Minecraft Survival Lets Play: Ep. 28 – Medieval Settlement

Ladies and gentlemen welcome back to another wonderful episode a Minecraft single player survival anyways today we are back at the I guess spawn location of the area and today we’re going to begin tearing down houses so this house is going to go this little dock over here is going to go to a real fishing hut and we’re going to replace it with buildings that kind of fit the style that we have going on over here so the supposed to we’re also going to be building I guess partially built houses and maybe one house so that is fully done that way we have something to actually live in over here too and I just figured it’s probably best to do so so while we’re at it let’s get started in start digging down these houses Anyways everyone we have tore down the buildings I mean I previously stated that they were both houses and this one was not a house I mean I guess it could end up being one if we wanted to but no and that was not going to happen so we’re going to get started now and that is going to be us building a few the houses aka the settlement now these houses are supposed to be fully complete I don’t intend on building any of these houses be like a full house now they’re maybe one later down the road that ends up being a actually finished house but ideas for this to be like a new settlement that’s why we kind of had the way in slush card up there or it’s transporting new materials to bring to the area and it’s kind of starting like a whole new life down here and just showing that things are changing and we will probably end up switching up what we’re going on here the wheat field is just a temporary thing so it shouldn’t be that too big of a deal and I think we should get started now if I can get the right blocks going we do not need those most definitely as we’re going to be building so why not now we are still going with the with the typical design that we have been going with for quite a while now witches I use the very key builds that we’ve been doing and that’s been fine in my opinion I don’t think anybody really has a problem with that everybody’s been liking it from my knowledge so we’re just going to keep at it while I mean I also did cut down a bunch of trees I’m pretty sure yes we’re able to really tell like we’re really came from but I did cut down a bunch of trees because I wanted to make sure that we’re going to have enough logs for this as we’ve been using a lot I mean a lot for all the builds that we have been doing and I’ve just wanted to make sure that we’re going to be doing well and I think like all the wood that we have in my inventory right now is what I got from cutting down trees just in that one little patch over there which was really neat Now I do need. To expand on what we’re going to be doing over there so we need to plan something out from that area and I think we’ll end up being fined in the end for that. In our break you not used to having my inventory arranged like that with the few we can do that yes I mean does not look that bad and we should watch that out was something else that way we’re not really wasting our inventory slots and yeah so I think for this fire of the build We’re just going to get a good bit of it done so like we’re going to get like maybe the second floor start in there we’re going to call it that part on the spill and it should be fine I think in my opinion at least. In other areas all I also intend on not not this episode but maybe next episode we might look into making a mind over there I’m not too sure how it would look if it is going to be a medieval mind so it should be fine in my opinion. At sea but I do have a lot of ideas for that as we do need a my that’s something I’ve been a whiny because I want to go more mining and I do have a ton of minerals and I can use to make it pretty as he has already saw where is that at this show C.S.O. All that’s what I’ve been collecting for that area over there because I feel like it would be nice to have more of a custom mind than what we’ve been all what you see on You Tube which scandal laid out a grid and I think it would look better that way Oh no that’s just me though and let’s see are we doing this correctly yes and then I believe we’re going to end up placing a law great here in that should be right and then we can have this run or run across not run around because why would it run around that’s just odd in what see I think next episode or during a stream we’re going to go to the end so there should be. Nice too as we are in dire need of sugar boxes in my opinion as I’m kind of making it were my end just as kind of the storage system for everything and that would be nice so I have no clue as we don’t really have a house either so that kind of prevents a storage system from really happening in my opinion at least so I think it would be good but that is just me I don’t know because I mean I’ve seen a lot of where the convert or will or they use shorter boxes as their main like storage system though like all the hermit crap memories I think for a good part use a and are just as their main storage so like Exuma I believe mumbo I know white stealing it I mean he’s not a part hermit crack though but he’s doing it I started using it for a good part of afterlife I mean not to the great extent that hermit craft is doing with it but at some point I think I’m going to try to push for that but maybe not with the way that they’ve done it worse just like all of their stuff but like really important stuff I think I should do YOU IN see when to hear. Oh that’s nice in there and we’re just going with our typical pattern once again so it should be Isa’s. And let’s see police that across if I can do that correctly I think we’re going to add another house right next to it and that one’s probably going to be a little bit closer to the road that way it’s kind of staggered in a way in C. Go back to place in this because that’s what we need to do. And we’ve got to and we need to make some more series I should really just make a bunch just convert all of these into steers that still probably not be enough but for the build I think it will be enough and place them all across like that and then we can police our. Walks and steers you that. If I can place correctly and that way we have the first floor basically done and I think for the little bit that we’re going to do for the second floor we’re just going to place like another two blocks higher that way just sort of completely and then sort of not complete. Even then that doesn’t really make sense right there what I just said but we’re going to make it that way looks like it’s more done because if we just leave it like this it doesn’t look like we really did much well for the build anyways and I feel like if we add like a partially done second floor it kind of makes it look like there was an attempt by the side of the settlers to do so on that’s just me. That I really need to add mending to that X. Right there because right now we’ve been letting it just slowly die and it’s probably going to get to the point where it’s really costly to do so so I need to do something for that and and I’d do that. But I also still need to find a cheaper mending beleaguer because right now we still have a pretty expensive one and it’s not really that good for me because I think it’s like thirty emeralds for are like twenty ish I think and that’s still quite a bit of money and I would rather save some money and not go bankrupt because yeah I need that money or emeralds I guess and we’ll break you that way we can easily play some of this. See a place you correctly yes I did and then we’ll place that and we sort of partially done place you here at the center of a window and then we can place you like that. And then we can place the log back in. I cannot speak I was about the say black I mean there’s nothing wrong with that but still that’s just really we. See you in a place one race you’re two and we’re out here I really want to make another crafting table no I do not because I already have like five a rear there’s like one in here. Nine in here see I just have several all around so that’s why I don’t want to do so as we’re getting it at a hanger with their workbenches. Let’s go over here it is about the turn one time so we may want to get a hand on that. Break that rule quickly. Plea Well he says you won’t break that real quickly that way we can place it. In there and I believe we place you upside down place to class and then we place the log back and then for this should be really simple. Wrong ready. Mike. Lee you you’re there in there with and that that’s what we’re up what we’re going to do for the build so far we may play some like scaffolding so I’m going to figure out a neat design for that because I don’t really know how to do scaffolding Minecraft I mean I know mobs have like some cool way of doing so but for minecraft i really don’t know so I think we may use like. Won’t one of us are going to say fences and maybe slabs to do it because right now I have no clue and right now I’m going to quickly get started building the other house which is going to be a more wider version in as the build like this one so it should be fine that way it doesn’t really intrude on the land over here and yeah so I’ll be right back when I get a good bit of it done. This is what we have come up with do you guys hopefully goes do like what we’ve done so far I figured this is probably for the best in my opinion while I think this one turned out way better than this one because in my opinion this one is too perfect I feel like builders who are not allow a build to that they’re not done with to end that perfectly I just feel like it’s not right and I think I liked what I did better with this this house anyways or or whatever it’s going to end up being I feel like it turned out a lot better than this one I just feel like the rain and this kind of adds more to the me in just makes it a bit more in the area than what that does so I think off camera playing on foot only with that way kind of fits the area looks more like he did it is that it isn’t fully finished in yeah so I think that’s really it also the plane is probably the complete the spilled in lead that build not complete so I think the idea before completing the spilled though will be to add more buildings around the area that way it kind of fits in because if you have one complete build and one that isn’t complete I don’t know to me that is just kind of seems weird in my opinion and I think that wouldn’t work so we probably need to add a few more smaller buildings that are like of what we have over there in the docks last harbor that way things will fit in we need to add me being like a fishing of that equipment to this part right here the fill that spot and yeah so I think that’s pretty much it well as you enjoy the so don’t forget that some in the comments section below and yeah that’s pretty much it thank you for watching and as always I shall see you guys next time we bore you.

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    This is the first episode of this series I'm seeing. Remodeling old stuff/replacing is always nice. Especially since people generally become better builders as time goes on. Nice start on the new builds there.

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