Oztrail Deluxe Gazebo

The Oztrail Deluxe 3×3 Gazebo is exactly
that, it’s three by three metres and it’s deluxe. Like, you can use this thing for a
multitude of things, whether it be sporting events, down at the beach, going
away camping, going to dog shows, anything like that. Absolutely fantastic product, let’s have a look through some of its features. So
we’ve got a heavy-duty powder coated steel frame. Now it just concertinas out,
there’s no assembly required, just a fantastic concept. 300 denier UVTex
waterproof canopy. It also has these handy tensioning straps on the sides here,
which will allow you to dial in the tension to really allow to make that
rain to run off beautifully. Deluxe gazebo features 3 height positions – 193 cm, 208 cm and 223 cm. Now adjusting the height on
these is absolutely dead easy. All you do is click the button, put it up to the
desired height, same when, when you put it up, easy click buttons. There you go, the Oztrail Deluxe Gazebo.

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