Moving Cows – The Stars MOOVE from Summer Pasture

Hi I’m Mike, never a dull moment and today
we try something we have never done before and that’s sorting only two cows off the
herd, bringing them and their calves back to the ranch for the biggest party we’ve
ever had here. You won’t want to miss today on our Wyoming
life. Welcome back, thanks for coming along because
today we have a mission, with the ranch roundup just around the corner 200 subscribers are
going to be on the ranch very soon from all over the US and Canada. If you cant be here don’t sweat it because
over the next week or so we will be bringing you along as we get ready and we are going
to bring you footage from the event itself. Today we are bringing a couple of stars back
to the ranch from their summer vacation and with the first test run of the arrowquip tub,
alley and gate system, along with a few panels which we are going to use to make a corral
in an area of just over 2500 acres. The cows of the ranch spend their summer in
an area about 5 miles south of the main ranch. The ranch is divided up into pastures, hay
fields and what we call the main ranch area. That’s where the shop is, our houses and
where all of the equipment is usually kept. The hay fields are where we produce hay that
we harvest to feed the cows over the winter and the pastures are where the cows live out
their lives on the ranch. During winter and early spring, they stay
close the main ranch. Its easier to feed them here, if we have any
trouble during calving, they are close by and I’d like to think that they like it
here. They have more shelter during harsh weather
and they sure need it but by spring and summer, they are ready to go out and adventure. They don’t need us to feed them on a daily
basis as grasses are growing, the sun is shining, and calves are getting bigger. Eating the grass themselves and becoming less
dependent on moms. This is their vacation, I check on them once
or twice per day. Make sure they have water and everyone is
healthy and accounted for but that is pretty much it. Its like a spring break, where you know your
mom is going to call but you just put up with her and then as soon as you hang up the phone,
you head back out for more fun. Well today we are going to spoil 2 cows vacations,
at least for a week or so. The banners for the ranch roundup, our subscriber
meet up, which is happening right here on the ranch in less than a week are here and
low and behold the banners have two of our favorite Our Wyoming Lifers featured right
there. Its not Erin and me on the banners, its Bambi
and Blonde Cow. Over the last year or so on our Wyoming life,
these two cows have really become quite recognizable. Bambi was a bottle calf, who was in part raised
by our daughter Makenzie. Her mom passed away soon after having her
and she was raised by hand. Eventually she was released to the herd, where
she had to go out and make new friends but deep down, she still thinks that shes at least
5/8th people. That is good and bad, which I’m sure we
will discover soon. Blonde Cow however is normal everyday cow
from the herd, but she loves the camera and after trying to film around her, I figured
out that there is no filming around the cows without blonde cow getting in the frame. For those reasons, both Bambi and Blond Cow
have become our mascots for this years ranch roundup. Now we cant have our mascots 5 miles away,
goofing off during the event, they need to be here and they need to make an appearance. In order for that to happen, we have to deliver
them to their own party, which we will be doing in grand style. To help us, we have borrowed from Jess Goven,
the owner of our local feed store, Thars Feed and Ranch Supply, a bunch of corral panels. Lucky for me, I don’t have to put them all
out myself, these things weigh about 75 pound each and we are lucky that this year our friend
and friend of the channel Dave Rush has come back out the ranch early from his home in
North Carolina. Him and his wife Nurse Tammy are here to help
during the ranch round up and today he is playing the part of not only camera man, but
ranch hand as well. This cart holds 30 corral panels, each one
12 feet long and because we have never done this before, sorting and loading cows in the
field, we are going to make a big corral to catch the cows in, then we can sort the ones
we need off and load Bambi, Blonde Cow and their calves into a trailer for the trip home. Once we have corral built, then its back to
the main ranch, where we can pick up our loading tub and chute system from arrowquip. They are allowing us to use and test this
portable system, complete with tub, alley and chute and see how it works on our ranch
in a variety of applications. In this first test, we will be using it as
a way to load cows and their calves into a trailer. There are a number of reasons we may need
to do this, and yes the oddest of all is bringing two cows home for a party where they can meet
their fans, but a situation could arise where we have a sick or lame cow, one that cant
walk all the way home to the main ranch where the corrals and loading facilities are located. In the situation where a cow cant walk home
and we have no way to contain her, her prognosis is very bleak and she would more than likely
be put down in the field. With this system, the hope is that we have
a way to move a cow home or at least get her on a trailer, where she may go home, or maybe
directly to the vet. Another option is to bring bulls home when
its time to take them off the cows after breeding season. Bulls are very big, and they don’t get much
exercise. When its time to bring them home we usually
split the trip over a couple of days as not to wear them out or in some cases actually
cause death through over exertion. This system in that case can save us time
and money and save the bulls a bunch of walking they don’t want to do anyway. Its like uber for cows and their boyfriends. The portable system from arrowquip is quite
easy to move. It pulls around the ranch very well and although
I was worried about taking it down and through ditches because it is a bit top heavy it manages
pretty well as long as you are careful. After unfolding the system and getting it
ready, we can tie it into our corral that we built. The arrowquip is designed to lock in with
a certain type of panel, not these, which are manufactured in Wessington South Dakota
by Verns Manufacturing, but we managed to get the tub set up and locked in with our
corral. We are going to need a trailer to deliver
our stars of show, so we hook up to a 20 foot aluminum Hillsboro trailer. When hauling cows, I try to use an aluminum
trailer and especially when I may be driving through pastures or through ditches as its
lighter and less likely to get bogged down than our steel trailers. Once on site we realize, that we aren’t
going to be able to back the trailer up to the chute due to the head holder bolted on
the chute. But with a couple more panels and some wire
we can create a makeshift loading chute. Then its time to bring in the cows. We really only need the two, Bambi and Blonde
Cow and their calves. Bambi is no where to be seen, but Blonde cow
is right here, interested in what we are doing. Since we know she loves cake, a small nutrional
supplement the cows receive to increase their protein intake. We can use that to coax her into our corral. If you a few friends come, that’s fine,
we will sort them off later and why not, it’s a party, the more the merrier. Her calf however, doesn’t care about me
or cake but she does want to be with her mom and that takes him inside the corral as well. Bambi is found a ways away, hanging out at
the local watering hole with he calf in tow, shes not the best mom in the world but she
tries and once she sees that we have a gator full of cake. Well shes with us, doesn’t matter where
we are going. She follows right along, her calf right behind
her and into our makeshift corrals they go. Soon I realize, we made these corrals way
too big but that ok, we can deal with that later. First we deal with Bambi and her calf. Making them the first users of the Arrowquip
system here on the ranch. Like I said, Bambi thinks shes people. For her to want to do anything she has to
see you do it first. So maybe I spoke to soon when I said she was
the first user of the Arrowqip system, as it seems the first animal to be loaded through
it, is me and then Bambi, after she realizes its not going to hurt her. Her calf on the other hand, a boy the girls
have nicknamed Batman, hes ready to go and jumps right in. With those two ready to go on the ranch roundup
express, its time for our next passenger. Remember when I said the corrals might be
too big, Well blond cow and her calf make me wish I would have made them a quarter of
the size. She leads me and Dave all over the corrals,
until eventually we get her in the loading tub of the arrowquip system. But even then its no guarantee as she backs
out and leaves me in the dust, not once but twice. What I wouldn’t give for a spring loaded
gate that I could release remotely, but eventually she gets in the tub far enough and once she
drops her head, I can sneak in and close the gate. Then its just a matter of closing the tub,
cows like to turn back the way they came in but when we get back around theres only one
wat to go and that’s up to the trailer. Where she gets to wait, while we bring in
her calf. He joins mom and like that, they are the belles
of the ball. Its out of the summer pasture as we head back
toward the main ranch, where these girls and little guys will be waiting anxiously for
your arrival. I’ll be honest with you. Bambi is a little mad at me. I tried to give her a piece of cake a while
ago and she turned her nose up at me and walked away. Just what we need, another girl with an attitude. Thanks for coming along, over all, the move
went pretty smooth. Of course we always live and learn, I can
see a few things where I would make some changes. We didn’t need to lug around almost 30 panels
to make the corral, we could have done it with 15 or so and probably been just fine. Of course, then we would have had the whole
herd trying to squeeze in there but I think it would have worked a bit better with a smaller
corral. If you can, avoid moving cows that were hand
or bottle raised, they have a mind of their own and when moving around in a corral, watch
where you step as it can get a bit slippery on the grass, which is something we don’t
have to deal with in the corrals at the main ranch. As far as the arrowquip equipment goes, overall
it preformed well. The cows and calves didn’t have any trouble
moving through it. We didn’t get a chance to use the squeeze
chute, that will be coming up soon, also we will soon be divising a way to get this set
up into our own corral system at home. Keeping it portable, but also incorporating
it into our existing corral system and making it more functional. I do wish there were brackets on the portable
system to hang corral panels on, reducing the need for a panel cart and the number of
trips back into the field. Plus it would make it more of an all inclusive
system and ready to go out of the gate. So that’s it for today. Please subscribe and follow along and even
if you cant be here for this years ranch roundup, I hope you are still able to watch and live
vicariously through others, its gonna be a ton of fun and will have some wonderful surprises
as well. I’m going to go and try to make up with
Bambi, this is going to sound weird but I don’t really like her being mad at me. Until I see you again, have a great week and
thanks for joining us in our Wyoming life.

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Reader Comments

  1. Susan Chamblee

    Oh I can’t believe I’m going to miss the ranch round up this year so I will be looking forward to the videos..!! Hopefully I will get to meet y’all next year. Great video as always Mike! Thanks for sharing…!!

  2. J. R.

    Awesome set up !! Hope
    the 2 girls are not party poopers but are great party animals !!
    You should set up the 360’ camera at the party !
    Maybe live steam a few hours !
    Thanks again for your time and video! 🍻

  3. Patty Macleod

    Oh my, I hope you keep having subscriber days!! That's so awesome, adding to my bucket list! Can't do this year but something to work towards!!

  4. Lorie Habel

    Thanks for the help Dave👍think Mike would have been worn out moving all those by himself😂.
    Your out numbered Mike so ya ide say you better behave yourself🤣😂. Super bumbed I couldnt be with everyone, but you bet We will be there next year🔥👍. Hope everyone has an amazing time🙈🙉🙊👍

  5. Fiona C

    This was awesome, great aerial shots. The chute system is impressive, using portable corrals is a learning curve. It took me quite a few tries to get a set up that worked for me. Some sort of brackets on the headgate would also help to attach panels….just thinking out loud.
    God bless your Ranch Round up. Do take time to enjoy it yourself👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  6. Debrah Christensen

    Piece of cake…lol…great job! Wishing you and Erin a successful and uneventful RR! Looking forward to seeing more prep vids, and of course shots of the event! Be extra careful with the women in your life this week! haha!

  7. Patrice's Projects

    I sure wish I could have afforded to go to the round up. That was a good maiden usage of the corral chute system. Learning to use it hands on with cows that are quite used to being near you, and not with bulls or ailing cows, was probably the best possible trial.

  8. Charles Gambrel

    Thank you for sharing your farm what America a lot of people have no idea because they live in cities and suburbs so it's good to be able to watch what people do and just really good stuff sir

  9. Julie Goldsborough

    You looked so happy to use your new equipment.The cows look great.Wish I could be there.Your living an American dream.GodBless Y'all.great video

  10. rick dees

    If you were able to carry panels on some brackets that would increase the total weight on those pair of wheels. Would that increase the possibility of getting stuck in softer grounds?

  11. Professor Kitchen

    It's great that you have Dave who is able and willing to come out and give you assistance when needed. I can see that he would be a God-send! I like that you gave a real review of the Arrowquip shoot. Not only how well it worked but some ways they could make it better. Looking forward to Ranch Roundup!

  12. Brenda Hyslop

    Ahhhh….. Mike, . how could any of the females on the ranch stay mad at you for long! Now go and get your Honey-do list from Erin haha!

  13. RW Poe

    Great video Mike. The shoot system looks good. Putting the panels on the system to pull as one may be weight issue for a single axle w 7500 lb limit

  14. Theresa Threadgill

    Sorry I didn't use the tickets I bought but life happen and just ended up being impossible to get there. Hope things work out so you don't have to sell too many cows. Enjoy the get together!

  15. Troy Goode

    I have never seen anybody go to that amount of trouble and work to load two gentle cows. Do you have anybody, that lives near you, that could teach you some better techniques? You have everything you need to be successful, except experience. It is dumbfounding to watch you do things.

  16. MCosmin

    How do you see life after moving to the ranch ? I am talking about the broad view, birth, living and death.At the roots you are dealing, observing and helping nature take its course.You've seen and helped deliver hundreds of calves, your wife plants the seeds for many homegrown plants, you feed and help cows raise their calves, sometimes you raise the calves yourself, your wife waters and takes care of the plants…and so on. I guess you get the idea, you went through this cycles many times in your life.I don't know if you are familiar with this terminology but you basically achieved mastery. I am asking you this because you've been to the other side of the spectrum, you lived the corporate world and you know how it is on the other side to say so.

  17. Dale Keeler

    Hello Mike, I'm from Louisiana and I actually have relatives that live not far from you in Aladdin, Wyoming. We visited them several years ago and got a taste of Ranch Life. We stayed for a few days and got to help move cattle from one pasture to another. We used 4 wheelers and had a lot if fun. Before we left, the town had a rodeo. I enjoyed my short time there and wish i could go and stay longer and help out but for now I'll get my Ranch fix by watching you and your family. Thanks for the videos and keep them coming!

  18. Tricia Adamson

    Another great video Mike, everything is finally coming together for the ranch roundup. Thank God for friends, extra sets of hands.

  19. DarLav

    Hi mike, thats a great system but looks like a lot of work for just 1 or 2 cows, a trick we use on our farm if u have 2 people get a electric fence cord on a normal reel and just have 2 people hold it from point to point and guide the cows into where u want them to go, even the most stubborn cows can understand it and saves a lot of time and headache, your cows look timid enough to do it with ease although maybe u just did it this way to show the shiny metal off, anyways just thought would suggest it in case u didn't try it before, great vid.

  20. Sergio Almazán

    Mike, great video, I subscribed about a month ago and I've been watching every video you've made so far… can't wait for the next one!

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    I'm hoping to buy a ticket for the 2nd Annual Ranch Round-Up. Cattle (beef or dairy) is such a vital product for everyday life and sadly it is diminishing here in California's Central Valley.

  22. Nor Caligirl

    Ya gotta make those girls think it's their idea. You looked like a pro. We sure could use equipment like that moving the cows from summer to winter pasture and back.sometimes fewer numbers aren't easier.
    Your a smart man not wanting the girls mad at you. My husband deals with me and 7 daughters. There's always somebody mad at him. Poor guy.

  23. C C

    Hi again! Live and learn as they say Mike! I was a shouting at you that you didn't need an enclosure that big but too many miles between us lol lol! So happy you'll be sharing vids on the big event. Would have soo enjoyed to be there but that will be the next best thing. I know you and Erin will make it wonderful and a time to remember for all. Don't forget to sleep this week! Thx as always for sharing…

  24. Isaac Fitts-sprague

    Great video! Im on a beautiful vacation with the love of my life in Thailand but I'm always happy to make time for your awesome content!

  25. SameSameDifferent

    I noticed there are no trees on your property. So, why don't you put trees along the fence lines? More protection against the cold winds. Creates less stressed cows and calves. Equals more weight gain, equals more profit.
    I am just an ignorant urban person, so this is a genuine question.
    I don't know…. Wind chill/speed verses snowfall, or lack of it, plus windbreaks, plus altitude, so many factors.
    This would be a good question to answer on your channel.

  26. Grant D Travels

    I saw all the panels out and was like, yep he's gonna learn something today. 😂😂 Next time maybe try a "v" shaped coral with one side running along the barbed wire fence line. The regular fence will act like an extension to your coral and cows naturally will follow the fence right into it. If you had about 5 strong guys you could then to close up the 10 panels

  27. Kaitlin Elizabeth

    I literally love your videos! I raise meat birds and goats on my small farm and this is so cool and a lot of your videos are very relatable. Thanks for putting your time and energy into giving everyone a sneak peek into your life! (I’m also a VERY small youtuber and I would be cool if you would support a fellow farmer 👩‍🌾 ) -Kaitlin

  28. Zach Hewitt

    It seems I've seen some portable systems that incorporate at 50-60ft round pen if you will. I'll have to see if I can find that. Multiple trips to get panels would make things take way to long if you were in a hurry.

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    Oh dad would have let me fly up from Texas! 😭😭😭
    Next summer can I come up!
    I’m a good girl! I’ll be 16 next August and I can help! I can even bring my own horses and tractor! Well maybe not tractor. In the winter we use our Case IH Quadtrac for a ton of stuff. But it doesn’t do much in the summer.
    We don’t have cows and stuff. Just horses. But we always have tons of hay but daddy just gives it to our neighbors- like literally they come by and pick up a round and leave a home baked apple pie.

  30. ossa60

    The truth is that you guys gave been a great and refreshing inspiration for me since I've been having doubts and getting very dissapointed in my life and the ranch, but since I've been watching your show I've started to carry out a few little projects which have raised my spirit. Thanks guys and keep up the good work!

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