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have a topic with us is called mode mode function is again a statistical function
we’ll try and understand this topic in a much more detailed format but let’s
understand the nitty-gritty of this topic first C mode function is basically
categorized as the as I told you statistical function in excel so in
mathematical terms the mode returns the mode for a given trait of said now the
mode in excel returns the most often occurring or repetitive value in an
array or a range of data will also be see here if you start with mode and just
press just right is equal to mode this function is available for compatibility
2007 earlier it returns the most frequently occurring or repetitive value
in the array okay so it shows us to number in mode mode formula has
following parameters number one and then number two well number one it is the
area of the number parameter or a set of one or more numeric values for which we
want to calculate the mode and second it is an array of optional parameters now
how to use mol function in excel very important let’s learn this see mol
function Excel is very simple and it’s very easy to use so let’s understand the
working of the mol function by some example mode formula can be used as the
worksheet function and as a vba also what we will do is that will directly
jump on the example so that you would have clear idea what we are talking
about now let’s consider a given set of numbers and we have to calculate the
mode formula in Excel of them and then apply the mode formula on the given
values as shown in the table okay we’ll start with saying is equal to mode here
select this and then select the whole data close the bracket we have 15 as a
part of our answer so this is the mode example
but to yo let’s consider the given set of values here there are two logical
values here in the given data set now apply the mode formula here the mode
function it glows all the logical values and returns the output see this is the
logical values right so it will eliminate that is equal to this right
mode select the whole data you have answer as
15 next example number three in more
formula example we have a data set with non numeric values empty value is in
zero in the data so mole functions simply it’s it’s simple ignores the non
numerical value empty value but considers zero as the value and provide
the most repetitive value from the given set of data as it is shown here we will
say is equal to mode select the whole output it will ignore the texts again it
will show us 15 data set remains the same it just couple of things have
been changing here and there example number four now here are couple of four
numbers that is given to us in mode formula example we have a given set of
data in the horizontal table and we apply the mode function to get the most
repetitive values from the given data here we will take the output part and
that will be is equal to mode and take the number from G3 to L3 close the
bracket control D and we have all the sets of our output here write it
directly you know copies down the whole formula by doing control D now see
remember one thing mode function can uses VBA also and you know that is also
a part of this again now remember one thing this examples over here is similar
to what we have done but now I will make you understand that there are some
things you know you should know about the mode function in excel see arguments
can either be number or probably names or arrays or references that contains
number so if an array or reference argument contains text logical values or
empty cells the values are ignored by the function however any cell with the
value 0 are included in arguments at an error values or text that cannot be
translated into numbers it causes errors the mode functions
through if you see for the num err if there are no duplicate repetitive
value in this apply datasets and there is no mode within the supplied value and
you know if you just try and make things work over here as let’s say we’ll just
try and go for is equal to mode copy the data from A 28 to A 32 and we will get
as any as the answer so the mode function value as I told you before also
we will have over here the second set of thing that should be learned for this
particular function C the mole functions through value it goes through a value
error when a value that is supplied directly to the mode n is non numeric
and also is not a part of an array so non numeric functions that are in the
array of values are ignored by the mode function so you can just type is equal
to mode and then copy the whole data close the package or after this just
write comma the external value that you are writing let’s say HDD it will say
value error right so this are the couple of things that you should remember in a
nut shell argument can either be number or name or arrays or references that
contains numbers if an array or reference argument contains text
logical values text thus illogical value this are X okay or empty cell like here
this one’s the values are ignored by this function however any cells within
value 0 are included arguments that are an error value or text that cannot be
translated to numbers causes error like this the mode functions you know also
will be having some num error if there are no duplicates repetitive values in
the supply data sets and then there is no more with the supplied by so I hope
you have got fantastic idea and a good understanding
about this function a statistical function of mode if you have learned and
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