minecraft winter.. SUCKS!!! [#9]

Hey guys! Today’s the day, the big Minecraft village renovation project. 2018 is happening. I am not appropriately dressed, but I am appropriately dressed for… *Sigh* the memorial of tuxedo bunny. I can’t believe that happened. I shouldn’t be laughing. It’s not funny. It’s actually quite upsetting. Dude, Jakob, what’s going on? Why didn’t you keep your eyes on the rabbit? Maybe he did! Maybe that’s why he jumped in headfirst. This is where Jakob was and the rabbits around his somewhere… was around here somewhere Basically today what I want to do, Trayaurous has the googly eyes! Yes! But today what I want to do is I want to clear things up around here. It’s not looking too neat, especially over this area. I want to create a nice bridge, I want to make sure my farm is good, I want to make sure my cattles are looked after as well, because it’s Autumn 29th, which is very, very close if not the day before it turns to winter, so things are going to get a little bit crazy, probably a little bit snowy, so I’m worried. Not gonna lie. Another problem is that we don’t really have that many resources right now, lots of dirt, which is great, but I need to craft myself some axes and I think a pickaxe as well, so let’s do that. There we go, that’s two of those. Not sure what else I’m gonna need, do I need to water everything? Everything is watered, ready to go. Am I gonna get another harvest out of these bad boys, because I am worried that that’s two days. One day I will get another, oh geez, I’ll get another load of sweet potatoes, but some of these eggplants have got only one. Only these patch of eggplants are gonna grow! No! Bad times, bad times. Actually, I just found some wood because I went collecting wood for our next building project, but I’m actually gonna need wood for our bridge. Not quite sure how I’m gonna build it, I think… Hmm, we’re gonna need logs, fences and normal wood. The only thing is, actually let me just break this because it should give me some wood, there we go, haha. Yes, give me more, give me more. Yes. I think I’ve done all my chores today. Actually, I just wanted to check. I haven’t. Have I? Have I fed these bad boys? I haven’t. Great, so I’m gonna have to do this real quick to keep them happy and give big old milks. But I’m guessing these guys are gonna want to be inside because it’s gonna be snowy and stuff in a couple of days, so let’s go collect some wood and let’s sort this out. Wait a second How did you get out of here? What are you doing here? Why are you just chilling out here? Who let you get out? What is going on? Is this door open? This door isn’t even open. Is this… I’m so confused So confused, hi buddy. How’s it going, did you run away? I could have like not even found you. How did that happen? Don’t do that again. Geez… It’s resorted to that, has it? The chickens have started running away. Oh, actually I think I have an eggplant harvest that is just about to be sold overnight But I’m not a hundred percent sure I hope so. Right, it’s getting to night time I’ve only got 44 dark wood, and I was also supposed to be planting these so they can actually grow I don’t know how many I need of these were bright they can grow by themselves or in fours I don’t know, but I need to get home before I get killed oh speaking of being kills. Here’s an Enderman just in time ah Yeah, I’m just gonna try and walk past you without being spotted. Don’t even look my way. We’re safe Let’s go to bed the question is do we earn any money, let’s have a look please, please Yes, okay, we did nice nine thousand one hundred and twenty nine That’s really good. We needed one more crop. Just before it turns to winter which I’m guessing is not gonna No, no no no. No. This is not happening. It’s not happening like this go away. Go away go away How are you hitting me from that far away? He’s probably tramping all my crops as well, but I’m gonna have to strafe him and go in for a shot We’ve got a strafe. Let’s strafe There we go and him for a shot smack. Oh jeez no. Why are you doing this to me go away? Every episode Every episode that is it that does it just get out of here. You’re breaking over crops if you break any crop That is oh jeez come here come here go in go in attack attack dogs. Go you’re just sitting there you doing no. He’s gonna He’s gonna. Hit me. No. This is so awkward get out of here. Oh geez don’t on kill me yes Ha ha oh that was annoying as long as he didn’t ruin any of my crops. It’s fine. That’s the only thing I’m worried about with those things as soon as you jump on these they just get destroyed right That’s over now. We need to get back to this project harvest everything we can before winter comes I think we’re gonna be one day short on all of our eggplants. Oh, no actually that’s tomorrow That’s two days There’s definitely not gonna be 32 days is there? We’re gonna get one eggplant crop and that is it come on guys we need to get out of here. This way this way hurry up Get all my stuff back. I got a bow actually a rare bow which is quite cool. I think I did Nope, there’s something missing. There’s my oakwood. They literally just went to collect there it is Oh, my goodness really why does my stuff go so far when I die right? Let’s pop these away real quick there. We go. Let’s do our chores, and then collect some more wood wait. Can I see you again? No But you look fluffy. I should never have bought you you tiny sheep. You ripped me off basically, right? I’m gonna give out Cow treats as well, so hopefully I can milk them more often in the future I don’t know how many times I’m gonna be able to do that or when it even happens But I’m gonna try Oh about two big milk that medium milks even that’s awesome This milk is a little milk That’s fine, but they won’t let me milk them again So obviously they’re not that great right now two medium milks though is a great start It’s actually a perfect start because it means that we can get more money That’s like 50 more gold per milk means you’re at least getting some kind of money before winter comes oh, man. It’s already midday Right I have a decent amount of wood now. So we should be able to get this started Let me think of a plan it’s gonna look kind of cool because these are circular But I’m gonna do it’s kind of like a mini Golden Gate Bridge Style, I guess I’m gonna put in all of the the little trunks first just so I know that they’re the right way around And I can use them for wood in the future This is pop one this side as well, and then when I go up like this. Yeah, that looks pretty cool I like that and I guess we should do one in the middle as well which I about here Let’s see if this looks good it does I think I might want to come across one to be honest yeah, that one’s definitely better all right Let’s move this one and then we can start building the actual the actual bridge We need lots of slabs I can always yeah, I’m just gonna why I’ve already done it now We’re gonna change it all into slabs and see if this is enough cuz I want to make it so that I’ve got Enough for fences as well, which should be good man. It’s going to nighttime already. This is insane I need to make it go up like this Does it need to curve any more? I guess we could do it one more? But doesn’t really need to yeah, I can go out like this. Okay. This is perfect Let’s just put in all the other slabs I’m poor need to get some torches up on here as well, buddy got literally one torch which is fantastic Please nothing hurt me. I’m building a bridge there. We go is it done there. We go. There’s the bridge Finally the real Disgusting bridge that we had there before has changed. I think I need to change this bit though How many steps up was it it was only it was only two But you know I kind of like it is the shorter version let’s pop this Just here. I definitely made way too many slabs that’s much better sweet. I just needs I need some torches Don’t I I have enough perfect torches and then we compare those back in there I think out know what I say what I say. Oh geez Travis watch out. Do not get killed Please do not get killed none of you get killed there. We go. I’m going to sleep. This is getting treacherous, okay? We’re safe. We’re safe everything’s good right at 11,000 and everything’s dead No, I thought we’d have another day. I really thought we’d have another day We can’t even harvest anything look at all of these eggplants that could have survived Literally one day and we’d have been rich as anything but no This this is that actually real life, there’s a there’s a zombie here as well great, okay? Not sure what I’m gonna. Do now I need to go and grab my stuff I’m lucky that that was only I’m lucky that all of my stuff wasn’t even made I live just lost everything before I’d even harvested it I’d have been super excited. I can see it in my head right now I’m a mega excited about everything growing, and I just would have died This is a horrible horrible experience is that how many times I died now in this one episode I don’t know, but it’s too much right this now needs sorting. This is this is not goods torture the ends that never happens again right, okay, so Winter is is Here. I am I am scared. Why is the moon? Rectangle what is happening there, but the moon’s a rectangle That’s so weird anyway less of that and more Building I need to make some fences. I think right so I need lots of sticks which I’ve accidentally made which is fine and then Dark oak wood fence. Okay. I don’t think this is gonna be enough, but it should be okay I think I’m gonna need to replicate this on this side as well so we can go like that Oh that looks horrible get out of here. Okay, that looks better I’m just gonna have to put it underneath like that instead so that should be fine It’s just where we started what we were doing. What are you doing? You’re taking a bath? I need to heal up my dogs because they’ve been serving me pretty well So I need to treat them like they’re well-loved, which they are of course, but I just need to prove it They will get in the way of my building though. Okay. I think I have finished Leverage I just want to put yeah, I think I’m gonna put these on here And then I’m gonna add this and this and then one more here when we’re here one more here, and I think Bridge is done Do I want to put one more on each one do we have any like? Lamps and stuff, let’s have a look. I’ll go for light And see what we’ve got that’s that’s way too many. This is a PC. Yes. I need a gaming PC I actually need a house. I’ll be a good start wouldn’t it umm lamp Okay, we’ve got fancy lanterns. We’ve got So many lanterns and stuff, I think I’m just gonna pop these on for now just cuz we need as much light as possible So the the the nasties don’t come and blow us up again. I’m not salty They’re not salty at all that’s looking good. Though. It kind of matches all the dark wood in the Everything I like it. I like it a lot What do we need neck actually I just want to add a couple little bits here. I just want to do this Yep want to put a piece of dirt here Just so it levels that part out and make sure that this is sorted out on this side there We go and there we go perfect right next port of call is making this path just more easy to Access, so I need to take this annoying and disgusting thing else and I kind of only need to fill it with dirt Just because I want it to be grassy I guess I do need to add some paths and stuff And I think there might be some included in this so if I go on path What do we have okay? We don’t actually have passed. There is something though like Stone path I’m pretty sure Deco craft has something where you can just put like stones on top of things you’ve done it before When we’re in the diamond dimensions we had that can’t seem to find it maybe not then but I have spotted this a convey about That looks amazing Oh look look at this. It’s two iron ingots one redstone and three leather for a conveyor belt we need to do that That’d be amazing. I don’t know what it does, but it’ll be sweet, so hopefully when I put all of this dirt around here What will happen is the grass will just gradually get over to it? And then we’ll have a proper wraparound path, which will be goods let me just grab some more dirt Oh all the things the dead actually I need to see is it too late Yeah, she’s not even open I was gonna see if I could find out what kind of seed she has cuz I am making no money today There’s one thing I do have a lot of it is dirt a crazy crazy amount of dirt. How’s that looking? That’s much better So now we can actually run around the front and not feel like we’re trying to jump and parkour over different bits and over time this will just Turn into grass Hopefully anyway if it doesn’t we’re gonna have to change it again. I might even add some tiny bridges over here Just so that I can do a quick shortcut around the corner and use the new bridge Yeah, but least we found a useful this dirt. This is awesome. Okay I think are actually done if we do a quick run through just run this way Round the corner, maybe this could be filled out a little bit more and then round this corner. We’ve actually got a waiter Why does this never get old they’re literally just? Googly, eyes it although. I like it. Let’s take care of our animals real quick sit is turning Oh, my goodness is actually turning to the next day, which is insane quick quick quick We need to get this stuff in before midnight there. We go and Egg boom that’s literally all we have that’s crazy right that’s sleep away. Hopefully. We don’t get destroyed and wake up with a little bit of money, so Literally 400 and a giant log. Hello rights this a day is Sunday so Jenny isn’t open which is annoying because I really really want to see what she offers in the winter It’s an Enderman just chillin over there. It’s fine. Hi buddy. How’s it going? What do we need to do next? We need to See can we get some bone meal to make this grass grow just to make it look nicer a lot quicker I think we can we’ve actually got so we’ve got a few bones right, but three Let’s see how much this give us got nine. Let’s see if this works I don’t even know if this works, but I’m gonna give it a go three two one BAM No, no it doesn’t work, let’s actually see if the goddess says anything to us about winter because sometimes she gives us gifts Sometimes she gives us money, and I think I’m gonna need it at some point so hi goddess. How’s it going? Do you need anything else my sweets? Yeah? I need money to be honest tomorrow’s looking lovely to have sunshine. That’s goods She literally doesn’t say anything There if you fancy giving me a gift the easiest way to store an item into the pond literally join some blackberries Enjoy, she doesn’t even want the blackberries She’s rejected them this Enderman has picked up a block of my farm I’m not too annoyed because there’s not really any farm left to be honest, but we do need to sort out And I’m actually really impressed about how much this this bridge has transformed the whole place I think it looks awesome hmm hold on a second. I need some leather I feel like you have leather there. We go. I need to make an item frame are checking to steal this one. Thank you I’m just gonna put this here and then put a goddess flower in it just because I Don’t know if these will despawn if you throw them into the water because she D spawns after a while So I’m just gonna put that there just we always have a goddess flower Why is there a witch there? Can I grab a witch with the lead No, no, please no. No no no leave me alone leave me alone. We don’t need you here. How did you even get it? Why are you still aggressing on me go away. No this is bad. I’m out. I’m out I’m out leave me alone leave me alone I Have no weapons literally no weapons at all look at her over there. She thinks she’s the goddess nah I mean you can be for now if you want to because I’m not going to argue with you look at her Guys this witch is still chasing me. I don’t think I even have any arrows. Do I I literally have no arrows I can’t deal with this woman. I found six. I am gonna destroy you whether you like it or not there we go There’s one she’s just chilling in the fountain think it’s gonna give you youth I don’t think so I don’t think so at all She’s still in there. I think she is yeah. Yep. She’s just you know swimming in the fountain What’s wrong with this woman? I am going to destroy you as long as you don’t destroy me first here We go to a dodge just do a weave. Let’s smack him. She gained health again. No, this is unacceptable. Thank you What did you give me just sugar okay? At least she’s out of here now. That’s good so part of me Just wants to sleep. I think I’m gonna do it I’m gonna sleep and wake up in the next day because then jenny is going to give us whatever she sells in the winter, and I’m hoping it’s something that allows us to just be a Little bit productive in winter, so I’m just worried that the animals aren’t gonna be enough I don’t really want to spend my money on just two animals For a hundred. I think like 200 gold a day. It’s gonna be a tricky one guys, but we’re gonna get through it Don’t you worry at least? We have a new bridge at least We’ve got one of those, and I think yeah look the grass is actually spreading. This is working I was going to with the big green generation project. I was gonna add paths But I kind of liked it without paths right now I kind of liked that the village is just built in the Just in the grass and the hills I think that’s so much better So I’m gonna leave it like it is for now the other thing I really needs is a house, but I just want to see what Jenny’s gonna sell me first she opens at 9:00 So I’m gonna see what she sells me UNEP doesn’t just build random buildings He always builds something else so this has been my house for a while. I can’t really cool This the big minecraft regeneration village project 2018 if I just build a bridge do I? I can’t do that so I’m gonna try and build myself little house. Where should it go No idea because I’ve kind of filled up all the space maybe I could just have a 10 or something that everybody Oh, maybe I could build on the hill I could be like king of the hill and then look down upon my kingdom Let’s see what that looks like so up on here yes That would be perfect Do I have a shovel on me? I don’t right I’m gonna flatten this out and prepare myself for a tiny house, Jenny, Jenny, Jenny, Jenny, Jenny. What’s good? Where did you just oh geez really you’re still here, but you’re outside now. I mean, that’s fine I don’t want to talk to you. Anyway. Okay. What do you sell you sell flour? Chakra breads cooking oil rice balls and salt, so you literally sell everything you did before But that’s it just with bread so you can sell well You can only sell bread for one hundred anyway flour I don’t even know what you use for Chocolate and cooking oil you can cook meals and stuff in this But I’m not sure how so if we get flour like this bake me to bake bread I literally can’t get any recipes from it. That’s so wit Jenny. Help me out here I need a recipe book up in here. What are you looking at huh? I know I’m gonna go hungry It’s not funny. You don’t even have organs, so please stop looking at me. I’m gonna. I’m gonna slice you there you go That’s what you get for looking at me right guess It’s time to chop down some trees and make ourselves a house, so I’ll be back in a second I’ve also want to touch on what I’m gonna do in the next video which is delve into the world of engineering. That’s right We’ve got electricity and stuff in this mod, which is what most of these guys sell So we don’t have to craft most of it, so that’s exciting, but first. I need to make myself a house, otherwise I’m gonna die repeatedly over and over again. It’s not gonna be fun for you guys to watch Oh, maybe it is. I don’t really know, but either way. I’m getting some wood right. It’s getting dark. I’ve decided I want to do is my house. I love these trees I’ve also decided what I’m gonna do with that bone meal that I had these are called sakura trees Or sakura woods is what it drops anyway, and it drops these amazing saplings as well So i’m gonna grab these i’m gonna try and live in like a Sakura house Don’t know how well it’s gonna go, but it’s gonna be worth a try also drops loads of saplings So you can regenerate it pretty easily? Oh geez I’m gonna die. I’m gonna die. I’m gonna die oh no No, no, no, this is not happening. This is definitely not happening come on porkchop You can save me now come on save me. I just need to run come on. You’ve got this buddy You’ve got this why do I leave it so late. It’s only 6 p.m. But cuz it’s winter It’s just like super dark one skeleton here And I am dead so I need to sleep so quickly come on come on sleep. Yes Ha ha made it that was close right let’s regen Let’s get back up to normal and what am I gonna do now? I need to get up there, but there’s a skeleton where I need to sort my life out I need to get myself a new axe but I have no iron there any iron in here No ok this is bad, but I need my bone meal And I want to grow these trees because I think they’re gonna look amazing no no no not near my chests anywhere But the chests, this is the most ridiculous pack ever look. He’s just chilling there. He’s like. I’m standing where you were standing Ha ha oh jeez ok. This is not good. This is really not good. I’ve got so much in my imagery. It’s unreal I need to light this place up better. I need, I need lanterns. Don’t I like lights look at this it’s bothering trailers No, no, I’m just going up to the top. I need to grow some trees actually I think there’s some iron in here, so I’m gonna sort out. Oh my goodness I’m so gonna die why is it so dark and cold and alone and scared up here no Why why? Why why why why why why why why? (lol you died lol you died) d’uh! I tried to build up and away from his uh his like his distance. Oh jeez It didn’t blow up, it actually didn’t blow up. Oh I’m so blessed this is ridiculous. The times that I’ve died in this stupid game! I bet he’s still here isn’t he I want you to burn I want you to burn and die go away He’s gonna kill me again I just need you to burn Please there’s so much the creepers following me up as well this this is not fun. This is actually not fun What do you want me to do? What do you want from me? Huh you know what I’m just gonna wait here until they old jeez no no no no go away please Don’t explode away things. I just need you to burn set on fire, please There we go I will happily watch you die from a distance. Goodbye. See you later now unfortunately creepers Don’t do that, so I’m gonna have to be super careful And I need to collect my things I tried to build up and away from it no No go away. You’re gonna burn as well. How you think it’s so funny. Don’t you let me help you along your punk Oh geez, okay, maybe not I need to cut all my thing when I built up I just exploded even further out of everywhere, so I don’t even know if I’m gonna have all my things I think some of the things are even down here. Yeah, one piece of sugar. Oh geez no no the creepers down here I just remembered the creepers down here stay in there. Did he explodes. Nope you still there. Okay? Let’s just uh? Let’s just leave right okay now. That’s done Let’s try this out shall we I want to grow these I’ve lost my bone meal my bone My bonemeal was gone which means that I am still missing things. Have I lost anything important I’ve got the Sakura words. I think I’m good I just don’t have my bone meal for some reason.Right let’s grow this, one, two, three, four, there we go. Look how beautiful that is! That’s so cool. I wanna get rid of this now as well. I haven’t I’m going axe on me, which is fine. Wait a second my bone might be up here. I think it’s up there. Haha gimme, gimme, gimme, there it is perfect. I want to live between two of these trees, so I’m gonna put another sakura tree right here. Grow this bad boy, there we go, and how we lookin, we’re looking good. I just need to build a house like that. I don’t need anything crazy, cuz I just don’t.I’m not the best builder in the world as you guys know. So I don’t need anything too complex. I don’t know what’s build!!! I’m just gonna try it and when I come back this will be the second part of the regeneration projects, oh, a mushroom. The Sakura wood is so nice check this out look how nice that is it’s like pure white wood It’s so cool. You can even make the Sakura workbench, door, literally everything out of this it’s gonna look amazing Why did you just do that!? I completely forgot he was there look at this mess the regeneration project is Really grinding my gears We don’t need crops isn’t it otherwise there would be so much more mad guys I let you just woke up and look at this snow I I can’t see anything right now. That’s so weird This winter’s the worst Why is it so terrible that rainbow looks insane though? Yeah, okay. This is gonna be difficult. Yeah. I literally can’t see anything. I’m gonna die unless you’re gonna die here This is awful you left. I need sanctuary. I just need to stay in here until it gets time I can see this is madness. I just want to build the house am I safe I Don’t know it’s looking. Yeah. It’s just looking terrible right now. I’m not a fan of this I don’t think anything burns in this weather either. No look. It’s blowing things up okay Not winter is the worst I can see why in Game of Thrones they hate it I’m just gonna sleep next day none of the snow. Please it’s still here The snow is still here. I literally I literally can’t do anything. I can’t see The zombies and stuff stay where they are that they don’t die I’ve got a sword now But that’s not really helping me at all there’s two zombies on my brand-new bridge this was gonna be called the The great village regeneration projects, but now it’s just cool I don’t know winter sucks or something along that line Because I haven’t been able to do much for the regeneration have I I didn’t think winter would be this bad. It’s pretty But it’s also pretty annoying. There’s not really much. I can do. That’s as far as I’ve got my house look I’ve got a door That’s it I need to harvest sakura trees, but I can’t do that because there’s just nasties everywhere only have five hearts So they are gonna kill me. Oh there’s another creeper creeper creeper. Oh my goodness What is happening Jacob save me look at these things? There’s a Zombie gold armor winters the worst there are monsters Absolutely everywhere like literally everywhere. I am going to die alone scared and Losing all my items the only way you can stop the snow thing is by going under a tree or something We’re going in a cave Otherwise you’re just blind. I’m just going to stare youlfs you left. I’m staying in here I’m going up to the top and I’m gonna use these beds that aren’t actually beds if that’s okay with you I can’t even do that. It’s stuck there. We go. I’m done here This is crazy the the big regeneration project has now been cooled off due to Winter weather things you guys have been telling me to build a house for ages I didn’t do it and now it’s all there is his snow does it literally never Allow them to burn this guy’s not gonna burn because he’s got a crazy amount of armor, but what about the um? What about the rest of them at least have a piece of your armor, please? No fine, you know what you are the first sacrifice into the lake There’s creepers, but I’m not seeing anything else. I don’t know if they burn because it is daytime It’s just wintry no no no no I’m stuck between two creepers. This is not good. I don’t know where to go I don’t know where to go. I can’t even run everything is just spawning in I hate this. I hate this so much you have You’ll if I need your help. I thought this was a happy farming pack turns out It’s not. It’s full of death and destruction with my name all over it. I’m staying in here I wasn’t going to end it then but I’m gonna have to I wanted to do so much more for the regeneration project but I can’t because farming is a dangerous profession guys and Yeah, we’re gonna have to call it off I’m sorry If you have any ideas for how I can survive the winter please do put them in the comment section down below because I currently Have no idea Whats so ever. I’m not sure what to do about the monsters I’ve got five parts two shots from a bow from a skeleton And I’m dead I could get blown up by a creeper at any time, and I just want to build a house That’s all I want if you enjoyed this video anyway that Pacific felt like that be greatly appreciated We did manage to build a bridge and make the land a little bit better apart from that It was a whole load of nonsense, but if you did enjoy your thumbs That would be great and if this happens to be the first video you see by me Please do consider subscribing to join team TDM today or for daily videos apart from that guys. Thank you so much for watching You are the best and I’ll see you all next time goodbye

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  1. 「Łïł Čïññäbõñ」

    Who else is triggered that Dan said Sakura wrong XD I’m Japanese so I guess I’m one of the only ones who suffered the pain ;-; it’s Sah-koo-rah btw

  2. Claire Griffiths

    It wasn't decocraft with the path it was mr crayfishes furniture mod rip diamond dimensions even though he says he might make a new series pls do I love it

  3. Elena Ivanova

    You can tell how much health your dogs have by the tail. The more it is up the more health it has. Heal it by giving it meat.

  4. Angelinthemoonlight :3

    You should’ve gotten the fishing hut before winter. Then you can catch fish and not relay on your crops(because their gone)

    R.I.P dans crops

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