Derp SSundee: Yeah, so before I show you what happened. Derp SSundee: I just– I tried to dye my hair blue so I could be cool… Derp SSundee: Look! Derp SSundee: I look like a freakin’ smurf… [ TOBU – SUCH FUN ] Hey what’s going on guys, SSundee– Crainer, [ SCREAM ] SSundee: Crainer,
Crainer: What up? What?
SSundee: Come to the teleportation hallway… SSundee: I’m stuck.
Crainer: What the crap is the teleportation hallway? Is it– oh, I see you.
SSundee: The arena. Crainer! Crainer: Oh… not this again. Crainer, I need help! Crainer: Yo, I can’t– I hate it when it’s all one color, dude. This is so disorienting, isn’t it? Crainer: Oh my goodness, dude… Okay, so come out here. The reason why everything’s blue, I’m blue, if I was green, I would die, right, that song? Remember that song? Crainer: Uh huh, yeah, yeah. SSundee: Come over here, look at this lucky block.
Crainer: Why is everything blue then? Crainer: The crap is that in my hand? Crainer… Crainer: It’s a smurf! The theme for this episode is Smurfs… Crainer: Wait, so I catch a smurf and you catch me? You catch a smurf, then I catch you then throw you in a hole, get rekt nerd. Crainer: I’m not a nerd… May the best… May the… best blue… tiny person win. Crainer: Sure. [ UNNECESSARY CENSORSHIP ] Anyways, let’s do this, let’s open our very lucky block in our very lucky– I haven’t opened a very lucky block in like 3 weeks, I miss this, I miss my bar. Don’t judge me… Let’s do this. Smurf theme… Go! Leonidas: THIS IS
Random guy: Bananana This is apparently bananana… (Well, bananas start out green then slowly turn yellow…) I mean, I’ll take the emerald blocks at least and the gold. Let’s keep going, 30 lucky blocks left, what is this? Ivern (from League of Legends): I’ve got two thumbs and a shield. You have two thumbs and a shield? What is that from? (League of Legends) I am not– is that from— it’s either from Paladins or Over– I think, is it Overwatch? I dunno, let’s keep going, 29 lucky blocks left, what is this? [ STRANGE NOISE ] [ VILLAGER NOISE ] Was that from Age of Empires? That brings back childhood memories. ( Le nostalgia is real) What is this guy/villager? 9 Iron for 1 Emerald, no that’s not worth it. (1 Emerald=5 Nether Stars, 9 Iron=5 Nether Stars (8=5 Nether Stars)) Ooh, there’s gold down here. Villager, nothing personal homie, get out of my way… (#GreedyIan) I’m one of those people. Let’s grab our gold and our emeralds back… I feel like a horrible human. Real quick plug, dudes, if you still enjoy this series, hit the like button down below and also let me know down in the comments what’s your favorite style of cheese… (I’m not a cheese kinda guy, so Cheddar) We’ll just roll with it… 28 lucky blocks left… Let’s keep going, what is this? Dragon Ball Peepee: There’s no escaping Banana! Prepare to die… So Kehaan has a new obsession this episode, bananas. 27 lucky blocks left, let’s keep going, what is this? Wario: [ LAUGHS ] I’m a Wario, I’m a gonna win… Crainer, nonono, let me get my gold block first before you try to kill me! Please, Crainer! Prank Caller: AND HIS NAME IS–
Random guy: Bananana–
Prank Caller: CENA! [ THE TIME IS NOW – JOHN CENA & THA TRADEMARC ] Freakin’– I hope you die. I need water, Crainer please… (See what happens when you call Crainer a nerd?) 26 lucky blocks left, let’s keep going, what is this? Leonidas: THIS IS–
Random guy: Bananana. I’ll take the gold and the emeralds. 25 lucky blocks left, let’s keep going. “Banana:” I am a banana… Listen, sir… you are not a banana… Hate to break it to ya’. 24 lucky blocks left, let’s keep going, what is this? Random guy: Bananana-
Obi-Wan Kenobi: You were the chosen one! These… so we have blaze rods that are apparently bananas… Kehaan… What is wrong with you– and I found out like a month ago I’m allergic to bananas. (I suffer the same fate, but it’s apples…) Kehaan, I never told you that. Why are you using this against me? 23 lucky blocks left, let’s keep going. Random guy: Bananana-
Obi-Wan Kenobi: You were the chosen one! Why? Let’s keep going, 22 lucky blocks– that’s a gold block, I am an idiot… 22 Lucky blocks left, let’s keep going, what is this? [ KEHAAN DID THIS FOR ME ] I have actually never played The Witcher 3… I’ll take your word for it, that is the sound from The Witcher 3. Let’s keep going, 21 lucky blocks left, what is this? Random guy: I didn’t just splatter paint, I was my paint… (But what was the canvas?) This is apparently modern-day Kehaan art. You are a genious, Kehaan… 20 lucky blocks left, let’s keep going, what is this? “The Bruce Dickinson” (Portrayed by Christopher Walken) Guess what, I got a fever… and the only prescription is more cowbell! [ MUSIC ] I don’t exactly understand… 19 lucky blocks left, let’s keep going. Wario: [ LAUGHS ] I’m a Wario, I’m a gonna win… Alright Wario, if you say so homie… 18 lucky blocks left, what is this? [ POSSIBLY A GABE THE DOG REMIX? ] Yeaaaaaaaa…. Yeah, a bunch of beacons, is there anything under the wool? Redstone, redstone and beacons! No freakin’ clue what that song was but, alright. 17 lucky blocks left, let’s keep going, what is this? [ NOISE ] Oh yeah, that’s the, oh it is! I didn’t see these signs before! The childhood memory– hello villager, listen, I will spare you this time, just go that way, don’t fall in the lava. Thanks for the gold… Age of Empires… I played that game when I was like… 13 years old… good lord. Okay, 16 lucky blocks left, what is this? Random person: Temptation… [ ECHOES ] (You said it, too late now Ian…) No, Kehaan… No. Bad Kehaan. Do you need a pankin’? 15 lucky block– [ BREAKS INTO LAUGHTER ] 15 lucky blocks left, what is this? Fandango (WWE Superstar): You’re not even a real journalism… that’s right. I’m not even a real journalism? The freak does that even mean? 14 lucky blocks left, what is this? Robert Moss: I am ducking and everything – diving in the house. I mean, I got scared.
Merrendes Jackson: I dropped my–
Random guy: Bananana [ IMITATING ROBERT MOSS ] I got scared… I dropped my bananana… Kehaan, where you find these things is beyond me… 13 lucky blocks left, what is this? Prank Caller: AND HIS NAME IS–
Random guy: Bananana–
Prank Caller: CENA! [ THE TIME IS NOW – JOHN CENA & THA TRADEMARC ] Water, give me water! Please don’t kill me, please– okay, we’re good, we’re good… I almost got killed by the bananana again… And you don’t have any good trades… sir, sir…. He’s aparrently a wizard. (You’re a wizard, Banana) The bananana is a wizard! 12 lucky blocks left, let’s keep going, what is this? Lucky block: Temptation… [ ECHOES ] Kehaan, if I see one more of these, the temptation to say “Soul Sand=Life,” you will be getting a ‘pankin… 11 lucky blocks left, what is this? I really need to play The Witcher 3… I have no freaking clue. Alright, 10 lucky blocks left, what is this? I mean, I’ll take the gold but I wish I knew what that– creeper get out of my face. 9 lucky blocks left, what is this? Penn Jillette: It is the context in which words are spoken that give them the power of meaning. I LOVE YOU DOG! I love you, dog… I love you too, Kehaan… dawg… 8 lucky blocks left, let’s keep going, what is this? Darth Sidious: Execute Order–
Random guy: bananana. Why would I want to execute all the bananas? I don’t understand. 7 lucky blocks left, what is this? Darth Sidious: Execute Order–
Random guy: bananana. Again, Kehaan, why? What did the banananas ever do to me? Last 6 lucky blocks, what is this? [ WAIT A MINUTE, MR. POSTMAN VINE ] Okay. Last 5 lucky blocks, let’s see if we can end this strong. What is this? Darth Sidious: Execute Order–
Random guy: bananana. Freakin’– RIP the banananas, good lord. Last 4 lucky blocks, what is this? Random guy: Bananana-
Obi-Wan Kenobi: You were the chosen one! I’ll take all the emeralds… We gotta execute the bananas and they’re also the chosen ones. Alright, last 3 lucky blocks, what is this? [ SOUND OF NOSTALGIA ] The Age of Empires sound… So many memories. Last 2 lucky blocks, here we go, let’s end this strong… Alex Trebek: Yes, select again!
David Duchovny: Bible for 400 please.
Alex Trebek: During the second plague, these amphibians came out of the water. Alex: Stephen.
Stephen King: What are frogs.
Alex Trebek: Right.
David Duchovny: (genuinely) What are frogs? [ THEME OF X-FILES (ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED? ) Apparently, frogs are the end of society. Last lucky block, let’s do this. No more frogs! Leonidas: THIS IS
Random guy: Bananana I’ll take it, alright. At least we didn’t get another “Soul Sand=Life,” so Kehaan, you don’t get a ‘pankin. Let’s go do our trades. And of course, the nether stars are little smurfs. (Actually Papa Smurf) Good lord, alright, let’s turn in our beacons, there we go. We almost have a stack of nether stars… We have to throw out 15 of these because we did die– oh look at that. They’re so cute… I did die twice, but one of them didn’t count because it was from Crainer. Let’s go smelt down all of our gold ore. We have 45 nether stars, let’s see how many we end up with. Almost 12.5 stacks. I’ll take it, that’s pretty good. From what I understand of this round, there’s apparently a new Smurf movie coming out, (Smurfs: The Lost Village) so Kehaan wanted to do a smurf theme. From what I understand, what we’re doing is we have to run around the world and catch smurfs while shooting guns– Look at this, these bazookas, I can shoot a cow out of this bazooka. And over here, look at this. I did a mod review on this gun, this is me in a gun, I can literally shoot myself at Crainer. No freakin’ clue, let me look around. We also have some armor, let me math all of this out and I’ll let you know what I come up with. What I’m gonna do first, let’s of course buy armor. These are speed leggings, which gives us a permanent “Speed II” effect. That’s gonna be good for running around, catching all the little smurfies. We have double-jump boots, and then this– a flower plate, oh good lord. This is only for the armor, if you don’t know what the flower plate does, I’ll show you in a second. And then this helmet, this helmet constantly changes the daytime. Oh good lord, and then down here we have debuff potions. “Slowness” and “Blindness,” we’ll see if we can get those in a little bit. What I want to do, I want to buy my bazooka, because it hits like a small freakin’ island (like Barbados?) I need 5 stacks of nether stars over here. Let’s turn all of these in. Let’s go ahead, let’s buy our gu– look at this. This bazooka literally has my face on the side of it. Check this out. Lemme buy some ammo… we have a crap ton of ammo, check this out. Whenever I shoot this, watch. I’m literally shooting mini-mes. (Not Verne Troyer) What we’re gonna do, we’re gonna use the rest of our nether stars, since we have a crap ton of ammo, let’s use the rest of our nether stars on enchanting our armor. Let’s put 30 levels on each. Check this out, I have the helmet and the chestpiece enchanted, they both have “Protection” and “Projectile Protection,” but check this out. Whenever I put on the flower plate, look at me. (SSundee is now Flowey) I have a flower on my chest. Whenever I walk around, I spawn flowers at my feet. Check this out, whenever I’m wearing the helmet, watch the sun. I make the time change faster. (SSundee is now Father Time) Lemme finish enchanting this armor, let’s get in the call with Crainer, let’s see who can win this ridiculous freakin’ challenge. Alright Crainer, are you ready for the smurf wars? Crainer: I’m freakin’ ready dude. You have a flower on your shirt and so do I. And the daytime keeps changing. Crainer: Oh yeah, there’s also that, yeah. Let’s go in the blue room of– oh good lord, I hate these rooms. Crainer: I don’t like this, I only like it because there’s a pressure plate. It’s so disorienting. Okay, I’m going in, I’m going in. Crainer: ‘Kay. I’m going in, I’m going in. Crainer: I’m going in hard-er… I’m going in. Crainer: I think they forgot to put in a T.P… Going in. [ TV TEST SCREEN ] Alright Crainer, are you there? Are you there? Crainer: I’m in the Smurf Dimension… I’m coming in. SSundee: Okay.
Crainer: Help me… help me! Okay, so this is the– from what I understand, whenever the game starts… as you can see, we have 240 seconds… What we have to do… if you hold TAB, I’m orange and you’re blue. What we have to do is run around, capture the smurfs with the leads… Crainer: Okay…. And bring them back into the pens and then whoever has the most smurfs by the end wins. Crainer: So we need to capture smurfs? We have to capture smurfs and hold them against their will… If we die, like if I kill you, you get teleported up there, up there to the smurf’s mouth, and you have to sit in the smurf’s mouth for 10 seconds as a penalty. Crainer: Yo, what the crap? Crainer… Crainer: That’s so messed up, dude. I can’t wait to do it, I’m freakin’ ready dude. Let’s freakin’ do this. Alright Crainer, are you ready? Crainer: I feel kinda weird about this whole game, but yes, I’m ready. Okay, waiting on Neo, he’s gonna do the countdown. Crainer: Yes. SSundee: Smurfs…
Crainer: Where are the smurfs? SSundee: Oh, here’s a smurf, I got a smurf!
Crainer: You caught a smurf? Crainer: Did you alrea– I got a smurf! SSundee: Oh they’re so cute, they’re the little hop goblins. C’mere smurfy.
Crainer: C’mere smurf… Crainer: Yo, this reminds me of Sky Factory, dude.
SSundee: I know. If you go too far, the leads break. Crainer: C’mere smurf… Crainer: I got one, dude
SSundee: C’mere smurfy smurf. Smurfy smurf… C’mere smurfy smurf… Smurfy smurf…
Crainer: I got another smurf. Both: Smurfy smurf…
SSundee: Come with me smurf– nonono Crainer! Nonono Crainer, stop this, stop this, stop this, stop this.
Crainer: I already got a smurf, dude. Crainer: How many smurfs did you capture? I’m not telling you. C’mere smurfies. C’mere smurfies. Crainer: Yo, there’s a smurf on the roof, smurf on the roof. C’mere, get in my freakin’– okay, I’m gonna put those down. Crainer: C’mere smurfs, alright, careful, SSundee might be around. There we go, okay. Crainer: Alright, come here– nonono… NONONONO! Crainer: NOOOOOO! I had 2 smurfs up my leads, man. Crainer, did you see what I was shooting at you? Crainer: You shot a freakin’ blaze at me, didn’t you? Nope, I shot a mini-me. Crainer: Oh, you took the SSundee gun, I was wondering what that was. Nonono, nonono, okay, okay, okay, attach these. Crainer: I’m so sorry, smurf. We also made a rule that we can’t steal smurfs from each other, because that’s cheating. Smurf, come out here, smurf– please! No, Crainer, you’re killing my… Crainer, you killed a smurf, you monster. Crainer: I just killed a smurf, I’m so sorry… Nonono, Crainer, stop. Crainer: Yo, you hurt a lot, bro. My mini-mes do so much damage. Crainer: I’m just stuck up in the smurf’s mouth. How does it make you feel? Crainer: Makes me feel kinda weird about existance… Let’s go in here, go in here, go in here. Come with me smurfies! Smurfies, come with me, smurfies! Crainer: C’mere smurf, c’mere smurfie.
SSundee: There we go. I have so many smurfs. Crainer: C’mere smurf, c’mere smurf– No, Ian… Come on, bro! Crainer: I just wanna get a smurf, bro. My gun is so OP– Okay, smurf, smurf, smu– Crainer, don’t kill me. Please don’t kill me Crainer, no! No! Crainer… Crainer: Are you mad? SSundee: I’m stuck in this smurf mouth watching you just grab smurfs.
Crainer: I got really mad at you, dude. I’m sorry for that one. Crainer: ‘Kay, here we go. C’mon smurf— NO! Crainer: I just saw a freakin’ SSundee just fly by me, dude. Oh my god, it is so OP– okay, c’mon smurf… smurfy smurf… smurfy smurf, come in here. Crainer: 71 seconds left, dude. I need more smurfs. Come with me king smurf, king– Crainer: C’mere smurf.
SSundee: Have you ever watched Smurfs, Crainer– No, Crainer stop it. SSundee: 1 minute left.
Crainer: Yeah, I watched it as a kid. I never thought I would capture them when I’m 22 years old though. Crainer: Hey, you can’t shoot in here! I’m sorry, I’m sorry smurfies… Put the smurf– smurf, come in here, put the smurf down, there we go. Nonono, Crainer, stop it! Please don’t kill me! Crainer: My smurf, my smurf. SSundee: Get out, get out, get out before you murder me. Grab more smurfs.
Crainer: Good thing I bought a lot of freakin’ books. Crainer: C’mere smurf…
SSundee: I don’t wanna put you there, I don’t wanna put you there. Crainer: 30 seconds! I need one more smurf haul, one more smurf haul! Crainer: C’mere smurf. C’mon smurfies, c’mon smurfy smurfs… Come with me, come with me. Okay, c’mon. 15 seconds! Nooooooo! Noooooooooo! I have one more smurf hole– No Crainer, you killed one of my smurfs! You jerk! Crainer: I did not do it on purpose! Get in here smurfies, okay, okay. Crainer: Gotta get the last smurf, GOTTA GET THE LA– Plant them, yes! time is up. So, Crainer. Crainer: Yep. This is my pen and this is Crainer’s… Crainer: I don’t know if we have to count them, but I obviously won. Crainer, again, what is 9+10? Crainer: 21! Exactly. Dude, this game was a crap ton of fun. Neo did good on this, nice. I am the better smurf hoarder… Please don’t call P.E.T.A. Anyways dudes, for now, we’re gonna end this here. If you guys have enjoyed, be sure to hit the like button down below, 1 like=1 smurf saved. Crainer: Yeah. Save a local smurf today. [ CAPTIONING BY “OFFICIALLY” AUSTIN GOODENOUGH (@OfclyGoodenough ]

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