More LEGO parts unboxed & unbagged from Bricklink orders 📦 #256

hello I got some more Lego parts from
brick link so two separate quarters to open up here let me go ahead and get
right into them see if this one has a pull tab as it turns out it does not so
good do things the easy way oh that’s nice and sharp get that bigger
one open first oh this is the one with the all it yes that’s right those are
eight by sixteen it’s larger than I was thinking okay so I got some olive stuff
in this to start laying down the Savannah ground for my minecraft world
expansion and I definitely need to get more yet but this is a good start I
especially need to get two by twos those are probably the most valuable two by
fours probably get some more as well but this will definitely be a good start and
I got one more of those Brown only broom pieces nano-scale broom regular minifigs
scale paintbrush I was a spare from the Hogwarts castle somebody sold off
dirtiness some more regular light gray pieces for the plantation fence floor
space ditto some of the cheaper pieces available in
that color these are the smaller of the nice leaf pieces and just a regular
green I was kind of low on the small ones I was actually rather low on the
small ones over the past month and I’ve been trying to add back to that these
are from Scala I believe with a scholar or belleville I always mix those two up
I believe it’s Scala I represent water coolers but it’s just an interesting
piece that’s a technic whole pinhole size thing I don’t think you can
actually put a pin in the GUI because of the the end bits but I can stick a hose
in that I believe drip on hmm yeah I don’t know exactly how this all works
out but I just wanted the piece and I got a couple of them store had a couple
of them they were cheap so I picked him up also more stuff for
my minecraft area this is a baby zombie and I’m going to do a full assembly I’m
gonna do a real-time pure build video for you for this baby zombie ahh done
there you go just one extra of those I think I already had I think at one of
them then cave spider head black sheep head wolf head map and then some micro
mob eyepieces eye and mouth nose type stuff and then these are just gonna be
used probably for a train car or truck and here I have just a couple of hair
pieces and some sand green colored Bowl type pieces that can be that will
probably be used for flower pots most likely this one let’s see it looks like
I might be able to get it open from this end about cutting the box itself but not
against cutting the box if I need to if things get too annoying this is from the
different solar and not yet remembering what this is going to be initial reason
for ordering this was see piece of paper there and pull it out off-screen oh here
oh there’s also a sticker in there okay but it’s all mixed together this is
pretty nice packing it’s a pretty expensive packing huh look more of these
excellent I can start making some smaller trees and things probably some
of those will be pretty quickly be used in the plaza that I’m adding in my
downtown area I talked to the last couple times about stocking up on these
just because they’re super useful for all sorts of large textured areas we put
them vertically to set up fences try they look kind of industrial in some
cases they’re just very useful and okay this is the main reason that I placed
this order in the first place remember in that last bricks and pieces Hall I
got some train wheels and they were the wrong ones there were the old ones
somebody else commented on that video saying they had done the exact same
thing they tried ordering the new ones and they got old one so it actually
wasn’t my mistake it was their mistake but no matter when on brick link and I
bought these so these are the newer style that a lot of people complain
about that I personally don’t have a problem with I actually like them I
actually got them specifically because they are more useful in some ways than
the old ones much more useful you can actually make custom bogies and trucks
with them because you can actually assemble them you can put something clip
sized around that create some clamps and form your own should be very useful see
it still has it’s still loose inside of there those are smaller than bar sized
be the axles themselves on both sides it’s gonna be the exact same thing over
here so it’s just it’s just super useful for doing custom things so I look
forward to trying these out experimenting with them a little bit I’m
sure plenty of people already have done some really cool things with them
especially that the real serious train folks who do that
they hate wide trains and everything these are just wonderful for them and a
couple more of these because I keep getting more of them in the nice you
know neutral light gray color and this is a bunch of miscellaneous spill it out
call out their fancy things are then I guess the specifics so some foliage
pieces in red these aren’t all that common
extra they’re nice I don’t know if I’ll use these above-ground or underwater
maybe mixture these little sleeve pieces for Technic are painted they’re the
painted silver two really really fine spray that goes
over them so not quite fulcrum but you know the brighter silver color and then
some bracket pieces in both brown and dark orange brown for the for the
bottoms and dark orange for the tops is weird colors of foliage pieces that’s
dark as your that’s just regular orange and then these were originally released
as Mandrake bodies for Harry Potter but they did them in just this plain color
it’s just a medium nougat but with no printing for was a chip or dale or was
it both on anyway I take no I mean I don’t remember anyway for a chip or Dale
from the collectible Disney minifigures series 1 to represent acorns with one
other piece on top and there’s got a couple more of these cuz I feel like
they’re gonna be interesting at some point this is a medium blue color parrot
I don’t think I had one in medium blue I like my my Lego animal collection
especially the birds this will get added to the expanded aviary in my expanded
zoo at some point some more only get one of these I guess just one orange mostly
wait to be used for custom train stuff I will always get more of these when I
happen to see him in a store up there on my permanent wish list anytime I go to a
store and say hey what is what is in my my wish list what’s on my wanted list
that this store has that I’m not looking at yet I just automatically show me
everything and these will be there if the store has them they’re just super
useful for like solar panels and things these are cool
represent targeting or displays it’s just a book cover piece and these are
just in green I was low on him I like bricks in hurling bricks in and
Oh lime green almost said light green it’s a completely different thing and
then just one more of these cuz I think I already had one it was used in a
either a friend said or is the lego movie two juniors type set
to be a microphone stand and it’s the the nether skeleton or withme
wither skeleton leg so extra long but in dark magenta so now I have to so now I
have a pair so I could potentially use them on a custom my robot or something
but that is it for this haul these are gonna be very interesting in the future
but what I was most looking forward to here was definitely the selection of all
of stuff I will get more olive stuff in the future and let me show you the
sticker sheet that I also got which is just something that was on my want list
just have extras of these I got two nice just to have extras of these to create
some custom burger joint at some point but most looking forward to using these
up very quickly I’m looking forward to moving forward on that minecraft area
just cuz I haven’t done anything anything there whatsoever and it’s
pretty much the only space in my entire layout right now that’s completely empty
you know there’s nothing going on nothing even even started other than
just having some base plates so that’s why I want to make some progress towards
that and then I’m also working on the plaza area to get at least one more
building and I’ve got stuff pretty well cleaned up I’m gonna add hopefully one
more scene one more nice scene kind of like my little car crash area to the
city and start doing some tour type videos for the first time properly in
years through that stuff looking forward to it thank you for watching I will talk
to you again very soon

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