Overlord Abridged – Episode 2 (Numbskulls)

PETER: I pay my taxes to have real people in my bar. Not fucking lizard people! Yuck! My lord, have you left yet? Oh, Demiurge! Albedo! Have you seen our lord? I need to speak to him about Cocytus. He had a… Bit of a tumble down a flight of stairs. Lord Ainz is right here. Is that… A bodypillow? Demiurge! You insult our lord. VOICE BOX: I. loVe. YoU. AlBeDO. I love you too, my lord. And she gave it a voice box… [Clears throat] Well be sure the tell me when he returns. And please get dressed… Your job is to look after Nazarick while our lord is gone. And get rid of that thing! Okay, fine! Keep it! so to reiterate what here to see what
this world has in store for us what allies to keep what enemies to make
yes more lines and that’s the first thing from now on when we dawn this year
we are Momin and larvae to simple adventurers yes Lord nor mine no it’s
just mo mod yes Lord just moment no it’s not look the most important part of our
objective is to lie low sir with all due respect that’s a hypocritical statement
what do you mean your point that’s your version of laying low we had to
establish what not to be taken lightly it’s a part of moments character but
wouldn’t it be better to be seen as a hero in the human’s eyes oh come now
it’s just a little bit of fun besides when you’re as powerful as I am
the whole morality thing doesn’t mean much so then why all the secrecy
why not just invade with all of Nazareth do you know the worst thing about
betrayal Nobby it’s that it never comes from your
enemies I think I understand plus it’s good to have a break from all
the overloading I really don’t want to be in a war zone and have to do with
Alberto and shout at each other’s throats and God forbid Pandora’s actor
oh okay na berry yes we have a predicament what I can’t read neither
can I shit to hell with it well take this job that’s the guild
resignation form yes of course I make this one that’s a marriage license this
one that one just says kick me keep farming dry cleaning ooh
wine-tasting excuse me we are the most elite guild in the
country wine tasting elite wine tasting nothing is ever easy it should never be
this difficult to find one damn quest no dude they want us to keep them not the
board Oh for the love of just find me a party already on a quest of course sir
you’re looking for a party uh no you must have misheard me
you sure cuz it really sounded like you said oh this damn helmet sometimes if I
said go the fuck away it comes out as I’m looking for a party just to cover it
mishap mr. Melman ah yes the swords of Darkness are looking for an extra party
member whoa oh they sound edgy god damn it I’m Peter this is Luke root sup dying
nice to meet you and this little ball of anger at certain
times in a month for no apparent reason is ninya hi welcome to the sorts of
darkness that’s not the final name I voted for acts of cyclone
no one asked about your inferior name Luke roots here we go again boys we
talked about this what do we do when we don’t agree
we seek 20 now I’m sorry Luke RIA Peter I don’t think you’re a balding fetus
Luke root ah fine a malnourished fetus that’s the best you were gonna get out
of him no one from al nourished fetus I want to
kill them what what nabe is trying to ask is what do you want us to do exactly
oh right drum roll please okay we’re going monster hunting No call
a cop Wow you can speak Japanese yeah we’re
done here no wait go actually we had another
meeting with mr. mom on inferior ball er is here to see you yes where is the
little bugger excuse me mr. Bowmont play along the feel er hey buddy how’s
it hanging doing good you look good are you all mr. moments party no no yes
memo to me feed Peter to dark young all right I’m great am I allowed to talk sir
yes so what’s not you well um I need to gather herbs at corn village
it’s not far you know we’ll probably only take a day to get there is that
okay it’s fine I don’t know a days pardon the man says it’s fine it’s fine
yeah it’s good it’s great mr. mom on what straight head may I blow the horn
of joy yes so as a magic caster what do you
duel in actual fight I got magic missle in this scenario you
don’t have magic I got a stick I’m pretty sure sword beat
stick I got me grabbers sword also beats hands well they can’t hurt me with the
magic force field weights no that’s bullshit you can’t do that Nobby
although my heart is wounded and most likely bleeding my love will never die
for you if not calm down is everyone ready to go
I I just need a miracle and we’re off of our six legged dragon with two and
can shoot magic beams from its eyes and all you have is your bare hands
I could take it I faced much worse ah you know there’s legends of a monster
that rules over the forest near carnate yeah they say he’s the size of a tower
I’m interested I’ve heard it has bat-like wings and a Serpent’s tail
interest picking interest groaning and it just gone thanks for ruining
everything Peter Oh boys seek your very fashionable gnome on your time of death
has been slightly pushed back excuse me that’s weird I don’t remember a fence
get the girl you got any kidding
stake your business five gold says they die here ten says the blonde one rise
first you’re on okay this does not Bend badly
we’re just gonna need you to stop what’s going on did we come here just so he
could have a heyday with this female yep so this adventure was pointless yes this
is so how you been well my family died carton was crusaded twice twice well the
first wave is only here for about a day and we were rescued by the most amazing
man mine’s all gone oh I could only imagine what it would be like to be in
his arms oh that was much worse population is down to six and the only
guards we have for these cute little boys running around I see does it ever
get lonely I mean yeah after a while sometimes I wish I just had someone you
know Hey Faria this is your old buddy Luke root now I’m gonna give you a
little tip the number one thing you never want to do is get in the
friendzone okay okay new friends oh god you’re a great guy enough area I’m so
glad to be your friend okay see that guy that’s the problem you got two options
accept your fate or fuck her fuck her what hard so uh tell me about this inés
guy oh he’s wonderful eight feet of pure man Foley didn’t have a woman following
him around did he get irritated easily oh of course
men of higher intelligence often do that I’m getting pretty intelligent
right about now Naberius so did you fucker are those tears are
those tears you’re getting in too deep am i four more I see it I’ve gained
their trust and therefore they are suspicious of us in the slightest to
them my author ego doesn’t even exist yes what you need to stop yes hello this
is Ines all gone I’m only here to tell you that you can find links to the
patreon and our discord server down below you filthy human support us or die
and remember long live aisel gold or else

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    Kept you waiting, huh?
    Fun fact: This episode was going to be longer, but we decided to cut out a scene from the end. So Episode 3 is going to be much longer.
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  2. Rageíkové Cancroviny

    Guys, set the eng titles to this video. I sometimes don't understand what they're talking(okay, the english is not born language, I can speak english, but in the scene like this 8:01 i don't understand, actually I can best understand english when I have eng titles…)

  3. Mindaugas

    Not gonna lie kind of a dissapointment. First episode started off very strong and for the second one you do a pointless adventure with a bit too much filler considering the time that we waited. Still enjoyed it though and hope third one will be amazing

  4. Legal Piranha

    Love this but please for the bone daddy’s unholiness and so we can see Peter die horrible please let the wait time be UNDER two eons

  5. Baez HD

    I’ve read all the books and rewatched most of the show like 3 times but this shit was still the funniest thing like ever. I will eat a literal fetus while it’s still in the womb if I have to wait a long time for more of this art

  6. Dark Light


    They posted it on no nut november so everyone doing the challenge wont just be holding back their need for release but ALSO THEIR NEED FOR A NEW GOD DAMN EPISODE THAT WONT APPEAR IN MONTHS!!!


  7. Midnight Venge

    When people accuse my role as a PVP mage.

    A: So… As a magic caster, what do you duel in actual fight?
    N: Well, I got magic missile.
    A: In this scenario you don't have magic.
    N: I got a stick.
    A: I'm pretty sure sword beat stick.
    N: I got my grabbers.
    A: Sword also beats hands.
    N: Well, they can't hurt me with the magic force field.
    A: Wait that's bullsh*t you can't do that!

  8. Rik Koningen

    I had forgotten this existed. Made for a really fun surprise though. Glad I could watch it as well. I was half expecting another month of waiting for youtube copyright BS.

  9. TF Allspark

    Not as good as the first, but then again this part of the anime was boring, so this is pretty damn good to be honest!
    Good to have this back and looking forward to more of this stuff!

  10. Jeanne Belrose

    I am really curious, this is hilarious. But is it possible to find it equally as hilarious, without prior knowledge to the series and knowing how everything actually goes? I can't really figure it out on my own because I bias the thought process

  11. Mexi4761


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