What are you looking
at you goofy sheep? Well, of course,
I need wool here. So it’s necessary to mine it out. What
are you looking at here again you…? Yeah, it looks like a
classic beautiful day today. And look, there’s an abyss. So wait, sheep. Come here haha! So what will happen? Ha, of course, she’ll die.
Wait, there’s a chest. But wait, before that I’ll throw one more
sheep there just for fun. Come on, sheep. We’ll throw you in the hole.
How it fell down, not?? Haa, it’s as funny as
a barrel of monkeys. Well, now we have to
get down there somehow. So how do we get there? I’m thinking
of dropping the water there. I’m not that dumb, right? Hey, I’m gonna run that
water out of the sea. And we’re gonna look there
and especially for our wool. No! Skeleton not, gosh! You swine, you swine hey!
I’m not gonna let it be. Auch auch auch, that skeleton
will shoot me to death. Where’s the skeleton? There he is. Rod on you! Well, where’s the chest, it’s too high.
Higher than I expected… Oh man, we’ll have to throw
our precious dirt out. Never mind, I’m throwing
it out like this. So I’m going to see what’s in the
chest because I’m really interested. It wouldn’t be just like that like
the chest would be in the ravine. Maybe someone forgot
something here or something. OH! You’re kidding me! Here’s totally mega stuff, so yeah!
I’m gonna steal everything. I’ll take it all. And there’s even
a book and shoes. The shoes suit me so well, except for
the arrow in my head, it’s so stupid. And we could now take revenge on
the skeleton. I got a crossbow. But I don’t know how to
charge it, probably like this? HAA monster! Yeah, well, who’s going to
shoot the other down, heh? You skeleton one,
well it’s like that. You’re not going to shoot at me at all.
And now we have to get out of here somehow. OO, as I combed today, I finally look like
a normal man and not like a complete noob. Great. All right, so… I gotta get out of here somehow. I actually have
a diamond pickaxe, so it won’t be a problem. Get out of here… And then, of course, we’ll read the book as well, the book
will definitely wait, there’s nothing important anyway. I think that nothing at all could
bother us. So we get the material. And we’ll get out of
here, and we’re out, cool. Today it looks like a cool day, the
sea is quiet, nothing happens here… So it should be, even the octopus
stares badly and spins around. Which I don’t understand
directly, but never mind. Wait, what pretty
is in that book? Oh hell, redstone
tsunami is approaching. So that’s why is the sea so peaceful?
Someone just… But like who would give information
about the tsunami approaching? And would put it
into it like that? However, I wouldn’t underestimate the situation
because that would do just a total noob. That I’m not really today. And I’ll build a house of diamond blocks
today, which will be completely… Luxury! Well, I’m not gonna build it by
the water, I’ll build it somewhere else. Maybe the place is nicer
here, I would like it here. If the sheep don’t tread here… What are
you looking at? Well, that’s how it’s done. They’ll be on the lawn. They
will be still going here, nah? So now we’re going to build a
completely mega house that will be… A legendary one. And I hope it succeeds. Like I don’t know. I’m
a little futile in building, but I don’t mind. I’m gonna mine it out and I’m sure
that the house will be awesome. The dirt is just better
material probably… When I have so many diamond blocks here, I could
save the dirt. I’ll put it in the chest then. Or something like that to… Me with the precious material
nothing happens or I don’t know hey. Look at it, it doesn’t look bad, right?
And I don’t have a door… So we’ll have to cut down one of these trees,
which obstruct anyway, so it doesn’t matter. We’ll have some of the raw materials from that
wood. Theoretically, we can cut down the next one. The trees are blocking here
anyway, they’re old, ugly, swampy. So we’ll finally
have a pile of wood. And we could finally craft the
proper doors and things like that. Oh, I already have a crafting table,
Jesus I threw it out by mistake. So we’ll craft the door. And of course some
chest and these things. I should make a double door if
the tsunami is coming to survive. Of course, it should be from
the best blocks, which is dirt. Dirt is really good
material, but… It’s not really
good under the door. What about the jukebox? That could
be great, such an interesting block. And the other ones can be on
the grass, it doesn’t matter. Well, this way, we probably
don’t have a window today. I don’t know, do we need windows?
What if we made a chair barricade? That could theoretically protect us either,
not? That we had such a barricade… Like if it’s a redstone tsunami, it
doesn’t matter if I do it like that. Where do I want to sit? That’s a
good question, so I don’t know… I’ll put it to the crafter, I’ll be
sitting by the crafter and it’ll be great. Now we go on building it. And so that the tsunami
didn’t blow it away. I don’t know if the barricade is the best option when
it’s from chairs, but probably good. We’ll see yeah. Time will tell if
I’m good or not. Like I think I’m a good builder,
I’ve always had from construction… I studied architecture at
school, I always had 5. Which I think is probably
the best mark, not? I’ve heard that 5 is
a really good mark. So I don’t know, we’ll do
these things right now. Well, look at those barricades,
doesn’t it look great? I think so. And now…Noo! Jesus,
why is it here? Yeah, diamond pickaxe, fortunately
I have these good tools I’ve got. Hmm, I thought dirt was the
best material, it is…But… It seems to me that the
diamond isn’t bad either. I could get used to
such a block as well. Never mind, mainly
we have some blocks. Of course I think I’d get
here a little bit of… The dirt on the roof, because… After all, the dirt is rare and
the house would look rare now. There are some ordinary
diamond blocks. So look, we’re gonna put that dirt
up here and put it that height. This is pretty rare, and
we can place a torch here. Of course you need to illuminate
the surroundings, look at the sheep. How he stares! Hey where are you looking?! Aha, at me yeah. How she looked
at me when I talked to her. Never mind, well then,
but it scared me. I can’t admit to being afraid of a sheep.
It’s not possible. And… Does it just seem to me or it’s
getting dark? This is completely crazy. Oh boy. Hmm, a night will be in a while and there will
be monsters everywhere, I don’t like it either. Well, I think that’s
good security. Yeah, this is gonna be great. Of course, now it’s necessary to secure it
even better, but now I don’t know exactly how. What can I do with these sticks?
That would be like this? Yes Yes Yes! That I’d do that
fence like that… Well, this is how I could secure
it, these blocks are weird. And maybe it would want
more of that wood… To put the fence
there to secure it. So until there is such a great darkness,
I’ll need to cut such a tree here. Well, I really like the tools,
are they some kind of special? In my opinion, these tools are made of dirt, the axe
and everything is definitely made of dirt, because… It couldn’t be some
diamond axes and so on. So great and good, that I think it’s
exaggerated that it could be so good. Well, so… And yeah, sit down at the table
and make it, that’s a good idea. You see? Everything that should happen
has happened and will happen, so… If I survive here today,
it will be a miracle… And well so… We’ll put the fences here and make a proper barricade.
Theoretically, we could barricade it even from outside. Well, thanks to this, the water isn’t
going through the wood. Because… It will only drip. Of course, sometimes I am thirsty, so I’ll do
that in a way that I’ll suck it like this. For the case of tsunami, and… I’m scared of it too much. I don’t know, we’ll do a drainage ditch,
but the tsunami can’t be that big, right? We’ll make such a tiny
ditch towards to…Hey, but! Like is this possible?! Hey, are you kidding me, sheep?! Great, go away! Like it’s not normal? She might
have wanted to climb into my house. Like how dare you, you sheep? And this trench should drain the tsunami that
should come to us, so I wouldn’t be afraid of it. And what good things
do we have here? I have some enchant
table, ender chest… I don’t even know what
it’s for…Anvil… The meat can be
beaten on it well. So here I’ll put some chest… And some equipment, but we
don’t have the bed, geez. Well, that’s not very good, isn’t it possible
to make some of those materials a bed? I don’t know, probably
no….OH, mushroom! So we plant the mushroom here. We’ll keep the crossbow if the tsunami comes,
we’ll shoot it, that would certainly help. We can put it next to it, so
it looks like in the kitchen. And theoretically even the
fence can lead down here. This is how it looks modern. So we’ll put it to the ceiling and here we’ll solidify
it, because this wall is somewhat weaker seems to me… And here, we’ll throw the
worthless blue blocks. We don’t need to
carry it at all. Iron shovel is better,
I’ll keep it…And… For what are cooked pork
chops when I have apples? Apples are nice. I’ll keep the chests here, not like that!
I wanted them somehow different. Like this, well! These are wardrobes.
But we still need a bed. Yeah, the sheep have
the wool, don’t they? Where I have the wool? I haven’t killed
any sheep, so wait. Sorry, but sheep, you
have something I need… Unfortunately I have no scissors, so you have to understand
more of these scissors. Well, there is nothing to be done… So one wool… And I don’t know if I still have the
wood, I should probably cut some tree. There’ s nothing I can
do…I can’t sleep on you… I don’t have scissors, so I
have to cut you with this. I think that 3 wools will be
enough, so I still cut this tree. It would be slowly. The darkness is coming, so I
should somehow make that bed and… Wake up tommorow. That would be probably the
best…Jesus, I fell into my own ditch. Good thing I don’t have a deeper
hole here, it would be worse. So we’ll craft the bed. Some basic and good. What’s more to do with it.
Great. Yeah, it’ll be better
sleep right away. Woaa, I had nightmares that
something was going on normally. Wait, heck what is this?! Oh gosh! It’s some tsunami, totally
redstone tsunami!!! And it even stains the
surrounding water here, noo! Hey what’s out here?
It flashes terribly. No no no no no! Damn it. Here I was surrounded by redstone
tsunami, it’s completely crazy! Help! What will happen now?
I’m quite scared of it. Oh man, what did I
got into again ?! Oh my God! It destroyed my torch, noo! So yeah, in that
case that sucks. That’s the redstone
tsunami, oh boy! And it makes strange noises,
something’s happening, it’s not cool! Wait what? It changed here!
AAA darn it!!! AUCH AUCH AUCH !
Damn it, damn it! What’s happening to me? NOO!
That redstone sucks me in! Oh, my God! Look
what it did to me! The redstone totally ruined me! It sucks and kills
me completely, noo! Help me!!! Help me, noo! What’s wrong with me?
AA, I feel terrible pain! OUTRO!

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