Norwegian Bliss Balcony Room and Observation Deck Tour | Nick Gray

Hello, I’m in my room in the Norwegian Bliss
and I’m going to show you what the outside looks like. Let’s see here if I can just change, alright
I’m gonna open this up, here’s outside. Pretty straight forward balcony as you can
see. Oh my gosh, I’m hesitating to lean over. Okay, it looks alright.Oh Jesus, I’m going
back inside. I don’t want to lose my damn selfie stick. Alright, this is our room on the Norwegian
Bliss. I’m gonna go out here. Alright, I’m gonna show you our room here
on the Norwegian Bliss. Come inside here. Double beds. Oops, let’s go back to me. Hello! Hi! Oh. this was a nice thing. USB ports right by the bed for charging. I’m a nerd so I like that. I don’t want to go too much into the detail
of our room. Suffice to say this is it. I’m sure you can see some photos online. We got a balcony over there. There are two different types of bathrooms. I want to note this. Our bathroom has a full shower with multiple
jet ports over here. We never use this stuff. It’s kind of gimmicky but you can turn all
these things on somehow. Our friends have a similar class room and
down there they have a bathtub instead. At first, I wanted their bathtub but now that
we’ve had this, we think our shower is way better and so now in hindsight I don’t really
want the bathtub. We paid a little bit more to get this suite
one. I don’t really know if it’s worth it to be
honest. I think we only paid $50 more because it was
an online auction thing. This is our balcony. Maybe the room is a little bit longer as it
is. There’s my closet. There’s what’s around here. There’s the television. Oh, this is cool. The TV has a WIFI hookup so you can play videos
on it from your cell phone. That’s pretty awesome. This is our favorite animal that our guy made. We like this one. Walking out of our room and let’s go upstairs. I’ve been taking the stairs everywhere. Alright, this is Nick Gray. I just finished the water slide. I love this! Hello and good morning. This is a video tour of the gym on the Norwegian
Bliss. Alright, this completes my tour of the gym
on the Norwegian Bliss. Hey, if you like this video and you want to
go on the Norwegian Bliss, do me a favor and press the like button or the thumbs up. It encourages me to make more of these cruise
tour videos. Thank you! Guess where I am now? I’m in the library at the Norwegian Bliss
and they are all brand new books. If you’re a reader you’ve got something great
for you here because there’s a great selection of books. Let’s see what time the library is open. Alright, good to know. There’s also a fair number of board games
here as you can see we’ve got checkers, there is Pictionary. Has anybody played this game Ports of Call? Let me know in the comments. Here’s Chinese Checkers and what else do we
got here? We got some Scrabble down at the bottom. Alright, so this is the library in the Norwegian
Bliss. Good morning friends! I’m here in the Observation Lounge on the
Norwegian Bliss and I’m gonna give you a little bit of tour as I walk through and show you
my favorite spot of this cruise area. The furniture here that you’ll see is really
really nice. It’s high quality furniture with a lot of
seating. We just pulled into our port which is New
York City so I’m just gonna film a little bit as I walk around the Observation Deck
and show you. It’s my last day here and I’m very sad to
go but this was our favorite spot to hang out on the entire cruise. I’m up here at the very front of the ship
and this is where the best seats are. Hello, I’m walking through the 7th floor now. Wow. Alright, we’re going to the Manhattan dining
room is where I am going to go. Here we go. Here we go. There’s my friend over there. And that’s a wrap. I’m getting off the ship. Bye bye! Thanks for watching my video. From the Norwegian Bliss.

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Reader Comments

  1. Carolyn G.

    I believe the difference between a regular balcony cabin and a mini suite balcony cabin is a double trough sink, the extra large shower and the spa shower heads; and they are a little bit more spacious……a little!


    Es maravilloso y espectacular….!!!! Felicitaciones NCL. Le saluda una familia desde BOGOTÁ COLOMBIA, que ya conoce algunos de sus barcos, en las rutas del Caribe y lo describe como vacaciones I N O L V I D A B L E S… Honesta y realmente buscaremos la forma de ser uno de sus afortunados pasajeros. Estamos felices que NORWEGIAN BLISS haya llegado a Cartagena Colombia, en este mes de mayo. Rafael Alvira, David Felipe Alvira y Gladys. Gracias. Contactarnos: [email protected] [email protected] Gracias,

  3. Jeep Cherokee

    Norwegian ships usually do a white night, years ago they used to do a chocolate night my wife used to love it. Do they do anything special haven't cruised in awhile?

  4. Diann J

    That was a GREAT video! So thorough and bright! It felt like I was actually on the ship. 🙂 Do you remember the show times for the Havana Show? Is there a charge for the Prohibition Show and do you remember what time at night it was held? (I already know that Jersey Boys is playing at 7:30 and 10:30.) Thank you!

  5. Jason Vyzer

    I was just on this ship last week. I think your cabin is close to where we stayed (deck 14, #14274). One thing that bothered me is that there were only two bikes in the main gym (and one was broken–the resistance didn't work) They told me the Spin bikes were strictly for the classes. Plus, some 19-ish kid was hogging the single bench pressing machine one of the days. But back to the bikes, after some initial irritating cooperation, I decided to use the Spin bikes whether I was supposed to or not. If they didn't like it, they can put more bikes in the main gym.

    Oh yeah, one more thing. They need the PA announcements to broadcast to the cabins (maybe that was optional but I never checked into it). At any rate, you had to stick your head into the hall if you wanted to hear anything which was a bit odd.

  6. Kelly

    Could you explain the tv WiFi hookup? We were on the escape and the getaway twice this year and I don’t recall the TV having that. But it’s possible I just didn’t notice. I can’t find any information on it online and we are sailing on the bliss this Saturday. I would like to know if I should have some videos on my phone or on my iPad and if the work or if I need to have the Internet package in order to connect to the TV. Thanks again!

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