Minecraft Survival. Special Easter Build. A Church Mrs. Samantha

– Hey guys. Welcome back. This is Ms. Samantha, and this is my Christian
mommy grammy gaming channel. Now today is Friday before Easter, and I’ve decided to make
an Easter special build. Now I’m just in my nice little cabin that I got from the villaingers, Villaingers? (laughing) Villagers. Talk. I don’t know how to talk. Let’s kill the spider. I don’t need a spider thing. Let’s see, do I need anything up here? Am I going to show anything? I might, let’s take that. Okay. For my super special Easter build. I make it like, because I carry around a
little pouch of fluffy dye, I decided to make, I’m trying to find the best reveal point. Dun-dun-dun, for Easter Sunday! Hey there! For Easter Sunday. It’s coming up, it’s coming up. I made a Minecraft church. Now, I’ve been working on this for hours, because as everybody
knows I’m not that good, and this is not creative mode, so you can’t fly. I’m throwing up dirt all
over the place to make. Oh hey, get away from my
church you crazy zombie. There’s zombies all over my church. Oh good. Up in flames you go. I want to lift the door open too. Okay. So there’s my church. I’ve been working on it. Working on it, and working on it, and I didn’t quite get it finished. I didn’t finish the roof, which I just just realized. Okay, this spider is messing up my reveal. Okay. Don’t want zombie meat laying around my church either. (laughing) Anybody else? Okay. As I was saying, I’ve been working on this church for hours and hours and hours. Oh, it’s so pretty! I went to a, well, I searched YouTube. That’s what I do for anything new in life that I don’t know what I’m doing, and I found this very talented young lady. Her name is trifinity vortex. She makes a lot of builds. I’m probably going to follow
along some other builds. This isn’t the church she made, but it inspired my church, because she’s incredibly
incredibly talented. Okay, so I have my entrance, and this is white glass
that I made, and rose glass, for the cross and for the white, and I’ve got white windows. Let’s come up the stairs proper. I put a glow stone on either side for decoration and for lighting, and then I left the door open, so there’s probably a creeper in there, and as soon as I walk
in, it’s gonna explode. Okay, Minecraft Baptist Church, established March 25, 2016. I’m so happy. I’m not sure these
torches need to be here. I’ll probably put those up
higher and somewhere else. Okay, so. (laughing) Let’s shut the door. Okay, let’s take it off sword too. If I was headed in the church, I’d be carrying my bible. There’s my bible. I walk in. This is not what my church
looks like in real life, but I’m not uncomfortable
walking into this church either. You walk up the center aisle. A lot of churches have red
carpet for their center aisle, or just red carpet in general, and you walk up to the podium, and here I have John 3:16 KJV, because this is what Easter’s all about. God so loved the world that
he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in him, should not perish, but
have everlasting life. That’s John 3:16. I think that’s the most famous,
I guess, verse in the bible. People who don’t know
anything else, know this one. All right, you turn around. You got the rose glass and a cross, and I put glow stone in the ceiling for overhead lighting. I put crosses on the side. Now in the big windows I have
the glass cubes, squares, can’t remember what they’re called, but on the little ones I have, white glass panes, because I thought it
made the cross pop nice. There is the inside of my church. Gonna run back over here. I’m not sure I need. Oh, that’s right, I
was gonna make banners. I remember now. I guess I’ll do that today. I was just looking at my shield. I was like oh yeah, I was
going to make banners. I’ve got, you run up here. You don’t run up here. (laughing) You come up and here’s the
stairs up on the podium and the pastor would stand here. I wish I could place a book on this thing. I can place a book,
maybe I’ll place it here. That might not be a bad idea. It’s not where they normally
hang a bible, but I’ll take it. My thing right here. Oh, that’s good. That’s very good. Then we’re gonna run outside, and make a quill and book. I had to look this up too, because I saw it on other peoples games and I went, that’s brilliant! Okay, so you put a book in the center, and I’m not sure I’ve got the order right, a feather and an ink sack, and you get a book and quill. That is so neat! I guess I didn’t have to put a quill. I don’t like a quill on my book. Actually, we’ll look at
both of them, both ways, and can I step up? Can I jump up on that thing? In real life I stand up on top of the podium at my church. It’s a wild church. Actually, that’s not true,
it’s not a wild church and I do not jump up on the podium. It’s a place of respect. Okay, now I’m gonna come
back here and look at it. So there’s the book, and of course when you
mount it in the frame you can take it back down. That is the book and quill. All right. Oops. Whoa! Oh, okay. I didn’t know that’s how
you took it down. (laughing) Okay, and then we’re just gonna put the regular book up there, and turn it around so it’s right side up. There we go. Come back here and look at it. Jump, jump. Okay, you guys. I think the book and quill is prettier, but I think this is more
what a bible would be in a real church. I like them both. Y’all tell me down in the comments what you think looks better The book on the wall by itself. (laughing) The skills, the mad skills. Or the book and quill, and then I’ll put
whatever up, you guys say, and if nobody votes I’ll
just leave the book up there. All right. So for my pews, I just have the steps, and then signs on the end, and for the armrest, but then I forgot to
put them on the outside. How many signs do I have? I only have two. Eh, that’s not that important. All right, so I’ve made a book and quill. I’ve put, did I put chairs up there? No, I’m going outside to
make a more dark wood chair to see if I like those better. One, two. That’ll doer. Oh, and here’s my white stained glass, and that’s red wool. (laughing) White stained glass, you put. Let’s see. While I’m here I guess I’m gonna do this. If you’re making a colored glass, you can do all sorts of different colors. To get white, you put
bone meal in the center, and it makes the white stained glass. To make rose stained
glass, you put red dye, and then you get this
nice red stained glass, and then of course to make the panes, you just line them up six times. Well, you arrange them six. You know how to make a paned glass. That was a good lesson. Not! I don’t even. I didn’t mean to make that. Oh my goodness. Back to mad skills. Okay, now I have plenty
of red stained glass, and I have some white
stained glass panels, and some clear stained glass panels. Allrighty, so let’s make, before the zombies come
and get me, let’s make, some chairs. Oh, yeah they’ve got
arms on their chairs too. So I guess I’ll make four six. I’ll just make all of it. Shift, there we go. Let’s go inside. You get the pastor and that deacon or song director a place to sit. Is that it? No, that’s not it. Let’s get the right one. All right, come over here, and put, wow! That’s weird. I got the sign. Now I’ve got a chair. Done. I’ve got a place for my pastor to sit, and a place for the deacon to sit. How many signs do I have? I have, four. I just leave them like that. They’re still symmetrical. All right, so I’m gonna turn around, and look at my church. All right. Glow stone lighting. Minimal torches. Still need torches, because you don’t want mobs
spawning in your church. All right, John 3:16. pastor chair, deacon chair, bible, pews. It’s beautiful. That is my Easter special. I know that’s a short video. I hope you enjoyed it. Gonna go out here. Oh! That is not the end of that. Walk in here, and come over here where
you can see the sunrise, and there is the sunrise. And there is the sunrise, coming up behind the cross. That’s so pretty! Oh, there’s my castle too. It looks, oh, I never finished
the chimney back there. All right. And the sunrise on my church. Now that was a little short video. I’m gonna work some more on it. I’m gonna make some plantings, and I’m gonna plant some birch trees. I want to make a fence
around this whole plateau, but I wasn’t sure what would look better, wood or stone, because of the stone building. The fences just add a
nice finishing touch. If you have any, oh my goodness, I love my church! Happy Easter! Now, it’s Easter Sunday coming up. I know a lot of people, sometimes that’s the big
day they go to church. If you haven’t made plans
to go to church this Easter, go ahead and look one up or come visit me. You can go to church with me this Sunday. I’d love to take you, and tell my pastor I met you on Minecraft, and that’s it. Let’s see. Yep, I’m just gonna make
that a nice simple ending. Thanks guys. Happy Easter. Bye. (Christian instrumental music)

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