Now did you guys know, that if a cactus was to ever dress up in a tuxedo, it would look amazing. That’s because they are always looking SHARP. (sniggers) Hey what’s going on guys SSundee here and welcome back to some more sky realms. Now dudes today as you know its Friday it’s challenge day Vs Crainer, We have Crainer and Thunberg in discord they are both muted doing their intros, We have no freaking clue what thunbergs gonna give us, but what I want do remember last episode I set up this automatic cobble gen you guys remember this, look at this hold on I gotta activate it (SSundee noises) I think I broke it… Well that went well I’ll fix that later but remember I set that up and then i did the daily challenges where I got two epic keys and I also got the hero rank from Thunberg so check this out if I do /kit I now have access to the hero kit. Let’s see what we get, I believe we get a bunch of diamond gear, lets see here we get a full set of diamond armor and we get an efficiency one and unbreaking one diamond pickaxe. Look at this, And we get a bunch of resources that we can hang onto or sell and we get a common encrypted book how often can we use this hang on let’s do /kit We can use this every day? Yeah it’s once every twenty-four hours it looks like that is pretty sick so we’ve upgraded our gear let me go were gonna head back to spawn lets see what we will get from these 2 epic keys alright lets do this we have 2 epic keys remember last i opend an epic key i got like 90 million EXP levels (Lafughs) Alright Lets Do This We Have 2 come on you iron golem freak dont let me down ok give me something good money ill take money ill take something good (Humming Sound) Ah dh (Silence) I just got another diamond set of armor I literally just got the hero kit Laughs what kind of crap is that You Stupid Iron Golem Kick you in the throat Next epic key please iron golem dont let me down ok what is this money give me money i wanna be donlad trump i wanna be rich please Ok ok Wait Hold On Did i get a 1000 dollars? i just got a 1000 dollars! i mean its not 10,000 dollars like i got last time but you know what money is money (laughs) Dang It So we got a 1000 dollars that’s not to bad this freak in iron golem i wanna kick you in the ears jerk (laughing) that was one of the most anticlimactic keys ever let go get in a call with crainer and thundberg lets see what this challange is good lord crainer haramburg you guys here what do you want dude alright crainer we have another challange haramberg can we come to your base thunburg go to your base you are welcome thunburg (Crainer laughs) you have changed you entire base wait how the even you fit what?! this is so big dude i got to stay occupied what the heck have you done you have changed literally everything (Laughs) Do You Have A Life? Your like the skyblock god dude do you have a life thunburg do you even life bro its on this server bro ok ok so whats is this challange where is our chest do we have chest right here is this it Do we find find something there ok where do we go what are we doing up here ok infront of your cactus farm good job just wanna brag like what dose this say your cactus farm No farming farming challenge ok are we going to be building a cactus farm? you guys need to start geting automated (laugh) o dude i am just gonna copy paste this one how do i do that? the challenge is we are build a cactus farm Do you know how to do this ian i have no clue i havent build one of this in decades me ethier dude this is kinda scrary alright thunburg what are the terms what are we doing give us the give us the details give us all the deds your free to use anything that you have in your island that you worked for ok the goal of this is we get 10 mins to build the biggest cactus farm we can and who ever has the biggest farm wins? i like that dude this is kinda cool ok i am going to grab my materials can we both have like 5 mins to set things up? and then we do the count down? can we do that good idea i like that lets go for that ok crainer haramburg you guys ready you guys got everything? so we have 10 mins to build the biggest cactus farm we can and get much money i know this crainer but we just need to get good ok ok give us a count down as soon as you hit 0 i am muteing come one 3 2 1 GO GO GO Ok ian i hope you lose i already muted what i am gonna do is build up right here right there omg this is gonna be so stressfull what i am gonna do is 1 2 3 4 5 6 no no no ok we got 5 that way right and what i am gonna do i am gonna build in this way 5 6 7 8 right there so this is gonna be the drop point so what i am gonna do is build here and then here i am gonna place sand place sand and then at top of this i am gonna place cactai and then infront of this o wait i dint make any fence we got to do this fast i dont wanna lose to crainer i am gonna make a bunch of sticks make a bunch of sticks there we go sticks in the center like this and then like this make a bunch of fences there we go 36 fences there we go that should be enough ok ok we have 10 mins we gotta be fast lets do ladders going up that way and then right here o we need to do an up one thats right so here is how so here is how automated you just saw how that worked when ever there is a block next to cactai it automatically breaks the cactai o yeah i have a pickaxe so if i break this right break this put the cactai there so when ever it grows it will break and it will fall here and what i am gonna do here hold on lets do sand right not right there lets do cobble and then sand right there drop a cactus there please please stop killing me and if we build up right there right put another fence o good lord i have so much stuff in my inventory get everything i dont need then drop a fence right there lets go a head lets break this and then break this o i need that need that i need to build all the way down build cobble i am so bad at minecraft lets build all the way down cobble i dont care if this is pretty right now lets build all the way down like that and then place sand sand x3 just like that and we will do sand x3 there we go and then we place How can I do this? I gotta – I gotta do this smart Let’s do like this we can break all of this later like I said. we just gotta do this fast and then if I place fence on top of all this like this: fence fence fence fence cacti cacti cacti cacti (laughs) this is so stressful. and then break all of this so as soon as this cacti grows it immediately breaks, right? So hold on lets do that let’s put a cacti there So that should be good oh yeah and I need to put cobble in the center and the reason why I need to keep cobble so let’s say I build this how can I do this? so if I place water here and then I extend this – there we go! so whenever the cactus breaks, it’s automatically gonna fall into the water and then float down to here and then I can place a hopper here with a chest under that what I need to do now let me just extend this, right? so if I build out this way I’m trying to think how I can do this. How can I do this efficiently? I need to be efficient! Ok let’s build up here, let’s build up here That’s fine so what I’m gonna do I’m gonna pick up the water for now, just so it doesn’t mess anything up Ok so if I put cobble there, right? This is – how much time do I have (stutters) Thunberg has got to yell at us when we’re ready Ok, ok, so if I just build another layer out this way, right? just like that and then place this back here (laughs) this is so difficult, on a time constraint Ok so this’ll fall in there, this will fall in there dudes this is so difficult ok hold on let’s break this break this, break this, and break this (Thunberg) We are at half time guys, so five minutes remaining ahhhh, Thunberg please… Ok, ok, place this, place this, oh wait I can’t place that yet, that’s right So i’m trying to think yeah, yeah so if I do this, do this, do this, do this and then throw fence up here, fence up here, fence up here and then break all of this, right? this should be good. This should be good guys, I’m – (stutters) Hold on I need, ok I have a bunch of cacti, let’s throw down the cacti right there. Ok we have enough water Let’s see. Is this working? I’m trying to think if there’s a better way to make … (gasp) I have an idea I have an idea. What if I do this replace … the fences with actual cobble stone like watch this if I build up this way, right, that broke the cacti but that’s fine instead of using the fences I can use the cobblestone

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