I put down, but I just sort of want to, just in case. To be extra sure, to be extra careful, that everything works out
the way it’s supposed to. I would like it to be every other thing, and this is my farm, isn’t it? (laughs) I also wanted to say that
I am open to suggestions, I’m obviously just joking. Maybe we should go on a
new adventure next episode, I have some pretty cool stuff planned, I won’t say anything, I’ll just look off into
the distance. (laughs) Yeah, I think this is good for now. So, now I’m going to start
fencing things up again. Fencing up all this farm. Just like this. And I’ll have to get more of
this shoveled out of the way, so that no animals are
trickshot jumping into my farm, and then stepping on all of my crops to get revenge for encapturing some of their brethren over here. (laughs) I don’t think anything
too bad will happen, but it’s of course, good to
try to make sure everything is in proper working order. So there we go. And then, finally, let’s
just continue on with this. Alright then, now we’re
nicely in our farm, I’m gonna till all this
dirt, just like this. And I know this will eventually un-till, so I do have to be a
little quick about it, but at the same time, I’m not stressing. I ain’t stressing over no farm. Farming is supposed to be
nice, fun and relaxing. Yeah, it’s already un-tilling, so maybe I’m doing this
in the wrong order. But for now, I need to replant the seeds. That’s something I can do right now. So let’s get all that done. Just like this, nice and seedy. (laughs) Awesome, so I figure I’ll
put down as many carrots and potatoes as I can. That’ll be nice and helpful to have. Maybe I should get the water down first? I’m not sure how I’m being all undecisive, stinking Zebra, you don’t
even know what you want to do. What’s the gameplan man? Alright then, I finally
got all the water down. So I’m just gonna start
putting some carrots down, good old carrots. And hopefully these guys
grow nice and strong, so I have nice food to
eat, as you can see, I’m running out of hunger,
so I’m getting pretty hungry, getting the munchies, I’m
just sitting here like, I might eat these carrots raw, man. I just might eat the
carrot seeds. (laughs) No, it’s fine though. I will plant all these guys back on in, so hopefully we can keep on
planting more and more of them and get that benefit. So let’s keep doing this, I just gotta do this over and over again. At this point, I’m thinking
I might finish off this row and then switch over to potatoes for this last little bit of it, and then it’ll be night time and all the monsters will attack me and my farm will blow up instantaneously. And I’ll be a sad, sad Zebra. Hopefully that doesn’t happen though, that’s why I’m working as fast as I can, I’m moving my stripes. Oh, what was that noise? I think somebody was
walking around on the dirt, but it sounded like somebody was trying to
bite the box behind me, it’s so creepy. Oh man, we do have to
be a little quick here. Till all of this dirt and
hopefully my rock hoe can keep in, oh no, the last one! That’s okay, that’s okay,
I can do it tomorrow. I can do it tomorrow. (laughs) Isn’t that the words of a slacker? I’ll just do it later. (laughs) Okay then, but there we
go, we were able to do it before it was night
time, we can sleep now, and then eat some
delectable foods tomorrow. There we go though, our
farm is now expanded, which is awesome. I’m also gonna give it a shot at cooking some of the
potatoes, eating them up and seeing how that works. I heard that it actually
does restore your hunger quite a bit. One baked potato please. Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum, delicious. I think that was three hunger
bars, that’s pretty nice, so I’ll make sure to eat all this up, it’s a nice, healthy breakfast for us. Typically, you eat baked potato, that sounds like a dinner type of food, but now we’re eating it for breakfast, either way, no big deal, and I’d like to thank you
guys so much for watching this episode of Minecraft
for the Playstation 4. Either way, I’d like to
thank you guys for watching and I’ll see you guys next time, bye bye.

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  1. Max

    You should place more bookchelfs around the enchantment table 12 in total like this:
    # = bookchelfs
    * = enchantment table
    ° = space between


    Then you can enchant to level 30 and the higher the level the better the power is!


  2. James Pittman

    Ya if u make the rest of the bookshelves all around the enchantment table to where u have one space between the shelves and table then u will get a garrentied level 30 enchantment on ur first try

  3. J Louw

    If your pants glow purple a bit it ha been anchanted but since it isint since reperation is for something else the game just tecnicly to your book with out anchanting it ps its jarred remember me can you meanshin my channel its jarred louw louws prunonst low and same as j louw thanks =^-^=

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