Minecraft – Turn Any Block Into Half-Slabs

as everyone knows there are a few half slabs in Minecraft such as bricks stone bricks now they’re awkward cobblestone and a few others but there are a lot more blocks in there are half slabs and it is a real shame that they don’t all have counterparts so what I have for you today is a method to turn any block into a half slab in vanilla minecraft so I have two variants to show you today yellow stains clay half slabs and Dimond block art slabs so they work just as expected you walk up to and you can walk around on them nice and easily and they also function as stairs go down as well and it’s actually fairly easy to do and completely possible in vanilla how does this work then spawn is I’ll actually no it doesn’t quite any spoilers at all it’s even simpler than that so all this is is this you have a fence post we have fooling sand disguise this diamond block and we also have block 36 so let me explain how this works the fence post is one point five blocks tool your falling sand falls and lands on the fence post but because it’s one point five blocks till it lands point five blocks higher than you’d expect but why is it still in insta form well the reason there is block 36 which is just above the fence so block 36 actually prevents the falling sand from ever landing okay basically traps it in this falling sand state for eternity but that doesn’t explain why the falling sand actually has solidness so i mean by that is if i come over here you’ll notice that these clacks to be walked on their solid so the reason behind that is actually really really simple there you go pots so I’ve used pots here no reason have used pots here is because they have an extremely small one extremely small but they have a very small hitbox so if I come over here and place one here and I take a our slab you’ll actually notice that they’re actually a little bit smaller than a proper slab but they also are smaller on all the other accesses as well so what that means is basically it won’t clip through the falling sand so because the falling centers entity in an actual proper block can also occupy the same area and this flowerpots if I go in there can maybe see it a little easier that is that book there so when I stand on it five it appears as if it’s a hut a full block so it’s really really simple it’s quite a cool little effect obviously you can’t use it in all situations like you can’t just dangle it right in the middle of the air but I don’t think we’re going to be getting any half slabs of all variants anytime soon and I think the time being this is a fantastic alternative you

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