Orphaned Baby Vervet Monkey – Trisha Gets Thrush Infection – Ep. 30

What’s up I’m Kyle and this is episode
30 of The Vervet Forest. Before we get into it I just wanted to make a quick announcement. Back in 2015 I made a documentary called The Vervet Forest, it was the whole thing that started this Vervet Forest project for me. The film
is about the orphans of the 2015 baby season going through the foster mother
program, but it’s also about the land destruction for over-aggressive
monoculture farming that’s occurring in South Africa and how that farming has a huge impact on the lives of Vervet monkeys and all sorts of other wildlife. Now this film was bought by National Geographic and shown on their channels, NatGeo Wild and others as “Little Monkey House.” I think it’s still available so you can check for your local listings to see if it’s out there. But the film is still available for educational purchase and theatrical screenings and I’ve
noticed that a lot of you in the comments are educators or teachers and I
think that you might be interested in using the film in your classroom setting
so if you are follow the link that’s on the bottom of the screen right now and
it’ll take you to a website where you can learn more about purchasing the film
to use in your classroom, also if you are interested in screening the film in a
movie theater or just your hometown in a library or someplace that you want to
then send me an email at [email protected] and I can give you more info about that. Alright, so now onto the show. In this episode
Pyewacket joins Benjamin and Dylan in the Gismo intro enclosure and meets the
foster moms. Trisha and Jeffrey move over to a D&D intro enclosure where they are joined by an ex-pet baby orphan Vervet monkey named Conjo. Then Janet she moves from Disneyland over to Skrow troop to meet a foster mom
and finally Maggie gets to meet her first foster mom Jesse who brings in her
son Theo. Because of Pyewackets age and
proficiency at using the feeding cage we’ve sent him over to the Gismo intro
enclosure where he met Benjamin, Dylan and his new foster moms. Integration staff member Alex let the
moms out of the enclosure, we put little Pie Face inside and then Alex let the
moms back inside. Plotty, the alpha female of Gismo troop was the first to enter the enclosure and for some strange reason Benjamin was absolutely terrified of her. Benjamin and Dylan have been in the intro enclosure with Plotty and other females for weeks now and for some reason Benjamin just decided he was terrified. Of course Pyewacket wanted nothing to
do with the adult females. Eventually Plotty cornered Benjamin and Dylan and grabbed them up and hugged them and everything went back to normal Pyewacket did all he could to avoid the
new foster moms climbing the fences, climbing the branches… But he did enjoy his time with Benjamin
and Dylan. It’ll probably be another day or two
before Pyewacket relaxes into his new routine with his foster family, but
everything will be fine. Jeffrey and Trisha were moved to a D&D
intro enclosure just a few enclosures away from Merlin and Timothy. we also received a new ex-pet orphan baby Vervet monkey named Conjo and his owners when they dropped him off to us had him wearing a diaper and they also left us a bag full of diapers for future use, which was a very kind gesture on their part but is not something that we will ever be using. Kyle: Does he play with them much? Lou: No. He just ignores them. Lou: Some of the females were sat by the door earlier and I made him sit in front of them and he just screamed. Lou: See, this is why monkeys should not be kept as pets. Trisha and Jeffrey were both pretty
nervous about meeting the adult monkeys even through the fence and they spent
most of the time just holding each other inside the feeding cage while eating, or
over inside their little travel cage. Janet was moved to a Skrow intro enclosure where she got to meet her first foster mom. Janet was pretty nervous when the humans first left the enclosure and she climbed the fence
calling for us and we were worried that we might have a screamer on our hands
but, she did all right. Kate was the first monkey to enter the enclosure and she’s actually a past orphan from the 2015/2016 baby season who’s one of the
stars of the Vervet Forest Documentary Kate is still a little young to have her
own baby but she’s making an excellent babysitter. Kate was very excited to get Janet into her arms but Janet wasn’t so sure about Kate. Kate grabbed Janet a couple of times and ran straight to the gate, thinking that she could just take
her out into the troop right away, but that was never gonna happen.
Janet would just wiggle out of Kate’s arms, run back over to the fence, climb up
and start screaming for the people outside. All things considered, Janet handled the situation far better than a lot of orphans we’ve had. Eventually foster mom Polar entered the
enclosure and with her experience she applied a much more subtle approach. Polar took her time with Janet and
eventually Janet allowed Pollar to groom her. The look on Janet’s face
said it all. It’s still a little too soon to say who
Janet’s official foster mom will be, but Polar is an excellent first candidate. Over in the Engeltjie intro enclosure,
Maggie got to meet her first foster mom. A lot of females came into the enclosure
but none of them wanted to stay, except for one excellent foster mom
named Jessie. Jessie is just that go to foster monkey mom who is willing to always be there for any new baby. and of course always tagging
along with Jessie is her adopted son Theo. Theo is this adorable little Vervet
monkey. He was an orphan in the 2016 baby season and he was adopted by Jessie into Engeltjie troop,
but Theo has a really poop immune system. He just got sick constantly. He would get fungal infections, parasite loads in his body, he even ended up with pneumonia at one point which seemed to stunt his growth. So even though he’s older than the babies this year, he’s smaller than most of them. Despite all that trauma and those problems that he
went through, he is a great little monkey. He’s a sweetheart, he’s got a ton of
energy and he makes a fantastic playmate for any of the babies being introduced
to the troop. Jessie on the other hand is the most
vain monkey that I’ve ever met, no matter what I’m filming she will always bring her big fat head over and stick it right in front of the lens and just block everything so that she can
check herself out in the reflection of the glass. Maggie is the chillest baby monkey ever.
She just hangs out, doesn’t put up a fuss, pleased to have Jesse there, pleased to
have Theo there, but still manages to do her own thing and get along with everyone. It’s unlikely that Maggie’s is going to get a foster mom all to herself, but Jesse’s great. She’s fostered multiple babies in the
past, so why mess with a good thing. Over in the D&D intro enclosure, Trisha
developed thrush and that’s not the best situation because basically it means
that she and Conjo and Jeffrey all have to be sent back to the baby cabin for an
extended quarantine period. Oral Thrush is basically just an overgrowth of the
Candida fungus, it’s yeast infection for the mouth. It’s
characterized by cracked dry lips and white patches on the tongue and gums;
which sucks for a baby monkey who has to drink from the bottle because it makes
it hard to drink because it hurts. Once back in the baby cabin Trisha seemed
pretty bummed out about the whole situation and Jeffrey did his best to
console her. Torie: You see her little Thrush lips? Torie: Little sad duck face. Conjo doesn’t care where he is, as long as he’s with people and he spent most of the time just snuggling on laps and trying to play with the staff members. Jeffrey enjoyed munching on some food
from the floor and at one point Conjo actually tried to steal some food from
him. So you’ve got to watch Conjo’s face in this next clip because he and Jeffrey are hanging out on the window and Jeffrey is eating his snack and
Conjo reaches over to try to take Jeffrey’s snack and Jeffrey just turns
over and smacks Conjo and gives him a quick little bite, but the expression on
Conjo’s face after Jeffrey does that to him, it’s the best. Look at how offended Conjo is, here it is again. That’s it for this episode of the Vervet Forest. Thanks for watching. If you want to see more photos or videos of the
baby monkeys check out our Instagram which is @Vervet_Forest and
if you want to donate to the Vervet Monkey Foundation to help with the care
of all the primates here you can use our PayPal, which is PayPal.me/vervet
You guys also left a ton of great questions and comments on the last
episode and I’ll be putting out that video answering all those questions
probably in the next week or so. I’ve also got a new show that I’m trying out
on this channel called the Bandit Diaries and I’d love for you to go over
watch it and let me know what you think about it. In the description below this
video there are a ton of links. All sorts of info on volunteering at the Vervet
Monkey Foundation and books that I recommend reading about Vervet monkeys
or animal behavior as well as links to the gear that I use for this show and
the Vervet Forest website where you can buy photos of the monkeys and learn more
about what we’re trying to do with the Vervet Forest Wildlife Reserve so if you
want to know anything leave some questions leave some comments please
don’t forget to check out about screenings and the educational purchase
of the documentary the Vervet Forest and just yeah I love doing this right now
I’m having so much fun and you guys are all really awesome for leaving so many
comments and engaging so much with me it’s just a ton of fun so thank you all
and I’ll see you next week

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