MODELING IN UNITY?! – ProBuilder Tutorial

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  1. MrUmnix

    Added a cube in new project and got "There are 1 objects in the Scene with overlapping UV's. Please see the details list below or use the 'UV Overlap' visualisation mode in the Scene View or Object Maps for more information." What is wrong?

  2. Crisisdarkness

    Now I have started learning ProBuilder, actually I am quite surprised, for some projects it would be enough to use ProBuilder and not depend on other 3D design programs. That is tremendously great. Your videos have always oriented me a lot, thanks Brackeys

  3. Christian Ruppelt

    Ho-ly-shit! This is exactly what I was waiting for … and it’s already there, I just missed it. 😀

    I’m to stupid (or impatient) for blender, so this will be the way to go. Thanks once again.

  4. Jaime Smith

    When I create a new shape, there is no collision or grid texture on the box/shape just a plain blue texture. Anyone else have this problem or know the solution? I can manually assign them, but any changes and the texture is removed and I'll have to reassign everything again.

  5. Crungus Hakooter

    Yo, I just want to stress to anyone who might be reading this that ProBuilder with ProGrids is the single best level design devkit for Unity indie developers out there, 2D or 3D. Not only do you not have to open up and potentially learn Blender, but ProBuilder is actually easier to use than Blender and you don't have to worry about export/import logistics. Just take a good hour or so to get familiar and comfortable with it and you will see.

    You can also use it for lower poly character/prop modeling, no problem. I'm not sure about skeletal rigging support, but the animation tools are pretty much on par with Blender.

  6. Hemakress Gamer

    Can anyone upload it to me please cus I don't have internet in my unity editor and I can't download from the store please it's free 🙁

  7. Yong Kang

    At 2:50 and 3:10, when scaling, does it snap to the grid? cause I tried this and when I extruded it out, it tried to snap the extrusion, which caused the bottom face to not be aligned with the top face of the platform.

    I was able to solve the snap problem by manually adjusting the vertices by using the vertex selection, just wondering if there is a way to snap to grid when scaling a face

  8. Soul mate

    0:17 & 9:56 hmmmmm
    i knew it
    he's a time traveler guy
    think i dont have anything to do
    well back to the brackeys

    Nice Video Thanks for making my life easier
    NO MORE BLENDER !! (for now)

  9. 최준혁

    It is amazing, but I wondered how to draw the poly exactly, when I mark the dot for poly, It is hard to draw it as following the grid. If I start the object as box, I can drag and enlarge it clearly by press 'Ctrl'key. but If I start the object's poly from the dot, IDK how the dot follow the gird's point.

  10. J LD

    Please help! I started playing with Probuilder after watching this; I have Progrids installed. When I create a new poly shape and click on the grid, it does not place the vertex on y=0. So the closed face of the shape isn't on zero and it's really annoying. What am I doing wrong here?

  11. Sun Love


  12. Sun Love


  13. Mafia_Wolf

    could someone help me with ProBuilder? everytime i open the ProBuilder Window It Gives me an Error

    Here's The Error:

    NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
    ProBuilder2.Common.pb_ElementGraphics.OnDisable ()
    UnityEditor.EditorWindow:GetWindow(Type, Boolean, String, Boolean)
    pb_MenuItems:OpenEditorWindow() (at Assets/ProCore/ProBuilder/Editor/pb_MenuItems.cs:31)

  14. Kirill

    if you are experiencing long and heavy light baking problems, try switching off "Lightmap Static" in probuilder's models mesh renderer

  15. Clarence - The regular Cat

    I can't even draw a shape with my mouse. I am on a mac and everytime I click it just creates a new object but it doesn't connect anything.

  16. Clarence - The regular Cat

    whenver i extrude out the surface it distorts it. It makes a weird step and then distorts it i dont know whyyyy

  17. Bythequire 66646

    for some reason im missing the Icons on the top where you can select wether youre in face/vertex etc. selection mode. i looked online for a solution but i couldnt get it to work this is really frustrating 🙁

  18. Christos Drouzas

    Thanks for the great video! A quick question: While building new objects using the polygone tool I cannot snap them on the grid as you see to be able to do in this video. Do I miss something here? Could anyone help?

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