Minecraft PS4 – Episode 7 – Making a Garden!

– [Zebra] What’s up, guys? And welcome back to more
Minecraft PlayStation 4 edition. And we still have pants. Look at us in our pants. We look so fantastic. I love it. But yeah, today I wanna
be building a farm. I’m so excited to do this, but first what we need to do is find out where the buckets are, because that’s going to be one
of our most useful utensils to have is the bucket. I hear our pooch outside. I’m so happy we found the
pooch in the last episode. It has been a few weeks
since I last recorded. But you know, I’m ready
to be back in the action. I need iron ingots, which aren’t on me at the moment. But if we open this guy up, we’ll be able to find them. We just need three. So let’s place these guys out. We’re also going to need
some wooden sticks as well. As well as some stones. So, uh, let’s place. There we go. So, we’re going to need
some of that material, because we’re going to
also have to make a hoe, which is right here. Uh oh. Oh yeah, that’s right, I need to make the sticks myself. So, I’ve got to do this, then this, and then do a bit of this. Okay, cool, and now we
can make this as well. There we go. We’re doing awesome so far. So let’s place this back and this back. We won’t need those two. But we will also need, um, where is it? There we go. We’re going to put the iron back just in case I end up dying. Also, somebody was nice enough, a few people, actually, were nice enough to tell me that if we cook the cactus, we’re able to make some green dye. So let’s do that. Ooh, there’s also 15 iron ingots in here. What do you know? Completely forgot about that. Let’s go back here. There we go. Doing awesome today so far. This is going great. How are you guys doing, viewers at home that are watching? I’d like to know. Anyways, um, there’s our pooch. You can see there’s
people all over the place. We’ve got the pig, and the cow, you know, people, totally people. But, yeah, so where’s a
good place to put the farm? I believe over here is a fantastic place. But first let’s, uh, break all this grass, because breaking it
will also get us seeds, which will put us in the right direction. Will it not? It will help us more. But we want a nice, flat ground. So I feel like this is nice. I will get my spoon here, and break this. So I can fill in that little ditch you see to the left of me. All right, then. Let’s put this away. Because we won’t need that
immediately right now. But we’re also going to fill this up. There we go. Okay then. Do the same around here. There we go. I feel like this will
be a perfect fun land to build our nice stuff. Now, how I’m going to do this is, I’ve never built a proper farm before. So, we’re going to try this
out and see where it brings us. Yeah, do this and this. Ooh, it’s getting dark isn’t it? Yes, it is. Okay, we’re going to
have to hastily build it, then go back to sleep. This ain’t good. Okay then. This is good. And then we’re going to use our hoe. Ooh, there we go. So I can do a bit of this. And, Pooch, you’re going to
have to get off my farmland. So, let’s just quickly, ahhh! Now, I do believe we’re
allowed to walk over this now. Before we weren’t allowed to. I know way back when, that would actually destroy the pieces. And I think I’m doing
this a little too much. Okay, go go go. Go go go. There we go. Okay. Now, run. Run run run run. Back to the house. Now relax and sleep. Come on, let’s get out snooze on. Come on, there we go. (laughing) and we’ll wake up tomorrow, and go get some water. And that will be nice. Also, we want to start working on pins so we can order some sheep in. My map is here. So let’s do a bit of this. This will work, this will work. Um, ’cause we need to find
out where the water is. There’s some southbound to me. So, this way. Easy enough. Okay then. So, I’m going to immediately need my sword just in case there are some baddies here. What? Okay, I think that was me
walking over it, I think. You! I’ll take care of you. Whoa! Why are you so laggy, cow? Yeah, there’s some water right here. That wasn’t hard at all. There’s another pooch as well. A pack of them. Wow, there’s quite a few dogs around here. They’re like, you’ve taken our friend as one of your own. How do you do this? How could you? It’s fine, it’s fine. I don’t think they mind that much. Anyways, there’s some water all around me. Anyway, that wasn’t a big. There’s a sea over there. Walk away, there’s a sea. Let’s see how we do this. I think I just want to do this. I can’t pick it up from its source again. So it’s a little difficult here. But if I do this, now I have to go back. It’s not a long walk, so I’m not troubling myself too much here. Pick this up. And go back over. And I think if I place it from this side, I think it will indefinitify itself. Not yet. I need to place one more in the middle. Once it’s all even, it’s
basically indefinite water, is it not? I’m pretty sure that’s how it works. Anyways, I guess there’s only
one way to find out, right? This music, it’s so sad. There we go. Is it going to even out? No, it’s not quite. Wow, this is a little difficult. Anyways, this is going to slowly, slowly working on the
railroad all the livelong day. But not the railroad. It’s actually the farm. The farm life, it’s difficult. Now we have a chicken. Everyone’s checking out
what the new stuff is. Okay, there we go. Now, it’s indefinitefied. I like it, I like it. So we can just pick one up, and then it evens itself out again. Now, this part is easier. Oh no, no no no, that’s
not what I wanted to do. Uh oh uh oh how do I fix this? I’m ruining my farm here. I’m the worst farmer ever. Who knew a zebra couldn’t
make a farm on his own? I’m going to try it and I’m just going to
keep working hard guys. Keep working hard. Um, go over here. Get that. It’s a simple life, the life of a farmer. But it’s enjoyable. It’s fun. There we go. So, now we want to uh, pooch pooch pooch. Get over here please. Come with me, come with me. You’re going to come over here. And you’re going to, yeah. Come here. Come here, boy. Here we go. Hey! Thanks for following me. There we go. So, we’re going to do this again. This is a little difficult. You can tell some of it is
a little brown underneath. I think that means it’s
ready for stuff to be on it. I have no idea. Stop turning to grass! Okay, now we’re going to do this. We have melon seeds and
we have wheat seeds. Of course I want wheat first and foremost. But stooping to this. Let’s do wheat along this side. There we go. Crops, when fully grown,
this can be wheat. Then we’ll also get our melon seeds. And let’s put that on the opposite side. Don’t drop that please. I need that. But okay, on the opposite side we will grow some tasty, tasty melons. And uh, now I know that
we also have some, uh, what’s it called? Um, some reeds. Now, those I’ve heard they only grow on sand, but I don’t think that’s– I’ve heard someone else say
that they do grow on grass, but it’s not as fast. I don’t know. Okay, so we do have more seeds here. What am I doing? Ah man, messing everything up. We’re going to need this. Anything else here? Not really, okay. Let’s do this, then. I feel like it’s shaping up
to be quite the nice farm. I feel like we definitely need to invest in building
some fences around it. That would be a good idea. But let’s finish up this row. And there we go, this
should work out well. This one needs to be, uh, tilled again. So, you know, farming’s not for everybody. I feel like I’m not any good at it. But a lot of people
asked me to build a farm. And farming seems really fun in this game. So, there we go. We have a lot of seeds. They’re growing up. They’re so beautiful. Okay, then, let’s put
some reeds around as well. You know, just enough so that they grow. We can’t put sugar canes on here, can we? Huh, okay then. I will maybe maybe, I’ll put
an extra row full of sand. Or maybe I can just put
them, you know what? Let’s do that. Let’s run over here and I
will make a little reed farm right by the beach. That way if we ever want
to go on a beach palooza, maybe I can get my tan on, play some volleyball
with our pooch, we can. And we can also pick up some reeds. Kill two birds with one stone. So, let’s here, here, and here. And here and here and here. Uh oh, there we go. Cool. We’re doing good so far, though. I’m very proud of our progress. Yeah, so what do you guys
think of making a farm and what are your tips
for me making a farm? I gotta make sure I do it right and good. So make sure to let me know
if I’m doing something wrong. Or, you know, any tips you might have. So yeah, there we go. So far, so good. Let’s kill this pig. Once we have some wheat, though, we can lure some of the animals into some pins. But in the meantime, maybe we should spend
the rest of the episode getting some wood so that we can actually
make some very useful, what’s it called? Uh, fences. The fence in our beautiful farm or our pigs and stuff when we need to. Okay then. That’s what we need to do. Easily just knock down some trees. If this gets too boring, I’ll just do it on my own after I’m done recording. But yeah, I am very sorry that this series hasn’t been very active
within the last few weeks. I do plan on changing that. I plan on making a channel very active. Having two to three uploads every day. And making the content
fantastic every day. Hopefully, hopefully. Of course, if you have any suggestions on what I should do to
make this series better, or make any of my videos better, please feel free to let me know, because your advice and
all of your guidance really does help me. Okay, that sheep is pretty cool. So, what’s going on in the world of Zebra? I’m knocking down some trees. A lot review copies. We’ve been sending a lot of emails to developers to get work
on getting review copies for games to review for you guys. Most recently, a review of Sherlock Holmes Crimes of Punishment went out. And I was actually very
proud of that review. And a lot of people seemed to enjoy it, which I’m really glad. Costume Quest 2 is something that is going to be coming
out very, very soon. And I’m excited to see
how that will turn out. And I’m going to be
doing a review on that. And I’m hopefully going to
give you a little miniseries to celebrate Halloween. We’ll see, though. We’ll see how it turns out. And, you know, it’s like, okay no, let’s knock down one more tree. I’m excited because tomorrow I’ll be able to try Shadow of Mordor. And I’ve been so excited. It came out, you know like,
nearly a week ago at this point. Haven’t had the time, but soon, soon. Probably going to record myself and do a little bit of
a zebratastic montage. Anyways, oh, falling down here. I didn’t mean to, I promise. Okay, let’s get my spoon, get on up here. And now we have plenty
of wood for a fence. So, maybe we should try that. I love how our house looks though. It’s very nice. I feel like maybe the roof is
our next goal for the house. Anyways, lets uh go here. And where, hmm. What am I doing? Went completely blank there for a moment. I’m going to be doing a bunch of this. There we go. Almost there, almost there, there we go. And now let’s make a ton of fences. Excuse me? Oh, we’ve got to make sticks for fences. I completely forgot about that. There we go, this will make it easier. There we go, that should be all
the fences I need right now. Also, what is this? Mossy cobblestone wall? Interesting. Cool, we have some cool stuff here. There we go, okay. We have plenty of fences at this point. Definitely enough to fence in the farm. So let’s do that. I like this. Looking up and down. Anyways, let’s do this. And let’s get out there then. Let’s get out into the world and start putting some fences down. There we go. This is going to be cool. Uh oh uh oh, I’m messing it up. I’m going to need my, my pickax, which is about to die, but it’ll be helpful for now. And yeah, I’m really enjoying
myself with Minecraft. You know? It’s been fun. It’s been very, very fun. So, let’s try this one more time. No, how did that happen! They’re growing so tall now. I love it. I feel like a proud parent. There we go. Ooh! Ah man, this music is so chill. I love it. I love relaxing music. Ambient music is my favorite genre. Okay then. I need to make one of
those little doors now for over here. How do I do that again? Let’s go back over here. I think that was it. Uh oh, do I not? Oh no, I need more sticks. There we go. And this is a fence gate, cool. You know what, since
we have the resources, let’s make a, uh, quickly quickly quickly after this. Let’s make a um, I know exactly– Let’s try this one more time. There. Hooray! All right then, okay. We’re going to quickly go back in here. Before the day ends. And where are they? There they are, hooray! Look at this! And we get three of them. Awesome. And we’re going to put this. Give me that, and we’re going to do that. Here we go. And let’s edit sign message. Yeah, let me. There we go. Finally. (laughing) What’s this called? Zebra’s house. Ah man, this is so cool. Come on, quickly, before the day ends. Uh, there we go. I’m so proud. It’s our beautiful house
with a beautiful sign. Zebra’s house. Actually, oh no, I
wanna exclamation point. You’ve got to get the
exclamation point, right? No, that’s the wrong one. Uh here. There we go, hey! Oh no, it didn’t do it, oh well. Zebra’s House, hooray! Let’s get inside before we get mauled. Yeah, there we go. We built a house, we built a farm. Our home is looking nice and cool. Oh man, I hope there’s no baddies here to destroy my– Hey! What are you doing up there? Get off my lawn, you crazy pigs! Anyways, thank you guys
so much for watching! They destroyed my plants. I’ll fix it. In the meantime, thanks
so much for watching. I’ll see you guys next time. Bye bye.

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Reader Comments

  1. KyleFish64

    I'm not a huge minecraft fan, but you made watching this pretty entertaining and for that I applaud you! Do you ever play Terraria or Starbound? I would be interested in watching you play that and if you ever wanted to play with one of your fellow LP'ers I would be up for it. Just sayin' ;D.

  2. eivmoe

    Just to clear it up a bit, Suger canes only growing on sand or grows faster on sand was a joke, meaning it was a way to ridiculous newbs. Suger canes grow on dirt and sand but only next to water.

    Also, Melons do not need water next to them so it is better placing them around your house up against the wall. As their growth rate do not increase by water. Same with pumpkins. Side note, they need one space clear infront/around them for the melon to grow on. Hence a circle around your house is where they won't be too much in the way. 

    Also One block of water, will water a 9×9 meaning you only need 1 water black in the middle of the 9×9, that is the best way to optimize a farm. 

  3. ArrZac Gaming

    you can make an infinite water source by digging 2 by 2 ditch
    just one level
    place it near your farm and fill you bucket on the corners and the next one between it will fill it up and it will become indefinite again


    Hey im on my dads account um the surger canes grows on grass or sand but it needs to be next to water please respond ill sub on my account 😊

  5. Antony Walser

    Did anyone realise that when he placed a fence down wrong he said he needed a pic axe when he just grabbed his axe lol

    Like this if you realise

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