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  1. Francis Mausley

    You have to know your self and what you want. "… man should know his own self and recognize that which leadeth unto loftiness or lowliness, glory or abasement, wealth or poverty. ~ Baha'i Faith

  2. GoStaggerLee !

    Omg, just stumbled across this gold mine by chance. I just learned sooo much in just over an hour, I’m truly grateful and love what you’re doing here with this channel, this is incredible!

  3. Mee You

    The finance language to me is like me talking about computer engineering to someone that knows nothing about it. Had to watch your video three time to understand it.

  4. bhavish kapoor

    Is buying a new car is not investing ?
    Or tell me how do the U.S govt. Decides of which is investment and which isn't?

  5. Personal Finance Professor

    Straight-forward, simple, and yet incredibly important information to disseminate! Thank you for sharing, I appreciate your perspective.
    -Personal Finance Professor

  6. Liu Liang

    I am from Taiwan, I graduated from university last month. I earned the minimal wage when I was studying in University , which is about $ 4.8 USD/ an hour. I have a lot fear when it comes to money , my major was Fine Arts and I am really happy to find this youtube video.

    By the way , I can study University in Taiwan is because tuition fee are very very low.

  7. Lido Spartan

    Great video! Not as interesting as other "finance 101 videos" I fall asleep half way… But went back to it and finish the video. It's a lot of informations! Thank you so much!

  8. selfLearn-en

    Love to Learn by reading? complete your knowledge by getting your -13- business books bundle |

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