Norco College Career & Technical Education

Welcome to Norco College. 141 acres and 10,000
students. We’re the newest community college in California but what makes Norco College
special are our faculty and our emerging technology program. We have over 35 Career and Technical
Education programs designed with industry to prepare you for your career. {music} We have courses that focus on game art, game
audio, game programming, and all the disciplines that are there within. I have worked at Blizzard Entertainment. I’ve
worked on World of Warcraft. I’ve worked at Rock Star and I worked on GTA4. Most of our faculty have had
professional careers in the game industry and we like to use that to our advantage and
implement that in to our students. That combined with all the technology that
we have here on campus, the same technology that is used out there in the industry, Norco
College positions itself as the center for games development here in the nation. They give us a lot of insight into the industry
and what it really takes to break through it and enter. We put them to the test by having them work
on a single game project collaboratively. So you have all of our programmers, all of
our artists, and all of our audio engineers working together in the same room with the
same goal of making a great game so they can show it off as soon as they get out to industry. And it really give you a good idea to how
a team works, what your role will be in that team, and really focusing on that. We try to give them as close as possible an
approximation to a professional setting and try to make them really dangerous so they
can get in the industry and really just take those jobs and make a living doing what they
love. {music} At Norco College, our primary focus is to
create engaging learning environments with the latest emerging technologies. {sound effect} I teach Engineering 21 – Beginning Drafting,
Engineering 22 – which is our Advanced Drafting which we basically concentrate on in reverse
engineering. Trying to help the students troubleshoot what’s
happening with their stepping motor. Basically I’m taking this one course here
to fulfill my certificate as an Engineering Tech. I’ve been fortunate enough to obtain a job
at Fender Guitar in the drafting department. I live in San Bernardino and I drive all the
way out here because I like the program. They can go in to Civil Engineering, Industrial
Engineering, Architectural Engineering… They can go in to design fields. The goal
is to give them foundational skills to build upon. Hands on experience teaches them really
what’s necessary and needed in the workforce. {sound effect} We’ve seen so much growth here in the music
program and the talent pool is at the highest level its ever been. {piano music} I’m a singer and I feel like finding this
program was my first stab towards finding my passion and now I feel like I found where
I belong. {Guitar music} The commercial music program has given me
hands-on experience to grow in the music industry. {Guitar music} I’ve learned so much from the seminars we’ve
had here. Like we’ve had the music advisory panel, which was a Q&A with the record executives
and studio session players. The MUC 1 class gave me the opportunity to
collaborate and interact with fellow musicians who had the same goals that I did. Since we’ve been teaching the Pro Tools class
here, we’ve certified over 100 students in Pro Tools 101. The commercial music program is designed to
give students hands-on experience to develop the skills that they need in order to have
a successful career in the music industry. {sound effect} It’s hands-on. They work in groups. We try to get
them to where they can actually answer the questions, find it, where they interpret the
drawings, and do such and understand the basics for your floor plans, your foundation plans. The workload is really helped me to become
a better drafter and planner through the hands-on experience that you get. Just the way you
get involved with the teachers and the students. Being an architect, it’s very important to have
the most innovative programs and that’s what Norco College has to offer. If you need to use a computer, or if you want
a quiet place to study, we have out of class faculty assistance and student tutors to ensure
that you complete your career and technical education degree. All of which transfer to
four year universities. {sound effect} I teach Business Management and Marketing
at Norco College. One of the things that we think is really important is to take theory
and apply it to real life experience. I teach Business, Introduction to Business,
and my specialty in entrepreneurship. I take it out of the textbook and put it into the
actual workplace. From textbook theory to actually starting a business. Right now we are actually working on a project
where we have to create our own business and a business plan. He helps a lot because he does have a lot
of experience so we’ve had a lot of hands-on advice from him. Logistics Management includes all those processes
from point of original production of the raw material until we deliver the product into
the hands of the final consumer. So it includes warehousing, transportation, inventory control,
and so forth. We’re able to serve individuals that are looking for entry level positions
in the industry but really where our focus is is getting people into management positions and
assist people already in management positions to perform better within their functions. At Norco, we work on the three things that
business owners tell us that students need. One is the ability to work in teams, the second
one is the ability to communicate in both writing and oral, and the third one is the
ability to make decisions. Well I think the reality of starting a business
is different than just reading it. We teach them the basic skills of coming up with the
product, a name, and then bringing it to a business plan which every business needs.
Without a plan, you plan to fail. Here at Norco College, we takes students of
today and create successful business people for the future. {sound effect} Students are learning skills that are directly
applicable to their future careers. They are going to learn first the fundamentals of programming
logic then they are going to learn object oriented programming. That will lead to some
advance programming classes where they are going to learn things like data structures
and game engine scripting. We have a new program in mobile application
development. Our students can now learn how to program and design new applications for
cell phones, tablets, and other mobile devices. Students are working in teams. They are learning
to meet milestones and produce deliverables and those are exactly the skills they need
when they are going to be in the workforce. Norco College is the technology campus. We
are committed to providing our students with the latest in hardware and software to train
on so when the enter the workforce they are going to hit the ground running. {sound effect} CNC programming you use CNC code which is
all based on a three axis movement on the machines to make the machine move to different
positions to cut out parts. The automotive industries, aviation industries, very much
in demand for CNC programmers and CNC machinists. A number of distribution warehouses no longer
just have forklifts and clipboards. They use robots and lasers and radio frequency identification
tags. And a lot of complicated systems and are looking for individuals like you to help
run these machines. If you’re a person that likes to fix broken
things then supporting the supply chain companies is the thing for you. I worked for production for eight years
and I got a chance to go to school and now I got a better job with better pay. In the next twenty to thirty years there is
going to be massive growth for technicians who can work on automation that is far beyond
their imaginations today. In my forty years in the maintenance field,
I’ve only been out of work two weeks. {sound effect} So you’re going to get Child Development,
you’re going to get principles and practice, creative activities and home school and community. Well being able to sit next to them and see
how they cognitively process things. Each child is different so we’re able to sit down
with each child and teach them where they’re at. {kid chatter} The classes that I have taken have helped me to
understand how the child’s brain works. Being in class with classmates that are substantially
younger than me, I don’t feel intimidated at all. I feel like I can share things with
them that I’ve been through. At Norco College I’ve been able to implement the
different activities I’ve learned through hands-on activities with the children to develop
their social, emotional, cognitive, physical, and creative development. The ultimate goal for Norco College Early Childhood
Education is to prepare you to be a teacher. To that end, we give you an internship that
gives you a chance to work directly with children to implement everything we’ve taught you and
to really work out where your comfort level is, what age group you want to be with, the things
that you love about it, and it gives you a chance to really see it in action. Norco College primarily serves Eastvale, Norco,
and Corona and surrounding communities. We have a beautiful campus with a lot of renovated
buildings and a lot of great casual places just to hang out between classes. I love how Norco College has a really good
place where we can socialize and everyone gets along. They have the latest programs and the latest
technology. Being here is like really comforting and all
of the teachers are really nice too and if you ever need guidance they are always there
for you. I love Norco College because the campus is
always so clean. Norco College has the cleanest campus I’ve
ever seen. The professors here push me to do things that
I never thought I would do or I was never willing to do here at Norco College. I’m sure you saw something that you liked.
Well Norco College is here to help turn your passion into a career. So log on to
Apply! And I’ll see you next term. {music}

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