Olympian Lindsey Vonn Talks Retirement, Boyfriend And Birthday | TODAY

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  1. Teddy Jam

    I thought racism was over? Not! Just read all of the comments from the white supremacists. You see how they act as though race doesn't matter until it fits their narrative.

  2. Hugh Snyder

    I don’t think enough people really appreciate what she has accomplished. She’s had an amazing successful career at a very difficult sport and maintained an elite status in it to the very end.
    Thank you Lindsey and continued success in your new ventures 😊

  3. Rose Ava

    As you can see she's the typical american drama queen only making the sport more "attractive" = more dangerous (alpine speed disciplines could be pretty deadly when the skiers are not in control)

  4. Jack Weger

    You will be missed next season.  Your love for your sport will not be matched.  Thanks, Lindsey for making not only me smiling/crying for your many accomplishments.

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