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Minecraft Mods hey what’s going on guys Jade here from to epiphany and we are back and today we’re playing some minecraft it’s a little bit different but we’re gonna be checking out some minecraft mods i thought would be a really fun to go ahead and play some minecraft mods with you guys I know you love my GTA 5 mods so I thought let’s do some minecraft mods feel they got some pretty cool stuff so this is actually gonna be my first ever minecraft mod video and if you guys enjoy this if you guys want me to do more of this slap a like on this video if we get we get 2,000 likes i will do another minecraft mod video and in fact I might actually do some minecraft mod livestreams if you guys like that so much but without further ado we are here and we are in beautiful minecraft and it’s beautiful and sunny out but not for long because we’re checking out the tornado mod this mod is the biggest it’s the baddest it is absolutely crazy and unfortunately for some of our little animal friends here I don’t think they’re gonna last too long so i thought we do guys is before we start the tornado I would go and make myself a makeshift shelter and we’d see if we can’t survive the tornado they will get some animals maybe we’ll wrap it up and see what happens i also have a volcano which I don’t really know what’s gonna happen when i spawned the volcano so I’m a little bit worried but nonetheless I think we should be ok so I’m going to grab yourself some some fences here i’m also going to going to go ahead and grab some sponsors let’s see let’s grab some sheep his sheep always get get the brunt of tornadoes you know you got an old farm and your farming for sheep i guess you know from the she just kinda great you raise the Sheep they’ve got wool on them but unfortunately if you don’t bring them inside the barn and the tornado comes around while you’re gonna lose all your sheet i think so we’re gonna test it this is for science mr. sheep let’s pick I’m so sorry i mixed you up right this is my makeshift tornado house which I’m hoping I’ll be able to survive in and you know it’s nothing crazy it’s not huge it’s not big I prefer the grass floor because i like it like the feeling of grass between my feet there we go this is looking this is looking awfully nice guys I don’t often like to toot my own horn but this is probably going to survive the tornado I mom I’m guessing it will you know and it also could be that the tornado doesn’t even come near knows maybe maybe we just survived but let’s go and place this down here oh you know what we forgot we forgot the door guys we forgot a door and I’m put some glass hippies would be realistic you know you have your nice little windows in your house right that’ll be my door and we’ll have a nice little windows section here in front of the door there is a beautiful home i love to raise a family here and get married probably not but it’s okay for that you’ve got almost throughout the room I almost forgot the roof guys could you imagine if I forgot the Ruby raining on our heads and also probably lots of sheep would be dying so you know maybe falling on our heads but there we go we got that all settle now we’re just gonna go ahead and grab the door to be super secure we will grab a iron door because iron doors are the most secure possibly maybe it’ll probably honestly end up being just the iron door remaining but nonetheless oh no I broke that all right there we go now let’s uh let’s go ahead and make our little sheet pan over here you know because I my name is farmer John so I i bought gates are brought gates that’s that’s not what i wanted to do but as farmer John would do i’m gonna need to i’m going to need to make room for our sheep so let’s see here what can we put four sheep i want to put that you know what let’s do let’s see something nice yeah let’s just do like a real fence your real friends here no nothing nothing fancy because this is supposed to be realistic so this is honestly what we would have no we’re gonna we’re gonna cram the sheep in here by the way guys we’re gonna we’re gonna go overkill farmer John was a very very wealthy sheep farmer do a lot of sheep unfortunately for our shape that that also might mean they’ll die so I but maybe tomorrow maybe they won’t get we don’t know we don’t know this is why we’re doing this we go right mr. sheep are you doing oh you’re obviously have a baby oh my god already having babies I don’t know if you want to bring children into this world mr. sheet man there’s a storm a comin I can feel it my knee is acting up and I’ve gotta Tierney that acts up all right there’s my overcrowded and I don’t call PETA don’t call PETA yeah guys I realize okay it’s a little over crowded but don’t worry alright so now it’s a beautiful normal day here for furniture and has a honey I’m home jeepers i obligated today Jesus if I the live next to that I don’t think I can i don’t think i could guys I think I think I go crazy just be quiet storm is a common shape don’t you know alright looks like clouds to clear away i don’t even start is that storm coming guys storm’s a-brewin little or no storms of storms a-brewin oh ok alright it started oh my god by shape ship mr. ship is gonna look at them guys out there you took my shape I energy back this is the oh my god guys it’s destroying everything it’s destroying everything oh no oh please willoughby lamb chops please open its a horsey who don’t ship that far there are dying oh my got it literally took my sheep we got one we got water to overhear oh my god guys it’s just pull it up animals all over the place you know it’s just drawing these trees but my house all my house is looking okay she’s she held in there guys she’s looking okay she’s looking okay not really you know what though I bet if we had an underground storm shelter we would be fine hope doesn’t come back well it looks like it might come back guys it does it doesn’t look like a happy storm with this own sunflower my oh my god you can just follow the path of the storm oh no don’t do it’s raining and pigs hallelujah it’s raining pigs 00 is actually not picking me up which is good so i don’t think i could be heard by the storm whoa mr. cow come back baby pick up the baby pig boy flew right by it’s so stormy whatever my place breaks down although it just pulls it up it just pulls it know it pulls it away you leave my bricks and nod oh no no we get to the eye of the storm guys I’m gonna get right into the eye of the storm oh my god i think it’s i think it’s going to start a fire over there oh my god that’s insane I can’t believe look at the trail look look at the trail that left oh I decided it look at the trail the guys that is crazy cheese’s alright alright so that was a no-no the carnage all the carnage well now it’s just raining okay well we have another option guys we have the volcano now i’m not entirely sure what the volcano’s going to do you know i’m no science expert but i feel like the volcano might actually get us killed so i’m gonna go ahead and place down here and gives we need to retreat to our house and just to show you guys how amazing my houses i’m going to add some structural support to the house here is going to add some advanced structural support this is called my house antenna if you don’t have one at your house then you’re weird there we go that’s my house antenna and that’ll that’ll be sure to to save us oh my gosh storm’s a-brewin alright guys I don’t know how it started fire i guess thats that’s win friction for you that’s some mighty wind friction although the fence State defense held in the windows held so maybe I’m doing things wrong maybe she’s live in a glass house alright guys we’re gonna start the we’re going to start the volcano all right wall be no oh my god what just happened did I just create a massive volcanic what what what is it what god it’s just a big volcano what is it can start doing stuff because it’s smoking this is the perfect time to use my time we got mobs out oh there goes oh no guys our house would not have stood a chance it would not have it wouldn’t of there’s just no way there’s no way here let me try arm i guess we made her house at a brick right like brick ok you’re all i want to break real quick real quick before the before the lava comes come on mr. sheep getting sad it’s the only way you live is coming Oh Kim’s coming mr. ship we gotta get inside quickly mr. she was like I’m not getting inside I know what happens guys don’t worry we’re going to survive this there’s no way it can melt break maybe you can I don’t know in volcanoes melbourne guys it in might 100-percent be able to hurt us I’m hoping though that we live that’s that’s the hope and dream right now guys is that we live there we go alright alright looks like we’re all safe and secure in here so we can watch it that’s really cool though right if this doesn’t do anything on the spot another tornado and see if that does something I don’t know oh so slow maybe more excuses maybe an f2 volcano that actually change it all there’s a lot of a lot of water moving around here I don’t see this storm though Nene’s that oh my god always like a story didn’t kill everything though looks like we’re okay guys think we’re okay that’s the top of all oh that’s so we have like a massive storm actually crazy alright let’s try let’s try a if that too is what I don’t know actually oh it did create an app to oh my god I wonder if that’s like a if that’s like actually like we can go all the way up like f600 no get inside the shelter will be saving yeah storm cat touch oz of the glass is gone preparing the glass oh my god oh my god this is a bad storm this is a this is a very bad storm holy beje– oles all those wolves are getting picked up for my god guys the storm is huge okay I know what you’re all thinking is saying Jake what happens with the neff 21 I don’t and in order to watch this storm I thought we could make a weather tower like they have places i think maybe they might have whether towers here we go but we’re gonna we’re gonna load this up here seems like bricks actually okay like if i were to make my my house other BRICS we’d be okay but let me go and let’s do this and we’re going to do these slashes alright and let’s do like f5 or something don’t know how high this goes oh my god oh yeah so very wide storm we got things being picked up from all over seems like I’m okay here though honestly this thing is scary because all the sons of raining spiders baby spiders raining all over do that here we go glass isn’t as that I don’t think or know it seems like we’re okay here with the blocks used more want to pick up mobs and stuff so that’s that’s good oh my God all we lost glass we lost pieces of glass although like I said guys if you build your house out of bricks you get to go no tornado can touch you alrighty can you mean get it was knocking on your door saying hey anyone home you’re saying no one’s home tornado go away I mean my house out of bricks that’s that’s what you guys got to do but has the storm picks up guys I think this is where I’m going to end the video for today I want to thank every single last one of you guys for coming out to this video watching this video’s was a stream but because like this let’s say guys if you enjoyed this minecraft video and you want me to do more minecraft especially my craft month if you guys think it would be really fun for me to find awesome and amazing minecraft mods in live stream them on the channel then hit that like button down below with just a bunch of sheep just fellows are pick out there they go yeah I hit that like button down below guys we get 2,000 likes i will officially do a minecraft mod stream and continue this series also guys don’t forget if you want to enter into him and xbox one or ps4 we are doing a massive give away all you gotta do is put a hashtag xbox one or ps4 down below make sure you subscribe and hit that like button but guys this has been Jake from team epiphany I want to thank every single last one of you guys for coming out to the video and I’ll see all of you guys next time for another awesome minecraft video by as

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