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Planning your fence. This section has everything you need to plan a custom
FiShock brand fence for your property. If you need a high tinsel fence, please
refer to the instructions found at www. or call customer service for
installation instructions for all other fences you’ll need a
pencil paper calculator and the layout on the
property allow 30 minutes to complete this
process you can follow these instructions or use the fencing planning tool found
on the five shot brand website WWW dot by shock dot com step 1: create your layout plan your fans Lee
out in advance using pencil and issued a graph paper
sketch out the area you wish to enclose noting distances if your lawn has rough stony or steep areas consider
zig-zagging the fence to facilitate installation also include in your plan location up
buildings or Barnes that will be enclosed by or adjacent to your fans location
offense energizer and electrical source trees or other obstacles location the
water supplies and feeding stations low or wet spots entrance or exit points
where gates are needed fans termination points step 2 determine your perimeter link these
distances are based on square shape parameters the shape of the actual area you are in
closing will affect parameter link step 3: choose your system components and
complete a project checklist a pre-printed checklist can be printed
out at WWW dot by shock dot com is available at five shot displays at
select retail locations or by calling our Customer Service
Department if you don’t have a checklist simply note each item on a piece of
paper the first step is to record the perimeter distance you calculated in
Step 2 select the fence energiser type for your
fencing application by shock offers you a C DC or solar
powered energizers consider your perimeter distance in
selecting the Energizer with the correct power capabilities
after you’ve selected your energizer you need to determine the type applying
posts needed for your energized fence choose from steppin’ deposed would post or right post take a moment to review
the fins post-election guide to make your choices next you need to
calculate the spacing between the line posts typical fencing applications require 12
to 15 feet between posts you also need to calculate the number of
line posts for your fence figure this out by dividing the
perimeter feet number by post spacing now you can determine the type of corner
post needed normally corner posts are eight-foot
wooden post said forty eight inches on the ground
since you now know the type of post in spacing between post you can calculate the total number of
posts needed for gates corners and termination point
congratulations you now finished with post-election and
are ready to move on to the fence wire selection the energized fence wire conducts the
electric charge from the fence energiser around the link
that the fence you can choose from aluminum or steel
wire poly wire poly rope or poly tape once you’ve
selected the wire type you’re ready to calculate the number of
strands needed for your fans think about the animals you will be
containing for your specific application some recommendations are shown here but
for more detailed information visit www dot by shock dot com if you are simply adding to an existing
fans you may only need to add one strand at the bottom to prevent digging under or one at the
top to prevent reaching over now you’re ready to move
on to calculating the total feet of wire needed to do this multiply the perimeter
distance with the number of strands that’s it for the wire now it’s time to
choose the insulators remember the insulators must match both
the typeof wire and type offense post being used you
need to do calculations in this section one for the line post in the other for
the corner post we’ll begin with the insulators for the
line posts refer to the chart to see what type insulator is recommended for T
posts would posts or rod post right down the
one you need for your post now you can calculate the number of
insulators needed simply multiply the number a fence post by the number of strands your determine
the type insulator needed for your corner post the same way choose the right into later
for your fans from the chart and calculate the number of corner into
leaders needed by multiplying the number of strands by
the number of corner posts you’re almost finished just two easy steps left gate handles
and your grounding system to determine how many gate handles you
need simply multiply the number of gates by the number of strands now you need to specify your grounding
system by shock recommends an 8-foot ground rod clamp twenty thousand fold insulated
hook-up wire that said you’ve done it and now you
have a list I’ve everything you need for of my shot
energized beds if you have any questions or wish to
review your list visit the fence planner tool at WWW dot by shot dot com or call our customer service department

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