Minecraft PS4 – Episode 62 – We Did It!!

(dramatic music) – [Zebra Gamer] What’s up, guys? And welcome back to Minecraft
Playstation 4 Edition. It has been ever so long, but I am so excited to be
getting back to you guys for a very special reason. It has been months, really, since we have thoroughly
explored our Minecraft world, and there’s a good reason. I have been living by the sea, fishing every single day, and today I can finally say, “We got it! “We got the saddle!” Unfortunately, I wasn’t recording when we were fishing for it because I was fishing for,
like, four hours at a time, but so much fishing was
done, I have a full chest. All of my spoils from fishing are in here. Look at all this! We got ourselves so many
different things here. We got ourselves six different enchanted books. Some of these are crazy, too. Like, literally, like,
Sharpness, Efficiency, Protection, all 4. Efficiency 3, Fire
Protection 3, Efficiency 4, Bane of Arthropods 4,
Protection and Breaking. Several different fishing rods, the best one
is in my inventory, though. It is the Unbreaking Lure
3, Luck of the Sea 3, we got (laughs) six stacks,
nearly six stacks of raw fish, two stacks of raw salmon, a stack and a half of pufferfish, 14 clownfish, three enchanted bows. I had a few trash things, like lily pads, that I ended up throwing out. Boots, two trip wires and two name tags. So darn awesome. So much fishing. It took me hours and hours
and hours of fishing, but it’s worth it,
’cause I finally have it. You can see I’m in my
little fishing outpost. I would just spend the days in here, I’d sleep in here, pop
back out, fish, fish, fish. Night comes, I go back in, sleep again. I’ve been doing this for so long. There’s been a reason why there hasn’t been any
Minecraft PS4 episodes, but now we finally have the saddle! So what do we got to do
with it, you might asking. A few things. First off, we got to get it on a pig, like that one over there, and get him to run off a cliff, like this one over here
or that one over there, and that’ll get us the
“When Pigs Fly” Achievement. Not only that, but we got to
finally tame ourselves a horse. We have yet to do it. So we’re gonna be doing that today. But first off, I wanted to
get one of these fishing rods. Maybe not one of these ones. Hmm. I might just make a new one, ’cause I don’t want to
waste an enchanted one. We need to get a fishing
rod and put a carrot on it, that way we can actually
drive the pig around. Now of course we could
eventually get two saddles, that way we can keep
the saddle on the pig, but we’re not doing that now. It has taken me, like, four
months to get a saddle. It has been a long
adventure for the saddle and we finally have it. But I’m going to get the materials we need for another fishing rod. I think that’s it. Hmm, let’s see. Yup, yup, just make that. Then we’re gonna go and get a carrot, and then we’re gonna figure that out. Let’s see, let’s go into our little … I haven’t been in our farm in so long. Darn it, I miss this place. But we just have to go over there and pick up a few carrots. I’ll place some back in there. But I hope you guys will be excited for the return of the series, now that we’ve gotten what has been the biggest obstacle for us yet. We’re gonna be going gung-ho
and finishing this series, going in, finishing all the achievements, taking out the Ender
Dragon, all that stuff. So let me know in the
comments section below if you’re excited. But let’s see. Hmm. All right, let’s go ahead, carrot on the stick and make that. So there we go. This should be nice and good then. Ah, geez, I still can’t believe
I got a saddle, you know? I just, I can’t believe it. (chuckles) All right, all right. So we need to find a pig, just
like that one over yonder, and what we’re gonna do
is we’re just gonna go up and then put the saddle on the pig, and then we can sit on the pig. Pull out the carrot on the stick and he’ll start following it. So now we got to get him up on a ledge. So let’s try to bring him up
our little staircase over here. This is so cool. (laughs) He even has, like, five hearts, which is pretty cool. So let’s go up here. (hums William Tell Overture) So this is, of course, our
little railroad section, so maybe we’ll just drive him off of here. (laughs) He’ll be our new mine cart. Let’s get him out a
good little bit farther and then just pop him off. Ahh! There you go. I don’t know if that was enough … There we go! When Pigs Fly! We got yet another achievement. Yes! All right. Okay, Mr. Pig, thank you for your duty.
(pig squeals) I need my saddle back. (laughs) All right, so now we’re
going to be focusing most of our adventure today
now on getting a horse. We need to find a good horse, of course. We have plenty of name tags as well, and we have really good
golden and iron horse armor, so you better bet that we’re definitely going to be
able to find a good horse. Just sorta look around for it. Hmm. I think our best … (laughs) There is a horse hiding in with the sheep right now. And there’s some sheep
hiding in with the cows. I don’t know what’s happened
to our farm at this point. It’s gotten very weird, but (laughs) I don’t know, we’ll have to look around and see what kind of horse we want. I definitely wanna see if I can’t find a black-and-white styled
horse for obvious reasons. There’s lava down there, isn’t there? Ooh, okay. Let’s not risk falling in lava. If I fall in lava, I’m gonna cry. (laughs) ‘Cause I’m gonna lose my saddle. Let’s do that, and then let’s eat this up. But I mean, I don’t think
some people understand how many … Like, if you guys haven’t
been seeing the last, like, I’d say, 10 or so episodes, most of you don’t understand
the lengths we’ve gone to get ourselves a saddle. We’ve gone to the Nether,
adventuring there, we have dug underground so deep, and then split mined for, like, 12 hours. We’ve done so much work
trying to find a saddle, and eventually it had to
just go down to, like, five hours worth of fishing, maybe a little more. It was a lot of fishing, though. As you can see, I got a lot of stuff that I showed off at the
beginning of the episode. All right, so this is sort
of like a plains area, and to my knowledge, this is where horses are gonna be the most common, so I figure we should just
run around here for the day and see what we can find. Maybe near the sands as well? Hmm. There is a donkey, we
could just get a donkey. (laughs) That’d be a little weird, though. We can also get a lead,
but also it’s like, if we’re taming the horse, we don’t really need a lead, we just need to find the horse, tame him, and then put the saddle on him. So with that being said, I
might’ve wanted to get more food. But right now I’m not actually too lucky when it comes to finding
any horses out here. Hmm. I mean, I feel bad not
taking that horse, you know? I don’t know. Hmm. I do wanna take him, but I also wanna take another horse. I don’t know, it’s gonna be weird. I mean, I could take more than one horse, ’cause I think you can take the
saddle off a horse after you tame it and everything? Hmm. Still nothing. You know what? That horse seems to want
to hang out with me. I mean, he’s hanging out with
my other animals right now. Let’s give him a spot in our home. He obviously wants to be here, and he’s actually in a really
easy place to tame him, so let’s go for it. I don’t know what we’re
gonna name him, though, ’cause I was gonna get
a black and white horse and of course name him Little Z, ’cause that’s just what I like to do. So in the meantime, and I don’t know if this
is gonna hurt me or not, ’cause like, I definitely
haven’t tamed him yet, but he can’t, like, sort of fight back. (horse nickers)
Oop, there you go. Okay, so it does hurt me a
little bit, but it’s worth it. Okay, just keep doin’
this over and over again until he falls in love with me. You’re gonna love me! You’re gonna do it! I don’t really mind if it hurts me, but if it hurts him,
that’s sort of a big deal, so we’ll have to keep an eye on that. Hmm. Of course, there’s not much I can do … (gasps) There are those hearts! Did you guys see that? (gasps) Okay, ow. (laughs) All right, I’m gonna put
a saddle on you, buddy, and then we’re gonna name you in a second. I don’t know, though, I
don’t know what to name him. Can I not let him …? Ow, ow, okay. Okay, buddy. I might end up losing a sheep
or two in this endeavor, but you know what, so be it. You know, these guys
have been dedicated … No, leave me alone. (laughs) Dedicated for me for so long that you know what, if one of them
wants to break free, let him. All right, yup, see,
there’s one of us, like, “Okay, don’t mind if I do.” All right. And then, let’s see. Oh no, they’re all leaving. I didn’t want you all to go! Hey! Get back! Get! No! Come on! (laughs) No, not you, you are out of … Don’t be difficult. You are bein’ difficult. Buddy, you know? I don’t want a difficult
horse right now, so … Yeah, you give me that look, okay? Go over here and just
chill out over there. All right. Okay, good, good, good.
(gate opens, closes) (laughs) Well, now we’re down to two. We had, like, seven sheep. We have now two. (laughs) I could probably get some
of them back in here, but at this point, as long as I have two, I have indefinite … Uh-oh. Hey, okay. Okay, you know what? You know, I would’ve kept
you protected from all this. But you know, you had to go
out on your own. (laughs) All right, then. And that’s an actual wolf over there. So now we have a new horse. I could name him, I’m not
going to name him right now, simply because I don’t
know what to name him. If you guys have any
suggestions, let me know. In the meantime, we’re
gonna get a few things done. We’re gonna build a lead. I don’t know how to build a lead, so we’re gonna find out together. Hmm. Where would a lead be? Now, a lead is like a leash. It’ll hold them, like, to one spot, which’ll be pretty helpful. Aha, there it is. So I need a string and slime. I have some slime in here for sure. I’m gonna sleep really quick so that our horse doesn’t
get hurt up there. I’d let him in, but I
don’t think he’ll fit. Darn it, I don’t want
to put down this wool. I’m just tryin’ to find
some string really quick. I might have to … Oh, no,
I have plenty of string. Okay, we should be able to
make a few leashes, then, or leads, whatever they are. I know, you can only sleep at nighttime, what do you think it is? It’s nighttime. Hmm. All right, then. So for right now, buddy, I’m gonna make a leash, just like … Uh, where is it again? It’s over … Where is it? It’s over here. I wanna make a few of them right now, like, ’cause we got plenty
of slime balls, actually. And I’m just gonna tie him to the post. Where are ya? Don’t run off now. We don’t need ya fightin’ with anybody. You’re just gonna go right here. There you go, just stay there for now. I’m gonna make you an
entire little post here, like, nearly like a horse
bicycle rack. (laughs) That’s a horrible way to
put it, I take that back. Maybe we’ll build it right here. Yeah, let’s build, like, a
little saddle right here, that’ll be the rest of
today’s episode’s focus. That sounds nice and run to me, I hope it does to you guys too. That being said, we’re
just about out of wood. Let’s go and chop down some wood. I would like to … I don’t know what kind of
wood we should make it out of. Maybe we should do some birch? Zebra tree. (ax pounding tree)
Let’s go with birch wood. We’ll make it a birch wood. We have enough around
here to make that happen. Hmm. So yeah, let’s go for
that, that sounds fun. All right. We’ll probably need to knock
down three or four of them, so we’ll go ahead and do that. And that’ll be our focus for today. We’ll make our little horse here a nice little place to hang out, be shielded from the rain, and all that kind of stuff. Give him a horse feed, maybe
we’ll put some bales of hay. Oh look, there’s another horse. The same exact color as
what we currently have. So like I said, make sure you guys let me know in the comment section below what you would like
that horse to be named. I would love to hear
you guys’s suggestions. Of course, you guys have named plenty of our pooches in the past, so I would love to hear it. It’d be very awesome. Hmm. For now, though, we’re just
gonna go and get rid of this, and then we should be good, that should be enough for now. Ooh, we missed one over here. And if we get any
saplings, that’ll be great, because then I can just
replant those trees, you know, give a hand back to the environment. All right, so you’re chillin’ here. You don’t seem to like it, but I’m sorry. It’ll just have to do for now. I mean, you were the one who
was trapped in a sheep cage just moments ago, so I mean, I feel like this
should be much better for you. All right, but this gives
me a stack of two of wood, which is great. What I’m gonna need is a
fair amount of fencing. So let’s go ahead and
build this up right there. Oh, I need sticks for that, okay. Hmm. Let’s go ahead and do that. Hmm. All right, cool. That should be enough right then. Let’s make this work. I think how we’re gonna do this is we’re going to start building it here. Oh, a little higher. No, no, no, it’s fine. ‘Cause I can do that, I can do this. And I might be really
bad at building this. If you guys have any
suggestions on building, I’m always all ears. I love listening to you
guys’s building tips, I think they’re always
super duper helpful. We’ll make it nice and,
like, roomy for him, though. Like, that’s what I want. I want him to make sure that he has, you know, enough room to be comfortable. Hmm, with that being
said, I think I’ll … This is gonna go through
a few trial periods before we get it right
and we find what we want. Because … I don’t know, you know what’d be cooler than what I’m trying to do here? Yeah, you know what’d be cooler than that? Get rid of these, put this here. And maybe this’ll turn
out really doopy looking, but I got to try it, you know? (laughs) We have to give it a try. That’s sort of, you
know, the creative way. You know, you got to
get some trial and error mixed up in there. All right, I’ll be also
trying to make these episodes a little bit longer for
your viewing enjoyment. I just need you guys’s
feedback, of course. I don’t know if that’s, like, clashing a little bit with this over here. I think it’ll be okay. Hmm. So what we’re gonna do is, we’re gonna build this
downwards like this, and we’re gonna build a
little roof in a moment. But I’m gonna make this
wall right here all glass, that way it’s like, he
can always see outside even if he is inside. Now the fencing here, I’m gonna do a bit of this. Like, I’m gonna make … Hmm. Maybe not up there just yet. Here. Let’s see. For right
now, let’s put it here. Nope, nope. (laughs) For sure over here. Hmm, and then there, and then there. Then he can come on in through here. Very cool. All right. I’ll have to get rid of this one now. I don’t know what we’ll do up there. But that way he can sort of
see outside whenever he wants. Now I don’t think we have any
glass panes at the moment. Oh, there’s a few. We have a few, but not a lot. We could change that, though. We have plenty of materials at this point. Like, we’re living pretty comfortably. We’ve worked hard for it. Hmm. Oh yeah, we got to give
him his nice gold horse armor. We have a few more name tags, of course. Hmm. Okay. Now, is he gonna be lookin’
better in gold or iron? We’ll have to decide. Hmm. All right. Then, with that being said, let’s get us … We don’t have any sand left right now. That’s all we have, then. All right, well, let’s
go and get some sand. All right, cool, cool, cool. Well, I guess it’s cool. It’s cool that I know. All right. Let’s start doin’ that, and then this is gonna be how his little area’s gonna be set up, so that way he can always look outside and be able to see me, or just see the world if
he gets a little lonely. And maybe we’ll … I don’t know how to, but maybe we’ll make some hay bales, just to make it seem a little more homey. Hmm. (laughs) Homey for my homie over here. All right, how do I, how do I make it so I
can see what you have? I don’t know. How do I see your inventory? I don’t know what button I press for that. If anybody knows, I know I can’t hit him. Huh. Maybe if I just … There ya go. Hmm. All right, do that. So
at any point in time, I can take the saddle off. So there you go, there’s iron. What does the gold look like? All right, takin’ that off. Oh, I don’t know. Ooh? Or …? I have to say, I think
I like the iron better, but you guys let me know. The gold or the iron? Hopefully eventually we can get a full set and get a diamond one as well, but for now that’s pretty good. I got to go get some sand, though, which should just be right over here. We got plenty of sand, we
live next to the ocean. I love our little home, ’cause just, we got a little
bit of everything, you know? All right, hmm. So we’ve gone here before for sand, comin’ back here now. And we don’t need a ton, we just need probably like, let’s get 20, maybe 30 sands. We can all get it in,
like, a blink of an eye with this iron shovel as well, so it’s always pretty nice. All right, boop, boop, boop, boop, boop. All right, there you go, that’s good. I wish I had an item that could
teleport me back home, but I don’t think Minecraft has that just yet. Maybe one day. That’d be really cool, if Minecraft had, like,
a Teleport Home item. Maybe it was, like, a
one-time use kind of thing, but that’d be really awesome, I’d like that a lot. All right, so we got to burn up this sand, turn it into glass, all
that kind of cool stuff. So let’s get started with that. Do we have any …? Nope, that’s not what I wanted. Do we have any coal in here already? Yes, we do. Ooh, a bunch of iron too. All right, let’s put that in there, switcheroo all that kind of stuff, slip the iron back in here. Look at all these materials
we have, by the way. Nearly a stack of diamonds, too. There’s so much awesome stuff, it makes me proud of how far we’ve gotten, especially since this is my first time playing the game in a little while, and I just forgot and I
missed this stuff, you know? Hmm. And you know what, I think I wanna spruce this area up a little bit. For right now, let’s put that torch there. Eventually I wanna get a painting here. ‘Cause we don’t have any
paintings in our house. We could definitely make our
house look a little bit better while we’re waiting for this sand. Hmm. Let’s see. A painting is more sticks than what we currently have. That’s easy. Just … And then we make a painting. What do we need for, like, an armor stand? We need slabs, a stone slab. Hmm. And how do we make a stone slab? Um … With just normal stone, okay. Note taken. Let’s go back over here
and put this painting down while we’re waiting for
that sand to cook up. I know what cool stuff we
can maybe make with this. Um, where’d it go? Did I lose it? Uh … Is it a one-time use? Uh-oh. Where’d it go? Huh. Maybe it fell through the floor? Oh, darn. I didn’t know they were one-time use. That’s not how it is
in Minecraft PC, right? Unless it, like, fell
through the other side, but I swear … That’s really weird. Huh. I swear that in Minecraft PC, they are not one-time use. That’s a shame, I’m sorry. I sort of ruined that, now, didn’t I? Hmm. Do we have enough for another? We do, okay. Let’s make that super quick. Maybe that’s a little too much, maybe I should put it, like,
over here, and then … No, see, this time I got it back. Okay, so the game just
took it from me before. No, it’s gone now. Um … Maybe it’s like, it’s like, maybe … I don’t know. That is so weird! Huh, maybe it’s only, like, a random amount of times it can be reused? I don’t know. That’s super weird though. I’m confused. All right, well, we’ll
find out some other time, ’cause now I got a big old
bunch of glass I can spend. This should be enough, actually. So that’ll be pretty cool. Hey, sheep, that is not your playpen. It’s not for you, sir. Hmm. Let’s put that there. And we’ll put this over … No, that’s … I missed. (glass shatters)
Darn it. It’s always not fun to misplace glass, because it’s like, when you have to break it and you don’t get anything
back for it, it’s just, like, “No, what mistakes have I
made to lead up to this?” Now, should we have a glass roof? Hmm. Let’s go for it. No, that looks really weird. (glass shatters) Definitely not, just not
doing it that way, then. Huh. I think it’s something
we can make work though. Here. Let’s get back out over here. It’s almost nighttime now,
so we got to be careful. But we definitely have enough glass to make things work soon enough. Like, I don’t have enough for everything. Hmm. All right, but I can
get started with this. All right, so that sort
of looks better, right? I don’t think it looks all that bad. All right, it’s almost nighttime, so we’ll snuggle up in bed. I’m sorry, this’ll be your last night out in the cold, I promise. All right. Hmm. All right, I think things are turning out really well here, though. Let’s go to bed. I can only sleep at night. Not quite yet nighttime. And then after that we’ll,
you know, fill that up, put some hay in there, just make a nice little
horse post for him, really. All right, let’s sleep it up. ♪ Sleepin’, sleepin’, sleepin’ ♪ ♪ Dreamin’ of somethin’ ♪ ♪ I’m not really sure ♪ I get the weirdest dreams. Like, honestly, I am like
a really weird dreamer. (laughs) But I always
forget my dreams too, so I’ll have to like,
think of one for next time. Maybe I’ll have a segment
in my Minecraft series (laughs) where I talk about my dreams. Not like the hope and
aspirations kind of dreams, but like the, you know,
sleepy, snoring dreams. All right. Hmm. What can we do about this? Just sort of speeding up the process, there’s not too much we can do. We got plenty of, like,
everything, though. It’s so awesome. Let me put this here, just so it’s all … I also will need to cook
up some cobblestone. I’m gonna get half a thing of coal here. We definitely need to get more coal, but at the same time,
coal is so easy to get that I have neglected to get it, and that’s why we don’t
have any right now. There you go, that should
be enough to finish this up. I know I’ve been doing it one
little piece at a time but … Boop, boop, boop. No, I’m wrong! (laughs) Dang it! We need one more, one more. Nope, nope, nope. Okay, I’m too quick with
that, with that door. Hmm. Boop. And then we can ride him into there, as soon as we’re ready,
as soon as we’re ready. We need to find out
how to make a hay bale. Let’s see. That should be enough right there. And then we’ll get these two things back, get this stuff back. All right. That’s all I need there. I think I need to make a few more sticks. And then how do you make a hay bale? Hmm. I’m not sure. Where would a hay bale be? Hmm. For right now, I wanted
to make an armor stand. And I want to have a pants display. I did this in my Minecraft server as well that I play with you guys every Saturday, but, um, I want to … Ooh. There was, uh, this … Huh. How in the world do you
make the hay bale though? Aha! I found it! Okay, so it’s just nine. Hmm. Do we have nine? I would like to have two
of them out there for him. Okay, we have plenty. Then that should be enough for a few. Just for him to, like, snack on. I don’t know if he’ll actually eat it. It’ll be so cool if he does. Oh geez, where did it go? (laughs) I’m already losin’ it again, no! It was over here, right? No, here? Yeah, there it is, boop, boop, boop. Three should be enough. That’s all we can … Oh, darn it.
(glass shatters) All we can make right there anyways. Let’s do that. Ugh, my inventory’s getting very messy compared to what it was at
the beginning of this episode. Go over here and then boop, boop. Maybe put it, like, here, just sort of for like, fancy effect. All right, buddy, I think you’re good. I’m gonna break that, bring you over here, and then here you go,
here’s your little stable. I mean, maybe I’ll need,
like, an extra post, like, right there? Okay. And then, buddy, you
stay there, okay, buddy? You just stay, you just stay. But um … This is weird lookin’. Okay, no, no, no. Oh, that’s how I do it, okay. And there you go! Oh, you sort of, you go a little … No, no, no, you’re supposed to stay in … You know, I found you, like, pretending to be a sheep just so you could get, you know, your own little home. And now I’ve given you
that and you don’t like it. Can I bring you out of here if it’s only one wide? Um, you might not be … Yeah, you’re too big for that. Hmm. All right, what if I were to do that? Yeah, then you could
just go right on through, so maybe I’ll, uh, go like that. Okay. There you go, now it’s a
little bit more like a room. Hmm. I wish I could, like,
make the leash tighter, but I can’t, unfortunately. That works, though. Like, my head’s in the roof right now. (laughs) That’s okay. You like bein’ up there, don’t ya? (laughs) I could make some fences
so that he’s not a booty, but like, I want him to be able
to go where he wants to go. Okay, I’m not gonna control him. If he wants some fresh
air like that, then fine, but he’s gonna get stuck! He’s gonna be like a dog who gets, like, caught on his leash,
and then I’ll feel bad. I don’t know, we’ll
have to find out later. Hmm. For right now, though,
what shall we do now? I had something in mind. Oh yeah, the armor stand. Okay, so I have my favorite
pair of pants here, which is the pants pants. Of course, I want to
have a gallery of pants, because I’m Zebra, I do silly stuff, so of course, um … Here, where’s the armor stand? It’s right over here. Then I can do this, and that, and then we have other
pants goin’ on here. Why are my pants, like,
all at this weird angle? It’s because this is at a weird angle. Here, nice and straight. Why’s it at this weird,
like, fancy hip angle? Like, “Ooh, look at me and my fancy hips.” No, I want you to be nice and straight. Ooh, boop. Okay, the game doesn’t like it … Okay, fine, whatever. It’s gonna be at this weird, like, “Ow, my hip joint’s gone bad.” (laughs) All right, do we
have any other kind of pants? (chest lid creaks) Not currently. How much leather do I have? I have enough leather to make pants. I should have enough gold and
diamond to make pants as well. Yeah, totally. All right, let’s do
that, and then we’ll … (laughs) What an accomplished episode. You know, like, we got ourselves a saddle, got the When Pigs Fly Achievement, we’ve tamed a horse. We didn’t get the Taming a
Horse Achievement, though. We’ll have to check that
out between episodes. But we tamed the horse,
made a place for him, and now are finishing our pants gallery. (laughs) There’s some
awesome stuff goin’ on! All right, one, two, three. Yes, okay, we have exactly enough. (laughs) Let’s go for it. Run back up here, and then we need some
right here, here and here. All right then, let’s go and
actually construct the pants. Run back down here and then … Hmm. We need the armor. Boop, boop, boop. And that’s all the pants you can possibly have in Minecraft, right? We’re gonna have a pants gallery, guys! That’s so cool. Look
at this, look at this. Boop. Boop. Oop, where’re the diamond pants? Right over here. Boop. Wait, oh, oh, oh, oh. Okay, right there. So there you go. (laughs) All right, all right,
just for the sake of it. I got pants! I got pants, I got pants, I got pants. (laughs) All righty, that
is some awesome stuff. For now I think we’re going to be finished off for today’s episode. A lot of awesome stuff done, finally makin’ some huge
progress in the game. And with that being said, I think in the next episode we’ll start gettin’
some serious stuff done, some serious preparations to
make our way in to the end and fight that Ender Dragon. But for now, thank you
guys so much for watching. I hope you enjoyed today’s episode of Minecraft Playstation 4 Edition. I’ll see you guys next time. Bye-bye.

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Reader Comments

  1. Nicoleta Viulet

    name him giraffe please πŸ˜€ and also go searching for a stronghold to find an enderportal and also make an anvil for the enchanted books and for repairing things. (to repair just combine two items of the same kind and same enchant such as two sharp 1 swords gives a sharp 2 sword and increases durability). NICE VIDEO AS WELL YOU MAKE ME FELL great every day no matter what game.

  2. iSasFTW

    Would be awesome to see a modded Minecraft single player series on PC πŸ˜€ I'm guessing your "quest" with this series is to get all of the trophies, so once you're done with that, maybe Modded could be a cool idea?

    If you do end up doing it, I suggest NEI (Not enough items) as a mod, because you can see the recipes of items on the side of your screen πŸ˜›

  3. iSasFTW

    You should make fence gates, because the leash will break if the horse wanders off too far. Also maybe use bone meal on the ground inside the pen to get grass and flowers?

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