Howdy y’all! My name is Derp SSundee. And welcome back to my farm. Now, I got another quick tip for y’all. Y’all wanna know what’s better than doin’ hard work every single day and tryin’ real hard? Exploiting. You wanna exploit everythang! How do you think Donald Trump became president? (Intro Music, Tobu playing) SSundee: Hey, what’s going on guys? SSundee here, back with Cr- Crainer! Crainer, you weren’t here last week, I missed you! Crainer: Dude, I missed you, too! ^^ What did you do? SSundee: So, last week, Crainer I made some progress on the server. And, erm… Crainer: Oh no… SSundee: I got some good news, and I got some bad news.. Did you want the- What do you want first? Good news or bad news the good news? Crainer: The good news. SSundee: Okay, the good news is.. Remember we’ve been talking about this forever about upgrading our watering can to the next level? Crainer, I did it. ^^ Crainer: *surprised* No way! 😮 SSundee: I now have a Copper Watering Can. And I know how to get yours upgraded. But we’ll do that in a second, but, uh… Crainer, so the bad news is *laughs nervously* Crainer: Yeah? :/ SSundee: And dudes, help me out here. ^^; Help Crainer be happy or hit the like button so he’s not so upset. SSundee: Okay. So, Crainer, last episode Follow me… ^^; Crainer: *suspicious* Okay? Why are you… Why you being like this dude? SSundee: You remember what we had over here, attached to these fences? Crainer: WHAT?! 0.0 What..? Where’s the cow and the sheep, dude? SSundee: Crainer, we forgot to feed them for two weeks, and they died… Crainer: Wait, uh what? I didn’t know they were gonna die if we didn’t feed them for two weeks! My mom used to not give me food for a month! SSundee: *sighs* Sorry Crainer… They have died. Crainer: No… X'( It’s… It’s not a prank? SSundee: It’s not a prank bro. This is not a social experiment. This is real life. The cows and the sheep… They are dead. We did not feed them. We did not give them medicine. They had the sniffles and they died. Crainer: Dude, we are terrible parents. SSundee: Yes, we are… ^^; SSundee: Anyway, so Crainer what I want to do this episode. Last episode I was extremely busy but check this out, what I want you to do come over here to the A…blacksmith, you remember the blacksmith right? Crainer: Okay…? SSundee: Oh yeah and also our god church was finished ‘laugh’ Crainer: Oh there it is dude!!! Crainer: That’s the god… Wait is this is the priest SSundee: That’ the god church…guy. His name is Thomas. Okay… Crainer: Hello Thomas SSundee: Okay… So come over here to the blacksmith. He’s open right now. So what I want you to do hover your mouse over your watering can Okay, what do you see an orange bar with a percent? Yes, it says 100 percent perfect that means it’s ready so a blacksmith guy over here. His name is dinar you literate flexes her sir right click him with your watering can right clicking with your watering can Ok so update this tool. It’ll cost you 1000. Please come back when you have enough. Oh It costs 1000 go to upgrade Leave you that I only have 136 oh that’s very expensive scenario. It’s just a watering can bro Alrighty let’s go ahead. Let’s harvest all of our coal yet also crater. I sold all of our crops last week go ahead Take it. Take a guess how much gold I have right now Hmm 12,000 I have 29 Thousand gold What? Did you just give me a thousand of those man? Yeah? Go ahead sell whatever you’re harvesting We’ll get you up to a thousand and then we’ll upgrade your watering Cannon I want to show you what this watering can does dude it is Sick, you are gonna like this alright credits. Are you selling everything right? You’re selling all your stuff and putting all of my eggplants into the shipment bucks you and my con Hopefully this will at least give you a thousand goal So you can upgrade your your watering can okay that tree t-shirt gave me a thousand Don’t you think so. I hope so oh wait hold on but I want to test something. Do you have the copper? Oh dude? We can sell this I’m selling ores when I throw me some of that copper throw some of that coppers Okay, obviously like gold mining. Maybe craner. I that is another thing I did without you I am sorry remember that mining hole over there where we went down into the dark Me I went way down deep in that mining hole. I’m sorry Okay, I just sold all the copper you have it. I save some of that copper crater. Did you save any of it? Yeah? I didn’t sell any of it. How much do you have selling my plane? How much 20 okay? Good you need at least ten to upgrade your thingy okay? Let’s go to sleep. Let’s go to sleep. I’m at 29,000 gold how much you’re okay, you’re chopped. Yeah, okay, okay? Let’s see how much I end up with okay, oh my goodness What are you that I went from? 136 to Thirteen thousand seven hundred and fifty six I’m as 47 Thousand Gold Greater Dude, we are so rich now, okay? so crater what I want you to come up here once denari you is working again, and a trade or upgrade your on your thing your watering can what I’m Gonna do ah Hold on harlow let me test this so I’m at six looking now. No. No he’ll be working in three hours minutes so if I look at my watering can it has 16% Okay, okay. I watered one. Okay. The 17. It’s at 17 Crater Look at this look at the watering pattern you know how the other watering can was one block look at this oh It does three okay? Well that makes it so much easier dude. Okay? It’s a 23% So every what does that percent whenever that gets up to a hundred then you can upgrade it again? Oh? So I’m going to keep upgrading this I’m going to get this to 100 and I I want to see if we can upgrade this do you think we can upgrade our watering can again? Do you get like a diamond watering cabin? I i don’t know crater. I want it I want a diamond watering can that works I know I have I wonder if the final watering can is a kabul Watering can Probably not probably not at all okay, no No So my watering ten is at 88% so credit. Did you already upgrade your watering pen? Yeah? I gave it to Dick they did the same to dinar you so you need to wait three days, and then he’ll give you the watering cancer Three days to upgrade a watering can that dudes living his life wrong? Did you jump it very so shouldn’t just bam sleep, then I should oh Well, let me water then let me water this because every time you go to sleep it unwatered what I hold on okay? I’m at 96% everything right 99 Okay, hold on I’ve almost had 100 Okay, my copper watering can is at a hundred so I believe I can upgrade har let me go talk to dinar you okay? so if I click on dinar you Just write this tool. I’m going to need 10 silver, or oh So it’s going to be a silver whoa, right? Silver or I’m looking it up silver or right there Yeah, so we have to go back into the mind dude craner I’m going to show you something. I went down into this mine last episode like for freaking I was in here for like an hour and the only or I saw was copper So maybe inside further down or something Crater I’m going to show you in a minute. How far down I went in that mind All right, Kinda you should be able to get your watering can now Please spin aereo. Give me the watering can I finished working on your couple watering can pleasure doing business with you? Okay There you go, dude. You now have your watering can? Go ahead crater. Test it out. That’s how your watering time, then you can’t wait to test at all dude wait I gotta fill it up a little quick just to imagine How good this watering can is going to be once it turns to a cobble water can dude oh? Look at this bro. What are you doing? Yeah, it does three at a time Isn’t that sick okay? So cool. I’m going to sell all these crops really quick. I just got a bunch of corn and whatnot so Let’s head down to the Caves. I want to show you crater just How far I went down in those case? Where did you go man? It sounds like you went to nadia something? It’s insane homie Iook Reddish. So you have the hammer from dinar you right. I got this There take a stack of torches trust me. We’re gonna need them all Okay, we live what’s even going on the hood dude. I’m really giving me a lot of info, okay, you coming in Yeah Okay, okay. I thought my game was crashing wait. I just went back out Shannon. I always do this greater Okay, I’m just going to stand here wait for you, dude So craner these are the mines I have went up Everything right so K5 follow me and follow me follow me just keep on coming down. It’s very tiny Why is it so tall weight as a whole okay? Just come down here Look at this how does this work? It just keeps going dude right you think you think so this is copper, right? This is copper if you break this with a hammer it gives you copper ore right? So that’s how this way you don’t you don’t mind this in the sides no no these are Unbreakable blocks the walls and the floor are unbreakable So you just grab all the copper right and every time you go to sleep it? Responds what craner dude that’s kind of cool you see how there’s little holes that we go down and it just continues down Yeah I’m going to show you something homie. Just follow me Well, what do you got to show me heat just remember how many holes we have gone down? So I crater how many holes have we gone down so far I would say about 30 Dude, this is crazy. Why does it just keep going? Crater this was my life last tweek So you were just looking for silver down all of these who know I wouldn’t find anything I didn’t even know silver was a thing dude. I was just I was just going down the caves I wanted to see what it was so I just kept going down and then these little baby freaking chickens kept attacking my toes Yeah, what’s up with these little baby chickens dude? Why are they so violent? I don’t know greater I would just go down a whole place some torches go down another whole place some torches craner crater your crater. Sorry, okay? So you haven’t been down here since there’s no no I haven’t been down this far Is it kay crater? This is my life? You literally there is only copper that is all I see, but the next upgrade is Asking for silver and I have no clue how to get silver crater and these stupid freaking chicken. Yes Then we have to go down further, but it feels like it feels like we are very far down. You’re telling me dude SSundee: I guess let’s just keep going down? I don’t know. Crainer: The best thing about these mines, though, it that there’s no Cobblestone. X) SSundee: >:( OOH! THERE’S A BIG CHICKEN! 0o0 CRAINER, THERE’S A BIG CHICKEN!! X0 *SSundee panics* Crainer: Careful! He doesn’t eat your feet! He eats your entire leg! SSundee: *still panics* Crainer! Crainer, kill him! X0 Crainer: They heard about what you did to KFC, last night, dude! SSundee: Did you kill him, Crainer? It was a big chicken! 0_0; Crainer: I got him, dude! I got him. I got him. SSundee: Crainer… That chicken saved you from a big yelling! I was going to yell at you! X( Crainer: Why? Why would you yell at me? SSundee: You said Cobblestone wasn’t here and you were happy.>:( This it doesn’t meet Jacob Dance wait. We’re kill a greater killer Crater pillar Okay, so there’s new chickens. Oh, oh Is that silver crater? This is silver big chicken a chicken hold on? Whatever graders don’t die wait. I can’t get this stone No, maybe we have to have a better hammer hold on We have to upgrade our hammer to probably a copper hammer And then we can get silver which means we have to get our hammer to 100% Could somebody have told us this information before we went down 50 letters Shiki qian Crater we have to break a bunch of these rocks to upgrade our hammer it up dude You gotta be kidding me. She Will see you guys in about three years Yep, I crater yeah What? Lifestyle whole in that way. Did we go around in circles like in those movies. I’ll be back at the beginning Why is there a mind portal right there? I don’t we’re not back at the beginning. We’ve only been going downwards You sure about that have to have the chicken scout to you. Do maybe I guess I’m Greater it Doesn’t look like this, but what I was eatin see get close to and see if you can see in the hole can you key? Greater what do you see explain what you see? What tell me what you see? I’m coming in I’m coming in okay. I’m here. There is so much silver in comfort you look at this silver Silver Silver’ oh my gosh so we just We went into another mine That has better materials is There a hole alright is there a hole yeah, there’s a hole right there Ian what? There’s one thing that I feel like we should acknowledge here what? Do you realize how long it’s going to take to get back to our? but craner we go all the way back down, and there’s it’s Restarting so at the bottom of this mine. There’s going to be an even better Material oh I get it. So it works kind of like your nibbles Yes, the aggregator Crater killer chicken Kelly Crater. I’m sorry man. I just ah Okay So where do you guys come from? so crater We just have to sit here and grind we have to level up our hammer until we can upgrade it It’s going to take so long to level it up do the hoops I know Yeah, dude. My hammers only at 27% you’re – only at 19 and we’ve been down here for a while, okay Let’s go back up to the surface. Let’s um. I got an idea for leveling up our hammer. I also I have 47,000 gold I want to spend it. Give me a let’s go back out got so much gold I Am a starter Valley Donald trump you definitely on dude, so crater. Just found an exploit For the first time ever I found it exploit check this out. These weeds that randomly grow around your world Place them down watch my percentage. I’m at 31% Did it wipe it away now? I’m at 34% and You guys have no idea if you haven’t tried again. Okay, okay crater was just look into mine It takes forever it Kim’s probably going to fix this so we’re going to export it while we can Okay, hold down right click hold down right click and place it in one spot. We’re good right there right there ready ready You show us do two keys placing it elsewhere, okay? There we go You got to stand on top of it, so when it breaks you get it Okay 13 Is so broken? Can’t get a banos from this modpack dude Are you leveling up your hammer really fast right now? I’m at 48% No, way dude. This is the best exploit ever This is actually so lowly dude Crater, I’m pretty sure we’re horrible Humans aren’t we I? Am pretty sure we ought to and we’re probably gonna hear from Kia. Tune it up Don’t exploit cans mod packs. He does not like it 98 Percent 98 and 100 Really already? Like I didn’t are you ah? Hold on wait wait. Oh he took my toys repairing it now dang. I gotta go back to sleep Crater I gotta go back to sleep Frickin Scenario, dude always taking my crap I can are you give me back by a hammer? Okay, give back my head. I’m going to click them again This I can do, please come back in three days to collect your upgraded tool. Oh Crater news, I just got an upgraded tool by exploiting So when you get then you can mine silver. I’m pretty sure I can mind silver once I get that dude This is sick. I like this crater. You are the best exploiter. I have met today Matches Oyu dunia. Yeah, you’re my senpai. Oh My gosh kin is going to ban us from his mod pack. This is good I think he’s going to get mad at us yeah, but uh Anyways dudes we’re going to end this episode here if you guys have enjoyed of course hit the like button down below also This is subscribe button turn on notifications. If you’re new crater. We are the master exploits and will be banned most likely Please don’t sue us key in please have my seat. We’ll see you dudes next time Bye

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  1. Andy_ OmegaAmth

    Ian:hey Crainer remember that mining hole over there I went in there

    Crainer:Why u do without me *making cry sound*.

    Ian:I’m sorry Crainer

  2. Su Tart’s son

    Use an escape rope to get back out quick I’m pretty sure you can buy them where you bought the dynamite last time.

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