hey guys this video was subtitled by m English subs so thank them for helping out Whoa whoa whoa? Guys look at My Backyard Right Now What the heck i’m inside of a Cloud Who’s Been vaping Out here what is going on Guys? Whoa what is on the lens? can You Guys See that Let me wipe it off my Underwear What is going on Guys Today we were back and today i hope you Guys are all having a Great day Good Girl yeah pee outside whoohoo hey i don’t know if any of you guys can tell but I’m Currently Filming on the canon a Td my old camera Because I was Filming on the sony for a While but as you Guys know in my videos sometimes the Mic is like and i can’t have that Because it’s Just annoying so i took My camera into the place where i bought It and i had a Warranty so i thought They were Just gonna hand me a new camera but They took It and They’re like Yeah we’ll talk to you In four to six weeks we’ll get it back to you i was like What the hell so a Good Thing i have this Backup? Camera I’m gonna Be using this i can see Myself in the little Thingy and it’s Actually Really Early in the morning right now but i thought i start the Vlog because we’re in a Cloud Go inside go inside also dom is here i Slept with a Man last night i also Slept with luna luna and rose louise Sandwich me last night not gonna complain is pretty cute I’m gonna go pee and then i’m gonna maybe go back to bed i’ll see you guys and Everybody’s Up AnyWay It’s 30 minutes Later Now Dom is awake we Just did a Photo shoot on The roof Here’s some Pictures or – Graham Tanner Brung Our and i really Want? To know Why i wake up and my hair looks Better Than It usually Does and i’m in the morning and i have nowhere to Go or anything to do because Like look i Mean It looks alright I look like a vampire And Now i’m gonna take a Shower and Ruin It so i really want. To take a Shower and ruin it Dom I don’t have one is there a plastic bag in here i can Actually use there might be a problem There’s a Subway Yeah That’s it i think it’ll Work I’m in the back of my Head to get wet see you Guys a Little bit It didn’t Work i looked like a Wait mom We Need to go on a Mission Today Please Pretty Please Try to take a Shower my hair gonna be safe We Need to go to gamestop i forgot To take My Xbox on here and i really Need to play Games Black Ops 2 guitar hero Blackout Like i Just Need to play how far away is the Nearest gamestop do you know nope 10 miles Away We also Have confirmation That Luna is slowly eating rose as You can see by the Map You can’t come in you’re wet i’ll give you a High five Ready High five High five mom do you think Game Stuff Will Take me seriously oh Yeah but I’m Jacket Yeah there we Go now they will Tom you better Hurry Up in the shower Gamestop Better Be taking Me Seriously or i’ll be Upset And we’re driving Dumb Because it’s like an Electric car But never Driven an Electric car i get my car back in five Days I’m pretty sure then there Will be a Reveal and i’ll be Happy so this Is a Rental car i’m not Supposed to be driving This and Less I’M 21 Which i’m not And Guess What the car is on the cars on there’s no? At all There’s no startup it’s Just Now it’s on has a Little Dial down Here you can Do like reverse Let’S see how fast this Thing Goes zero to 60 in 14 second that Was me flooring it with nothing oh God Let’s Go Get some game by the way guys look at What is right by my house The Best Drift spot in existence i definitely want to try it out but it’s definitely Someone’s Driveway That’s a Maybe Game style Doesn’t open yet It’s only 9:30 It opens at 10:00 and Only six miles away so we’ll go see if We can Find The spot bro we can’t Drift Through This Part It Just It slows Down when you Turn and Try to go fast What that Frack and we Still got Here 10 minutes Early it’S all Locked Down cuz that car so fast Oh That’s Why i think i Just drove it fast as a Top speed of 120 Damn we Left With Half a Battery Right Like The car has a Battery Whenever We Got Here it was almost full it like Charges Itself as It Goes it’s wild It’S something Dumb Why are you making me try this Hummus it’S gonna be gross ah No you’re gonna hate It i love It i don’t know? I love humming not Bad one minute and that is big nick is my lock Screen with a gun so not only did i not Bring like Games to play i didn’t Bring my Xbox at all from home i’m not to buy a Whole new Xbox dude what the hell when did they Get such cool controllers back When i was a Gamer we had Black or White Guitar hero World Tour Warriors of Rock Guitar Hero 5 don’t Mind if i do I think i might Just Get all three dude they’re definitely not gonna have a Guitar hero guitar Here? Definitely Not dude where the fuck is Black Ops 2 i don’t know what to do anymore doesn’t exist hey Black Ops 2 combo Now we can Go put some Zombies cuz my house Is so far away from everything and We Sit Board all day How old you Have to be to buy this Guys i can Literally Buy any game i want Now this is insane we’re getting that Xbox by the way alright There’s a Receipt bro Thank you thank you guys Guys he didn’t even id me i think it was the Jacket Now let’s Hear that startup By The Way Guys we Got a new pet oh it’s so cute all oh Kitty hi oh? God oh it’s terrifying Now let’s clear off This mess and Get started i Think We Should Let Rosin Low name cuz i definitely Just built that Water everywhere This is the Weirdest Xbox one i’ve ever Seen Pretty Cool though You like it? Beautiful Dumb You Better not Be trash a Zombies he’s gonna be trash – Zombies Guys Pray For me i’m a little update after about an hour it’s a zero Percent because it Just restarted and i don’t know what took Out five Minutes and a tail Well Health Break Guys i thought This was gonna Go fasters and maybe i could Play a Game Is ami’s you know Get warmed up For The day well Guess What i don’t think it’s gonna Happen i’m not gonna sit my room all day and wait for all This Place and i hopefully it’S done by then so what are we gonna do today Dom We Go see my car you’ve never done That Dom’s never Seen It i haven’t Shown Him a picture Now i’m not going to because you Need to see in person and they Get It back in five Days I’m Actually down to go back to the trampoline park do something like That today Tempest Was really fun so Maybe We Could Head back That Way we’d have to find out What their Times are though i’m so Bad at planning Guys I’m so so sorry yeah What an urban girl looks like Without Crappy Clothes on by the way Guys the lady that Lives over there Because there is a House over there is like insane my dogs Just went to their fence Which iS also our Fence it’s like right down there and then her dog Was there and They’re like Playing Kinda Through The fence and then she starts Yelling did you talk to wait for my fence She probably Just Doesn’t like me Yelling Guys i think this bull Wants to race is about to feel the wrath of my Electric car We are here guess What else i Just realized i can buy a Rated R Movie Ticket – You can You’re 17 Exhibit D Dumb Let’s Go get a Reveal yes iPhone vlogging What are you doing yeah I’m or as soon as i Get My camera back Without the messed up Microphone and also give you this Room okay cool look at how high off the Ground it is It’s getting Worked on right Now No, no we’re getting the hood done Yeah My Brakes are getting fixed Right Now is that What is that What’s happening yeah i’m Measuring the rotors and our Cats to see if do all Cars Get Rusty right there all right Okay i thought mine was braking bro it’s Kind of sad Freakin Bad and look at This suv Bentley, oh? Mikey stoke One of The Cars and one of one in the World look at That What the This is dom’s dream car Right Here Bentley tanner has his alright and you know he loves that he has his dream Cars Like This Is gonna be my first Big car purchase do it yeah Good Bye Ferrari i don’t Know where you’re going but Please Be My garage some guy at Sc rap told me to put My Shirt on so We Left i still love SD rap though But we’re gonna Get His car and then we’re gonna go drift for real Before any drifting happens though Apparently dom Is gonna Jump This Pool i’ve Been Thinking about it but i Just think i’m too small oh? ohhhhhhhhhhh Instant Replay Oh you think i’m Jumping that screw You dude i’m not Jumping that i Barely made it with a running start There’s Five Ran From all The Way though It might Be Able to now i’m going to demonstrate That i definitely cannot Jump This Pool so i have to Jump at The end of This Thing three two one I can Do it wow i did now i’m gonna Handstand Walk Inside Like for That One Guys we were gonna go to a trampoline GyM tonight but then i just drove a long time and then i Didn’T want to drive again St wraps not that close so i really don’t want to get another car Luna and rose you got to go inside because That Lady’S Mean Til it’s here and his friends Here – hi Jake hi everybody’S name is Jake or? Dylan or Taylor or tanner or Everybody’s the Golden retriever i don’t get it What are you smelling What’S down there checking that i’m so ready to Hear a normal car not no electrical Guys Windows are Up we’re gonna do it This Is a New spot we’ve never tried out We don’t know iF That’s someone’s Driveway we’re gonna leave the spot oh Yeah we think that might’ve Been someone’s Driveway so We’re Just gonna leave the dirty car alone for Now we’re getting out of the streets All Right Guys We are near the Fence of Where my Neighbor Yelled at me Let’s see if we can’t Get Him to yell again So i Just Try to start screaming Poor dogs not Out so she’s not out you know She’s probably Just letting the dog out it’s Literally Our Fence – We Share This fence i don’t understand oh god! get back over before i die!!! Do Not Try that at home Guys Your Neighbor Will be Mad we’re getting Yelled at by My Neighbors it’s my fence – Yeah It is okay I’ll get a Fence Then i’ll get a sense okay okay Property Huh i’ll buy the coolest fence in the World like it’ll be like That Where’s a do you Know where the property line is so i can get It installed okay wait so that Fence Does separate our Yard It’s almost Like it’s both of our fence then oh? so it’s like a Special Things Right on your fence okay yeah i’ve never owned anything in my life As long As We Want a Few Months Ya Know but Like i can own This place as long As i want we Have a Month-to-Month Agreement Hi we’re going okay Call Him okay is that All Talk to you Later They own the Fence They own the World but Blablabla you Guys don’t know nothing we’re paying to live in this house and trust me i’ll Just keep i would Keep renting This house Month By month To make a Mad but i like dude our Neighborhood is ridiculous mom i have a New Hobby Play Arguing With The Neighbors The Guy’s like 50 and he’s annoying i hope no fans rent this house after we’re done mom i Just it’s not Worth It can’t Wait to be out of This area i mean It was perfect at first but not anymore progress no Way 34% Oh my gosh Something’s Wrong With his Xbox i bought it used That’s why Whenever you Get stuff Refurbished something’s wrong with it so Yeah Every iphone i’ve Ever Gotten Was Yes so so i’m looking Around and There’s This Little guy over there I mean the Woods on his side he definitely paid for That You Know i’m not sure but Usually like a Fence has Two Sides There’s Two Sides to every story and in this case the Fences bro Next Thing i know i’m gonna be on my rubies You’d Be like Get off That Roof like Why he’s like you looking in My Backyard Man What do i now we need to get like a megaphone and Get up on the roof he’s got a Whole new problem now By The Way guys don’t think i’m like an Asshole kid because you Should Have seen The Way These People were Yelling at me This? Morning for My dogs Going Over to their dog like Their dog is barking They’re Just Playing she starts screaming at me out of nowhere so it was all in good fun i Just thought it’d be entertaining to argue with Him Which it was so what okay mom tell Him the Big news The Second picture that came in you Guys know that picture i got from hawaii was bent well now i got a new one and I got a hanging up in my wall so we got. To go home we Got To go home now i’m Honestly fine with going back home for a little bit because like If teleportation Was a Thing That’d be cool and also Why did they Cancel Supersonic Flights They Got You there like Three Times as fast we can’t decide if We Like It Here or we Want To move back or anything like That i mean? Yeah Well we Didn’t move Here but What i’m Saying is ask us at the end of the month we’re staying here hopefully it’ll change Never i Get My car and Then i can Just Be like vroom Vroom that Will be amazing but I’m gonna Go ahead and in this video Here i hope you Guys Enjoyed It thank you guys so much for watching and openly Viking Tried the Friends if You enjoyed subscribe You and i’ll see you guys next one you Just Maybe

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    If by chance you get to 13 mins, takes that to get to the ' click bait'
    Arrogant, spoilt, ignorant and a childish jerk. Should be charged with trespassing … what this spoilt brat deserves
    Sad to see this behaviour is being normalised.
    Might want to keep in mind that next time you trespass you may not walk out of another persons property.

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    it's taken me almost two years and watching this vlog at least 6 times to realize the song that Dom was singing in the car was Death of a Bachelor by Panic! At The Disco. guess it makes sense because back when it was first realeased i wasn't a huge panic fan yet, but i knew the song sounded familar. now here i am. two years later, a huge stan

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