Minecraft Survival 1.14 Ep 2 | Pegando Comida e Começando uma Farm!

Hey guys, Max here! And this is my 2 ep of my Minecraft series! Let’s start by killing zombies! Oh-no they’re too fast! Protect me shield! Why did you fail me shield? Omg, i almost died by these little zombies… I had made this hole for put a glass. But i’m going to close now. Better eat this chicken to regen my health Ok, looks like we need to get more food. Enjoying the video? Give a like! Wait up zombie i’m coming. Ok zombie, what is it? Ah, you wanna eat my brain? No, thanks! I’m gonna fish… That’s how you truly fish! Guys i’m gonna “fish” some more and after i’m back… I’m back from fishing guys and… …ouch! There’s a Creeper with him, i’m gonna have to fight in the water… The skeleton died! Now i’ts easier. I think i just gonna ignore this creeper and go back home. Ah, home sweet home. Let’s cook the fish that we “fished” I think it should be morning already. It’s dawning! Let’s get more food and make a bed. Finally we found sheep! I forgot to bring shears, so i’m gonna have to kill them. Now we have enough wool to make the bed. I’m gonna get these fishes too. There is more sheep there. So there’s no problem kill the others… Yay, more food! Cow, come back here! Gotcha! I’m gonna get sand to make a window for the house. Get some more just in case… Great, now let’s go back home. When i was getting back home, i found this cave! Let’s see until when it goes. This water is not helping… I gonna get that iron before going deeper. Now here we go! Aw, the cave i’ts already over! 🙁 Ok, just not going to leave this ores here. Looks like its dark outside. I’m gonna make the bed. …And we’re back! Now we have a bed. Our inventory is full. Let’s dump in the chest! And now we got a lot of food. Let’s cook it! While the furnace cooks let’s make a window. Making an iron armour… And some fences… It’s here that i’m gonna put the cows. Umm, i think it need to be bigger. I’m gonna need more space. Let’s see if the glass finished cooking. Let’s see how it looks. It’s great! Now, i gonna keep digging… Now i’m going to sleep, and finish the fence in the morning. “You may not rest now, there are monsters nearby” Where are they? Looks like its just 1 skeleton and 1 zombie. Now maybe i can sleep. Oh-no! A Creeper! Good thing that he did not explode my house 🙂 I think a campfire gonna look good near the house. I’m gonna cook some fish in the campfire. Just missing one. I’m going to organize the inventory and make more fences… Let’s finish the fence. Now, let’s make a hoe and plant! Looks like a good size. I’m gonna multiply the seeds. Great, now let’s bring the cows! Now its just cross the river… Want to see more? Check out the videos on screen:

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  1. João Lucas Cândido Carmo

    Cara, gostei muito do vídeo, ótima continuação, para mim, é a melhor série de MineCraft, valeu por trazer vídeos ótimos!

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