Minecraft: SkyFactory 4 -THIS VIDEO IS CHEESY [3]

Derp: This video is very “CHEESY” Derp: I “DAIRY” you to watch it! [Intro music] SSundee: Hey what’s goin’ on guys SSundee here and- and look I get it I made a mistake shaving my face today SSundee: I look like I’m ten! [laughs] SSundee: I freakin- I DONT HAVE A BEARD ANY MORE I LOOK WEIRD I DONT LIKE IT!!! [Laughs] but this intro is about shows about this week as I as we told you SSundee: But that’s not what this intro’s about uh this week is my week to plan this weeks episode of Skyfactory. SSundee: so, As you can tell I made some changes Ian: Augh I changed all of the floor to cobblestone slabs so yeah SSundee: Lets get in a call with crainer poo and real quick what I’m gonna do in the description I’m gonna put a strawpoll SSundee: I want you guys to vote. Undies: Should I grow my beard back or leave it UGLY? Crainy poo: yeah? urm I’m pooping [CC stop lol] SSundee: I’m beautiful Crainer: I’m ugly, cobblestone=life ok crater I just before you log it i want you to keep an open mind Crainer smells me be in you case is putting it back please go ahead login keep an open line trainer under even an open mind okay just old say that you are joining in you are going to like what I’ve done are you here yet and I’m still locked in SSundee: Keep an open mind, your gonna like what I’ve done yeah so you just do you want a cure so I give you what you notice i guess it was my week I gave your copy gin no week you make the entire face ugly critter look Fred food so it do you really think it looks pretty like honestly it doesn’t even go with to call up the board okay i know that’s going to change next week don’t worry about that no it’s not a model that’s ok ok ok ok ok crater cleaner i’m johnny i’m just joshin ya I’m just I’m just pulling your leg just joshin ya like dick please its look at this just look at this chest down here look okay yeah so what I’ve been doing in between episodes like you can see here we have a plot we have a we have a lot of cobblestone with we’re going to be using soup huh so I like i said i’ve been busy between episodes i planted a crap ton of treat with a bunch of saplings we have a bunch of dirt I see that yeah so what actually think of it so what we need to do what I want you to do grab a crap ton of this dirt right go envision go in this direction from this shot go out 25 blocks don’t you start going yeah you know what we’re doing here use the cobblestone there you go don’t go out of stone that God without drugs assistance later you are horny boy catching things they also say that ok I always got teased cannot be able to change you are the last one picked and softball baseball work you stop saying you okay from this torch go out 25 blocks and start our a dirt act area you know what we’re doing que la are you doing it line-up it and trying trainer too three comes after 23 fall fall right for comes after 35 correct Shh 666 fakes but I give up good job credit you can count I’m proud of you shake your head like a teacher come help me as indicated cops right here since you told me to tend to count to 25 you got me through it animated ok that’s good that’s good ok so I’m going to make this path little bit bigger just so you don’t get dead oh you think I’m a highly intelligent guy okay every single one of these corpses down here these tombstones is all you that but it’s what you did it no you know so it’s not really all me you were kind of the guy to kill me you know okay so we need to make this we need to I guess put a fence around this for you guys I don’t know what don’t rush me not that i know it’s for the infinite they get the friends that we’re going to be making so what we’re doing this episode we’re looking for one specific mob and what we need to do it this mob Craner we need a crap ton of iron when I thought I knew what you were going to do but don’t think that I know it this is because I thought you were making something else I think this is completely new to this updated sky factory and its really don’t know do it is ridiculous what’s it about just know we’re looking for a specific mob and we need iron so what I’m going to shew i’m going to have to do the unthinkable I gotta break it down a bunch of cobblestone into gravel and I want to watch this no crater make sense it’s okay you make cobblestone wall what I’m going to be okay let me break down all of this into gravel white why you know work okay there we go that’s place all baked enough out of you I don’t know how to let me see what do you think ok ready for this remember this that Batman style Superman style ready for this domain you did its own sake dude this is also ok let me see how much print that’s going to give me enough alot i iron ore ok this turns into iron ore chunk and then this turns into a whole crater this all changed what changed all the choices in to be yes oh no it anymore it all tastes almost like it’s about this okay we can smell the iron ore chunk hopefully into iron ingots hopefully this state to say well let’s see let’s see what he did it a shit if we did not make sure you kind of scared okay they’re always shown right this turns into iron ingots so we need 9 18 27 28 29 30 31 we need 31 iron and gets greater step that that’s a lot of I think it’s man you also know that one do you have like dat doe that drive more dirt I know you used all of it aight good job creator but we have a bunch of saplings in here you can turn all these saplings under dirt gets can i really yep ipod ok how much how much do you have um an upstart are you good are you guys who could have just one Apple Apple Apple Apple Apple laughs shut down my by apple yes you’re such a jerk today here’s what is a beard is that why you’re mad is because of the be Indian without judgment i look weird enough okay I’ve never met a guy who accidentally manages to cut off his own beard I don’t think that’s ever happened in the world congratulations ed and greater don’t judge me okay I has i have shuttles they can’t wait to see what you look like be nice to be okay so that’s more is put on model so let’s turn this to have 17 ok for more iron ingots all good what crater doesn’t get a table okay what we need to do now while while that iron smelting while you’re making more dirt we should have carrot seeds hold on let me see aluminum silicate there we go grassi’s remember this third oh yes we can play dress right right so if we go back here and then plant this grass seed it’s heard soaks for your new guy this guy factory getting grass is impossible in sky factory unless you have this grassy to Washington turns dirt into grass and as you know all of you asshole spread out and this is how we get our up mobs ok create are you done you got everything down here except did I am done with this looks like this looks picking on let me hit f7 crater Martian spawn in the corners that Bob’s room much maybe bad bob from murderface crater defective don’t come down and look at what we need to do we need this grass to spread faster because we need friends crater to work on it to torque it does this get on undress no it does not and why do you want it you just like seeing me twice dojin no comment just keep working ya know what I was supposed to say to you start to say yes and that’s what you doing immediately do this is what they just have this just got weird this got really weird en su 11 beers but did not bring that up place it was a sad day would be is going to you it was a sad day for me okay does it simply looking you stop it brighter greater it’s becoming Nightside put the torches down so just exceptional point fingers but I’m running I’m running I’m running all right i don’t want to thank you i don’t want to yell I don’t want to die I don’t have to put up a wall to wall CANT STUMP THE TRUMP just channel truck out of the river walk shopping me dude if you just swamp beat creator I don’t want to die you just put up a wall do the changes I talked it it’s good now are we safe we are you to stop putting up the wall it can’t mean ok Kramer this should be enough iron sure how much do we owe I think that he beat yeah i think we have 23 plus 9 that’s i7 before 1700 yeah so we’re just working what we’re good so we need that just enough of this Nutcracker if you make our router that I will punch your arm just just can’t come on bro ok so what we need to do the grass is growing you’ve been doing some good working out here they’re graduating throwing my butt off all were waiting for is a specific mob to spawn what month is it you just tell me this mob is going to fix all of our food problems crater will he ask you something iono i wrote that i wrote down a commercial pitch for you RK yeah are you tired of eating apples yeah I have the solution for you whatever field that that was the end of commercial but i want to know what it is clickbank just job could click it was it was a clickbait title it’s all I got did I just get click greatest get rekt right so if we do are you looking at the crafting station I mean can get one to thank you that the prayer ok you have to reach thank you okay you have three okay okay what going to go over the edge Craner and I think you don’t want it if you don’t want to kill me now do craters power now Craner yet i’m going to jump the you-know-what / stop understanding who has the power now I close the server Oh greater that come over here come over here give me that iron you don’t stop the shower again ok so what we need to do all of this iron is going to the a very good item are you ready to get going to yeah let’s do this uh-huh and advil kill why are you excited yeah okay crater what I want you to do I need you to do this stand here stand here right there no I saw that white chocolate from a mile away dude ok so says we have the anvil the last thing we’re waiting out like i said is the specific mob crater come out here and do the mob dance baby you do you boo and what we want to rip pop’s trick sick animals do I don’t miss the one you want only initial we want crater your dancing is genius I want that you i told you in work ok so this this cowl with us like the equally eyes only charged me out I seem okay to you know killing it no like this no don’t what I have another plan for him ok ok so why is my ok so here to take this pot take this but I made that pot I made that pie thank you I told you all of our friend problems will be gone by the end of this episode are you tired of eating apples yes ok so what we have to don’t conforti looks ridiculous let’s push of life was pushed into a corner pushed into a corner okay for this you’re going to be a negative hear you and whatever you’re doing to this child ok do you have any fences you have any fences and no plot ever have another idea what wait what I gotta push them all ok to the course what see he can jump over dance she okay that you you know what this works this works okay i’ll put a block here from the block here in front of in front of you ok one more one more he’s got to be in the corner oh my gosh he looks ridiculous okay totally into calling and now dude now i have to remove this torch right ok now what I want you to do a halt otherwise I’m going to put this crap rookie don’t feed the animals crater do not feed the wild white don’t feed the one behind me dude ok I gotta push them a little bit over hold on okay you write them are you ready for this I think so ok hold on let me put a little path here so it’ll fall off and die by death ok and idea discs are you ready for this maybeee and blew this one okay watch the cow Oh what do you do away we take the advil watch the cow okay that didn’t work blood so it didn’t work oh y JC loaded a child why didn’t that word that mr. Cowan sorry what was it supposed to do i’ll show you a second i gotta figure this out okay Claire I think this’ll work now I had it wrong but I think it’s right so you can you see down there is called a milk jar right it that we got to get billed about how i create this is milk jar it’s just simple glass with milk and planks okay so we need this cow to get on top of the jar okay so we got the cow onto jar are you ready okay yea big showed you what i love about you have any plans to build that up i guess this is good okay here we go ready ready to Asia what’s the jar it’s filling up with Bill dude authorize that it’s a good job let me grab this look at the stats being inside of the jaw do you come over here come over here ok you have to go another fun khau crater we do we use that advil to jam back cow into this jar i’m pretty sure p that would be really upset with us but that’s so taking tool dude check this out this jar if you look at it up top is constantly infinitely filling with milk so i’m going to eat milk now give me a minute let me get a jet let me get some let me get some milk let me get a bucket of milk crate or what I want you to take that pot right yeah take this water combined that water with that pot in your crafting station yeah right mayor que like that look at that salt we have an infinite amount of salt right what I want to do is make a crap ton of salt for you just make like a million salt million yes a million okay credit you have the salt yeah okay can you throw me that bucket for me that bucket ok and get there we go okay so what I need to do so this thing has a a bucket of milk and so if i do this there we go now we have milk so commotion have executive milk bucket of milk so come over here so if i do that that turns it into fresh mill what I want you two in the top left corner put that pot it hot i am under that put the salt in she’s look at this dude we how much cheese quiche it we have an infinite amount of cheese so trainer city view Craner this entire episode are getting all of the iron making that farm setting up house jamming the cow incident spot was for one thing are you ready for this are you ready for this your you think this episode was cheesy are you kidding me I you can maybeee and you get all of that fun stupid that joke now with the white joke ever yes and just still got no beard ok you still don’t have one assessment you playing third for now we’re going to add this episode here if you guys have enjoyed of course yes a like button hit the subscribe button for due to either of our shadows and crater we now have infinite amount of food i’m not mad I’m disappointed yeah we’ll see it is next time of the cheese you know I welcome

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  1. JearTheBear Official

    Me: I timetraveled to 2019 from the end of Skyfactory 4 to see Skyfactory 5, how is it?

    Person in 2019: Uh, he only does Fortnite now

    Me: Ok, where’s the rope

  2. Fortblox Time

    I decided to whatch the whole series again and I saw almost 850 comments saying 2019 anyone?
    And yes I know I’m in 2019 I’m saying this for no reason

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