Our New Camping Toy!

– We’re going fishing on the kayak. We’re going. (upbeat music) – Good morning campers. Today we are going to test out our brand new inflatable kayak canoe thing water vessel. Step number one is to
take it out of the car. Apparently in this bag here is a kayak, a pump, two paddles, seats and I think that’s it. You ready for this? – Yeah. – (Chris) Yeah? Got your pole. Your rod. – Oh! I caught a camera! – (Chris) Oh you caught a camera! Oh it’s a beauty. It’s a beauty. Parker got himself a brand
new fishing pole yesterday. Oh my goodness. It’s a– – Spider-Man. – (Chris) Shakespeare. – What’s Shakespeare? – (Chris) He’s a playwright
from the 16th century. – Mean? – (Chris) He’s not mean. – What’s his name? – (Chris) Shakespeare.
William Shakespeare. – Who’s William? William Shakespeare. – (Chris) He was the guy
that wrote all the plays. He wrote Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth. – And Spider-Man? – (Chris) King Lear. What? – Spider- Man? – (Chris) Not Spider-Man. But this is a Spider-Man themed thing. The brand is just Shakespeare so I thought it was funny ’cause you weren’t expecting me to say Shakespeare. You were expecting me to say Spider-Man. – What’s Shakespeare? – He’s been to the Globe Theater. He should know. Alright, we are at the lake. We’re gonna open this thing up and see what it looks like inside. Two collapsible paddles. A pump. Seats. A fin. And a boat. (upbeat jazz music) I made a boat. We are out on the water now in our new boat. – (Chris) That’s Parker,
he’s doing some fishing. Trying to catch the big one. We have a net this year. I
don’t know if you remember last year we lost a pretty big fish because we didn’t have a net. Got a net this year. I wanted to kinda go over how it was to set this thing up. I brought an electric pump thinking that I was going to use that if it got too difficult. But I wanted to try out
the pump that came with the kayak just to let you know how it went and it was surprisingly good. It worked really well. So I ended up just using
that for the whole thing and now we’re out on the
lake. It’s beautiful out here. It’s serene and we’re fishing and I’m talking too much and I’m scaring all the fish away. (soft guitar music) – We’re going fishing on
the Kayak. We’re going. Here we are. – (Chris) Which area should we go to Jake? – That way! – (Chris) That way? Okay. Sounds good. Isn’t this great? – Yeah this is fun. – (Chris) This is our boat, we can use it. – Everyday. – (Chris) Well, I would like to use it everyday but– – Every day that we camp here. – That’s right we’re on
the boat with Jake now. He’s gonna try his hand at fishing and see what he can do. (soft guitar music) I gotta say, this is pretty nice. I’m out here on the lake. I’m in a boat. I’m rowing the boat.
Jake’s doing his fishing. He loves fishing. I’m in a happy place right now. – So I didn’t catch anything. But It was fun and we’re going back to the camp area ’cause I got really hot. Think I’m gonna go in the
lake for a little bit. So, yeah! Thumbs up. – All right, we just
finished at the lake for now. We’re gonna go up and have some lunch and check on Jessica
and Duncan and Bailey. I wanted Bailey to go out
on the kayak with me today but I couldn’t find her. She likes to run off with her friends and play in the woods. Which is fine by me. She’s having a good time,
she’s with good people. And now we’ve got quite a hike back up to our campsite. (upbeat guitar music) – (Chris) What did you find Duncan? – A (mumbles). – (Chris) A squirrel? (upbeat guitar music) – We’re going a beach. – (Chris) We’re going to the beach? – Out of the boat. – (Chris) You’re gonna go on the boat? – Yes and Dadda. – (Chris) And Dadda? We’re gonna try this. We’re gonna try Duncan in the new canoe. – (Chris) It’s happening. – Yeah. – (Chris) You excited? – (whispers) Yes. – So I’m not sure how Duncan’s gonna be on this particular ride in the canoe. He’s never done it before. So since I might be chasing after him, we’re gonna have to go
GoPro style for this one. – Yeah – (Chris) Yeah, you
want to bring to GoPro? – (mumbles) My hat. – (Chris) You’re gonna bring your hat? – Yeah. – (Chris) That’s pretty smart. (water splashing) – Hey mumma! (inspiring music) – Woah, a little bouncy by daddy. – (Chris) Are you in a boat? – Yeah. – Duncan and I are in the canoe. You’re on my rowing hand right now so you get a little bit of this action. Hope you don’t get seasick. – Hi. – Are you in the boat? – Yeah. – (Chris) Is it fun? – Yeah – (Chris) Yeah? Alright, lets go for a ride.
You wanna go for a ride? – Yeah – (Chris) Which direction do you wanna go? – Um, (mumbles) ride. – (Chris) Okay. Duncan, who did we find? It’s Bailey and Jacob was hitching a ride with her and now I think he’s trying
to hitch a ride with us. – (laughs) – Say hi! It’s Isaac. Hi Isaac. (inspiring music) A splash. A splash. Watch out for these splashes. Splash! You weren’t expecting that one. – (mumbles) splash me Dadda. (mumbles) – You wanna get splashed? – Yes. – Whoa! (giggles) (inspiring music) Alright, now I’m in the boat with Bailey. She’s finally getting her turn. How do you like it so far? – I like it. – (Chris) It’s pretty cool and Bailey’s the only other kid that had a paddle with me so we’re paddling together
through the water. And Jacob is on a Stand-up paddle board. Look at this guy go with his buddy Isaac in the kayak. (soft guitar music) Tonight’s dinner is I don’t know what we call these. So we’re calling these camp out packets. Other people call them other things but we’re basically wrapping up sausage and various veggies and garlic and butter and whatever else is on the table, you
can put it in you packet and then you put the packet on the fire and you roast it up and then you eat it and it’s delicious. (soft guitar music) – (Jessica) How is it Duncan? Well Catherine gives it a
thumbs up. Parker, how’s yours? Thumbs up. Oh, Duncan gave it a thumbs up! – Alright, it’s becoming a
beautiful shade of nighttime and we had a great day
today. I really enjoyed that raft thing. Canoe, kayak. I’m not sure how you classify it but I enjoyed it. I’m
happy that we got it. One day of renting a kayak
here is about the same price as buying that and so now we
have that for tomorrow also and we don’t have to rent another boat so that was really cool
and it was really fun taking each kid out on it. – (Chris) What did you
think of the raft, Jake? – The raft, it was aweseome! – Awesome. – Alright, I didn’t get to see you a whole lot today because– – No, we were doing different things. – We were doing different
things. I think you were saving the world, playing pandemic. – Yeah I guess. I was watching the kids who weren’t at the lake. – That’s true. Some of the
kids would go down to the lake, some would stay with Jess. – I made lunches for
everybody who was at the lake. – Do you think you’re
going to go to the lake at all on this trip? – You’re gonna have to
cart me down there somehow. I don’t know how but yeah. Getting to the lake is
a very steep incline and I hear quite the track and like particularly getting back from the lake. I’m a little physically
frail at the moment so I haven’t made it down
yet and I don’t know. People keep saying they can boat me over. They’re like, “Take you to
the Marina, get in the boat.” Which seems really excessive to me and it’s not necessary. I was laughing but then they were all
like, “No, we’re serious.” But I don’t know. Christopher, I know you would do it but one of us has to be
watching all of our children. – (Chris) Right, that’s true. – But yeah, I don’t know. – (Chris) I could take Duncan with me. I think I could fit two people and Duncan. – But then you’d have to get
the with Duncan by yourself and it’s kind of a long track
and like what if he fell in. I’ld be so scared. – (Chris) There’s a lot
of factors. Yeah today– – (Jessica) What the hell. Did
you see the top of my head? Anyway do that again,
there’s a lot of factors. – There’s a lot of factors. (Jessica) Okay, look at– – (Chris) Yeah, you’re
pretty low in the frame. (plays guitar) Hi, let talk
about what we learned today. We learned all about William Shakespeare and the fact that his body of work does not include Spider-Man. We learned that it’s
important to stay cool while you’re kayaking. And finally we learned that getting Jessica to the lake
would be very complicated. Thanks for watching everybody. We’ll see you next time. (laughing) – (Chris) What are you working on today? – A landyard. – (Chris) You’re doing a lanyard? I’ve got a little three
string here myself. Maybe I’ll give this to
my mom when I’m done. – Oh she won’t even know about it. – (Chris) What are you
working on little man? (mumbles) Today Jessica’s not feeling so well. I think that we need to go home.

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Reader Comments

  1. Lacy Daugherty

    Was it just me or does it sound like Jacobs voice is changing ? Also I would be afraid to fish in a blow up kayak thingy. I would be afraid that when you reel in your hook it would get hooked on the boat . I guess you would just have to be extra careful.

  2. Reina Santillanes

    This video just keeps getting better and better. It is such an amazing example of great family dynamic and incredible parenting!

  3. Janine Muller

    Oh i loved this vlog so much, it bought back childhood memories for me.
    My dad bought a simular boat/ kayak/ canoe floaty thing n he took my self abd my younger sister out fishing on it n my sister caught her fishing hook/ lure on the fabric n well needless to say we had a slow leek lol but we survived 🥰🥰

  4. Dear Vlogger

    I just watched your hospital bag shopping video and when you were talking about products being recalled it made me think of a story my mom always tells to people. So you obviously know teething rings, well the ones with liquid inside that you can freeze aren’t that great. When my sister was teething my mom had a bunch of them and one day my sister managed to bite through one. My mom put a tiny drop of the liquid on her finger and onto her tongue (because she wanted to know what my sister ingested) and it immediately made my moms tongue go numb. There wasn’t any adverse affects on my sister but it scared my mom so she threw them away and didn’t buy any when she had me.

  5. Mishawaka Post

    ❤❤❤❤❤, fist bumps 👊👊👊👊👊, high fives/pats on the back ✋✋✋✋✋, extra thumbs up 👍👍👍👍👍 Pets ❤❤❤❤❤, treats and tummy rubs (chickens love tummy rubs).

  6. River Song

    The older Duncan gets the more he looks like Parker. The older Parker gets the more he looks like Jacob. Can't wait to see your new addition!

  7. La Aly

    KayaKING Christopher and Duncan ASMR❤ And I loved when Duncan was watching the squirrel😍
    To whoever is reading this, I hope you have an amazing day! 🙂

  8. Akkhon369

    Those are called po boys in the south well in Alabama any how and there also made in home in the oven but we mostly make them out of hamburger patties, potatoes,carrots and onions and dash on salt and pepper and don't forget to fork some holes in them and if you cook them in the oven don't forget the pan to catch the grease but if you do over a home fire just drop them in the fire but don't let the fire get crazy cause of the grease they're so awesome, I've wondered how they would taste with some of my other favorite vegetables in it cause I love vegetables cooked and raw

  9. Morgan Stewart

    Hey campers!! If you were an office supply what would you be?

    I would be paper because people use me and then throw me away.

    What are you fav vines?

  10. spicklestar

    I love these vlogs! I love seeing the kids with their dirty hands and faces and just living life outside! When I was a kid we’d go play outside and get dirty and eat and whatever without washing our faces and hands and it’s just what we did. I LOVE seeing the kids camping each year and living that way. Love love love! Kids being kids 🙂

  11. Pamela Locklear

    That lunch you guys made is SUUUPER similar to a Girl Scout badge lunch! We call them silver turtles cause they are Tin foil and rounded on top not unlike a turtle lol 😁❤️

  12. Becca

    Christopher and Jessica, you two have succeeded in raising the most loving, caring and compassionate children. Every child can have their moments, but they are always so concerned with their other siblings, you guys and the people around them. Thank you so much for sharing so much of your lives with us. It truly is a joy to watch! <3

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