Minecraft – The Sea of Flame Episode 1

ever since hello ryan this is our first video that we’ve been
were making brady’s pressure moves in make big it’s kinda poets probably to be replaced with the
following something this might silly bad thing because designs and fences melbourne one other cell uh… okay so it says it basically says says you sporting a
fine dungeons trend that formal oper for schools secure would demand primary
victory monument may the continued to set up your base at
the piano and what that means uh… seattle area you know first female
butler okay sabzi remake of the old city of flames now i don’t know what this is but evolved responded point okay circuit let’s keep going so you know want stuff the state of his
sticky so you can achieve that clearly over there no not this time
i’m pretty sure that that is a giant evil death fortress
which will be much more entertaining the democratic arsenal well there is a treat great here which is what casualties so decree um… but i don’t think we can really use anything
that get up there i would stand if you see it way over
there at their second engineer saheb uh… so we have stands jesus and ten like it’s like overall so yeah sent um… unless raffles just like breakaway is
c_n_n_’s business year the cobwebs problem near okay um… we don’t have anything you’d you’d be
expendable and so we should probably stranger across all right let’s go for it dat now it’s three therefore export so we can definitely
not get across activists on even ground i believe i can kate go far away i next time yet though it asato high-dose respondents idol of it’s
happening tendering okay you know in london and explaining body completely here yet classic island and create exists well the thing was loading i saw
it five skeletons inside the cave there’s a geeky very inside this little
part initially for skeletons that it’s been a
long time ago a little zombie taken built excite temple he lost his temple to a hard drive failure fifty
universe not applied by such damages i tried to rebuild the just from memory ops stupid fire calypso mountain replay right now it’s not exactly identical
maybe a little pecan victory make it to explore former or unit died uh… okay so iodide uh… responded more about them kitson at the bottom of the other side
of the spirit there is a way to get up chris extras behind me liao the air adenine spon okay are respond we like on top of one sian unit spawning re an airborne troops and so that we can actually get out that power part is that found a way around to for that
stone presents on what our you all the car with the cheong other mentality power of that close enough parasol solid wallet was rendered
allocates spokane spencer ok okay and is a giant pig faces way out in the distance uh… yeah i know was pretty awesome
dealerships you’re my story that it just reading from both sides that are popular
firing t_v_ diet four times i didn’t i didn’t misunderstand you to save so it’s a but the big bass it was renamo’s on the pavement building
up and down died tragically rebuild it because he
lost its lease computer crashed some about that cannot be configured that salmon and
make your way up uh… sent like you want okay bedfellows super hot stuff uh… apple lapekin isn’t year or everything else so i don’t believe i don’t trust that this isn’t gender
just fall into the lover okay so you just get some work i think we should operate i guess not months if we like to get
sick vital appa i don’t think it really much stifles bond uh… and here i want i wonder about that uses partners growing market also don’t laugh respond there’s a mob spun
inside the street cable from taking the word first okay who’ve alluded works for us well anxious to get the sponsors i wanna
see response looks like some of these electric it looks like pigs but
everything looks like pics uh… it somewhere down the correct that i’m gonna turn it into a craft okay up yet skeletons ok that’s not very good uh… cover maybe she can right now yeah i’m trying i’m getting down these might be a little
bit of a hassle all my principal just look at where the lobbyists and
don’t go there thanks alec and others no big deal sounds kept
the in video settings there’s no pretense totally helped yeah legacy don’t really want you to you turn up the brightness just because it can have absolute lake the pregnant
so that’s very effective begin but yeah i guess you’re different
computers it became known formally crap the disaster is not like the best thing bluntly look great great like below us there is liking one two three four five senses on
something omigod skeletons uh… can you put that crafting bench down where this anywhere so that i can make
it like tat pic needs and t_n_t_ now i don’t think so com you no utilize your history diversity of for going in there catherine universal’s you yourself ’cause no will week terribly art alright you have extended no that’s not fun who let’s get a bunch of standing still
run with it are the chances for me to keep them stop here uh… cannot purchase a handgun and disconnect
rex staircase up i can’t tell what stances out fecundity outright crafting piano of god
told my god that was not a good idea are crap acknowledged cloverdale is uncertainty that i made it
exit accidentally okay time almost get i’d have one air
influence on it differently katha pollitt laptop please with this one through base pins went in there hansel i had to purchase yes i think if you bobbie just is funny
man so i’m just gonna be that a little bit ordered uh… i think how do we get back slit i think our first priority would
probably be uh… like genting sapling because that might be pretty useful actually but there’s no fear yeah we might find it go i_q_ apple mail i can’t make it any phones and the phone so you can get one sapling and week go often when trying fine wait what’s the final objective of this
uh… we have to go on for subject is it is to find fear file objective is to
find some victory statute so we’ve got a cold wet on the victory
statute by d_c_ victory exactly no plant wildly i said just to find it
anything their is a forty-nine it’s right for a
song near doesn’t seem like much of the statute citizens to care for you position here he instantly reaper found model on the laptop calls her it it and that wasn’t easy jump to uh… we’re gonna leave attracting
people aviation just put down crafting yeah food to make it s in kerala useful stuff
and let’s go to your responding point there whenever uh… regatta sapling yeah that’s happened so we can there s for now and go back this fall this coast guard he carefully going on grand the boat
underway this one point is picked for this callous indifference if um… over omigod itself uh… and respond wind love okay ham if you look at the end of the cute
little despite your despite your it here about one-half heartbreak died from any proof respond in a while as usual and i responded louder it’s just such a gay man you know i don’t know where i am but a contrast descends means i’ll only so much stuff being guarded by he’s
on the instills in that’s fallen you might
think near not paying attention to me and just locked in a okay pecan pie crap might like find mike asking people king very standard unwitting great mexico like with him
off-track said that have hands-on details fighting please we so need to get our stuff hanging steel haunting this action you
scornfully near not you’ll be close to this point
in point uh… going out for what actively insurable on-scene started cracking cable is that you my canonized he’s still working has contacted it has also improvement i’m gonna go down there not elliott amok responding skit k here happens all the time that way

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