New Apex Legends – Crypto Lore Reveal Trailer + Abilites [Reaction]

who is crypto what is he doing in the
arena what do we really know about him we’re gonna find out everything in this
video let’s hop right into it welcome back warriors to another apex
legends video and in today’s video we’re gonna see my live reaction to the
forever family crypto lore as well as talk about his new abilities coming up
in season 3 now before we begin I do stream over on Twitch every Tuesday
through Friday the link is gonna be down in the description below if you want to
head over there join a great community and drop me a follow now let’s start
from the beginning first signs of crypto started back before the start of season
2 where we found his mysterious laptop located somewhere in Kings Canyon and
now we see him creating hacking and turning king’s canyon into a glorified
drastic world it didn’t stop there then we actually see him down in the labs
where Wraith was that basically genetically created he was down there
doing something and he was definitely up to no good ok guys we have some
information on him and we have a video of Krypto received from the creators of
the apex games and I’m gonna share with you right now we’re gonna watch this
video but I have not I have not seen it I haven’t even seen a clip from it ok
now I really liked the one that they did with Wraith you guys haven’t seen that
one go to my youtube check out that reaction video alright these lures are
absolutely fantastic I mean they provide so much content and so much backstory to
these legends it kind of helps build a connection so let’s watch this man let’s
put this thing up to blast ok this place isn’t bad I’m Stonestreet I can’t
believe they went out of business hello there he is and this is why you’re
singing oh this girl check this out it’s a new security protocol but it’s not
displaying properly through my Diagnostics try that new interface
package I sent you huh Brenda Christian well it’s a prediction algorithm if
whoever wrote this gets it online they would be able to read any much they want
would this is our chance we can use it you can’t be serious these people will
find us and kill us but imagine what this could do for us it’s one time one
risk to give us that second chance you’ve been searching for the chance for
a new life who is the school Vita we will find our first start muna this just
isn’t it yeah yeah one on kajol forever family forever family
oh no oh shit booty down she plans to come on well that’s a utility sawing alone they have taken everything from me my
friends my family my identity my redemption is still out there
now it’s time for me to show them that source that was now it’s time to play my
game holy crap dude holy crap holy shit man
dude okay man I don’t know if that was better
than race but holy shit guys dude who isn’t excuse me who is Mila
I’m guessing it’s his sister or something what was that like program was
that program designed to tell us who was gonna win the apex games and how does it
predict that holy shit man and whoever’s after a man it’s gotta be the creators
of the apex games dude cuz now crypto is on the run and he’s
doing some sketchy shit we already saw guys in the in labs man with wraiths
maybe he’s trying to track down Wraith to get some answers maybe that’s what’s
going on dude holy crap does let’s go take a look
so Adi crypts likelihood of success the next champion
first blood percentage chance weapons drop first blood weapons drop chance of
wind legends chance of wind legends so it must put in all the champions all
these factors and go hey this is the person with the most likelihood success
or the next champion of the arena holy crap dude brought this gets it online
they would be able to wreak any much they want but he says rigged any match
they want – what you go into the apex games you go
hey here’s all the champions in here I’m gonna put this champion and based on
this algorithm my champion will have the best odds of success what the heck dude so his abilities are
tactical aerial drone ok surveillance camera it’s a surveillance camera drone
that lasts for 40 seconds has a 200 meter range can be destroyed can hack
doors loop pins and pick up banners with a drone so it’s literally like you take
out his little computer that little drone that we saw I’m assuming it’s that
you get to control it with your you know controls you get to go into it just like
you would like in Call of Duty’s drones stuff like that it’s actually kind of
cool if you really think about it just the fact of being able to pick up
banners is huge hack doors I unless they’re adding
something in season three that’s gonna do something to be able to block doors I
don’t understand why hacking a door would mean anything unless it just means
it’s opening the door and then 200 rain’ 200 meter range is actually a pretty
good distance his passive is gonna be neuro-link cryptos crypto and his
teammates see what the surveillance drone detects up to 30 meters away so
basically all your teammates can have it’s kind of like call of duty squad
link so your teammates can see whatever this drone sees which is actually kind
of cool because not only can they select standby and try to protect you but they
can see the stuff coming around with the drone as well which is kind of neat his
ultimate is weapon drone EMP which you guys saw in the video when he threw it
up drone pop the EMP in and destroy those enemies so drone can charge up an
EMP blast from your drone deal shield damage slows the enemy and disables all
traps so what I get from this is that it’s it does some shield damage so it’s
kind of like an ark star it’s gonna deal some shield damage that slows down the
enemy but then disabling all traps is kind of a mix of Watson’s ability right
her ultimate but this is actually kind of cool so it would get rid of all of
Watson’s fences it’d get rids that get rids get rids gets rid of all of
caustics gasps you know his gas pockets are yeah
tubes or whatever you want to freakin call them gets rid of all that it’s kind
of neat actually I wonder if the ENB blast because it disables traps that
they consider pathfinders zipline a trap I don’t know if they consider that a
trap or not and if they do does it disable it well that’s everything that I
have on crypto guys and believe you me he’s coming to king’s canyon in season 3
so I hope you guys are excited just a reminder guys I do stream over on
Twitch every Tuesday through Friday the link is gonna be down in the description
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guys I’m out please forever family

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