Minercaft PS4 Co-Op Survival – Sneaky Stripes! – Episode 9 – Mineshaft Madness!

– [Zebra] What’s up guys and welcome back to more Sneaky Stripes
Minecraft PS4 co-op fun with Stealth, how are you? – [Stealth] I am doing wonderful, Zebra. How are you doing? – [Zebra] Really good, and
this horse is very beautiful. You were right. – [Stealth] I saw this horse
in my peripheral vision and I was like, “I must have it.” I must have this horse. – [Zebra] It must be mine. – [Stealth] Yeah, let’s actually
go check out your horse. See how he’s doing real quick. Because he’s probably lonely. – [Zebra] Now, where is he? – [Stealth] You don’t even remember. You’re such a horrible owner. – [Zebra] He’s over here. – [Stealth] He’s like,
“You abuse me, Zebra.” “You don’t love me, Zebra.” – [Zebra] I do love you. – [Stealth] Yeah, he’s over here chilling. Yeah, we should probably
work on a fenced area for these horses, a proper
area for these horses. But we can do that in the future. – [Zebra] I did make some
shears, which I’m gonna be using here just so that I can get
some carpeting in my house at some point or another. I guess we could dye these with a flower. – [Stealth] Okay, yeah,
sounds like a good idea. So, in the previous
episode, guys, we were able to find plenty of iron
as well as red stone thanks to Zebra. Good job, Zebra. So, what we’re gonna do is
we’re gonna craft some block of red stone, and we will do the glitch and hopefully we’re able
to find some mob spawners or even a mineshaft, oh my goodness. If we can find a mineshaft,
the power will be ours for the taking. So, let me just get on
this horse real quick because I want this horse. Get on the horse, why can’t? – [Zebra] I am gonna go and
build a pickax really quick>- [Stealth] Go for it,
bro, and why can’t I get on this horse? This horse does not love me. Hey, did we go to that village over there? I feel like we did. – [Zebra] Yes, we did. – [Stealth] Did we? Wow, this horse really
will not let me ride on it. Maybe this is a legendary horse and my power level isn’t high enough. My XP isn’t high enough for this horse because it won’t let me tame. Usually that button that says tame? – [Zebra] Weird. – [Stealth] Very interesting,
well, I guess I’ll leave it there for now, and
hopefully it will be back. – [Zebra] Let it be free. So, you should show me how
to use the red stone thing. – [Stealth] Let’s first
of all, are you outside? – [Zebra] Yeah, I’m right behind you. – [Stealth] Yay, we got a little sapling. It’s growing, our first tree. We should name it, what
should we name this tree? I got a name. Willow. Willow?
Yes, Willow. – [Zebra] It’s an oak tree though. – [Stealth] Well, you
choose a name, Zebra! You choose a name! – [Zebra] Let’s have it
have an identity crisis for the rest of its life. – [Stealth] Willow the tree. How about Saber? – [Zebra] Sure, that sounds good. – [Stealth] Welcome to the squad, Saber. Our first tree planted. Okay, so, let’s go over
here to the crafting table. And once you go to the crafting table you’re gonna go all the
way to the decorations tab. And once you’re there,
you’ll see the block of gold and you’ll see a bell,
and you’re gonna want to go all the way down
until you’ll see block of red stone which requires nine pieces of red stone, so let
me give you nine pieces of red stone. One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight, nine. So, now you’re able to
craft a block of red stone. And set the decorations
tab and go all the way down once you see the golden
block, go all the way down until you see block of red stone. – [Zebra] There we go, create. – [Stealth] This is very
valuable, do not lose it. Cherish it with your life. – [Zebra] If you break it, what happens? – [Stealth] It just comes back to you. It will still be a block. So, the next thing that you will need is a fence, a fence post. So, I have some made. So, I’m gonna give that to you. – [Zebra] Cool. – [Stealth] So, let’s just go over here. We’re not gonna go too far underground just so I can demonstrate it properly. So, typically, I like to carry
this in my survival worlds. This is really, really, really helpful because say, for instance,
you think you’re close to something like diamonds
or if you’re close to lava or you think you’re
close to a mob spawner like a few episodes ago, we
thought we were really close to a mob spawner, and all you have to do is dig straight down,
maybe three or four blocks or however far down you want to go. And the next thing you want to do is dig one block forward,
and put your fence inside that block that you dug
out, and then once you place your fence in, next
thing you want to do is grab your block of red stone
and place it inside the fence or on top of the fence, and
we are actually right above a mineshaft. We’re literally right
above mineshaft right now. So, I’ll let you come down. Here, let me just break
this, and you can come down. Check it out for yourself. – [Zebra] I’m on top of it. – [Stealth] Oh, you are, oh. I don’t think it will work then. I think you have to get back up. Can you get up? – [Zebra] Here let me, yeah, there we go. – [Stealth] Let me destroy this. Wait, can I destroy it? Oh man, I don’t even have a pickax. – [Zebra] Oh, I can do it, I can do it. There you go. – [Stealth] So, I’ll let
you come up, or come down and you can take a look
at what I was looking at so you see how it works. Let me fill this back up. – [Zebra] All right, I’m ready. So, I place this down,
and then go like this. And then, whoa, this is cool. Okay, cool, yeah, we are over a mineshaft. This is, I’ve never seen this before! It looks like there’s
just gigantic worms all over the place. – [Stealth] Yeah, I did a
couple tutorials on this. So, this is definitely
one of the best things that you can carry around
you at any given moment. So, definitely want to have
a block of red stone on you. If that possible, so. Yeah, we are right above the mineshaft. So, I figured before we go check that out is there anything you need to do up here? Because I’ve a feeling
once we go down there we’re gonna be down there
for quite some time. – [Zebra] Yeah, it looks
really, really big. I don’t think there’s anything
that I have to do up here. – [Stealth] Let me just
empty out my inventory. Do you have iron cooked and everything? Because I figured we’ll need
some food as well as iron. I think I’m running a
little bit low on carrots so I probably should get some food. Oh, whoa, whoa, I have 43 steak. I didn’t even notice it. We can cook some of the
steak, and we should be good. Wow, this is perfect. And yeah, I’m gonna
cook some of this steak and I see another, oh, that’s your horse. I’m gonna cook some of the steak and the next thing I’m gonna do is cook the rest of this iron. And we should be good, man. – [Zebra] All-righty. I’m gonna put some stuff in my inventory that I may not need. Maybe I should make a
second pickax just in case and a spoon to dig through the gravel. – [Stealth] And swords, too, if you have. Have that, but I’m good on torches. I have 37 torches for right now. Make sure you have as much
empty space as possible because we’re gonna find a
lot of treasure down there. – [Zebra] Yeah, okay. – [Stealth] So, this is perfect. – [Zebra] Where are those
extra torches I made? They are here. – [Stealth] Our house is
practically above a mineshaft. That is just really cool. A house, my house isn’t even started but I do have the material. I’m looking really good right now. I have a lot of smooth
stone, so I should be able to start that in the next few episodes. – [Zebra] All right, that is cool. – [Stealth] Let me know when you’re ready. I’m just gonna empty out the rest of this and maybe how many steak
do you think we need? I was thinking maybe 20? 10 each, 10 each should be nice. Okay.
Yeah. – [Stealth] All right, so
that’s gonna have to cook for a few. While that’s cooking,
I’m gonna finish putting some water in the farm. Do you have any arrows? – [Zebra] I have six arrows. Do you want me to bring those? – [Stealth] No, I’ll
leave them in the chest and we can just leave that piling up. Because more than likely
you usually need the arrows and bow for a boss. Like the endo-dragon or the wither boss? That’s when it really comes in handy. You really don’t need to
use a bow against a creeper or an enderman unless
you really just want to. So, yeah, you can just keep those for now. I will store some of my leather
inside the chest as well as this cobblestone, and the eggs. What else can I get rid of? The potatoes, and I think we’re good. – [Zebra] Okay, so where did
we want to start digging? Just right in front of the house? – [Stealth] Well, I thought
back where we did the glitch. – [Zebra] Yeah, so. – [Stealth] I’ll let you
start going down there and I’ll meet you down there in a second. I’m just trying to get
as much food as possible. Because we’re at 14. – [Zebra] I’m gonna start
digging around here. – [Stealth] I’ll see you in second. We’re at 15 steak right now, so. I’ll be good in another minute. I’m set, I have everything else though. I have enough iron, and we
are ready for this mineshaft. Only bad thing about the mineshaft which just comes with the territory is there’s gonna be a lot
of monsters down there. A lot of monsters, guys. – [Zebra] It’s super spooky. – [Stealth] Yeah, very spooky. But, at least, we have the resources so we should be good. All right, so I’m coming down now. I think we have maybe
18 pieces, hopefully. All right, we have 18 pieces,
I think that’s good enough. You still have carrots, too? Because if you don’t. – [Zebra] Yeah, I have nine carrots. – [Stealth] I think we’re set. All right, I will follow you. Wherever you went, oh, I see you. – [Zebra] It’s next to the
horse stable, and I put a little torch by it, yeah, you see it. – [Stealth] Do we know if this is leading to the mineshaft at all? – [Zebra] I think so, I mean
I can always pull it out and double check. – [Stealth] Let me put,
wait, one more thing. I still have my saddle, I
need to put my saddle back on my horse. I still have my saddle. Here we go, put my saddle on this horse and there’s a piggy in there, too. Hello, piggy. All right, I am coming. So, anything, that you
specifically want out of this mineshaft? Do you want diamonds, you want horse armor you want a saddle? – [Zebra] Horse armor? Hold on, hold on, hold on, what is that? – [Stealth] Horse armor,
yes, yes, horse armor. You can put armor on your horse. – [Zebra] That sounds really cool. I didn’t know that was a thing. Now, I want that. – [Stealth] Yeah, it’s very cool. It comes in variations of iron horse armor gold horse armor, and the
rarest is diamond horse armor. Yeah, so, really, really cool to have. Especially if you’re
engaging a lot of monsters if you like to take your horse
out for a midnight strolls. – [Zebra] Okay, I think we
want to start turning here. – [Stealth] Yeah, we probably
would have hit it by now. – [Zebra] Okay, do you want me to try to make the red stone thing again? – [Stealth] Yeah, I just
realized, I don’t even have a pickax, so I’m gonna
craft a pickax real quick. Yeah, you’re more than welcome
to do the glitch again. I usually do it multiple times in order to find exactly where I’m going. Feel free to do that
while I craft this pickax and I’m good there. All right, I’m set. – [Zebra] Okay, let me put a torch down so I can see what I’m doing. – [Stealth] All right,
I’m protecting you, Zebra. I’m watching you. – [Zebra] Okay, so you do this. You do this, and then you do this. Okay. – [Stealth] How we looking? – [Zebra] We actually need
to go a little bit more down. Actually if we dig straight
down there’s a spider, oh no. There’s a spider. – [Stealth] Wait, wait,
wait, what type of spiders? A regular spider? – [Zebra] I can’t see,
there’s block in the way but it looks black, so I
think it’s just regular. – [Stealth] Okay, good,
if it was a cave spider I would say, “No, we should
move away from that.” – [Zebra] But if we move
slightly to our right we can hit an area with a torch. So, that might be safer? – [Stealth] It really doesn’t matter. I feel like either way, we’re
probably not gonna be safe in the mineshaft, we just
have to be extremely cautious. Watch our surroundings, so
it really doesn’t matter. – [Zebra] Then you might
want to hop down here with me and then we’ll just start
digging straight down. – [Stealth] Dig straight
down, aye-aye, Captain. Let’s go! – [Zebra] Oh, I can’t see. – [Stealth] All right, here we go. Do you know how far down,
how many blocks down? – [Zebra] I couldn’t really count. I’m still getting used to this. Ready, ready, ready, ready? Here he is, here he is, here he is. – [Stealth] That’s not the good. These are cave spiders,
these are cave spiders. We want to leave. Yes, they are cave spiders. – [Zebra] Very hard to see,
I’ve never seen a cave spider before, but. – [Stealth] They’re not good. We can block this out hopefully. They do poison damage and
then they also do melee or attack damage. Whatever you want to call it,
they can kill you really quick in a group, so. – [Zebra] Okey-dokey, well,
we got rid of him now, right? – [Stealth] Yeah, they’re blocked out. Hopefully, they don’t spawn outside though because sometimes they can spawn outside. – [Zebra] If we put a lot of torches down we should be okay, right? – [Stealth] Not entirely
because this is a mob spawner. So, they do naturally spawn here. But where’s the rest of the mineshaft? I think we’re at the lowest
part of the mineshaft. So, we probably want to. – [Zebra] It’s all
connected at this point, so. – [Stealth] We probably
want to find the rest of the mineshaft, because I think we’re. – [Zebra] I know that there’s
some torches over here. – [Stealth] Okay. – [Zebra] There’s nothing on this side. Let’s run back over there then. Let me pull out my map really quick to see what level we’re on. We’re on 35. – [Stealth] Let me do the glitch. – [Zebra] Okey-dokey. – [Stealth] I have a feeling
we might be either too low or we’re not low enough. Let me dig straight down. – [Zebra] Okay then. – [Stealth] And dig straight
forward, and I’m gonna place my fence right here. Grab this block of red stone, and. Let me place it in
here, and what do I see? Whoa. That’s a lot of cave spiders, bro. If we dig down we’re probably gonna die. Because there’s a lot of cave spiders. There’s one, there’s two
cave spider mob spawners right directly below us. As for what’s above us, I
can’t really see from here. I do see that area
where we started mining. That dead end for the cave, I see that. Yeah, we’re really close
to lava, so that was close. As for the rest of the
mineshaft, we can dig down. We’re just gonna have to
be really cautious, bro. – [Zebra] Okay. – [Stealth] Because I’m
not seeing any chests so it’s probably, oh,
wait, wait, wait, wait. I see the rest of the mineshaft. Okay, okay, I know how to get there. Let me just double check, all
right, I know where to go now. I know how to do this, let’s go. – [Zebra] It’s up to you. – [Stealth] Believe in me, Zebra. – [Zebra] Where’d you go,
you’re still in there. – [Stealth] Basically, if we dig down we’re gonna reach death. If we don’t dig, and
we need to go straight. Let me just make a sort
of, if we go this way. We should be reaching the next mineshaft or the rest of the mineshaft. What was that? – [Zebra] Sorry, sorry,
I (mumbles) by accident. – [Stealth] I think we’re
close now, we should be. – [Zebra] So, there’s a cave over us. – [Stealth] Oh, ant, oh man, oh man. Oh god, oh god. – [Zebra] No, slice and
dice, slice and dice! Okay, okay, you’re
poisoned, you’re poisoned. More, more, more, more, more, more, more! I’m trying, I’m trying, I’m
trying, I’m trying, I’m trying. – [Stealth] Oh my gosh,
oh my gosh, time to heal time to heal. Oh my goodness, oh man,
the cave spiders are real you usually don’t see
this many cave spiders at a single spot. Oh my gosh, yeah, I gotta
get my health back up. Did you finish him? Okay, you did, sweet. – [Zebra] Yeah, he’s gone, he’s gone. Gone with the wind. – [Stealth] So, I see more
to the left, obviously. There’s a mob spawner over there. – [Zebra] Would we plug up the left? So, that we can go to the
right without being worried? – [Stealth] Let’s do
this, let’s go, let’s go. Oh, okay, my sword, my
sword, my sword, oh god. Oh god, run, run, Zebra, run
Zebra, Zebra, Zebra, run! – [Zebra] I’m trying,
I’m trying, I’m trying! I’m trying! I’m trying, oh my god, help, no, no. – [Stealth] I gotta get my sword out. You all right, you all right, you alive? – [Zebra] Yeah, I’m right next to you. – [Stealth] I’m sorry
I bailed on you, bro. I saw that my sword broke as
soon as I went down there. I was like, “It’s time to go.” Oh my goodness, this is so intense. This is crazy, guys. All right, so we might do
the glitch one more time. Or a couple more times just to be sure we know which direction has the danger. So, we’re sort of prepared
before we cross a corner and there’s a billion cave
spiders ready to kill us. – [Zebra] Yeah. – [Stealth] Yeah, okay,
you’re right next to me, cool. Would you like to take a right or a left? Looks like we’re going left. Anything over there? Lava.
Lava. – [Zebra] Yeah. – [Stealth] Yeah. That’s not fun, all right,
well, let’s ignore that then. Let’s go over here, we do have some iron. So, let me pick up this iron. And is your food looking good? Oh, I forgot, I didn’t
give you any of my steak. – [Zebra] No, no, it’s fine,
it’s fine, I’m good for now. Can’t you find some
cool chests around here? – [Stealth] Yes, yes, you can. Yes, we haven’t been lucky so far. We’ve been finding the mob
spawners and not the chests. I’m just picking up some
of this iron as we go. Let me know if you see anymore red stone because we used all of our red stone just making those two blocks. I would like to have more just in case. – [Zebra] Yeah, if I
see anything interesting I’ll make sure to let you know. – [Stealth] Awesome, and
I reached a dead end. I’m gonna do the glitch
over here, if you want to do the glitch over there. We can probably cover a little
bit more ground doing it that way. All right, so let me dig straight down. Oops, there we go. Build this up, and place the fences. And I need to move something,
let’s move this shovel. – [Zebra] Okay. – [Stealth] What do you
see with your Zebra eyes? I see quite a bit to the left. – [Zebra] I see a ravine. – [Stealth] You see all that to the left? Well, I think it would be your right. Yeah, okay, so. You’re on opposite direction, yeah. You see all that? I think we came from there though. I feel like we might have came from there. This is a really confusing mineshaft but, yeah, we need to go left. I’m starting to see it
now, we need to go left. – [Zebra] Okay. – [Stealth] You’d be the closest to it so you remember the
area that we came from? And I plugged up the spawner? So, if we go that way,
we’re gonna reach more of the mineshaft. – [Zebra] Okay, then,
well in the next episode we’ll make sure to do that. – [Stealth] Yeah, so this is
gonna be quite the event, guys because this mineshaft
is just full of trouble and cave spiders and
nobody likes cave spiders. So, as usual guys, your
support is greatly appreciated and hopefully we will see
you in the next episode of Sneaky Stripes. So, take care, guys, bye. – [Zebra] Bye!

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