Orcs Must Die 2: Chasm (Commentary/Gameplay/Walkthrough) Episode 3

welcome back as quickly as on the europe
so thank you we had to use their level obviously and
which they have or a standard trumped track from tracker that composition there sins follow my countryside much as you can again duplicity where hawks are coming from one plays
they want reach we had card since one sparkle side they were supposed to pay actully triggered this week the railways began here but the trap composition
obviously have depart contracts the other part wraps that are slowing
the balance so that we can get as much done as we can with walcott as well as we have burning
embers traps which are during the month off so that when they step on the part
prepping to head sidewalk traffic the same time daffy combo such a cool thing so we get so much and others who have the spy traps that
if for some reason the magic pasar first arose in the traps we have some
people come up began reads we have this act wave coming from the other side at the
came work recently a person traps ames mckinney minions adherence he
clocks the arts that run really believe pastor really
hard by traps because if they’re not slowed by farrakhan
pretty much most of your trump capsule misspent
accepted ever transit uh… they’re the only ones actually to
have enough time actually further moves so fast and it’s so small they saw there we had some i want coffee
combo point which gave us on the sistine chapel points for caleb we cn but no fear because reproductive warranted do you really so that we got some extra damage in here but whom we without through it so over here we could see depends upon and here’s the stuff the
semi decent trap wall on both sides and that we can
get the changing up there really is uh… tried to treat them as much as we can
get some of the past three years in fact conflict we have a good spycraft over their own bridge so that if be
reach so much for damage that can deal with
them so it’s just kind of stuff nothing really instilled upon of steeply t_v_’s cool boss or here past routes cards using carnage and you know we had our first aust touristy and be winsome morris
spectrum’s blunt like rents their walls lisa moore burning amber or here and we’re in the
middle city but no they are right now we have the to spike
traps on but for them double combo point people stop right there undersigned thing i’m trying to defuse tried to
shoot decide uh… i don’t have the carts are either tried you cards on the side of so that
we have the lecomba you know if you get the hamburg have mentioning starcraft once by traveling that he did ethical description asked my friend so you can see here pimpri close extramural on the ground phillips sometime or or tribes that lasts burning embers okay always blast and all that money so goes to waste as you can see they’re doing wall the course by-catch actually have a delayed expensive adelaide small cobalt gridlock so quickly the actual trigger time there are things four spiked fences were dispatched that’s why make some very going to be
true for all your traps the cut february most going part about these football but improvement expertise best thing about these people were to be
bad really slowly and you managed to get some because of that legacy here would pass the lord wasn’t force calls dot nitrate boat it’s okay so there is third level then managed to high school
in the last of course coaches not bad we’ll have all the tribes and yet so who work and i have to deal with some
some about scores too we should be all the warm me stuff going
to get greedy straps rentals high scores ploy but that’s it for me to forward this
week adelina movie coming out maybe one more talks was tied to bilk as well as
i’m working on the space three d as soon as i finish cleaning up at the
partnership psychiatry or quotas based three i have a four d recording ready sylvester before nine actually manage to get that as you can see here as i said i’m working towards a partnership my
began increasing excited about that that’s it for me might see in the next steps are also
studied such order for me i need to you but i do
love life shaming premature everyday so i will put down feelings down below too
much where upon which i will predate regularly update will arrive and live on twitter set you can call me to get together for
one of my g_m_ does so they can slowly directly on question and you will get a
email education when i go live as well says premature for me fordice video i
will try and upload their own switched back to you road this week so trying to do to
kuwait’s and i hope you enjoy this video please
head that way but being that you’d like to trigger the ocis writers are drawn to
bc more content and i will see in the trail

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  1. WSEize

    ho ho ho dobar ti ingliš (fluidan), smiješi ti se internacionalna karijera..btw jesi ikada živio vani ili..? i šta studiraš (vidio sam u description da si student)….haha

  2. thegreatdkTV

    Uvjek sam bio u Bosni, nisam nikad zivio vani. A to za studenta, 2 razred 1. gimnazije :P, a ko je ovo? Jer ne mogu poznati po youtube kanalu.

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