Original Post: Guy Jumps Over Spiked Fence and Fails The Worst Way Possible

Douche Bag! Go…Go! Jump! Oh Shit! Nooooooo. Holy Fuc…

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  1. martin_e

    Not gonna lie… that made me cover my mouth with my hands and gasp. I think it looked worse than it was. A foot or two back and he would have had multiple spikes impaling his back.

    Also, he missed the water: 9/10 …. edit: there is still the chance he broke his neck hitting the cement… ouch!

  2. dodgethis3500

    I would like to see a follow up of this. What happened afterwards? One of the spikes looks to be broken off at the end. Is it as bad as it looked? Jeez, dang, that was horrible.

  3. Adam N

    Since this is the "original" post… What happened to him? Any updates? Or is this just stolen from a different YouTuber…

  4. Sky View Trading

    I mean, even if he made it into the pool it wouldn't have been that cool of a stunt.

    The risk:reward ratio is a little off lol. At least do something cooler where there aren't spikes involved!

  5. Saul Goodman

    Something very similar happend to me today, if i were able to see from afar the way i fell it would be as cringeworthy as this.
    But i survived, with impaled legs.

  6. The Taz

    I don't think t is real. after watching several times the second he hits the fence it looks like there are frames missing and poof he is landing. the fene would have slowed him down not sped him up. my opinion FAKE.

  7. Trent Blanch

    Dumbass Chico state liberals. This is what college students do with my hard earned tax dollars? This is why I'm voting for Trump. We need to defund public education AKA liberal brainwashing institutions. Shameful.

  8. Anthony Garcia

    God bless him i would have thought lots of blood would have shed with gashes from the spiked fence that shredded off his flesh off his legs would occur yet it seemed his would have gotten caught from the fence itself. Wow that fail video got me scary thing to watch.

  9. Standupforyourself9

    I would of not even waited to see if he was ok. because I would of already called his family to break the bad news. No one could survive that face smash and spike in the back.

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