Minecraft Tutorial: **UPDATED** How to Build the Team 10 House!!!

hey guys how’s it going
hope you’re good today I’m finally gonna be answering all your comments and
requests for me to build an upgraded bigger version of the team 10th house
equipped with an interior now this is going to be a two-part series since it
would simply just be too big to do in one video so this first video is just
gonna be the exterior and the main framework for the interior and then the
video following that we’ll be decorating the interior as well as finishing up the
backyard so if you don’t want to miss that video be sure to subscribe so
you’re alerted right when that video is uploaded so before we get started building I’m
just gonna give you guys a quick look at what the final product is gonna be so
you know exactly what we’re gonna be building so right when you walk in
there’s this garage area on the left and then we pass through the office the
kitchen and then the living room now going up this big staircase we’re gonna
take a look at the bedrooms so going into bedroom number one we have these
nice paintings as well as these two big windows that really light up this
bedroom there’s also two double chests for your storage then going into the
second bedroom which is a little bit smaller there’s still two nice windows
and two paintings now moving into the third bedroom similar setup to bedroom
number two except with this one we get two double chests and then moving into
the master bedroom we have this double bed surrounded with
court slabs and this big painting above and then of course the two sets of
double doors leading out to the balcony also featured in the master bedroom is
this chest room which has a total of five double chests for all your storage
and then finally we’re just gonna take a look out back into this awesome backyard
which has this really neat pool and hot tub now with the tour out the way we could
get right into it starting with the material list so for the first step we’re just gonna
start off by placing the foundation for the house so starting with 23 quartz
blocks then going left we’re gonna place six and then going over one block we’re
gonna place seven and then going back we’re gonna place 18 blocks then we’re
gonna place two more here on the end and then on the inside we’re gonna place for
crack stone bricks and then going over for the corner off this we’re gonna
place eight quartz blocks and then in between the two quartz walls
we’re gonna place five dark oak planks and I’ll complete the foundation so
we’re gonna move on to this front garage section we’re gonna raise the front
three blocks on each side up three and then connect the top with quartz
blocks and then on top of these dark oak planks we’re gonna add another row of
dark oak planks and then we’re gonna place some quartz slabs underneath here so now over the dark oak planks we can
place quartz blocks and then to finish it off we’re just going to put some
quartz slabs over here so now that this front garage section is done we can
raise all the rest of the quartz blocks up seven so now that that’s done we’re gonna go
over to these crack stone bricks and raise them up to the same height as the
quartz walls which would be up seven blocks then we’re just gonna place a row of
quartz blocks over top and now moving over to the left we’re
gonna do the same thing and connect the tops using quartz blocks place some more
important slabs and then in the middle we’re gonna build a column of quartz
blocks so now we have these two front windows so now we’re gonna do the doorway
knocking out six blocks now going back here we’re gonna build this sort of L
shape using quartz blocks and this will now hold the door moving around back
we’re going to have to edit part of this wall so going up to the fourth block
we’re going to build a row of quartz blocks and then knock out the wall on
top now we will extend this wall back one and then build the top two blocks
all the way across and now in the middle we’ll build down
to blocks this will be the doorframes now we’re gonna make the windows
starting on the right side of the house we’re going to go one up from the bottom
and two from the back and knock out a 1 by 2 window then leaving 4 blocks in
between we will make the same window and then one more one block over now moving
up to the second level we’re going to start by making a 1 by 2 window 1 block
from the top and 4 blocks from the front leave a 4 block gap and make the same
window and then leave 2 blocks in between and make one more and I’m moving
around to the back side of the house we’re gonna make two 2×3 windows one
block from the top and one block from either side then moving down we need to
knock out the spaces for the doors knocking out 4 blocks for each set lastly moving over to the left side
we’re going to make a 1 by 2 window two blocks from the back and one block down
then we’ll make another one one block over another one 3 blocks over and then
one more two blocks over going down from this window we’re gonna
make two one by three windows which will be one block apart and now we’re done with windows which
means we could fill them in with black stained glass panes remember not to fill in the door spaces
with glass panes then there’s one more window we need to
fill in which is the garage window and for this we’re gonna use black stained
glass and not paint so they’ll complete it for the windows and once all of these
are filled in we could place court slabs on top of the whole group so now we’re
going to move on to building the fence that goes all the way around the house
and the backyard placing two quartz blocks in line with this garage wall
three blocks away and then place two blocks then four blocks down in line
with the houses where the double high wall will start and then we will build
back thirty one blocks then we will build left sixteen blocks and then we will build it all the way
back to the front remember to stop the double high wall once you pass the house then we will build a cross until it is
in line with the right-side garage wall and then place an extra block on top now
on top of the single block areas we’re gonna place dark oak fences as well as around this balcony and then
we’re gonna place to dark oak gates on each side leading into the back yard now
we can do the driveway using stone pressure plates then we’re gonna connect this to the all
the way up to the front door I had to knock these two blocks out and replace
them with grass and then for this block we’re gonna put stone now we’re gonna
use stone blocks and dig out this area connecting it to this quartz wall which
will outline the garden so for the garden I mainly just did
double tall grass which looks good behind the dark oak fence then up right next to the door I dug
down two blocks put placed a block of glowstone with green stained glass on
top for a light and then to finish off the front I put a torch beside both
windows so now we’re gonna move on to doing the
backyard replacing the quartz underneath the
doors with stone and then building out this area using
stone and then we will outline the pool using stone starting from the corner
going down six and across four then we will dig down the center two blocks replacing this lower level with
glowstone and then the bottom with quartz so moving on to the hot tub we’re just
gonna use stone and place this basically a c-shape around the pool dig down and
place a block of glowstone and now we could fill it in with water so now going from the corner of the hot
tub we’re gonna extend this three block stone path and connect it to this part so now going over here I realized I
forgot that that’s actually supposed to be grass box and now in the centerpiece
we’re gonna fill it in with stone pressure plates making this kind of
pattern just makes the backyard a bit more interesting now we can add dark oak fence around
this balcony as well as the ladder going up to the roof and then a torch here and
over here and then next to the East doors then we’re just gonna do the basics for
the inside replacing all the dirt with our flooring so we’re gonna fill in the
garage area using stone knock out this block a stone here so them next to this door we’re gonna
fill it in with the quartz blocks so that the wall is flush and then we’re gonna fill in a five by
six area of quartz blocks right by the entrance and then the rest of the
flooring will be Spurs planks now moving on to the stairs we’re gonna go by these
quartz blocks starting three blocks away from the wall place two two oak stairs
then two more and then slabs then going to the right we’re gonna place two more
stairs and then going up one place two more then with slabs starting the second
floor I’m just gonna fill in under here so we’re gonna go across three blocks or
three slabs I should say and then write five connect this to the wall and this
will outline the area for where we won’t build slabs then we could fill in the
rest of the upstairs using oak slabs so they’ll conclude the first video in
this series now that we have the exterior and the interior basics done
we’ll be ready to decorate it in the next video to finish the house off I
know this video was long so if any of you guys made it to the end let me know
in the comments down below but that’s all for this time thanks for watching
and I’ll catch you guys in the next video

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  1. Monica Lidia Dragan

    Cool!I'd like it if you would do a tutorial on how to build a modern beach house!I really need to live somewhere where i wouldn't need a pool to swim!

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    Hey i finished the house and my city is awesome now i have the team 10 house thanks bro hey subscribe to my gaming channel just my name storm barlow the first channels my love u

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