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In todays video I’m going to be sharing
with you my favourite oathbreaker deck at the moment.
it’s werewolf tribal with Arlinn Kord as the Oathbreaker!
It’s a ton of fun, so stay tuned! Alright there, cheers for tuning in!
I’m Tim here at Dijital Llama, A channel all about Magic the Gathering,
Specifically casual singleton formats like Commander, Brawl, Cube, and now Oathbreaker!
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And with that said, let’s head to the main phase! Arlinn Kord is a planeswalker from Shadows
over Innistrad, she costs 2, a red and a green and for that we get 3 loyalty counters and
two abilities! It’s actually the 0 ability I’m most excited
for and what makes this deck unique. We get to generate a wolf token, and then
our Oathbreaker flips over. She transforms into Arlinn, Embraced by the
moon. Yep we’ve got ourselves a flipping werewolf
for our commander! She’s super versatile, token generating,
one-turn anthem effects, direct damage, and the ultimate pinger ability if we get her
emblem online. In Oathbreaker we also get to have a signature
spell in the command zone, and for Arlinn and this deck I couldn’t think of a more
fitting spell than Moonmist! For 1 and a green we can transform all humans
at instant speed. So that means if we have any creatures that haven’t become werewolves,
they all flip over, and the great thing is that all combat damage to them and wolves
is prevented, so they live to fight another day.
At only 2 mana the commander tax isn’t going to cripple us too badly either! So we’ll get rolling with the creatures
I’ve included, starting with the werewolves! Ulrich of the Krallenhorde is a 5 mana 4/4
with a bit of an ability. +4/+4 to another creature for the turn when he comes into play
or transforms isn’t too shabby. Then when he flips over he becomes the Uncontested Alpha,
a 6/6 that just loves to fight! Huntmaster of the Fells is another ETB/transform
trigger, only this time we get a wolf token and 2 life! Then on the flip, Ravager of the
Fells is a 4/4 with trample throwing 2 damage around. Fun times! On to the green werewolves now with Sage of
Ancient Lore. He gets bigger the more cards we have in hand, and his wolfy alter ego counts
everyones hand size! Daybreak Ranger can ping fliers for 2 damage,
handy as wolves are very much a ground-based tribe. Once flipped we get the Nightfall Predator,
a 4/4 who gets it’s fight on for a red and a tap. Mayor of Avabruck is a seriously cool card!
One half human anthem, one half wolf and werewolf anthem, and it creates even more wolf tokens,
and the great thing about the tokens is there’s no transforming shenanigans, they’re just
2/2 wolves. Hermit of the Natterknolls deters our opponents
from interfering in our turn, and his transformed Lone Wolf form steps it up a notch netting
us two cards each time. Wolfbitten Captive is only a green mana for
a 1/1 but can pump itself by +2/+2 once each turn, and it’s counterpart doubles all of
those stats becoming a 2/2 with a +4/+4 pump for 4 mana. Kruin Outlaw kicks off the red werewolves.
In human form it has First Strike, in Werewolf form it has Double Strike, and gives our werewolf
team Menace. Afflicted Deserter has nothing going on for
it at all, the pay-off is in the transforming, giving us some artifact destruction, and a
bolt to the face to boot. Instigator Gang lives up to it’s name by
inciting a more aggressive strategy, and Wildblood Pack takes it a step further. Our final werewolf of the deck is Geier Reach
Bandit, a hasty 3/3 for 3, who can automatically flip werewolves when the come into play if
it is flipped itself. We’re not just about the werewolves here
though, wolves get a place in the deck too. Immerwolf is an anthem effect, and stops our
werewolves from flipping back into human form, handy! Silverfur Partisan gives us value if our pack
becomes the target of instants or sorceries, giving us even more 2/2 tokens. Spirit of the Hunt has flash and a very defensive
combat trick, And Master of the Hunt is just amazing. A
new wolf every upkeep, and we can gang up to take down bigger threats, much like a pack
of wolves, ah the flavour win! Cult of the Waxing Moon generates extra value
from each of our transform triggers with more token generation, and Kessig Cagebreakers
is even more token making goodness. Finally, a card that has nothing to do with
wolves, Beast Whisperer just provides so much value it had to be included. Spells next and we’ll start off with some
enchantments! Howlpack Resurgence is something a bit different,
an enchantment with flash, so it’s great as a combat trick and then sticks around as
a permanent anthem! Raised by Wolves is a creature Aura that’s
akin to Blanchwood Armor except it cares about Wolves rather than Forests, and we get two
wolves to kick it off in style! Guardian Project is a cool include here, great
for singleton formats for sure! Another new card that works great is Rhythm
of the Wild. Stops annoying blue decks, and if we choose the +1/+1 counter option that
stays on our werewolves even when they transform. Howl of the Night Pack could generate a huge
amount of value, but is 7 mana so definitely at the top of our curve. Moonlight Hunt is a unique kill spell in Gruul
colours, where all our creatures pile on to a threat to take it out. More removal now, Hull Breach and Destructive
Revelry both take care of artifacts or enchantments for us, and Gruul charm can deal 3 damage
to every flier, and do some other semi-useful stuff too! Domri Rade is a great fit for the deck, giving
us kind-of card draw, more ways of killing creatures, and a sick emblem that’s game
changing. Arlinn’s alternate Planeswalker version
is here too, bringing the +1/+1 counters and can make a couple of wolves if we really need
them, but I’d prefer not to squander her loyalty points since we can’t uptick her
at all. Then we’ve got a bit of general good stuff
to round us out. Heroic intervention in a definite staple,
and Kodama’s Reach and Cultivate give us some ramp. I’ve only got 3 artifacts in the deck, Gruul signet and chromatic lantern to up the
ramp levels even more, And then there’s Sword of Body and Mind!
The mill is crazy good, but it makes wolf tokens and that’s why it’s in here! Finally we come to the manabase! I’m running command tower,
A couple of utility lands in the very on-theme Kessig Wolf Run and a Field of Ruin, I’ve got spire garden, Cinder Glade and
Game Trail as my duallands, and Fire-lit Thicket for filtering. Wooded Foothills, Mountain Valley and Prismatic
Vista for fetching what we need, And then 9 Forests and 5 Mountains! If you want to see the full deck list for
this Oathbreaker deck tech with Arlinn Kord at the helm there’s a link to my decks on
Archidekt down in the description, and I’d love to chat about it in the comments
section, or over on my Discord which Patrons like these lovely folks get access to. I couldn’t make these videos without their
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And before I disappear don’t forget to tap on the llama to subscribe for new videos every
Monday and Thursday. Catch you all soon, cheers!

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  1. Eric Williamson

    Great synergies and a hella fun looking deck, Tim! Love it! And glad to hear things are well with you, bud! Keep up the awesome! 🤘😁🤘

  2. Dracos Diabolis

    well, I asked about oathbreaker, and low and behold I find this deck. very nice. lmao….. in case you didn't notice, I just found your channel today when I was digging up a samurai deck.

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