My Staxel Creative Tree Town! (WIP oops)

MOD LIST IN DESCRIPTION!!! Hey guys and welcome to my tree town well to my stacks old tree town and it’s also pretty much unfinished and Also, I made it in creative So there’s that but it can’t seem to play this game and not on creative. It’s such a struggle for me to Not press creative mode. Okay, so We need to go through the best view Can see the logo and These are from a mod race planters are very You know I have lights all around You can go Here this is pretty much like my town Flaws the kind of thing and it connects to a lot of different places So this is the part where if you saw earlier? There’s lights all around I think it’s looking really pretty when it’s dark, but I forgot how to make time pass Can I roll back how to make time pass time stop time, okay, okay So they’re not at a time this for sure you’ll see like Lots of different things. So this is my town hall Sliding doors, you know you’re off I’m really cute. I still need to fix these And it has some balcony is obviously the best thing about having Treehouse is that you can use me balcony used it. You know, I have a lot of the be able to them and I have a What do you call this? um spiral staircase I put these lockers here because I for the requirements. I didn’t know where to put them and So far that’s my Town Hall it still needs some refining and polishing but I’m pretty happy with how it lives right now and From here we can go down back to like Okay just like let Me pass, okay Yeah, I need to clean up the roof the leaves for me to pass through and stuff Okay, so here’s like the Connecting means the next thing area so that yeah, and this is my fishing spot It’s kind of dumb to have like a lake on top of a tree but who cares, you know? I think it’s pretty adorable. I Think I was planning on making another connection there that It’s not there yet, so Next we have this which is kind of like my part We had found in You know fairy lights and stuff If we go down here, so there’s a ladder you can go up the ladder later. This is my Communications tower And it’s tiny like how do you have a communications tower? That’s lower than your treehouse. Oh my god. I have no idea. What’s the logic? You know what the logic behind that is, like what was in my mind when I was making that? and this one is the What do you call? Ah, no, I fell I need to put some Fences around here because you know, people are gonna fall not like people are gonna come in here I don’t really have friends to play with Sally this game anyway and Yeah, the ceiling still needs to be fixed Yeah, this part I could add something to it but so far that’s just it for now and it also needs More take all those banisters. It’s not what it’s called Railings just something to stop people from falling But when you do get up here, I think it’s pretty cool. So I use torches because that you need it to the cash register where is They’ll sign for this Aisle here it is it this is the tavern so I’m still working on the tier two of it So the tavern this is gonna be the inside where like most of the things gonna happen Wait, no, go back go back because I’m kind of lost and if you go right right here Behind it is like an office Like where you do the tavern accounting and stuff like that and from down here You can go to like so the tavern is also like an inn And it’s gonna be like the inn or hotel lobby and it has two rooms. They’re both Asian themed Don’t ask me why but I thought it would be fun and there’s like the suite the bigger room And it has a kotatsu and you know more Japanese Asian themed things and If we go back up It has another floor why can’t I pass no That’s not supposed to happen I Used to be able to pass through here No So I guess out there’s some fixing that needs to be what’s stopping me from passing honestly Oh my lord So I can actually cops. Yeah, it was all um torched it was stopping me from passing through and Maybe I should add Some blocks here Yeah, but if I add blocks here might not be able to get up and you know this is like the part of the bar the rooftop where It’s like open-air drinking and that kind of stuff and of course people when they drink they need to pee So there’s the bathroom On top and that’s pretty much what I have so far Because they have to look at more trees and decide which one gonna stand and wear and I’m not like the most patient when it comes to building block by block so this tree will probably also become something and Like the lower trees under the end will also probably be something I’ll probably move this communications tower because it’s kind of them to be there and I like these trees would be Good for some things as well So Yeah, this is my kind of aesthetic when I build I like things being Very natural kind of organic or a mix between organic and not organic and so the thing is this is my challenge center and I’ll probably build on this one as well The smaller ones and that kind of stuff and my originals that my original town is still alive I haven’t Broken it down yet but maybe I’ll make videos on my building when I build all Round a good tree out my tree farm my tree my tree town as well To be honest, I kind of want to redo it, but I’m also thinking about how much effort it is Anyway, mmm. I hope my tree town. I hope you thought my tree town was pretty Put a lot of effort into it, but I’m why am I not moving am I stuck? I Got stuck in the air for some reason But yeah, I just have a hard time with this game because of this hot or So it gives me a hard time when I’m trying to build because I can’t remember what’s attached to which hotkey but yeah and Yeah, we’re like a different perspective Here is town like at night So look at that, I mean definitely the lights Make it way way Prettier there’s like a different effect because it’s happening. So like here, it’s mostly white. What is that light over there? Oh, That’s the Sun okay so that it’s mostly white lights and then in the communication tower, it’s mostly yellow Here in the plaza. It’s kind of like a romantic the red vibe, which I’m really digging and At the tavern it’s mostly torture. So it’s mostly like a fire vibe and I hope you enjoyed this video. I do want to make more do you want to or you do want to add to this but I’m kind of really unmotivated at the moment. So that’s it and I hope to see you in the next video

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