MOJANG Answers 1.13 Update Aquatic Questions (Minevention)

Hello I’m ibxtoycat, and welcome back to another video. So I’m currently in the Dominican Republic and I wanted to just share something with you, because while I was on the plane here some important news came out, because Dinnerbone and Lady Agnes went to MineVention and they did their first QnA panel about Minecraft’s future, at a Minecraft style event, since Minecon was canceled, back in 2016, so I wanted to share this with you all, because it is 28 minutes of uncut footage, and you can see all of their answers to stuff, and also I’m not just sharing this because it’s cool, they answered about how ‘oh it would be cool to do a cave update’, they would love to do that sometime soon, they spoke about dolphins, they spoke about a bunch of other stuff, but also because the only footage of the event we have is not very easy to hear, it’s tricky to, you know the audio isn’t that great, and it’s really tricky to go through, so very fortunately enough, Kacee, one of the moderators on the channel has actually gone through and subtitled it all, so you can actually watch it with subtitles, and this is the only copy on youtube with subtitles, and I wanted to share that with you all so that you can watch it and that later we can come through and we can talk about that cave update, about the other stuff that Dinnerbone said, and it’s something that I wanted to share, so hopefully you do all enjoy, let’s play the 28 minutes of footage, and have a nice day everyone, goodbye. We have got sat next to us today, Agnes and Dinnerbone from Mojang, all the way from Sweden, and they come here to talk to us about the
new aquatic update. So, welcome guys. Thank you. Yeah, thank you very much. It’s nice to be here. Good, so the first question we have is what was the inspiration for this update? Uh, okay, do you hear me? Yes, okay. So, yeah actually, we thought the oceans were quite boring. We didn’t have stuff that much to explore, and exploring is a basic thing in minecraft, so we just wanted to make oceans more exciting, there should be lots of cool things to find near you. So, that one’s from me, thanks, appreciate it. Okay, very good, so have you got a question? So, you just launched a new conduit, and what exactly is a conduit? Yeah, please answer that question, what is a conduit? That’s a very good question, so this is something we’ve been keeping a secret, basically until like 2, 3 days ago, when we just released it, like surprise. It’s a very spooky block that gives you a lot of cool powers, um, it helps you kind of tame the sea, and it just kind of like, I guess makes it possible; you can swim faster, you can breathe underwater, you can see better, a lot of cool stuff, and there’s this huge like quest chamber that’s made to actually get the conduit, and it’s like an adventure in itself because you’re getting all of these things. Okay, right I understand that I think. Have you ever played with the conduit before? No, I don’t think I have. Are you looking forward to this new toy to play in the future? Definitely, I mean, I might have even played with it quite a bit before, without realizing it, but if it is my first time that’s definitely really, really exciting. Brilliant, so, our next question: The new hostile Drowned mob, tell us about that. Yes, so the Drowned, they’re like the monsters, the dead of the sea, I think they’re really scary actually. They will spawn under the ocean, and also if a zombie is underwater for too long, they will convert to a drowned. And yeah, they can for example hold tridents, and I know when I add them, and to see them, they can be super terrifying because they’re super hard to fight- I think so at least. And yeah, so they have some cool drops, and they will chase you, That sounds scary. They are. So about the dolphins, were there any problems adding it, was there any problems adding it in? Probably the dolphins, yeah, so I’m sure everybody’s seen the dolphin already, they’re just like a super cute animal that swims around in the ocean, there’s videos about it, obviously. They’ve got some really fun behaviors, like they love to play with items in the water, they love to swim around and like jump over your head and all that, which, it looks very cute but there were so many problems when we were trying to add that in. Because there’s so many like technical, design issues like you want something to jump over your head but you also don’t want it to try and jump out of the water and land on land, that would be sad. There’s also some behaviors that we wanted to add for the dolphins, that we don’t think are quite there yet, but are currently in the works What’s that, what’s in the works? You heard it here first kids! You want to do it? Um, yeah Which was this… You can tell them. Alright, alright, sure, so uh the one behavior that we’re just not getting, is we want them to be super friendly so they’re already like really friendly animals, and they like to swim around, they swim in groups, if you upset one of them you kind of upset every dolphin, um, but we want them to be friendly to the player as well, so we wanted, what we wanted to try and do was, if the player starts swimming with a dolphin it just like uh, forms a pact with the dolphin, and you start going really fast, like a nicer way to travel underwater is with a dolphin friend. Aww They can now be very cute. I like that And there are other animals? Lots of animals, aquatic animals Uh, I liked, tell me about the turtle, I like the look of the turtle The turtle, oh yeah, um, lots of things to tell you about that. So, when we started to work on the turtle, We actually read a blog about turtles, and got inspired from that, so we really wanted to have the eggs that hatched, and then the turtle babies crawl into the ocean. So we added that, and then we also got a lot of inspiration from that turtles. travel a lot. So they can travel far away, but they always remember that beach, and they will always come back to the beach where they hatched from the beginning. So you can have your own turtle beach, and they can lay some eggs and they will always come home You must have become very attached to these animals. Yes, yeah I mean, there were a lot of hours we put into those turtles. Have you been dreaming turtles and dolphins for the past year? I think so, actually Sometimes I do dream about work Oh, well they’re very good, you did a very good job. So I know you like, um, the dolphins, the dolphin and the turtles, but what, like overall is your favorite thing in the aquatic update? Oh, tough question, yeah… Yeah, it’s a very tough question Honestly, for me it’s everything, like uh, I really like the atmosphere, the aura, or like when you can swim in the ocean and see so much new stuff like all the aquatic plants, and the coral, and sometimes a turtle or a dolphin swims by, So I guess to me it’s the atmosphere, exploring and just seeing the ruins or a shipwrecks, I really like that. And I collect the fish. I’ve always been a little bit upset with, ocean is basically half the Minecraft world. You’ve got all the land and there’s all there cool things on land, and then you’ve got water, and there’s nothing in water, you just go over the water to get to more land, so it’s really just nice, it feels like a full world now, there’s not just things in half of the places That’s really, that’s really exciting. Well worth it Right so, we a few questions from here, we’re now going to show you a few outtakes, because as they were putting this together they had a few problems here and there, if that fair to say? We’ve had quite a few issues yeah We’ve not done a very good job of collecting them, but uh, Oh yeah, so here’s one from a video, so you can see turtles without heads, that’s not intended. And this one as well, it’s legs are not attached to the turtle Oops Oh yeah, and this is, you see the baby turtle in the middle, the head is super big, and not attached to the rest of the baby. That’s also not intended. Now we have flying baby turtles, Um, yeah They’re flying, it’s a miracle This is when we started adding the dolphins, we accidentally made a water wheel in the dolphin, and it just looks so cool, we had to get footage of that. And one of the technical changes we’ve made is with the world generation, and that caused a lot of problems like too many trees, there’s so many trees in the game right now. Flying UFOs is are apparently here, because we had issues with the lighting engine, so suddenly random UFOs appeared. Or just sometimes a world didn’t work at all that’s just a tiny problem though, we’ll solve it eventually And everyone’s favorite, 4 high cacti. I don’t know why. Oh and this is with swimming, as you can see, you would flip in the wrong direction I mean it’s kind of cool, but you don’t actually look cool swimming like that I’m sure it’s not supposed to flip backwards And this is also a problem with dividing the swimming animation, we’ve actually got some really big bugs here This is when we were working on the enchantments on the tridents, and this is the loyalty enchantment, it’s first iteration, it’s just a giant streak. And this is a Drowned, and as you can see, he’s just throwing so many tridents and I was testing the Drowned, and though wow they work really well now, then I just found this Drowned, throwing and throwing tridents. Oh, and this is salmon cod, the cod mob. And also very great animations all of a sudden. Oh, and this is the absolute first test of icebergs So I wrote it, and said, oh let’s test it, and then it looked like this. Maybe not what I wanted, but it was funny. I think it looks so much cooler now. Yeah, I agree with that Aww, you guys have too much fun, too much fun We really do, it’s just like a great day in the office when it’s just like hey guys I accidentally made this really stupid thing Are you having a bad iceberg day? Maybe tomorrow will be a better one. Great, so we have a few more questions, and then we’re going to go over to some lucky winners in the audience, they submitted their questions, and the best ones we chose and we have them here. Um, so you obviously get lots of bugs, like when you make a new update, but what do you think was one of the worst bugs? One I really thought was, it crashed. Caused by the Drowned, I don’t know how much of this is to be expected, but So the Drowned are equated in samples, but they can’t… So they can drop things from somebody, but when they do they cause the game to crash. But it’s fixed now. When I saw it I was like oh noo That one was very annoying, you basically couldn’t have a world in Minecraft without experiencing this The Drowned would spawn and just be like no I wan to crash your game now Sounds very annoying Yeah, it does sound annoying And I guess a really bad day at work is that, when you have a bug and it all crashes Yes, of course it’s bad, I mean I want you to have fun and play the game, but it’s like oh no I’m not having fun with this. But, we fixed it it’s very satisfying though, because you get those, the really horrible bugs like that where the game just doesn’t work, and then you spend so much time fixing it, but then when you fix it fix it, it’s like the best feeling ever. And you all seem so lovely, at Mojang, so if you’re having a bad day, how do you all kind of make each other feel better? What’s the, what do you do about this? Nice donut? A donut, no, I think we just stay positive Like lots of laughter, funny jokes Yeah, we try to keep positive spirits really, and there’s always times when we are supportive, if anyone’s really worried. Aww, we like that, isn’t that lovely Yeah Otherwise yeah, it’s just like, we always try to make sure nobody’s having a bad week at work if someone’s struggling on something, work on something else, take a break And then um, when you do have a really bad bug, what would you do to fix it, how do you fix it? Very interesting question, um, it really depends on the bug, it depends a lot on the situation around it, usually what we’ll try to, well, very first, depending on the bug, depending on what it is, We’ve got to induce the bug ourselves, if someone just says the game doesn’t work We’ve got to figure out how, so once we’ve actually gotten the bug ourselves, we’ll try to go through the whole bug and think okay how did it get to this, how can we possibly figure out like for example, the trident, throwing it, the Drowned was throwing tridents at the wall, it’s just like okay, why does he keep doing this, why does he stop doing this? Yeah, so we kind of need to first find why he started, and then why he stops doing it, and then we’ll try to actually fix in the code. Sometimes it’s easy, sometimes it’s really hard. It sounds really complicated, the way we fix things in our house is we turn things off and then we turn things back on again. But I guess it’s a little bit more complicated. It’s not that much more complicated, it’s always also the way where once you fix a bug you have like 20 other bugs, so it’s a very frustrating process, like how do we fix this without breaking anything else yeah, that’s actually really a problem Well, well done, big brains And then um, when you have a couple of updates you’re planning, how do you pick those updates? hmm, so, it’s kind of similar to bugs, but often, I think it’s a lot of times like one idea, maybe two or three, and we like pick them, and then that spirals out to, you know, the majority of the update. We always have a, like a general idea of the next few updates, um, that’s not saying so much, it’s like this is something we think we want to look at at some point. And then when it comes time to actually make a decision, of what this update’s going to be about, it’s like okay, which one is more important to be done now, for example with the oceans, it’s like, well, the oceans just have nothing in them, let’s fix that And, with the Aquatic Update, um, I heard a rumor that you are kind of have a fear of the, of like fish, so how did you feel about the Aquatic Update them? You have to stare at fish every day, you don’t like them? Uh, fish are friends, not foes. I don’t like fish, I have a phobia of being underwater, Um, and that also kind of transitions to video games, because I’ve never played a video game where I like being underwater. Like you’ve always got the stuff like Zelda, with the water level, and even with World of Warcraft where they, when they had all that time underwater, I don’t like that. and that was actually kind of important this update, like how do we make something that we’re proud to play, I think
we did a really good job skeptical at first, but It worked out, it’s actually really fun to be underwater. So, why are you afraid of being underwater? It’s hard to say whoops That just broke. That’s why. I think that’s something that definitely made you most balanced for this team Perfect Aww, well that’s really apparent you know, it comes across very well that when you’re creative at Mojang you do that because it’s how much you all love it and love the game Um, so I have a question from the parents of Peter Hugh I had seen a preview of all the new features that are going to be in the game, and I saw lots of new plants, and fish, and so many things that I’d never, ever heard of or seen before, one of them was a sea pickle. Don’t know if any of you have seen a sea pickle before, but anyway, it’s in the new update, and as a parent, I don’t know if any of you parents out here would relate to me. I really enjoy it when my kids learn things from video games, and in in Minecraft particular, that’s something that comes up quite a lot, so I was very proud a few months ago when my children went to their grandma’s garden, they could name those plants, because they saw them in Minecraft, which is great. So I guess my question is with the Aquatic Update, are there, what will we learn, what is there to learn from this? Um Tricky question Yeah, um I think you can learn from a lot of the new features, like, coral comes up, because coral reefs are made from, real coral. Um, like turtles, dolphins, partially behave as they do in the world because we take inspiration from the real world, we don’t expect to see them completely, well inspiration of course, but they’ll be similar. And we have some other sea plants though, like kelp, sea grass Yeah, um, whenever we try to add something to the game, I mean first and foremost, we’re a game so we try to make the game fun, but at the same time, I mean if we can teach something too I think that’s always a great, cool thing for us to be able to do. So, um, there’s a couple of situations where we added something and we’ll go back and change it to be a bit more, not so much educational, but maybe a bit more correct One notable one recently with the Aquatic Update is the turtle shell, Yes, we learned then When the turtles grow up, they drop a shell in Minecraft, well a piece of their shell and turned out, that actually had a real life name, we just called it a turtle shell, but there’s actually a specific name for this yeah, and it was the community that told us yeah because it was called a turtle shell piece, and they said but it’s called a scute and then when I read about turtles, it’s like oh yeah, that’s actually really right uh, yeah So it’s an education for you as well It is, the community educates us and then we try and educate the world. I think it’s very cool. That is very cool, so yes, we are going to be making lots of aquatic experts out of you, Minecraft community You’re all going to know your stuff And now we’ve got some questions from lucky people, um that might not necessarily be here, but they’ve asked, uh, some questions that they would like you to answer and the first question is will you guys ever add tornadoes, or, and real life natural disasters into the game? And that question is from LegoShowTV Um, so the boring answer is no, but I want to explain why. So we want the player to be responsible for things that kind of breaks the world, or, yeah breaks things, because otherwise you’d go and build lots of things and then suddenly something breaks it all away. And that might be a problem, so if we’re talking about creepers, they can explode, but only if you’re really close to them, so that’s an example of one thing that the player can actually respond to that causes something bad to happen to the world. So, for like tornadoes, they are hard to avoid completely, or to get your stuff out of the path of them. That’s why it’s hard for us to add. I think it’s, um, it would be really upsetting if you had just, I don’t know, you left your computer running while you went to go eat food, and do your life, and then you come back and your world is wrecked by a tornado that’s why we try to make it so
that somehow it was the players fault that it got wrecked, so I mean, if we ever come up with a design that will work, so maybe we’ll add it Sure, yeah, not soon. Okay, and then the second question, this is another person, wants to ask is, turtles have been added, in and look fantastic, are there any other mobs or animals you guys have considered, and would like to add? And that question was from BKW. Ah, that’s a very good question. I think animals, basically every real life animal has some kind of place in Minecraft, I don’t think there’s any that we don’t want to add, it’s just always a question of we’ve got to find a good, kind of fit for it in the game. We don’t want to add something just for the sake of adding it, we want to have it so that it somehow enriches the world, it somehow has something unique that it’s bringing us. Like for example, the turtles have a nice new job, they’re social creatures, they, you can make, you can form a bond with the turtles Then you’ve got horses, who can travel, you know, things like that. Um, so what I think we’ll eventually add lots and lots of animals, I couldn’t really say what they would be or when we will add them. Um, with that said, personally, and I’ve said this a lot on the internet for like the last 5 years, I still want to see pandas in the game. Ooh I want to see pandas I want to see pandas why don’t you add them? We just have to find a fit for them. Hands up if you want to see pandas? See, they all want to see pandas There’s lots of other animals, I would like to see as well, it’s just always a matter of when can we possibly add them, what will they do, um, that kind of situation Okay, and then the third question is: What is the ultimate goal of fluid physics; will we get items flowing past fences as previewed, or was that too ambitious? What about lava? And that’s from Kyle Cuffbert. That’s another very good question, so we did, when we announced the Update Aquatic, we did show like the whole water physics with like water inside partial blocks and items flowing through fences and stuff like that. It’s mostly, it’s kind of a balance between how much change do we want to do at once, and actually what can we do in the codebase, it’s very, it’s very tricky getting water to work the way it does now in Update Aquatic, I still think there’s a few more things I’d like to do to make, kind of, it more relatable and understandable so it actually works like you expect it to, and definitally in the future, I’m not sure when this would be, we still want to change this, I mean I would personally love to see lava inside blocks, I’d love to see like water-only one half of, a glass pane for example, but it’s just really hard to do that and then if we come back to this, we should find a way where this fits the theme of an update Okay, and then the third question, the fourth question sorry is, what is the one thing that you personally added to Minecraft that you are the most proud of? And that is, that question is from Markus. Hmm, that’s a good question, um, maybe turtles, because I think they were unique, and they were tricky to add, and they have a lot of story to them. Or maybe icebergs. Because they’re cool, sorry, um, because, you know, I’ve added kind of like how the icebergs headed out because it keeps it from matching that one to other ruins to, to be able to go easily access that. And you? I feel like people are not going to like
me if I answer this, but the, my absolute, uh, favorite thing thing that I’ve added is the skeleton AI.
I’ve always wanted to make them like the most tricky but the most clever mob in the game, so I, you know, they should be able to strafe, they should be able to hide behind blocks to shoot you, I’m never going to be totally happy with that, but if it, if it poses a challenge, I worked hard Well, I also want to see skeletons like hiding behind trees and then shooting you and going back and you have no idea where it comes from. I’d love to see that. Yeah, and then, for the fifth question is, will you ever do an underground update? And that is by TheIntellobots Um, so an underground update is something that we’ve wanted for a very long time, so we usually define like the when, like a good time before it, but it’s definitely something we want to do Okay, next question. So, uh number, six, what what’s the hardest feature you’ve both implemented in Minecraft? And that’s by lukegoslousic- looksuelglue _sick? sickit. sticket [sorry I have no idea how to spell the username they’re saying] Good name. Uh, I, I don’t know for me, I’ve added so many things it’s really hard to think of like a single thing that has been so difficult, I’ve been working on the game 6 years now. And it’s hard to remember exactly what did I add really. But I think the thing that gave me the most trouble was item frames, uh, It was very, very hard at the time to make item frames actually work and there were so many special cases, stuff like putting a map in an item frame, rotating an item frame, putting it on walls. There were so many problems trying to add that. And then kind of kind of another time with maps themselves, we’ve changed maps so many times over the years, and I’m still not happy with how they work Oh yeah, for me, I think actually it’s the turtle AI. Which is for two reasons. One is that they are both on land and water, and we didn’t have a mob that was on land and water before, so gave us some issues. And then also that they travel far away, and then they need to find a way back home, without getting stuck somewhere, and, you know. So that was a thing we hadn’t added to the game before Your heads must hurt, a lot of the time, so much that you have to fix, and solve, and create. It’s a busy job. So then, um the seventh question, how long does it take to make a mod, like, all textures, features, everything? And that is by DarkMan3. Oh, that’s a good question, yeah that’s a very good question, um, it depends on the mod, of course, some mods have more new things, and they might take you more time. Um, I would guess, So what do we do when we have a mod, first we discuss the features, what should it do, what are the new things, what do we add to the game. And then we start to prototype, and often have lots of things to do then, and then we move things to custom worlds, or add new things, and then we also as I mentioned, we have the additions, and we also have artists that do some of the features there’s often more than one person who works on one mob. Maybe if it takes like 3 weeks to do the first portion that we’re happy with, but then we also need to for example, ask for advice, listen to feedback to community It’s hard to give you a specific time, but some where around a week Um, you said that the artists do make the mods, so this isn’t a question from here, but I was just wondering is is there ever a time where the artist’s draws like a mob that not many of you like and they have to redesign it? Yes, I mean, yes we do, we redesign a lot, we, so it’s like a cooperation, we kind of all draw some, like okay the turtle may be a certain shade of green now, but I think it’s too blue-green, it should be more green-green or something, we change lots of small details Um, but yes, we do a lot more iterations and change stuff to make turtles as green as we want. It is also quite common where we design a mob, and we make, someone makes the textures for it and we think this is amazing, I love this, and then, just like as a very last minute thing someone goes what if it has this and then we’ll go oh my god this is amazing, we’re redesigning everything That is very funny, oh my, they must be like but it was already finished So for those of you who stuck around all the way to the end of the video, first of all, well done I know attention spans on youtube are ever growing shorter, so good job on that first of all, and second of all, I wanted to talk about the whole Dinnerbone thing, he did tweet saying they’ll be more slabs and stuff, but he tweeted a bit after, again I kind of need to make a whole own thing on that because it’s not something I can just say that happened, but he did say more slabs and stairs, so look forward to that, and then third of all, you might be curious as to what I’m doing in the Dominican, I kind of just offhandedly mentioned it because it wasn’t too relevant, I just wanted to explain what’s with the camera quality, and short answer is like well, I’ll make a 2cat video, on what I want to do here because it’s an island divided by two countries, and I find that interesting, and the other thing is it’s just like super nice weather or something, not nice by my standards, but and, uh, yeah it’s been a really interesting experience going to somewhere like this and, I guess seeing from the, you know, the eyes of I guess, something else, so yeah, again you’ll see a 2cat video if you care about what’s going on here, if you don’t care then it probably won’t come up under your videos, so good news all around then there, and I hope you all enjoyed this video, like it if you’re into that, share it if you really are into that, and if you’re not into either of those things, then I guess you’ll have to subscribe and see these videos daily on your home page, but thank you very much for watching, and I’ll see you all next time, goodbye.

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