Partner Spotlight: Pear Deck boosts student engagement and participation

Hi, everyone! I’m Riley. I’m the CEO and
Co-founder of Pear Deck. I started Pear Deck with one of my Co-founders and my wife, Michal, when we were teachers at a high school where devices were coming in for the first time. It was one of the early one-to-one programs and we were so excited about the potential of technology to revolutionize our
classrooms, but we were disappointed when that technology actually got in the way
of our teaching. Kids were distracted and on different websites and we didn’t know
how to manage all those devices in an effective way. So, we started Pear Deck to
make it easier for teachers to teach with all of that technology and actually
connect to all of the students. Our mission is to make sure that all
teachers can give powerful learning moments to every student every day.
This year we’re really excited to announce that we’re working with
PowerPoint directly and Microsoft Teams to bring that mission to more
and more teachers and students. And make it so seamless that we integrate right
with the curriculum that you’ve already got in PowerPoint and go right into
Teams where you already have your students logged in and there’s no
hassle. We’re getting that technology out of the way as much as possible. So,
you can focus on the direct human relationship with the kids in your class
and the ones that they have with each other. So, it’s a really exciting week for
us and we’re happy to be here. Alright, now I’m going to turn it over to Kate
for a demo. I’m here to show you Pear Deck, Pear Deck the power is all about
engaging every student in your classroom. The important thing to understand is
that there’s three views: there’s the projector view which all of
your students will see all the time, there’s the device view which students
will have in front of them they’ll be able to see all of the content
as well as interactivity and questions that you have provided, and as you
advance through your lesson all of those screens are going to stay right with you
in step. As a teacher, you’re going to be seeing every student’s responses in
real-time come to you. You’re going to know who’s keeping up, you’re going to
know who needs more time and you’re going to be able to use that information
to go deeper, correct misconceptions or spark a conversation in your classroom.
So now, I want to show you a little bit about how Pear Deck works. Up here you
have the projector view which is what you’ll see in front of a classroom. You
have our teacher dashboard on this device which is your tool as a teacher
for controlling the pace of your lesson and also seeing all sorts of information
about what your students responses are coming through. And then you have
the student device and that gives a student the opportunity to see that
information right in front of them but also to respond in real-time to any
questions or interactivity formative assessments that you’ve layered into
your lesson. You’re gonna see that when I advance my slides to the teacher
dashboard the screen will change on the projector and it will change in the
student device in sync. This is an example of a Pear Deck slide
where a student would be prompted to respond with a dragable. When
students are responding, I will see in real-time their answers I can also
choose to display those answers. I can say whenever an answer is displayed in
front of the classroom on the protector. It’s always going to be anonymous, giving
students a safe space to take a risk, get an answer wrong in front of their
peers and that’s a really important thing for learning. So, that’s a little
bit about Pear Deck. We were founded by educators on a mission to help teachers
engage every student every day. You can learn more by going to your and thanks for watching!

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