Minecraft Tutorial: How to Build the TEAM 10 HOUSE! *EASY!!!*

hey what’s up guys today we’re going to
be doing another house tutorial but this time we’re going to actually be making a
team ten house so let’s get right into it starting with the material list pause
here to make sure that you have all the materials before we get started and
here’s the layout as you guys want to pause here you can take a look at the
materials and where they go and then here’s the dimensions for everything so
pause here copy this layout in the ground and then come back when you’re
done so first off we’re going to start up behind these dark oak planks and
raise all the quartz walls behind it up seven blocks and okay so we’re going to raise these two
left over at the front up four and connect them at the top and then we’re
going to place a row of cord slabs underneath the front next we’re going to
raise the dark oak planks up to leave the gaps or later when we fill in the
windows is connected to post in the middle blocks across and then building
up the middle six blocks and connecting at the top now we’re going to connect
the top of these two walls and fill in the gap with cracked stone bricks you you
now knock out six blocks and build up three and across one this is where we
will place the door now we can place the roof using quartz slabs so go over all
of the roof don’t leave any overheads and then just simply fill in the roof
with quartz slabs and we’re going around to the back we’re going to place the
rear windows they’re going one over from the right and one down from the top
place to four block windows and then go down to the bottom one block over to the
right and then place two more for wall and moving over to the other wall we’re
going to place another four block window and another four block hole at the
bottom now we can start filling in the windows with black stained glass panes now we can fill in the garage window
with black stained glass now you can fill in this wall if you
want I personally think it looks better when it’s flush but it takes up some
space so it’s up to you now we’re going to place the rear doors
I use dark oak doors okay so now we’re going to start clearing out for the
space for the floor I used oak planks but you can use whatever flooring you
want now we’re going to replace these crack stone bricks with grass now that
that is filled in with grass fill the driveway and path with stone pressure
plates now add the dark oak door now we’re going to add the light dig
down two blocks place a block of glowstone and put free and stained glass
and do another one here next to the door next we’re going to build a wall that
goes around the whole yard so start on the right side go up to go across four
blocks and connect to the wall now build up to go across two blocks and go back
two more blocks and then build up two again and then continue the two high
wall 20 blocks back now build 13 blocks across and then connect to the corner of
the house make sure the whole wall is two blocks high and now we can move on
to building the pool start one block over from the wall and build four blocks
across four blocks down so the pool with corks blog and now we
will make the pathway to the house so starting one over from the bottom right
of the pool place for stone pressure plates fill up one place two more go up
another and place two more it should look like this now we’re going to add
the final touches place dark oak fences over the sections of the wall that are
only one block high and over the balcony in the front and that’s it for building this house I
hope you guys liked the tutorial if you do please leave a like and subscribe and
comment what else you want to see me build

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